Runway is an independent Australian experimental art journal run by a collective of Sydney-based and internationally-based artists, writers and curators. Runway is currently published three times a year and includes feature articles, interviews, artist commissions, reviews, previews and international updates. Each issue is organised around a theme, and all content is commissioned based on proposals submitted in an open callout.

Runway is supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW.






Upcoming Issues.

Issue #33 [POWER]
Callout January 2017, publishing April 2017.

Power can speak of revolution and change, oppression and manipulation. Power is relative. The powerful and the powerless are categories that shift with perception and experience. In a landscape of funding cuts, skewed representation, political upheaval and social inequality Issue #33 of Runway asks for submissions that resist, engage, question, defend, reshape, contextualise or reveal POWER.


Our Mission.

  • To pay artists and contributors fairly for their work, even if they are emerging or unpublished
  • To operate as a not-for-profit visual arts initiative, with any income being invested back into Runway programs and projects
  • To support, develop and disseminate early-career, experimental and under-represented practice by contemporary Australian artists and writers
  • To provide professional platforms for critical engagement with current practices and dialogues, as well as alternative formats to the gallery space for the presentation of new work
  • To strengthen opportunities for dialogue and exchange by developing connections between local, regional, national and international practitioners and audiences


The Folk at Runway.

Management & Editorial Board:
Chair: Miriam Kelly
Deputy Chair: Laura McLean
Treasurer: Libby Lloyd
Secretary: Sarinah Masukor
Wilna Fourie
David Greenhalgh
Sophie Harrington
Alana Kushnir
Luke Letourneau
Siân McIntyre
Tessa Rex
Talia Smith

Editorial Board:
Ally Bisshop
Miriam Kelly
David Greenhalgh
Sophie Harrington
Siân McIntyre
Laura McLean


About The Invisible Inc.

Runway is produced by The Invisible Inc., an artist run initiative that aims to promote the activities of Australian artists, both nationally and abroad. The Invisible Inc. is a collective of local and internationally-based Australian visual artists, curators and writers engaged in individual and collaborative projects across a broad range of disciplines. The Invisible Inc. aims to facilitate the production, development and dissemination of Australian contemporary art practice that is critically engaged and openly experimental. The ongoing and primary project of The Invisible Inc. is the not-for-profit Australian contemporary art journal Runway. In addition to publishing activity, The Invisible Inc. also undertakes collaborative projects, curates exhibitions, and runs events and symposia.


Runway Then.

Initiated in 2002 by artists Matina Bourmas and Jaki Middleton, Runway’s first issue EXCHANGE was launched as a zine-sized 40 page black & white publication, with a simple aesthetic that supported its founding principle of critical substance over style. Some of Australia’s current art stars were then emerging talents, with early issues including contributions by Jessica Olivieri, Soda_Jerk and Adam Norton.

After some funding fits and starts, and much needed support from Firstdraft ARI via shared board members and occasional office space, Runway was able to expand the format and move to a full colour publication in 2005 with Issue #9 [CHANGE]. Launch events, podcasts, satellite projects and performances became a key part of each issue’s development, with guest editors also being invited to expand the publication’s diversity and reach. During this period, The Invisible Inc. also created the The Invisible Reading Room, a portable zine library housed in a shipping container as part of Next Wave Festival (2006), curated exhibitions at PICA, Australia (2007) and Irish/Australian emerging video art show in Dublin, Ireland (2007).

In 2012, Runway celebrated it’s coming of age with Issue #21 [RIPE]. It was time to consider the future of the organisation in an age of dwindling arts funding and a new board was ready to put paper to bed and move online. That meant that Runway’s great content could now to be accessible to everyone, anywhere, any time. In addition, the new platform has allowed the organisation to become more responsive to new forms, and channel an even greater proportion of its budget direct to the artists, writers and curators who need it most.


Now and Next.

There is a lot of local talk among Australians about Australian art and art practice. But no one is consistently talking about Australian contemporary art in the context of international contemporary art practice. That’s where the new Runway will make a new name for itself. With a talented editorial board that is now internationally based, Runway’s mission is to show the world what Australian visual artists are doing worldwide, not simply in our own backyards.

In December 2013, Berlin and Sydney simultaneously celebrated the launch of Issue #23 [PROTOTYPE], our first FREE online issue, featuring original artwork, critique and discussion by Australia’s thinkers and tinkerers. 2014 will see the expansion of Runway’s artist-based activity and dialogues, with the first special edition artist commissions, international events and symposia, and fully searchable digital archive of all of Runway’s published content. Exciting times ahead.


The Honour Roll.
Founding Editors: Matina Bourmas, Jaki Middleton, David Lawrey, Rachel Scott and Emma White.
Managing Editors: Jaki Middleton & Holly Williams (issue 8), Jaki Middleton (issues 10-18), Amber McCulloch (issues 19-22), Connie Anthes & Chloé Wolifson (issue 23), Jasmine Powell (issue 24), Andrew Newman (issue 26), Julia Rochford & Eleanor Zeichner (issue 28), Macushla Robinson (issue 29)
Assistant Editors: David Lawrey (issue 11-15, 18), Anneke Jaspers (issue 17), Jai McKenzie (issue 19-21), Macushla Robinson (issue 25), Sach Catts (issue 27), Connie Anthes & Eleanor Zeichner (issue 30)
Guest Editors: Anneke Jaspers (issue 11), Daniel Mudie Cunningham (issue 13), Jai McKenzie (issue 22), Andrew Hurle (issue 25), Glenn Barkley (issue 27)


Past Board Members:
Louise Kate Anderson
Connie Anthes
Kylie Banyard
Ella Barclay
Matina Bourmas
Kate Britton
Peta Bryant
Sach Catts
Rachel de Graaf
Amrit Gill
Christopher Hodge
Julia Holderness
Anneke Jaspers
Kate Jinx
David Lawrey
Grant MacKinnon
Amber McCulloch
Jai McKenzie
Jaki Middleton
Sarah Mosca
Andrew Newman
Jasmine Powell
Sean Rafferty
Macushla Robinson
Julia Rochford
Rachel Scott
Diana Smith
Emma White
Holly Williams
Chloé Wolifson
Eleanor Zeichner



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Runway Australian Experimental Art
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