Kuba Dorabialski

Kuba Dorabialski is an artist and writer originally from Wrocław, Poland, currently based in Sydney. His work is interested in language, cinema, sincerity and issues connected to the memory of 20th century Eastern European socialism and the relevance of this memory to contemporary radical political life. His work is primarily video-based.

Kuba has exhibited work internationally and locally and he won the John Fries Award in 2017. He is currently a PhD candidate at UNSW Art + Design.

He is currently working on a large-scale video installation project that explores themes of urban planning, 20th century socialist architecture, Elias Canetti, radical politics in contemporary Eastern Europe, and crowds. It will be shot throughout the Balkans in October of this year, and exhibited at Firstdraft in early 2016.

He has exhibited work in the US and Australia and been involved in a number of community building activities, including performance events, children’s workshops and publishing projects. His writing has appeared in Runway and Try Hard Magazine. He is currently a MFA candidate at UNSW, Art and Design.

Kuba lives in Sydney.

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