Laura Hunt

SXC-SPIRITUAL-AGGRESSIV-SPIRITUAL-SXC from Runway Experimental Art on Vimeo.

There are so many incarnations of power I didn’t want to choose just one. The hypothetical self improvement track is designed to make you notice/feel sexual, spiritual and aggressively powerful. I’m thinking about the implications of power, and how aggression or hostility in many different forms is often a byproduct, but I don’t want to ignore positive sexual power, and spiritual power too. The other element here is corporate culture and how this is effecting the way we view possibilities of self. The work comes out of contemporary cultures obsession with multitasking, quick turnaround health products, trance healing, alchemy – superstition, technology.

Samples used for ultimate satisfaction and results, calming bells, 256 voices; healthy body, subliminal audio to attract women, inaudible healing 50Hz, brain enhancing binaural, ASMR for relaxation.


SXC-SPIRITUAL-AGGRESSIV-SPIRITUAL-SXC from Runway Experimental Art on Vimeo.

Laura Hunt is a Sydney based artist and musician. Her work lies at the intersection of performance, video and installation. Influenced by how inaudible, subliminal...

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