Danielle Freakley

Danielle Freakley is an Australian/Seychelles Islander artist based in Perth/Melbourne. She works in Performance, Sculpture, Interactive Installation, Drawing, Sound and Text. She has exhibited throughout Australia and internationally in various Biennials, Triennials, National Galleries, State Galleries, Contemporary Art Spaces, Kitchen Floors, Snake Temples, Ski Slopes, Theme Parks, Bins, Beaches, Train Station Toilets and Graves. Most of Freakley’s interventionist performances often involve her developing an ability/disability with people whom she interacts with in daily life. Her performance “The Quote Generator” allowed her to speak in quotations with references for a few years in everyday life. Beforehand, she was “Artist Running Space” the “Art Gallery Human” where she directed herself as an art gallery institution, had curated exhibitions “on her” wearing her “white gallery suit” showing the works of many artists, in locations appropriate to the show, of the artists choosing such as the set of the tv show Neighbours, S&M clubs, in shopping trolleys on main roads in heavy traffic and on Indonesian beaches. In recent years she has been developing a series of sculptures with performances in Western Australia and touring Australia, collaborating in performances with Mark Hosler representing the USA music/art collective Negativland.

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