To greener pastures

Alana Hunt


To greener pastures looks closely at the holes that have been made in fences around the sheep farms of Kandos in western NSW. The animals that made these holes were trying to get to greener pastures. This work is about the basic desires and needs of these animals as much as it is about the basic desires and needs of people. From the enclosures of Britain that brought an end to the commons, to the colonial demarcations over land that split up the countries of Aboriginal Australia, to the violence of national borders and the imagined identities they shape. ‘To greener pastures’ is a photo and video based work developed during a residency for Cementa15, a biennial art event in the post-industrial town of Kandos, NSW.

Alana Hunt, To greener pastures, 2015, video,  8m35s.

Alana Hunt’s practice defies singular definition. Gentle, though challenging in nature, her art making, writing and curating blur disciplinary boundaries by engaging with discourses conventionally understood as...

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