Chris Bowes

Chris Bowes is a visual artist based in Brisbane, Australia, He is currently studying a Bachelor of Photography at the Queensland College of Art. This foray into the arts began after unfulfilling degrees in Mathematics and Finance, leading Bowes to follow his passion for photography and focus on more creative endeavours. His practice incorporates various aspects of photo-media and found objects to examine traces of human presence. He also often reflects on life in modern day Australia, exploring its inhabitants’ idiosyncrasies and the continent’s unique cultures.

Bowes has worked as a gallery assistant at the Queensland Centre for Photography and curated a number of group exhibitions. In 2013 he was selected as one of the visual artists for 2high Festival and since then has been runner up Australian student photographer of the year, selected as a finalist in six photographic awards, and had his first solo exhibition at the Queensland College of Art. Bowes has also designed and curated a video exhibition of student work to be shown throughout the Czech Republic, giving many students their first chance to display their images internationally.

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