Sari T.M. Kivinen

is a visual artist whose creative endeavours take form as video documentaries, social engagement and performance actions. In recent years Sari has found herself predominately interested in using art as a tool to explore language, identity and stories in relation to migration experiences. In addition, Sari has actively engaged in a variety of organisational activities during the past decade, most notably being a co-director of the artist run association ‘Ptarmigan’ in Helsinki and Tallinn (2011-2014). Her organisational activities focused on facilitating the production of dynamic low budget site-specific, participatory, and performance oriented events in public locations. Sari graduated in 2011 from the Theatre Academy in Helsinki with a Masters in Live Art and Performance Studies. Prior to this she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours at the University of Western Sydney. Currently Sari is based in Brisbane.

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