Taxi Bhaat

Shivanjani Lal

Taxi Bhaat from Runway Experimental Art on Vimeo.

Part travelogue, shot from the back of a moving vehicle. Part lesson in Taxi Bhaat (speak), this project is about examining my recent move to Mumbai. Please take this with a grain of salt, it is both real and made up.

It’s a strange situation I am in, I have money relative to others, and this wealth means I can move through the city in ways others can’t… one where I am both visible and invisible, I am both powerful and powerless. I can’t really speak the language, only fragments but I can understand it. I can hide in plain sight, I can pretend. I look like everyone around me, but I was born in Fiji.

I circle this city looking for a home, a studio, friends… I circle this city fully aware that I should be taking public transport…

That I have the option to be isolated against the city… I catch endless taxis in a bid to understand and define myself as I get to know this place. I am not sure who holds the power here in these rides, me with the money, or the cab driver with the knowledge of how to get to the places I need to go. I keep circling…

My name is Shivanjani Lal and I am an emerging Pacific artist and curator, I was born in Fiji, I am culturally Indian, and I...

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