Tessa Zettel

Tessa Zettel is an artist, writer and design educator working in various collaborative modes to imagine or enact other ways of living. Her interdisciplinary projects are often durational, participatory interventions in which a kind of fabulist archaeology makes visible contested histories and possible futures. They involve opening up spaces of dialogue, new forms of exchange, mapping as a research tool, and revaluing obscured cultural practices and knowledge.

Ongoing projects include Plan Bienen (investigating bees and post-monetary economies with Sumugan Sivanesan) and Making Time (a travelling food preserving kitchen). She recently spent six months at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, researching a new work about decolonial garden histories in connection with atelier d’architecture d’autogerée’s R-Urban project. She has been part of the collective ventures Yurt EmpireThe LibrariumSummer School for Applied Autonomy and Weathering, and was a co-founder of Makeshift, whose speculative site-based works were exhibited in such places as If you were to live here… 5th Auckland Triennial (Fresh Gallery, Auckland), IASKA Spaced: Art Out of Place (PICA, Perth) and In the Balance: Art for a Changing World (MCA, Sydney).


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