Neil Adlum and Erin Coates

Neil Aldum is a Perth-based artist and occasional writer. He has a deep interest in both science and art, sustained through his work as a Policy Advisor in Climate Resilience for the Water Corporation and his practice as a visual artist. His artworks are created from predominantly raw industrial and agricultural materials, which are worked by an unexpected combination of skills like weaving, woodworking, concrete casting and sewing. His sculptural works consider ideas around labour, the value and origin of materials, and the economy of extracted resources. Recently, Neil has begun working more with found materials and usedobjects, repurposing them to create interactive and mobile installations. Neil has held several solo exhibitions in Perth and participated in a number of group shows, including at Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts. He has also been commissioned to create public sculpture by the City of Perth. Neil holds a Bachelor of Arts from Curtin University and a Bachelor of  Science in Sustainable Development from Murdoch University.
Erin Coates is an artist and creative producer who works with video, drawing and sculpture, often combining elements to create immersive installations. Her projects regularly involve collaborating with other artists and specialists from non-art fields–including engineers, scuba divers, parkour performers and drone pilots. She has a love of disused urban spaces on the cusp of gentrification, and has orchestrated a number of one-off (sometimes unofficial) events in these sites. In recent years, Erin’s artwork has focused on extreme human physical action set in relation to specific built environments, and draws together her interests in architecture, rock climbing and the film genres of body horror and b-grade science fiction. In her videos, the screen protagonists always find new ways to physically interact with everyday spaces, by using utopic, absurdist and guerrilla strategies. Erin holds a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of British Colombia, Vancouver and is on the Board of International Art Space. In 2014 she held a major solo exhibition
Kinesphere at Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, which was the result of the Catalyst: Katherine Hannah Visual Arts Commission. Erin occasionally writes for Art Monthly and Art & Australia.

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