Chloé Wolifson

Chloé Wolifson was a member of the Management & Editorial Boards of The Invisible Inc. from 2013-2016, and held the position of Deputy Chair of the Management Board from July 2013 to May 2015. Wolifson co-edited, with Connie Anthes, Runway Issue #23 [PROTOTYPE].

Wolifson is a Sydney-based independent writer & curator working across artist-run, commercial and public domains. Her writing on contemporary art and ideas has been published in journals including ARTAND Australia, Art Asia Pacific, Art Collector, Art Monthly Australasia, das Superpaper, HEAT, Locksmith Project, Photofile, RAVEN, Un Magazine and Vault, and she has also contributed to art fair & auction catalogues. She has curated public programs at Verge and exhibitions at Carriageworks, SLOT, Breezeblock, The Bearded Tit and Dominik Mersch Gallery.

Wolifson holds a B. Art Theory (Hons) & M. Art Admin (UNSW, 2006). She has been selected for the Dominik Mersch Gallery Curator Award (2016), 4A Curators’ Intensive (2014), Gertrude Contemporary / ARTAND Australia Emerging Writers Program (2013), and Firstdraft Emerging Writers Program (2012). From 2005-2013 Wolifson worked at Darren Knight Gallery in Sydney.

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