Kala Pani

Shivanjani Lal


काला पानी Kala Pani 2017 translated: the black water. Is a hybrid space, that shaped my family from land locked caste member to casteless indentured labourer, internally I am no longer Indian, yet my body will always bear the marks of another country that was once my mother and my home. Working with my mother to explore healing through the visual metaphor of spices, hands and water to dissolve and reimagine the Kala Pani as a site of healing and reforming imagined identities. The work offers a possibility of new site, a new identity. This work questions: if you are no longer from where you should be can you recreate self identity? Where does it begin in your body or does it begin in the water?

My name is Shivanjani Lal and I am an emerging Pacific artist and curator, I was born in Fiji, I am culturally Indian, and I...

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