Josh Harle

Josh Harle is a multidisciplinary researcher and new media artist. His research investigates the virtual spaces generated by emerging technologies, our encounters with the world through them, and their political and philosophical consequences. He graduated with honours in Computer Science at University of Reading, UK, Philosophy at University of New South Wales and Fine Art at College of Fine Arts, Sydney. In 2013 he completed a doctoral thesis investigating virtual and augmented space through an Australia Research Council Linkage grant with the New South Wales government’s Emergency Information Coordination Unit.

Harle’s practice explores the contemporary use of digital technologies to map and make sense of the world. He critiques the often ideological practices of digital capture that result in representations ranging from the schematic and reductive (e.g. GPS navigation and Google maps) to the immersive and evocative (e.g. narrative-based video games).His works take various established and emerging mapping technologies – laser scanning, photogrammetry, geolocation tracking – and re-appropriates them as expressive mediums, altering their outcomes to introduce an affective element which is normally absent. Through these radical cartographic practices, Harle reveals his own place in a field of competing drives to organise, stake-claims, and dictate boundaries: the map as a performance of exploration, of trying to make sense of the world.

He has exhibited internationally in Berlin, London, New York and Sydney.  In 2015 he will be artist in residency at the University of Western Australia’s Archaeology department, working with archaeologists and local communities in Pilbara and Kimberly to produce virtual tours of vulnerable rock art sites.

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