Shannon Field

Shannon Field is an interdisciplinary artist based in Tasmania. He has completed a Masters of Fine Art at the University of New South Wales (COFA) in 2008 and will submit his PhD in 2014. Shannon has exhibited widely in both Sydney and Australia. In 2006 Shannon was selected to represent the College of Fine Arts UNSW at Hatched 2007 the National Graduate Show. During 2007 he was also included in the travelling exhibition Bloodlines: Art and the Horse curated by Peter Fay. His solo exhibitions include Wild Colonial Boys (2007), and Terror Australis (2008) held at the Ray Hughes Gallery. In 2011 he exhibited Busted at Kudos Gallery, while more recently in 2013 he had an exhibition Monster Mash at the Devonport Regional Gallery (Little Gallery). Shannon has also been included in a number of group exhibitions such as Stitched at Penrith Regional Gallery (2008) and the exhibition Together in Harmony for 50 years – linking Australian and Korean Art, held in South Korea in 2011 and organised by the Korean Women’s Art Society in Sydney.

Monster Island is the latest instalment in Shannon’s ongoing exploration of Australian masculinity. This is a project that looks to unpack essentialist readings of contemporary heterosexual masculinity within a re-imagined Australia. In this fictionalised space, the Australian landscape and convict history are incorporated together as a means of addressing questions around narrative, displacement and identity.

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