Sheridan Coleman

Sheridan Coleman is a practising artist, freelance arts writer, and PhD candidate studying fine art with support of the APA and CUPSA at Curtin University of Technology. Her practice is dedicated to the study of landscape art traditions and their future in a world which is highly visible, constantly photographed and has been translated almost in full into interactive, online, satellite-photographed maps. Her research involves the investigation of various artistic stratagem for coping with the overwhelming amount of digital, geographical data, in order to locate moments of poetry, humour and poignancy within a vast, global landscape. Working through an understanding of landscape as generated by art and continued in geography and cultural geography, she responds to the world’s greatest landscape project yet – Google Earth – with painting, drawing, miniatures and assemblage.

Sheridan has exhibited throughout WA, recently at the Daphne Collection in North Perth and at Paper Mountain in Northbridge, and has published in various Australian cultural publications including Art Guide, Art Monthly, Artlink and Frankie. Sheridan recently presented her research into remote sensing and visualisation over distance at the 2014 AAANZ conference, and spoke on the relationship between the Ocean and the Australian Gothic at the GANZA 2015 conference. Her previous work and writing can be viewed at

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