the night shines like the day (failed sonnets/fail compilation)

Faith Wilson

dear god


when you abandoned me

in the lounge room

of the stranger’s house


i was staying at in canada

i drank lots and started smoking

and i thought



i’ve been feeling emotions

so strongly my entire life


and all this time

i could have numbed them!


self-fulfilling prophecy


my mum said

its witchcraft to have your tarot read

you will be cursed to fulfil it


so i switched to horoscopes

instead and now i gaze

at my chart for hours


worried about the stellium

in my 7th house of relationships

and pluto in my 5th


waiting in vain for love to leave

before it even arrives.

art fail


when i try to be

an artist

all i end up doing


is staying in bed

eating 2 minute noodles

watching shortland street


eventually falling asleep

only to wake up

staring at the big


pile of books next to my bed

read me they are saying, but i’m too tired.


fancy dress


i went to a fancy dress party

when i was five

dressed up


as a Samoan

i am Samoan

but i didn’t wanna


dress up as one

so i took off my costume

as soon as mum had left


and it’s still sitting there at the party

but now i’m too big to fit it.


bad pronunciation


i hate it when

people don’t pronounce

te reo Māori


correctly like i

REALLY fucking hate

it and will correct you


if you say it wrong

i just started a new job

and my boss still says marrreeyy


and every time my face contorts

but i stay silent…


self love failure


i fuckin love


don’t get me wrong


and i fucking love

all the cool insta peeps

who say it’s okay to have flaws


and i really fuckin love

that i’m beginning to accept myself

as a goddess


but i still wake up each day a human

with a hurting head and heart.


self love win


i forgive myself

for being human

it’s pretty freeing


even though it

takes a bit of getting

used to being your


imperfect self

so here i am



in my own skin

warts and all.


the night shines like the day

for bennett, who taught me how to fail


after my first relationship

i decided that i wouldn’t

enter another one


until i was the perfect

girlfriend and then you

found me



in the sunlight

and i thought that was the only


way to love me but you love me in

the night too, in the dark.


Faith Wilson is an artist and writer who lives in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Aotearoa. Her practice is mostly about herself or those she loves and all...


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