Editorial – Ecologies

We are part of a system in distress. Our relationship with our planet is toxic and our geopolitical position is unsustainable, even indefensible. Point the telescope closer to home and the ecology of our art world also is threatened – with organisations being slowly starved of resources while artists continue to produce for a neoliberal machine that does not serve their interests. If people didn’t feel it before, it is now overt and recognisable. This is the context in which we attempt to examine the interface where systems and subjects meet and interact in this 30th issue of Runway (in collaboration with SafARI), through the theme of Ecologies.

SafARI has adapted in recent years from a simple mirror of emerging practice to become a fully-fledged speculative examination of the state of being an artist in Australia. So it is unfortunate, in a way, that SafARI has chosen to plant itself in the airless spaces between Art Month Sydney and the Biennale, because it is robust enough

Inside Issue #30

Institutional Reform: Art as Anti-Statecraft

Sumugan Sivanesan

Getting Big Oil out of cultural institutions was one of the aims of the #FossilFreeCulture movement which launched in Paris during the 2015 climate talks. Sumugan Sivanesan examines the efficacy of such interventions in the context of achieving broader social and cultural shifts, and looks to the future as activist models get ready to take the stage for the 2016 Biennale of Sydney.

Why Australian institutions need Indigenous gatekeepers

Natasha Matila-Smith

An examination of the role of institutions working with Pacific artists, critiqued through the lens of Brisbane’s Asia Pacific Triennial (APT8), and the responsibilities we all have to Indigenous practitioners today and in future generations.

Market for Immaterial Value: Unmaking Debt and Other Fictions

Tessa Zettel

Tessa Zettel looks at the practice of Valentina Karga as she examines the precarity of the artist body, support structures for critical practice, and the desire for collective self-sufficiency outside of financialised markets.

Talking about the Weather: An Interview with Angela Garrick

Esther Rolfe

SafARI 2016 artist Angela Garrick talks Australian identity in the age of the Anthropocene and her new commission ‘Weather Vent’ with Esther Rolfe.


Peter Nelson

The first show-slash-game goes live with Claudia Nicholson as part of Peter Nelson’s ‘Grottspace’: a free application downloadable as part of SafARI 2016.

The Laboratory Turn

Malcolm Whittaker Mish Grigor

An insider’s view of the artist laboratory format in the form of a live chat session, delivered by performance-makers Malcolm Whittaker & Mish Grigor. Prepare yourself for some slow typing from the quick-witted.

Conflict, Contagion and Community: Collective Action Through Sound

Julian Day

Co-founder of Super Critical Mass, Julian Day, examines some of the complexities of collaboration and the construction of community as they take their novel idea for an orchestra on the road.

To Lose Focus

Justin Balmain

What happens when you put community before art on an artist residency program? Artist Justin Balmain reflects on his time in upstate New York working in a small community as part of The Wassaic Project.

A Eulogy for Archive_

Luke Letourneau Rebecca Gallo

Another Sydney ARI closes its doors, changing the landscape for emerging and experimental arts once again. Rebecca Gallo and Luke Lotourneau have penned a paean to Archive_’s passing, and speculate on possible futures.

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