Shivanjani Lal

My name is Shivanjani Lal and I am an emerging Pacific artist and curator, I was born in Fiji, I am culturally Indian, and I grew up in Western Sydney. My practice has always questioned where I fit through my thematic examination of the body, gesture and home. I work with storytelling, photography and sculpture to create exhibitions, installations and video based artworks which generate an active and empathetic response from the audience towards the quiet and untold stories of the “other”.
Often works are created from my own personal history as well as through research. My works are healing spaces which are activated either by myself or by the audience. This means that the work is not finished until the audience has engaged with it either through intervention or through activation. These encounters are not en masse rather they are small shared experiences that evoke ritual and contemplation through non threatening acts of participation within spaces.
The foundation of my Artistic practice is politics, which frames the works I make around a thorough understanding of current political systems through the specific geopolitical lens of the North/South social and economic divide and the consequences of these policies onto minority communities.
Within my artistic practice, my focus is how the consequences of these political systems can be healed through art, both within and outside of arts institutes. The outcomes of my research are installations, videos and performances that engage audiences in rituals that give space for healing. For me it is important that my practice is grounded in a community centred practice, as these are the stories of the people I want to see in gallery and museum spaces.

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