Emily Parsons-Lord

Emily Parsons-Lord makes cross-disciplinary contemporary art that is informed by research and critical dialogue with materials and climate science. Through investigation into air and light, both conceptually, and culturally, Emily interrogates the materiality of invisibility, magic, and the stories we tell about reality, the universe and our place in time and space. Tragi-humour, scale, and invisibility are often used as access points her conceptual art practice.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Emily’s recent work includes recreating the air from past eras in Earth’s evolution, recreating starlight in coloured smoke, multichannel video, and experimenting with pheromones, aerogel, explosions, and chemistry. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally and participated in the Bristol Biennial – In Other Worlds, 2016, Primavera 2016, Firstdraft Sydney, and Vitalstatistix, Adelaide.



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