Jack Sargeant

Combining writing, curation and artistic practice Jack Sargeant is the author of numerous books include Deathtripping: The Extreme Underground, Naked Lens: Beat Cinema (like Deathtripping now in its third English language edition) and Against Control. He has written on independent film, outsider art, performance, and culture for numerous books, anthologies and journals, with a particular focus on underground and avant-garde works, the body, sexuality and sex. He has written introductions for books by Lydia Lunch, Romain Slocombe, and Joe Coleman amongst others. His works have been published in magazines including The Wire, FilmInk, Fortean Times and Real Time. He has appeared as a documentary interviewee in films including Blank City, The Advocate For Fagdom and Llik Your Idols. He has lectured on underground film and culture, beat culture, William Burroughs and many other topics across the world. He is program director at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival.

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