Siouxzi L Mernagh

Siouxzi L Mernagh is an Australian-born writer and artist and an affiliated fellow of the ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry. She is a former research fellow of the ICI, having undertaken a fellowship concerning the spatial, temporal and sexual tensions within psychoanalytic films and subsequently completing an experimental narrative film titled ‘The Dangers’ as a direct response to her research. Siouxzi has since produced provocative and sensual work in writing, moving-image, installation, photography and performance in Sydney, London and throughout Europe, including several solo exhibitions of her work: ‘Peep’ for Alaska Projects, Sydney; ‘Cabinet of Peep’ for EXPO, Berlin and for 18m Galerie, Berlin, featuring performed extracts from her book ‘The Peep Show’. This follows on from several group shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Berlin, and screenings in galleries and festivals with her films ‘Exit’ and ‘The Dangers’, including a premiere and discussion at the ICI:

Extracts from her first novel, White Tales, were published by Turia & Kant (Wien/ Berlin) as part of the volume ‘Tension/ Spannung’. Her recently completed novel manuscript ‘Our Little Wooden House in the Forest’ stems from her research with the ICI and her residency at Mustarinda, Finland, on thinkers such as Susan Sontag, Walter Benjamin, WG Sebald and Rebecca Solnit. The story centres around two young women known only as Red and Black who have carved out a life for themselves, steeped in rituals, deep within a timeless forest. A short extract titled ‘Darkness is a Trusted Friend’ is published online with Canadian literary journal, Drain:

She is based in Berlin.

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