Julia Holderness

Julia Holderness is one half of Fitts & Holderness, a collaborative duo who work between the UK and New Zealand. Julia is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Auckland, New Zealand. She completed a BFA in painting at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch in 2002, where she and Emma Fitts formed Fitts & Holderness. Since 2001 they have been making immersive fictions and investigating unsolved disappearances and other mysteries.

Fitts & Holderness have exhibited throughout independent spaces in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. Key projects include Operation Tully: a documentary (Sydney, 2011), Ása Ragnarsdóttir: Six interviews in Reykjavik (2010) which was produced during a residency in Iceland and Holloway Road: The Alleged Visitation by L.M. (Wellington, 2009). Historical missing persons cases were central to all three projects. Projects are often extended outside gallery spaces and the modes of production vary across projects. Fitts & Holderness produce video footage, photography, audio, objects and documents.

Julia Holderness has also produced installation, performance and text works. From 2010-2012, she was based in Sydney and was a member of the editorial board of Runway. In 2011, she created a project for House Work, a performance series by Diana Smith and an installation at The Paper Mill in Sydney titled Mystery at Hanging Rock.


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