Amy McMurtrie

Amy McMurtrie is a socially engaged arts practitioner, driven by social justice, the integrity of collective voice and the importance of finding one’s own agency. Amy lives in Melbourne, formerly in Sydney; she now engages with community practice across the two cities.

Amy finds herself in an interesting space as a practitioner, navigating the complexities between working in ones’ own community and those she is not a member of; attempting to consistently interrogate the strengths and limitations of both positions.

Amy’s practice is immersed in modes of facilitation, mentoring, dialogue, producing, writing, activism, performance and story-telling. Amy completed her Master of Community Cultural Development at The VCA in 2015.

Since 2003 Amy has worked with queer, feminist and other activist collectives in Sydney and Melbourne, performing and producing artistic and discursive events. Community ownership and space are instrumental to the way Amy works; events have been held in a mixture of public and private venues such as squats, backyards, parks, bars, and community led spaces, including The Red Rattler Theatre and Hares and Hyenas in Melbourne.

Recently Amy has worked as a broadcaster, producer and trainer with 3CR Community Radio in Melbourne. Amy was recently commissioned by Arts House to produce a podcast series documenting the processes of two artists in dialogue about social change in North Melbourne.

Amy currently works in the community arts sector in Melbourne’s West with people with perceived disabilities.

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