Cynthia Verspaget

Cynthia Verspaget is a diverse Australian artist and researcher whose creative practice spans over several decades. Her works encompass disciplines such as new media and technology in general, and BioArt in particular. Her work aspires to observe, comment on or challenge technological, scientific (and artistic) practices. She holds a postgraduate degree with a research focus on BioArt, Biology and the various entities that inhabit the lab. This research has been informative of her creative interests.  Verspaget has presented at various conferences, been cited in various books and papers on art and biology and Henrietta Lacks, has exhibited nationally and internationally, received several creative production grants and appeared in various interviews.  Most notably she has been a former artist in residence at SymbioticA artistic laboratory at The University of Western Australia. She currently holds a long standing academic position at Curtin University in the field of Fine Art.  She often works collaboratively with artist and technologist, Adam Fiannaca, on many projects which has become a productive and significant part of her present-day practice.

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