Pacific Island Life Record(ing)s

Lucinda Dayhew


Lucinda Dayhew, Pacific Island Life Record(ing)s, 2014.

(Best viewed with headphones)

  Pacific Island Life Record(ing)s is a series of free associative Internet searches on the topic of ‘Islands’. A personal journey down my own memory isle, I recorded my Google searches using screencasting software. By video capturing my navigations around the desktop, new narratives are formed as each typed word or searched image triggers the next. Using this screen capture software to edit music making hardware/software tutorials in my ‘other job’ as a freelance video editor has led me to speculate on its potential as a tool for spying on our own subjectivity. All sounds and images used were captured and subsequently designed and manipulated inside my laptop during the sessions. When formulating an artistic response to this topic I was struck by the similarity of the process of searching for potential islands of meaning or association in a mass of Internet information to the topic itself. The work’s title refers to the first three search terms I used: Pacific islands, the Grace Jones record Island Life and the Island Records record label.

Lucinda Dayhew is an Australian artist primarily based in Berlin. She studied film, sound production, sound studies and philosophy at the University of Technology, Sydney...

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