Luke Thurgate

Luke Thurgate is an artist and educator currently based in Adelaide. He has a Bachelor of Visual Art from the University of Newcastle where he graduated in 2006.

Thurgate’s recent work tests painting and drawings potential to exist as temporary and mutable. He constructs hierarchies of material permanence and impermanence, allowing viewers to ‘unmake’ parts of the work in order to reveal layers of imagery concealed by others. Thurgate is interested in physical, emotional and psychological processes of creation and destruction. His work references masculinity, violence, romance and death.

Thurgate was selected for Safari in 2008 having exhibited at various venues in Newcastle and Sydney. He was also a selected finalist in the 2010 Redlands Westpac Art Prize at Mosman Gallery. Thurgate has had exhibitions at Rocketart, Firstdraft, MOP and Fontanelle Gallery. In 2015 Thurgate was the artist in residence at Artlab Australia where he undertook research in conservation processes and their potential relationship to his work. Thurgate works out of Switchboard Studios in Adelaide and lectures in the Drawing Department at Adelaide Central School of Art.

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