Editorial: Space

I would like to acknowledge that this issue of Runway was developed on Gadigal land and that sovereignty was never ceded. I hope that through this issue on SPACE we can think more deeply about what it means to take up space and live on occupied land.

Back when I was studying architecture there was a shocking disconnect to the occupied land we were designing imaginary spaces for. This idea of ‘designing space’ is something that is so intrinsically linked to power and privilege. The make-believe clients would have had to been wealthy individuals to afford our speculative designs with limitless budgets. Not once during my training did the fact that, as non-indigenous Australians, we were implicit in the colonial project factor into our critiques as our imaginary buildings continued to displace and dispossess. I’m glad these structures we designed were never built and hope that things have changed in teaching methods since then. I use this example as a reminder that space is not just physical: while we can work to determine how space is traversed by the placement of objects, bodies and buildings, space is always political, personal and social.… read more

Inside Issue #35

Spatial Dynamics of Resistance

Genevieve Murray Joel Sherwood-Spring

An examination of the Waterloo Public Housing Action Group’s role in centring Indigenous perspectives in the resistance against the largest urban renewal project in the southern hemisphere through their campaign and space in the Waterloo Housing Estate.

Notes from no-place: thinking translocality

David Corbet

What happens when art is placeless and ‘translocal’? This article examines various artistic practices occurring nomadically, outside of institutions, and through a social practice framework.

Queering and Quaring Virtual Space

Sumugan Sivanesan

A look at the space of Virtual Reality as an extension of white male patriarchy, and an interrogation of how people are using gender and race to shape, or ‘quare,’ this space.

Space of Mind: an interview with Dawn-Joy Leong

Chloe Watson Dawn-Joy Leong

Chloe Watson interviews artist-researcher Dawn-Joy Leong about work that explores neurodiverse and autistic experiences of space. What are her personal, sensory experiences of traversing the city? How does this impact her artistic practice?

Invisible Agency: An Interview with Megan Cope

Mariam Arcilla

Mariam Arcilla interviews Quandamooka artist Megan Cope about spatial experiences from her perspective of split heritage and the way she maps cultural constructs of identity and environment.

My house is not your house

Tian Zhang

Tian Zhang writes from the perspective of an emerging Asian-Australian curator, examining culturally-specific festivals and exhibitions that are not organised by people of that culture.

Safe White Spaces

Andy Butler

A look at the Melbourne arts scene to highlight institutional Whiteness in the visual arts, and draw attention to the discourse of diversity and inclusion power structures.

Crossing Borders: Interview with James Nguyen

Lucy Ainsworth

Lucy Ainsworth interviews James Nguyen about his current work and research on themes of ownership of land and occupation of space within the context of colonisation and migration.

Losing Autonomy: The impacts of gentrification in Sydney on autonomous queer performance spaces.

Amy McMurtrie

Amy McMurtie explores sites of resistance and the effect of gentrification on queer performance culture in Sydney and Melbourne.

Cracks in the Archive

Andrew Brooks

Andrew Brooks looks at the engagement with Dale Harding’s installation, Know them in correct judgement, to reconfigure histories by forming a counter-archive that breaks down structures of settler colonialism.

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