Jesse Dyer

Jesse Dyer is an emerging artist based in Melbourne. His practice is concerned with the nature of language and symbolism, particularly the way in which these modes of communication adapt to reflect changes in technology. He completed his BFA at Monash University in 2010 and received the Graduate Printmaker Award.

In 2011 Jesse relocated to Berlin and interned for the Funkhaus Kunstpreis as well as exhibiting at and working as artists’ assistant for the Tape Modern exhibitions held on Heidestraße. he collaborated with Hannah Lühmann on the publication Vestiment, developing the concept as directing design and art. In the same year he scored and performed in Monika Dorniak’s choreographed work Wir sind Körper und Maschine.

After returning to Melbourne in 2013 Jesse’s writing on Daria Martin and artists working with film was published in the Melbourne based journal un Magazine. His solo exhibition Novella used the artist book form as a means to engage with narrative and translation.

He contributed drawings and text to the online ISSUE Magazine, based in Kuala Lumpur and has since been experimenting with the possibilities of the web as an artistic medium — with its roots in language and logic.

In his 2015 exhibition in the ACCA startups program, Awake, Awake, Dyer experimented with disrupting and over-stimulating a plants’ circadian rhythm as metaphor for contemporary living conditions.

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