Tiny Parades


Tiny Parades was a series of five public processions that took place in May and June 2015, winding through the Perth CBD. Both solemn and tongue-in-cheek, the parades championed a selection of human-scale struggles and joys, while examining the nature of protest and public action.

  1. Don’t Leave: a mournful protest against people leaving Perth.
  2. Go Ahead, Rain On Our Parade: a joyous and determined battle against gusting wind and rain (literal and otherwise).
  3. Technostalgia: a celebration of abandoned technologies.
  4. The Earthworm Parade: a cheer squad raising awareness for the unsung heroes of the soil.
  5. The Keep Fighting Jubilee: a procession for bravery and resistance within public space.

Tiny Parades was originally commissioned by the Perth Public Art Foundation as a part of PerthFLUX 2015.

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