Justin Balmain

I have two biographies. Both are incomplete and one functions as more insightful than the other. I imagine my ideal biography in a gradated variant of the brightest colours available in Photoshop. Of course, this will make some the text a little difficult to read, but again, this is an ideal  biography as opposed to an actual one. I want you, the viewer / reader, to squint and adjust the screen when reading a yellow font against the white illuminating from the screen, and struggle with the perceived vibration of chroma whilst the retina attempts to locate the form/s of the text. There is static existent in a computer screen due to the rate of Hertz that is updating at a rapid pace constantly. This is imperceptible largely, but becomes apparent when photographing or filming a screen, which can be adjusted in post, but, reinforces the idea of the format that you are viewing this (non-ideal) biography through, is problematic. A photographic image, or text, viewed on a screen is active, and my ideal biography would acknowledge this (I am now considering a moving image format). However, at this stage my ideal biography does not include content, and perhaps within that, is another ideal.

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