Casula Commons

Diego Bonetto Ian Milliss Lucas Ihlein

Diego Bonetto, Lucas Ihlein, Ian Milliss from Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation (KSCA)
Casula Commons
Rezoning Proposal to Liverpool City Council

This proposal is to rezone former Casula Golf Course (currently public recreation land under jurisdiction of Liverpool City Council, and managed by Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre) to a “Commons” (as per NSW Government Commons Management Act 1989 No 13).

“The commons” is a concept which relates to systems of human organisation in which resources are held “in common” (ie, not owned privately or alienable).

Central to the contemporary significance of the commons is the notion of community self-organisation, and a move away from the commercial exploitation of knowledge or real estate as a commodity.

Download the full Casula Commons Proposal PDF here


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