Wish You Were Here

Friends with Deficits

Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here is a new work by Friends with Deficits (Amelia Wallin, Lisa Mumford and Maria White), which exists as an virtual score and a live performance.

Wish You Were Here blends the experience of the island as paradise with the island as prison. Found text from the letters of detained refugees creates a monologue of imprisonment, isolation, and torture. Certain phrases are echoed from an island paradise. The live performance extends this parallel dialogue through an embodied performance of communication across distance. Using the language of semaphore, two bodies spell out the separate messages finding unison and contradiction within the text.

Wish You Were Here was performed at Underbelly Arts Festival 2015.

Amelia Wallin, Lisa Mumford and Maria White are Friends with Deficits. Three emerging artists bring their varied interests and passions to this Sydney-based performance collective....


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