Yasmin Smith

Yasmin Smith is a Sydney based artist whose practice is a process of extracting images from the landscape. She observes objects and the space around them, recreating those that gain her attention in order to explore their cultural and material qualities. Her style of watercolour painting is similarly an investigation of objects in space. Yasmin graduated from Sydney College of the Arts in 2010 with a Masters in Visual Arts, majoring in ceramics. She was a co-director of Locksmith Project Space in Sydney between 2008-2010 and is represented by The Commercial Gallery in Sydney.

Yasmin makes figurative sculpture and installation in ceramics and other materials. She reproduces industrial, often degraded objects in fired terracotta and other earthenware using glazes and patinas as a representational palette. Her work has a deceptively robust physical presence relative to its fragility. Yasmin’s mode of practice is literally and conceptually excavated from the earth’s own flesh, a continuity enhanced through her development and application of elemental glaze compositions and clay surface treatments. This poetic symmetry is elevated through Smith’s choice of subject matter; her sculptures describe a romantic representation of architecture and found objects. Her ongoing fascination with archaeology and geology propel her artistic investigations into the historical, cultural and textural narrative of landscape.  This series of watercolour drawings are Yasmin’s study and documentation of her experiences in a place of scientific and cultural significance in the Australian desert.


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