Jesse Adams Stein

Dr Jesse Adams Stein is an academic and writer who specialises in the relationship between technology, design, gender and labour. Jesse has a PhD (Design) from the University of Technology Sydney, a Master of Arts (Modern Art History / Design History) from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a B. Art Theory (Hons) from the University of New South Wales, where she was awarded the University Medal for Art Theory.

Jesse is the author of Hot Metal: Workers, Material Culture and Tangible Labour (Manchester University Press, forthcoming 2016). In addition to academic publishing, she has written for publications as diverse as the Sydney Morning Herald, Science Illustrated, Art & Australia and New Matilda. She has worked at the National Library of Australia, Sydney Living Museums, and Art & Australia magazine. Jesse’s research interests include the history of computing, the social role of 3D printing and manufacturing workers’ experiences.

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