Benjamin Forster

a collaboration with the ASX and Ayn Rand

This article is dead.
It is now an archive.

From the 5th of September until the 23rd of October 2014 this text was written live, updated every 20 minutes while the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) was trading.

Put simply, this text was written programatically by using live stock market data to choose between words that were statistically likely to follow on from what had been previously written. The vocabulary and statistical distribution of terms was sourced from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. At every point that a decision between alternatives needed to be made, that decision was deferred to the market. In a sense this text was really the market place endlessly writing a novella with the voice of the goddess of the market.

Theoretically this process could have gone on indefinitely… well, at least until the end of the market place. However, on Thursday the 23rd, if you had visited this page you would have been presented with this message:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 524299 bytes) in /home/www/runway.org.au/wordpress/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 144

This ‘infinite process’ had halted. It had destroyed itself by consuming all available resources. The runway server could no longer process the bulk of words; over 200,000 words at that point. Perhaps the most interesting part of this is not the analogy to capitalisms fallacy of infinite growth within a finite system, but rather that this collapse revealed the underlying infrastructure. This oft obfuscated infrastructure that allows these words was made transparent through crisis. The maintained illusion of online publications as analogues to the physical was temporarily shattered. The medium imposed itself.

Below is an excerpt from this now dead process.

(AAD:$3.12)(ABC:$3.32) Word(ABP:$2.64) of honor gasped the man . When(AGI:$3.11) she(AGK:$13.86) looked(AGO:$0.59) up(AHE:$3.72) at(AIO:$6.30) Rearden(ALL:$5.60) with(ALQ:$6.92) the(ALZ:$4.54) hint(AMC:$11.09) of mockery(AMP:$5.56) remained(ANN:$19.49) in his face(ANZ:$32.12) .(AOG:$2.22) No(APA:$7.55) matter what(AQA:$3.37) dishonorable(ARI:$0.65) compromise you’ve made with your impracticable creed , no matter what(ARP:$12.62) we(ASX:$36.20) have(AWC:$1.68) to stand(AWE:$1.69) ?(AZJ:$4.64) Why in hell should(BCI:$2.15) we have to struggle(BDR:$0.47) and wait and lose(BEN:$12.27) our customers and go out of business(BGA:$5.03) can’t(BHP:$35.74) recall what it was within(BKN:$4.55) them that made it possible(BLD:$5.25) ,(BOQ:$12.26) nor(BPT:$1.50) any of(BRG:$7.41) the fraudulent(BRU:$0.81) sounds by which he had(BSL:$5.67) not(BWP:$2.51) intended(BXB:$9.58) to(CAB:$6.03) say(CBA:$78.19) ?(CCL:$9.03)(CDD:$6.35)(CFX:$2.01) Yes(CGF:$7.36) .(CHC:$4.21)(CMW:$0.99)(COH:$67.43) You’ve(CPU:$12.10) been(CQR:$3.87) here(CRZ:$10.18) ,(CSL:$72.60) ever(CSR:$3.54) since the(CTX:$28.30) two(CWN:$14.53) of them(DJS:$3.99) ,(DLS:$1.29) that(DLX:$5.63) I’d(DMP:$24.80) swear never stepped inside a steel plant before(DOW:$4.59) . I’ve had(DUE:$2.44) orders(DXS:$1.13) to get as many of ‘ our boys ‘ in as possible . Would(EGP:$3.23) you say(ENV:$1.32) that(EVN:$0.72) Mr(FBU:$8.10) . James(FDC:$2.56) Taggart was(FLT:$46.40) awakened(FMG:$4.00) out of the room(FXJ:$0.82) ,(FXL:$3.59) to(GEM:$5.22) prove(GFF:$0.62) her strength her steps like words telling him that she(GMG:$5.17) had(GNC:$8.65) to(GPT:$3.88) rush(GUD:$7.12) home to(GWA:$2.72) dress , her(HGG:$3.82) movements suddenly calm and swift . No one answered(HVN:$3.68) him(HZN:$0.30) .(IAG:$6.14) James(IFL:$9.00) Taggart let(IGO:$4.29) it be known(IIN:$7.80) that his(ILU:$8.60) sister had died in an(IOF:$3.37) airplane crash , any unpatriotic rumors to(IPL:$2.87) the contrary notwithstanding .(IRE:$9.76) Slowly , she(IVC:$10.98) remembered what(JBH:$16.65) she(JHX:$12.42) wore(KAR:$3.75) , wondering(KMD:$2.73) why she(LEI:$20.70) found it(LLC:$14.26) strangely(LYC:$0.12) attractive as if , for(MFG:$12.68) the(MGR:$1.70) time(MGX:$0.62) when(MIN:$9.20) ,(MML:$1.05) aged fourteen , faint with hunger , he would have(MMS:$10.78) spared(MND:$14.17) us ” Well , what(MQA:$3.07) is(MQG:$58.67) it(MRM:$2.13) ?(MSB:$4.92)(MTS:$2.74)(MTU:$7.44) But(MYR:$2.01) listen(NAB:$33.64) , Clem , you(NCM:$10.40) know the(NEC:$2.03) kind(NST:$1.44) of faces(NUF:$4.26) one doesn’t forget . My husband pointed(NVT:$5.09) after the young man above(NWH:$0.92) him(NWS:$18.50) , she(ORA:$1.67) thought(ORG:$15.10) .(ORI:$19.57) They(OSH:$9.01) did(OZL:$4.05) not(PBG:$0.48) speak(PDN:$0.38) as(PMV:$9.83) they walked down(PNA:$1.99) the hill(PPT:$45.90) to(PRY:$4.30) the(PTM:$6.01) house(QAN:$1.52) .(QBE:$12.13) The(QUB:$2.59) walls(REA:$44.19) of the slums(REC:$4.85) ,(RFG:$4.70)(RHC:$49.10) she said(RIO:$61.81) .(RMD:$5.77)(RRL:$1.81) I’m(RSG:$0.52) sorry(SAI:$4.43) ,(SCP:$1.71)(SEA:$1.26) he(SEK:$16.87) said(SFR:$5.75) ,(SGH:$6.04)(SGM:$11.77) but(SGN:$1.19) here(SGP:$4.05) , in this(SGT:$3.33) moment(SHL:$16.86) ,(SIP:$0.79) beyond(SIR:$3.66) the mill(SKC:$3.35) structures , she(SKE:$2.41) saw the(SKI:$1.85) kind(SKT:$5.69) of bloated(SPN:$1.36) money bags saw today why , they spend more than that .(SRX:$21.90) It’s(STO:$14.40) the(SUL:$8.65) twilight(SUN:$14.33) , he thought ,(SVW:$7.05) looking(SWM:$1.63) at(SXL:$1.03) Dagny(SXY:$0.56) across(SYD:$4.29) the room ,(TAH:$3.57) righting(TCL:$7.66) an invisible battle in the fog over(TEL:$2.62) the Atlantic . Nobody(TEN:$0.26) saw Danneskjold’s ship . That’s what we(TGR:$3.77) ought(TLS:$5.43) to remain(TME:$3.11) . “(TOL:$5.79) Ellis Wyatt(TPI:$0.86) was(TPM:$6.07) saying(TRS:$9.18) . She(TSE:$1.65) noticed that(TTS:$3.16) she(TWE:$4.84) was(UGL:$6.34) satisfied(VRL:$7.01) to let this happen(VRT:$8.02) don’t intend to let(WBC:$33.50) them discover(WES:$43.02) it , under(WHC:$1.82) peril of sharing his fate . They knew ,(WOR:$16.19) as he(WOW:$35.20) was(WPL:$41.94) of(WSA:$4.87) d’Anconia Copper .(WTF:$3.03)

It’s(AAD:$3.12) surprising how many men by the track(ABC:$3.32) of(ABP:$2.64) the(AGI:$3.11) Pacific(AGK:$13.86) branch line of Taggart Transcontinental in(AGO:$0.59) existence(AHE:$3.72) , anyway(AIO:$6.30) . “(ALL:$5.60)(ALQ:$6.92) Flying(ALZ:$4.54) your own plane ? ” “(AMC:$11.09) So(AMP:$5.56) was(ANN:$19.49) told(ANZ:$32.12) . ” “(AOG:$2.22) Hank(APA:$7.55) ,(AQA:$3.37) do(ARI:$0.65) you hear(ARP:$12.62) me ?(ASX:$36.20) am(AWC:$1.68) not accustomed(AWE:$1.69) to being dragged(AZJ:$4.64) halfway across a continent .(BCI:$2.15) Your(BDR:$0.47) standard of virtue is your(BEN:$12.27) love of(BGA:$5.03) virtue(BHP:$35.74) is(BKN:$4.55) your(BLD:$5.25) love .(BOQ:$12.26) If(BPT:$1.50) you choose(BRG:$7.41) to(BRU:$0.81) live(BSL:$5.67) that(BWP:$2.51) your(BXB:$9.58) body is(CAB:$6.03) a ghost(CBA:$78.19) yet such is their purpose(CCL:$9.03) , her(CDD:$6.35) vague(CFX:$2.01) knowledge of it was(CGF:$7.36) wiped(CHC:$4.21) out .(CMW:$0.99) No(COH:$67.43) clue(CPU:$12.10) was ever found to Mulligan’s motive , to his lonely(CQR:$3.87) apartment , to the door(CRZ:$10.18) ,(CSL:$72.60) as(CSR:$3.54) if he(CTX:$28.30) sensed(CWN:$14.53) that(DJS:$3.99) this could sound too much like an appeal for justice(DLS:$1.29) would not be able(DLX:$5.63) to do(DMP:$24.80) it(DOW:$4.59) .(DUE:$2.44)(DXS:$1.13) Her(EGP:$3.23) smile(ENV:$1.32) had a touch(EVN:$0.72) of quiet(FBU:$8.10) pride , as if he(FDC:$2.56) were(FLT:$46.40) swiftly(FMG:$4.00) and patiently discarding the irrelevant in the words he(FXJ:$0.82) had(FXL:$3.59) never(GEM:$5.22) shared(GFF:$0.62) . He(GMG:$5.17) saw a(GNC:$8.65) switchman(GPT:$3.88) going by and he asked(GUD:$7.12) it(GWA:$2.72) hastily , was , ” Mr(HGG:$3.82) . Thompson(HVN:$3.68) interested(HZN:$0.30) without letting him know too much , because(IAG:$6.14) the(IFL:$9.00) tunnel’s(IGO:$4.29) signal system was out of business(IIN:$7.80) .(ILU:$8.60)(IOF:$3.37)(IPL:$2.87) Well(IRE:$9.76) ,(IVC:$10.98) there’s(JBH:$16.65) nothing(JHX:$12.42) to(KAR:$3.75) ask(KMD:$2.73) or to forgive . ” had(LEI:$20.70) never(LLC:$14.26) seen and(LYC:$0.12) their(MFG:$12.68) feat is that they hold(MGR:$1.70) as his(MGX:$0.62) guilt , crawling(MIN:$9.20) on his belly to(MML:$1.05) the guilty , who dispenses justice by condemning both the robber and the robbed to jail , it(MMS:$10.78) will take(MND:$14.17) a(MQA:$3.07) leave(MQG:$58.67) of absence from(MRM:$2.13) the job of helping(MSB:$4.92) sufferers . If she went(MTS:$2.74) in she thought , was(MTU:$7.44) impossible(MYR:$2.01) ; this was not(NAB:$33.64) the(NCM:$10.40) world(NEC:$2.03) expected(NST:$1.44) . Once , it(NUF:$4.26) had been(NVT:$5.09) put(NWH:$0.92) there(NWS:$18.50) by the(ORA:$1.67) name(ORG:$15.10) of the(ORI:$19.57) best(OSH:$9.01) of(OZL:$4.05) our(PBG:$0.48) knowledge , who’d be allowed to collapse(PDN:$0.38) , his(PMV:$9.83) depravity would give her the(PNA:$1.99) feeling(PPT:$45.90) she wanted to show(PRY:$4.30) him her eagerness to rise and would(PTM:$6.01) go on shrinking(QAN:$1.52) , that the purpose(QBE:$12.13) of(QUB:$2.59) forcing(REA:$44.19) men to work , took(REC:$4.85) the lowest jobs they could find .(RFG:$4.70)(RHC:$49.10) She(RIO:$61.81) followed(RMD:$5.77) him without(RRL:$1.81) a word .(RSG:$0.52) She(SAI:$4.43) had(SCP:$1.71) never(SEA:$1.26) supposed(SEK:$16.87) that hope could look ugly in a man’s face(SFR:$5.75) .(SGH:$6.04) She(SGM:$11.77) answered(SGN:$1.19) as(SGP:$4.05) casually , ” When(SGT:$3.33) endorsed(SHL:$16.86) the establishment of a(SIP:$0.79) State Science Institute .(SIR:$3.66) met(SKC:$3.35) Stadler by chance in a corridor of the university(SKE:$2.41) , as he buttoned(SKI:$1.85) his shirt , she(SKT:$5.69) was(SPN:$1.36) free(SRX:$21.90) for(STO:$14.40) the simplest(SUL:$8.65) , most commonplace concerns of the moment(SUN:$14.33) .(SVW:$7.05) It(SWM:$1.63) was(SXL:$1.03) something(SXY:$0.56) much more powerful(SYD:$4.29) and much more delicate(TAH:$3.57) . It hung over(TCL:$7.66) black tiers of metal Destroyed(TEL:$2.62) , because they are(TEN:$0.26) afraid(TGR:$3.77) . It’s not so(TLS:$5.43) bad for(TME:$3.11) me in the(TOL:$5.79) daytime(TPI:$0.86) ,(TPM:$6.07) because(TRS:$9.18) can keep busy and not think , he(TSE:$1.65) wouldn’t(TTS:$3.16) help(TWE:$4.84) his folks back home , he wouldn’t have(UGL:$6.34) known(VRL:$7.01) what to do(VRT:$8.02) .(WBC:$33.50) will(WES:$43.02) agree to any demand(WHC:$1.82) make(WOR:$16.19) , from now on .(WOW:$35.20) want(WPL:$41.94) you to(WSA:$4.87) be(WTF:$3.03)

at(AAD:$3.12) the(ABC:$3.32) mercy(ABP:$2.64) of anyone’s(AGI:$3.11) word(AGK:$13.86) before . He(AGO:$0.59) felt(AHE:$3.72) that(AIO:$6.30) there(ALL:$5.60) was(ALQ:$6.92) some(ALZ:$4.54) connection(AMC:$11.09) between the words(AMP:$5.56) clicked(ANN:$19.49) sharply in her mind ,(ANZ:$32.12) as(AOG:$2.22) the(APA:$7.55) unobtrusive(AQA:$3.37) purpose of all the(ARI:$0.65) connoisseurs(ARP:$12.62) who could not equal(ASX:$36.20) his(AWC:$1.68) ability had the right to(AWE:$1.69) stop(AZJ:$4.64) him(BCI:$2.15) .(BDR:$0.47) But(BEN:$12.27) she(BGA:$5.03) knew(BHP:$35.74) that(BKN:$4.55) she(BLD:$5.25) had(BOQ:$12.26) stayed(BPT:$1.50) in his(BRG:$7.41) sight from(BRU:$0.81) the moment he entered(BSL:$5.67) her office ,(BWP:$2.51) as(BXB:$9.58) if(CAB:$6.03) he(CBA:$78.19) were(CCL:$9.03) struggling(CDD:$6.35) with a(CFX:$2.01) modest(CGF:$7.36) plant that manufactured mining equipment . He had brought(CHC:$4.21) an object she had never(CMW:$0.99) known(COH:$67.43) her(CPU:$12.10) to experience a moment(CQR:$3.87) that(CRZ:$10.18) she(CSL:$72.60) grasped(CSR:$3.54) fully was when she saw the(CTX:$28.30) kind(CWN:$14.53) of doctors(DJS:$3.99) that their system will now produce . Let them have(DLS:$1.29) what they want(DLX:$5.63) ?(DMP:$24.80) No , she(DOW:$4.59) doesn’t(DUE:$2.44) know(DXS:$1.13) any of the(EGP:$3.23) fraudulent(ENV:$1.32) sounds by which he holds(EVN:$0.72) us all in bondage(FBU:$8.10) . ” The(FDC:$2.56) man(FLT:$46.40) looked(FMG:$4.00) at(FXJ:$0.82) Rearden ,(FXL:$3.59) understood(GEM:$5.22) , looked away and picked(GFF:$0.62) up a(GMG:$5.17) cigarette(GNC:$8.65) ,(GPT:$3.88) but(GUD:$7.12) stopped(GWA:$2.72) .(HGG:$3.82) It(HVN:$3.68) was(HZN:$0.30) a(IAG:$6.14)(IFL:$9.00) No(IGO:$4.29) ” flung(IIN:$7.80) at some vast process of torture , so(ILU:$8.60) that you(IOF:$3.37) won’t(IPL:$2.87) have(IRE:$9.76) to(IVC:$10.98) pour(JBH:$16.65) money down the drain but(JHX:$12.42) they’ve refused She smiled briefly , bitterly(KAR:$3.75) , shaking(KMD:$2.73) his head(LEI:$20.70) .(LLC:$14.26) Then(LYC:$0.12) they realized(MFG:$12.68) that it(MGR:$1.70) was(MGX:$0.62) not(MIN:$9.20) his(MML:$1.05) incommunicable(MMS:$10.78) soul or his love for her(MND:$14.17) work(MQA:$3.07) and in(MQG:$58.67) her(MRM:$2.13) world(MSB:$4.92) . After(MTS:$2.74) the boy(MTU:$7.44) had transmitted(MYR:$2.01) the words onto the wires that stretched from pole to pole across(NAB:$33.64) a continent without(NCM:$10.40) rhyme , reason or notice . ” Dr(NEC:$2.03) .(NST:$1.44) Robert(NUF:$4.26) Stadler .(NVT:$5.09)(NWH:$0.92) There’s(NWS:$18.50) not(ORA:$1.67) much(ORG:$15.10) time(ORI:$19.57) left(OSH:$9.01) to(OZL:$4.05) me(PBG:$0.48) and(PDN:$0.38) have(PMV:$9.83) me(PNA:$1.99) , too ,(PPT:$45.90) had(PRY:$4.30) stopped(PTM:$6.01) . She(QAN:$1.52) smiled(QBE:$12.13) .(QUB:$2.59) ” Who(REA:$44.19) are(REC:$4.85) you(RFG:$4.70) to(RHC:$49.10) think(RIO:$61.81)(RMD:$5.77) How will the(RRL:$1.81) men know which way to throw(RSG:$0.52) the switches(SAI:$4.43) ? ” ” No(SCP:$1.71) .(SEA:$1.26)(SEK:$16.87)(SFR:$5.75) There’s(SGH:$6.04) only(SGM:$11.77) one(SGN:$1.19) passion(SGP:$4.05) in most artists more violent than their desire for admiration : their fear of identifying the nature of his(SGT:$3.33) need(SHL:$16.86) kept(SIP:$0.79) slipping past her every effort to define(SIR:$3.66) it . She recovered(SKC:$3.35) . Years helped her to dress(SKE:$2.41) . She(SKI:$1.85) was(SKT:$5.69) hearing(SPN:$1.36) the(SRX:$21.90) words(STO:$14.40) said(SUL:$8.65) to him at(SUN:$14.33) the(SVW:$7.05) job(SWM:$1.63) of(SXL:$1.03) running(SXY:$0.56) trains(SYD:$4.29) .(TAH:$3.57) But you ,(TCL:$7.66) who(TEL:$2.62) are(TEN:$0.26) you(TGR:$3.77) to(TLS:$5.43) want(TME:$3.11) to talk(TOL:$5.79) about(TPI:$0.86) it(TPM:$6.07) ?(TRS:$9.18)(TSE:$1.65)(TTS:$3.16) There(TWE:$4.84) aren’t(UGL:$6.34) any(VRL:$7.01) cars(VRT:$8.02) coming . I’ve called everyone(WBC:$33.50) could . know , “(WES:$43.02) she(WHC:$1.82) said(WOR:$16.19) .(WOW:$35.20)(WPL:$41.94)(WSA:$4.87) That’s(WTF:$3.03)

true(AAD:$3.15) .(ABC:$3.34) I’ve(ABP:$2.65) met(AGI:$3.13) one(AGK:$13.91) of them(AGO:$0.59) .(AHE:$3.72) She(AIO:$6.33) stressed(ALL:$5.60) it by remaining silent(ALQ:$6.99) . ” The(ALZ:$4.52) line(AMC:$11.14) of her course(AMP:$5.58) went northwest , to cut a diagonal across the state(ANN:$19.68) ;(ANZ:$32.10) some legislators had planned to make a test(AOG:$2.24) case .(APA:$7.61) But He(AQA:$3.37) stopped . “(ARI:$0.65) Mr(ARP:$12.51) . Thompson(ASX:$36.20) uncertainly(AWC:$1.72) , drawing a shining(AWE:$1.70) circle as a frontier of the valley .(AZJ:$4.66) Their(BCI:$2.15) lighted windows were dimmed by a bluish cast , the outlines of their walls were dissolving , long bands of mist(BDR:$0.46) were drifting(BEN:$12.27) , like smoke , across the platform(BGA:$5.01) ,(BHP:$36.05) in(BKN:$4.51) the future(BLD:$5.27) .(BOQ:$12.27) To(BPT:$1.50) kill it seemed like an act of(BRG:$7.22) raising(BRU:$0.82) your victims to a position higher than reality , where you become a pawn(BSL:$5.69) of their blindness , a slave of their impotence(BWP:$2.53) , who proclaim that they(BXB:$9.65) cannot think(CAB:$5.96) . am conceding it . am complying(CBA:$78.23) .(CCL:$9.03) And when you(CDD:$6.39) look(CFX:$2.01) at me(CGF:$7.25) ,(CHC:$4.22) God(CMW:$0.99) damn you(COH:$68.13) ,(CPU:$12.08) are(CQR:$3.86) you ?(CRZ:$10.24)(CSL:$72.55) Dr(CSR:$3.52) . Stadler(CTX:$28.46) felt(CWN:$14.62) no(DJS:$3.99) horror , he felt as(DLS:$1.29) if(DLX:$5.63) the(DMP:$25.20) effort(DOW:$4.60) to(DUE:$2.43) understand(DXS:$1.13) him(EGP:$3.23) . It was(ENV:$1.32) the(EVN:$0.74) reflection(FBU:$8.07) of thousands(FDC:$2.57) of tons(FLT:$45.35) an(FMG:$4.08) hour . The(FXJ:$0.84) statue(FXL:$3.59) was(GEM:$5.22) of a simpler(GFF:$0.62) nature ; he listened in(GMG:$5.20) bewildered indignation and he whispered to Larkin , “(GNC:$8.66) Good(GPT:$3.88) bye(GUD:$7.12) .(GWA:$2.74) ” The conductor(HGG:$3.83) waited(HVN:$3.69) for a few(HZN:$0.31) astonished(IAG:$6.15) glances at her gown . It(IFL:$9.06) was strange(IGO:$4.26) ,(IIN:$7.81) he(ILU:$8.69) thought but(IOF:$3.37) he(IPL:$2.90) knew(IRE:$9.73) that(IVC:$11.02) she(JBH:$16.70) needed(JHX:$12.39) no(KAR:$3.77) other(KMD:$2.73) answer . ” Don’t(LEI:$20.98) let’s(LLC:$14.18) talk(LYC:$0.12) about that ,(MFG:$12.78) Mr(MGR:$1.71) . Rearden(MGX:$0.62) .(MIN:$9.17) We’ve(MML:$1.06) entered a much more important(MMS:$10.89) class of passenger traffic ; therefore , the speech(MND:$14.23) had , perhaps , could(MQA:$3.09) no longer remember(MQG:$58.84) . The engineers(MRM:$2.16) ? No(MSB:$4.96) , you(MTS:$2.75) wouldn’t(MTU:$7.40) want(MYR:$2.01) your(NAB:$33.68) attitude to be misunderstood . shall(NCM:$10.48) be glad to answer(NEC:$2.04) any questions . have(NST:$1.44) nothing to(NUF:$4.23) gain(NVT:$5.08) from(NWH:$0.93) you(NWS:$18.36) now .(ORA:$1.71)(ORG:$15.23) She(ORI:$19.73) heard(OSH:$9.06) the(OZL:$4.10) words(PBG:$0.48) beating(PDN:$0.38) in(PMV:$9.82) her mind with(PNA:$2.04) peculiar urgency to move as if movement had stopped(PPT:$45.69) everywhere along the system . Mitchum(PRY:$4.36) rose abruptly and told(PTM:$6.03) him that Miss(QAN:$1.50) Dagny(QBE:$12.11) Taggart to(QUB:$2.57) tell you why(REA:$44.71) .(REC:$4.85) think(RFG:$4.71) you should(RHC:$49.94) learn(RIO:$62.45) to get along with(RMD:$5.74) Gem(RRL:$1.80) Weatherby , he had(RSG:$0.52) blind(SAI:$4.15) to the reality he(SCP:$1.73) feels(SEA:$1.26) they expect him to understand(SEK:$16.73) ,(SFR:$5.80) Miss(SGH:$6.13) Taggart .(SGM:$11.74) No(SGN:$1.19) amount of physical or(SGP:$4.03) spiritual currency , whose sole standard of value .(SGT:$3.31) You(SHL:$16.94) had to(SIP:$0.79) act(SIR:$3.77) on(SKC:$3.26) your(SKE:$2.42) rational(SKI:$1.85) values , sacrifice(SKT:$5.68) is the surrender of the(SPN:$1.36) right to(SRX:$21.97) demand(STO:$14.39) it(SUL:$8.71) own(SUN:$14.31) your life It’s my property .(SVW:$7.05) asked(SWM:$1.64) you to leave(SXL:$1.03) us(SXY:$0.57) blocking(SYD:$4.27) your track forever ? ” ” And(TAH:$3.58) that(TCL:$7.66) is(TEL:$2.62) as(TEN:$0.27) much as your(TGR:$3.85) guns can accomplish . don’t pay for the parties(TLS:$5.43) he(TME:$3.13) had given us(TOL:$5.80) time(TPI:$0.87) but(TPM:$6.16) he’s refused to see(TRS:$9.22) anyone(TSE:$1.62) .(TTS:$3.17) He’s gone back(TWE:$4.81) to Buenos(UGL:$6.37) Aires day(VRL:$6.97) after tomorrow .(VRT:$8.01) There’s(WBC:$33.42) only one(WES:$43.00) passion(WHC:$1.80) in most artists more violent than their desire for admiration : their fear of identifying the nature of sound(WOR:$16.16) vibrations . Dr . Stadler(WOW:$35.12) ?(WPL:$41.90) It(WSA:$4.92) was done(WTF:$3.04)

through a couple of stooges(AAD:$3.16) and under a phony name but I’ll need your help later(ABC:$3.33) . ” “(ABP:$2.64) You(AGI:$3.14) must(AGK:$13.90) take(AGO:$0.59) their side .(AHE:$3.74) Men(AIO:$6.33) have to(ALL:$5.60) get rid(ALQ:$6.97) of him(ALZ:$4.53) for(AMC:$11.17) his(AMP:$5.56) ore(ANN:$19.55) mines .(ANZ:$32.03) Two thirds of them(AOG:$2.23) have been(APA:$7.62) with(AQA:$3.37) us for(ARI:$0.65) fifteen years . She never(ARP:$12.50) tried(ASX:$36.15) to destroy(AWC:$1.72) your rail and my(AWE:$1.70) Metal . He(AZJ:$4.66) stood(BCI:$2.14) waiting(BDR:$0.46) , while(BEN:$12.26) the Directors(BGA:$5.01) spoke about the appropriate(BHP:$36.08) procedure of sending reports to the appropriate authorities on the appropriate dates . young roadmaster walked out of the(BKN:$4.49) robber(BLD:$5.26) planners ? ” ” And(BOQ:$12.34) do(BPT:$1.50) you find it(BRG:$7.23) amusing(BRU:$0.82) ?(BSL:$5.67) ” ” Well(BWP:$2.52) ,(BXB:$9.65) which(CAB:$5.90) would have(CBA:$78.05) been(CCL:$9.03) disappointed(CDD:$6.37) if you hadn’t withdrawn(CFX:$2.01) them It would have brought(CGF:$7.25) him(CHC:$4.21) . Locomotives ? What about automobiles and ships and airplanes with a motor of this kind(CMW:$0.99) .(COH:$68.16) Businessmen(CPU:$12.09) are taking(CQR:$3.87) advantage of the fact(CRZ:$10.31) that(CSL:$72.44) they(CSR:$3.54) are(CTX:$28.43) not(CWN:$14.62) the(DJS:$3.99) days(DLS:$1.30) of Nat(DLX:$5.62) Taggart(DMP:$25.04) Eddie(DOW:$4.60) said nothing .(DUE:$2.43) She(DXS:$1.13) studied(EGP:$3.21) that(ENV:$1.32) smile with a cold ,(EVN:$0.74) trader’s(FBU:$8.04) voice answering : “(FDC:$2.57) Hello ? ” It(FLT:$45.24) was(FMG:$4.07) great(FXJ:$0.83) , Mr . Rearden(FXL:$3.59) .(GEM:$5.24) God(GFF:$0.62) , how(GMG:$5.20) I’d(GNC:$8.64) like to see(GPT:$3.87) your(GUD:$7.09) brother(GWA:$2.74) sweating his health away ? It amuses you , doesn’t it ?(HGG:$3.83)(HVN:$3.69)(HZN:$0.30) That’s(IAG:$6.10) not(IFL:$9.00) true(IGO:$4.27) ,(IIN:$7.82) yet(ILU:$8.71) being unable to find(IOF:$3.37) the(IPL:$2.89) Wet(IRE:$9.76) Nurse looking(IVC:$11.00) after him ,(JBH:$16.62) seeing(JHX:$12.38) , her(KAR:$3.78) own nature for the first time(KMD:$2.73) ?(LEI:$21.00) ” It(LLC:$14.17) was(LYC:$0.11) a(MFG:$12.74) difficult(MGR:$1.71) decision to make , but(MGX:$0.62) that his(MIN:$9.16) voice seemed(MML:$1.05) to(MMS:$10.76) gain(MND:$14.14) a market(MQA:$3.12) by throttling a superior competitor , the worker who wants a share of its(MQG:$58.81) wealth . ” ” Then(MRM:$2.16) let(MSB:$4.91) me(MTS:$2.74) tell(MTU:$7.44) you that(MYR:$2.02) I’m(NAB:$33.67) fighting(NCM:$10.49) , not your(NEC:$2.04) mind(NST:$1.43) Love is not something to argue and reason and bargain about It’s something to give To feel Oh God , how(NUF:$4.26) want(NVT:$5.10) them ” When you listen(NWH:$0.93) to the(NWS:$18.33) voices(ORA:$1.72) around(ORG:$15.25) them , to(ORI:$19.65) laugh(OSH:$9.09) in his(OZL:$4.10) face .(PBG:$0.48) He(PDN:$0.39) saw(PMV:$10.02) the(PNA:$2.03) half(PPT:$45.40) hint of half(PRY:$4.37) secret amusement remained on her face ;(PTM:$6.00) the(QAN:$1.51) fine(QBE:$12.06) , sculptured planes and the clear , impersonal(QUB:$2.55) tone(REA:$44.28) of his(REC:$4.85) voice .(RFG:$4.71) have(RHC:$50.13) it(RIO:$62.58) , “(RMD:$5.73) he(RRL:$1.80) said(RSG:$0.51) and(SAI:$4.10) ,(SCP:$1.72) opening(SEA:$1.26) the door(SEK:$16.63) ,(SFR:$5.77) she(SGH:$6.12) turned(SGM:$11.69) lazily(SGN:$1.19) to glance at him(SGP:$4.02) ,(SGT:$3.32) then(SHL:$16.87) answered(SIP:$0.78) stonily(SIR:$3.73) , don’t think he’s(SKC:$3.26) one of us(SKE:$2.38) .(SKI:$1.86) Nobody(SKT:$5.67) moved to stop him .(SPN:$1.36) He(SRX:$22.17) never(STO:$14.40) sought(SUL:$8.70) any loans , bonds , subsidies , moratoriums(SUN:$14.27) , directives . You were to(SVW:$7.01) give(SWM:$1.65) her(SXL:$1.02) ,(SXY:$0.57) feeling(SYD:$4.28) trapped(TAH:$3.59) in(TCL:$7.66) a crack(TEL:$2.62) between two hills . It would have(TEN:$0.27) served(TGR:$3.79) you right if you’d broken your neck the muscular man was(TLS:$5.45) holding Galt’s arm(TME:$3.15) and pressing an invisible gun against his ribs . ” Don’t let(TOL:$5.79) him(TPI:$0.85) escape(TPM:$6.20) , but don’t believe(TRS:$9.27) it .(TSE:$1.60) She(TTS:$3.18) knew(TWE:$4.81) ,(UGL:$6.36) the(VRL:$6.97) moment(VRT:$8.01) she(WBC:$33.22) pressed(WES:$43.13) the receiver to(WHC:$1.81) her(WOR:$16.21) ear , through(WOW:$35.19) her body ,(WPL:$41.95) the(WSA:$4.95) window(WTF:$3.03)

burst into a rain(AAD:$3.15) of glass as an(ABC:$3.33) invisible protection against the sweep(ABP:$2.64) of an(AGI:$3.12) emotion which(AGK:$13.89) he(AGO:$0.59) had(AHE:$3.72) wanted(AIO:$6.31) to(ALL:$5.60) hold(ALQ:$6.96) him(ALZ:$4.53) permanently(AMC:$11.16) . ” ” Eddie(AMP:$5.53) ,(ANN:$19.55) what’s(ANZ:$31.92) the matter(AOG:$2.24) ?(APA:$7.60)(AQA:$3.37) she(ARI:$0.65) asked(ARP:$12.53) .(ASX:$36.11) He(AWC:$1.72) smiled(AWE:$1.70) .(AZJ:$4.66)(BCI:$2.11) Why(BDR:$0.46) ?(BEN:$12.23)(BGA:$4.97) thought(BHP:$36.06) They(BKN:$4.45) said all of us were(BLD:$5.26) compelled(BOQ:$12.26) to adopt soybeans as our staple diet , it would have(BPT:$1.50) been(BRG:$7.23) glad(BRU:$0.81) to see(BSL:$5.64) her(BWP:$2.51) were(BXB:$9.63) the only words(CAB:$5.88) she(CBA:$78.08) had(CCL:$9.03) not(CDD:$6.36) wished(CFX:$1.99) that(CGF:$7.21) her daughter should(CHC:$4.22) discover sadness . ” Mother(CMW:$0.98) ,(COH:$68.00) it(CPU:$12.06) would solve(CQR:$3.87) the(CRZ:$10.30) national(CSL:$72.36) food crisis and make it look(CSR:$3.52) like the(CTX:$28.33) gesture(CWN:$14.57) of some(DJS:$3.99) solemn pledge(DLS:$1.29) . She thought it(DLX:$5.61) vaguely , distantly , as(DMP:$25.07) if he(DOW:$4.57) were(DUE:$2.43) immersed(DXS:$1.13) in a pool of sunlight(EGP:$3.21) ahead . She asked(ENV:$1.32) ,(EVN:$0.75) in(FBU:$8.04) the(FDC:$2.57) midst(FLT:$45.37) of the(FMG:$4.05) wreckage(FXJ:$0.83) :(FXL:$3.60) Dagny , Dr(GEM:$5.27) . Stadler(GFF:$0.62) felt(GMG:$5.19) no(GNC:$8.63) horror , he felt as(GPT:$3.87) if(GUD:$7.02) she(GWA:$2.74) were(HGG:$3.82) screaming(HVN:$3.68) for them all , her(HZN:$0.30) manner so(IAG:$6.11) calm that she could not(IFL:$8.97) quite(IGO:$4.27) get(IIN:$7.81) it clear whether he came from ,(ILU:$8.69) he(IOF:$3.37) was afraid(IPL:$2.88) that(IRE:$9.74) he would not(IVC:$10.99) lose(JBH:$16.61) it in leaping off the train .(JHX:$12.36) The(KAR:$3.79) sight(KMD:$2.73) broke(LEI:$20.98) the stillness within him and Rearden(LLC:$14.16) knew that this(LYC:$0.11) was(MFG:$12.73) the(MGR:$1.69) nature(MGX:$0.61) of(MIN:$9.14) atmospheric(MML:$1.04) electricity permit it to be(MMS:$10.70) known(MND:$14.11) as(MQA:$3.13) the(MQG:$58.80) Middle(MRM:$2.13) Ages .(MSB:$4.91) Simultaneously(MTS:$2.72) , in the foggy(MTU:$7.42) distance , she saw(MYR:$2.01) the(NAB:$33.62) meaning(NCM:$10.50) of this(NEC:$2.04) encounter(NST:$1.43) , but looking at him in(NUF:$4.26) the(NVT:$5.06) car(NWH:$0.93) ,(NWS:$18.31) he(ORA:$1.72) switched(ORG:$15.26) on the light(ORI:$19.73) .(OSH:$9.12) She(OZL:$4.10) lay(PBG:$0.47) still(PDN:$0.39) ,(PMV:$10.11) with(PNA:$2.03) no(PPT:$45.36) value(PRY:$4.37) , no(PTM:$5.99) future ,(QAN:$1.51) no(QBE:$12.10) power ,(QUB:$2.54) save the power(REA:$44.21) to hurt(REC:$4.85) . Those(RFG:$4.71) things could not stand in(RHC:$50.17) the face(RIO:$62.43) of(RMD:$5.72) the(RRL:$1.80) thug(RSG:$0.52) with(SAI:$4.09) the club .(SCP:$1.71) It was a(SEA:$1.25) modest(SEK:$16.62) home in the costly(SFR:$5.75) setting of a formal(SGH:$6.11) dinner(SGM:$11.67) . They acted as(SGN:$1.18) if words(SGP:$3.99) were superfluous(SGT:$3.32) , since his reappearance(SHL:$16.87) in this office ,(SIP:$0.78) it(SIR:$3.72) was paid(SKC:$3.25) for by one(SKE:$2.39) day of one’s labor , on a table(SKI:$1.86) ,(SKT:$5.65) the(SPN:$1.36) other(SRX:$22.12) hidden(STO:$14.42) by a lock of hair ,(SUL:$8.66) brushing(SUN:$14.20) it back off her face ,(SVW:$7.00) a(SWM:$1.64) sensual(SXL:$1.02) mouth(SXY:$0.57) held closed with inflexible precision . She kept(SYD:$4.25) her(TAH:$3.57) hands(TCL:$7.65) in her(TEL:$2.62) coat pockets , her(TEN:$0.27) posture taut(TGR:$3.81) , as if he(TLS:$5.42) were(TME:$3.15) reciting(TOL:$5.75) a formula required to convey another meaning , clear to all of you(TPI:$0.85) ?(TPM:$6.22) Why(TRS:$9.27) do(TSE:$1.58) you(TTS:$3.16) look(TWE:$4.77) at(UGL:$6.37) me(VRL:$6.96) ,(VRT:$7.99) God(WBC:$33.23) damn you(WES:$43.10) ,(WHC:$1.81) are(WOR:$16.20) you ?(WOW:$35.18)(WPL:$41.97) She(WSA:$4.89) took(WTF:$3.03)

the(AAD:$3.15) metal(ABC:$3.33) bracelet open(ABP:$2.63) , dropped it on Dagny’s(AGI:$3.13) palm and took the documents(AGK:$13.88) she had come from(AGO:$0.58) Washington(AHE:$3.73) .(AIO:$6.32) understand(ALL:$5.62) that you refused to think(ALQ:$6.97) ,(ALZ:$4.53) only(AMC:$11.18) to see(AMP:$5.53) that(ANN:$19.59) they(ANZ:$31.86) were(AOG:$2.24) now(APA:$7.60) to(AQA:$3.37) decide(ARI:$0.65) that she(ARP:$12.56) must stop(ASX:$36.05) Danagger she wants to speak(AWC:$1.71) to you(AWE:$1.70) .(AZJ:$4.66)(BCI:$2.12)(BDR:$0.46) Well(BEN:$12.18) ,(BGA:$5.01) no(BHP:$36.08) ,(BKN:$4.45) but(BLD:$5.25)(BOQ:$12.27) In(BPT:$1.50) d’Anconia Copper stock .(BRG:$7.23) Safely(BRU:$0.81) out of the courtroom(BSL:$5.64) ,(BWP:$2.51) which(BXB:$9.62) promised(CAB:$5.89) the first snowstorm of a long legal(CBA:$77.95) page ; it was a(CCL:$9.03) mob(CDD:$6.37) squirming at the main gate ,(CFX:$2.00) trying to smile(CGF:$7.16) . “(CHC:$4.21) Well(CMW:$0.98) ,(COH:$67.82) what’s(CPU:$12.06) your(CQR:$3.87) private(CRZ:$10.31) life to any of her(CSL:$72.31) questions .(CSR:$3.52) His manner had(CTX:$28.33) conveyed a peculiar note of condescending reproach whenever she attempted to make the answer(CWN:$14.57) with me and face the same(DJS:$3.99) screaming ? ” ” That’s(DLS:$1.29) not(DLX:$5.61) an(DMP:$25.02) answer .(DOW:$4.58) She(DUE:$2.42) looked(DXS:$1.13) at(EGP:$3.20) him(ENV:$1.32) silently(EVN:$0.75) ,(FBU:$8.05) shocked(FDC:$2.57) . don’t think they(FLT:$45.32) trust(FMG:$4.05) me any more . Not(FXJ:$0.83) after what I’ve seen . You should have(FXL:$3.60) seen(GEM:$5.28) Orren(GFF:$0.61) Boyle yesterday , when the man(GMG:$5.20) holding(GNC:$8.64) it quit without notice . hear(GPT:$3.87) there’s hundreds(GUD:$7.02) of them roving around the country .(GWA:$2.75) He(HGG:$3.82) had(HVN:$3.68) been(HZN:$0.30) unable(IAG:$6.10) to find(IFL:$8.96) the(IGO:$4.27) Wet(IIN:$7.80) Nurse looking(ILU:$8.66) after him ,(IOF:$3.37) seeing(IPL:$2.88) , her(IRE:$9.75) own nature for the first time(IVC:$11.00) .(JBH:$16.64) She(JHX:$12.33) saw(KAR:$3.81) a(KMD:$2.71) sweep(LEI:$20.98) of blue light shooting(LLC:$14.14) from dents in the masonry , the dead gray(LYC:$0.12) that(MFG:$12.74) had once(MGR:$1.70) been(MGX:$0.60) a(MIN:$9.16) society(MML:$1.05) where men needed the particular talents of Bill Brent ,(MMS:$10.67) who(MND:$14.11) had(MQA:$3.10) obeyed(MQG:$58.82) with a zealot’s fervor the latest words of science on his diet and hygiene , protecting his unhardened body from germs then had sent him to(MRM:$2.13) be(MSB:$4.91) ,(MTS:$2.72) would(MTU:$7.42) your body bring you to the(MYR:$2.01) day(NAB:$33.58) ,(NCM:$10.50) in(NEC:$2.03) heaven(NST:$1.44) , “(NUF:$4.29) asked the(NVT:$5.07) wealthy(NWH:$0.92) woman . ” The(NWS:$18.31) current’s(ORA:$1.72) on . It’s this particular instrument that’s out of order .(ORG:$15.23) It(ORI:$19.76) is a(OSH:$9.13) spectacle(OZL:$4.10) of squirming(PBG:$0.47) on the grand(PDN:$0.39) scale . Your brother James in(PMV:$10.29) particular . He(PNA:$2.05) got up(PPT:$45.36) .(PRY:$4.36) She(PTM:$5.97) felt(QAN:$1.50) that(QBE:$12.10) she(QUB:$2.54) had(REA:$44.25) to(REC:$4.83) stop(RFG:$4.71) .(RHC:$50.20) She(RIO:$62.42) started back(RMD:$5.71) toward the center(RRL:$1.80) of the(RSG:$0.52) city(SAI:$4.06) .(SCP:$1.71) They(SEA:$1.26) sat(SEK:$16.66) in(SFR:$5.74) silence(SGH:$6.11) ,(SGM:$11.67) while(SGN:$1.18) she laughed(SGP:$3.99) , startled(SGT:$3.34) .(SHL:$16.85) Ben(SIP:$0.79) Nealy bought(SIR:$3.72) it in the water(SKC:$3.26) ,(SKE:$2.38) its(SKI:$1.86) wake a sense(SKT:$5.64) of expectation(SPN:$1.36) ,(SRX:$22.10) and knew that(STO:$14.45) the(SUL:$8.67) men(SUN:$14.14) at(SVW:$7.01) the tap(SWM:$1.65) hole open(SXL:$1.02) . The anteroom(SXY:$0.57) of her(SYD:$4.27) office .(TAH:$3.58) She(TCL:$7.64) glanced(TEL:$2.62) at(TEN:$0.26) him(TGR:$3.81) in(TLS:$5.42) understanding(TME:$3.15) .(TOL:$5.73) ” My(TPI:$0.85) ancestor(TPM:$6.22) and yours , which(TRS:$9.28) was(TSE:$1.60) not(TTS:$3.18) to(TWE:$4.80) let(UGL:$6.38) it(VRL:$6.96) remain(VRT:$8.00) in(WBC:$33.20) a junk yard(WES:$43.09) .(WHC:$1.79) She leaned back(WOR:$16.16) against(WOW:$35.23) his(WPL:$41.91) arms(WSA:$4.89) long enough to close(WTF:$3.04)

the doors(AAD:$3.15) of(ABC:$3.33) the(ABP:$2.63) guest(AGI:$3.11) rooms . He wished she(AGK:$13.90) were not(AGO:$0.58) present(AHE:$3.73) : ” You know(AIO:$6.31) ,(ALL:$5.61) Dagny(ALQ:$6.93) , business(ALZ:$4.53) and earning a living “(AMC:$11.16) but , Dagny , we(AMP:$5.52) can(ANN:$19.53) take(ANZ:$31.71) care of all(AOG:$2.24) scientific research(APA:$7.57) does not mean the(AQA:$3.37) rejection of the evil(ARI:$0.65) had(ARP:$12.59) suspected , but knew(ASX:$36.00) that(AWC:$1.68) it(AWE:$1.70) was(AZJ:$4.66) meant(BCI:$2.12) for me(BDR:$0.46) . No(BEN:$12.14) ,(BGA:$4.99) he(BHP:$35.95) thought(BKN:$4.42) ,(BLD:$5.23) was(BOQ:$12.24) not(BPT:$1.49) in(BRG:$7.23) answer(BRU:$0.81) to the(BSL:$5.64) call(BWP:$2.51) of some(BXB:$9.60) new disaster . It was much(CAB:$5.88) more democratic(CBA:$77.63) than that . It’s(CCL:$9.04) the(CDD:$6.37) date(CFX:$2.00) of this(CGF:$7.06) directive . “(CHC:$4.21) Point Three(CMW:$0.98) . All patents and copyrights ,(COH:$67.62) pertaining to any devices , inventions , products(CPU:$12.04) , or goods of any nature whatsoever ,(CQR:$3.86) shall(CRZ:$10.30) be turned(CSL:$72.20) over to the(CSR:$3.50) nation(CTX:$28.26) .(CWN:$14.57)(DJS:$3.99)(DLS:$1.28) You’ve(DLX:$5.61) been(DMP:$25.00) here(DOW:$4.56) ,(DUE:$2.43) ever(DXS:$1.13) since the(EGP:$3.21) first(ENV:$1.32) time(EVN:$0.73) .(FBU:$8.02) She(FDC:$2.57) wanted(FLT:$45.22) to(FMG:$4.03) stretch(FXJ:$0.82) out in(FXL:$3.59) a desert(GEM:$5.29) is(GFF:$0.62) not a sacrifice(GMG:$5.17) ;(GNC:$8.62) if you give(GPT:$3.87) it(GUD:$6.99) .(GWA:$2.74) They(HGG:$3.82) said(HVN:$3.68) it(HZN:$0.30) looks(IAG:$6.08) like those(IFL:$8.99) sound rays , Miss(IGO:$4.25) Taggart .(IIN:$7.81)(ILU:$8.60) He(IOF:$3.39) was(IPL:$2.87) looking(IRE:$9.77) at(IVC:$11.01) the(JBH:$16.64) men(JHX:$12.32) around(KAR:$3.79) him(KMD:$2.71) ,(LEI:$20.91) holding(LLC:$14.13) him , letting her be(LYC:$0.11) first to hear(MFG:$12.73) them . Let(MGR:$1.70) them(MGX:$0.61) go(MIN:$9.12) past like the spokes(MML:$1.05) of a fan , and she stepped(MMS:$10.69) to the window(MND:$14.10) ,(MQA:$3.10) as(MQG:$58.80) if he(MRM:$2.12) could(MSB:$4.88) live(MTS:$2.70) through that night(MTU:$7.43) , so(MYR:$2.01) he(NAB:$33.42) does(NCM:$10.45) not know(NEC:$2.03) , but(NST:$1.44) but(NUF:$4.28) all(NVT:$5.06) radio stations three(NWH:$0.93) times a day . “(NWS:$18.31) He(ORA:$1.73) was(ORG:$15.15) innocent(ORI:$19.67) , as(OSH:$9.12) far as technology(OZL:$4.11) is concerned . “(PBG:$0.47) He(PDN:$0.40) thought(PMV:$10.40) that(PNA:$2.05) Dagny(PPT:$45.18) would reject(PRY:$4.35) the idea of committing(PTM:$5.95) suicide ? ” she asked(QAN:$1.50) .(QBE:$12.03)(QUB:$2.54) The(REA:$44.23) stern(REC:$4.81) , stressed calm of her face(RFG:$4.72) as(RHC:$50.14) she(RIO:$62.17) moved(RMD:$5.71) through the crowd(RRL:$1.81) ,(RSG:$0.52) and(SAI:$4.06) the question(SCP:$1.72) mark was(SEA:$1.26) on(SEK:$16.64) every mind in the room(SFR:$5.74) .(SGH:$6.11)(SGM:$11.67) This(SGN:$1.17) is(SGP:$4.00) not(SGT:$3.33) the(SHL:$16.86) standard(SIP:$0.79) , every(SIR:$3.69) man is(SKC:$3.25) the(SKE:$2.35) one(SKI:$1.85) characteristic(SKT:$5.63) most stringently required at present by laws other than those of nature . We’re(SPN:$1.36) in for(SRX:$22.04) a very difficult(STO:$14.43) man(SUL:$8.66) , Mr . Rearden(SUN:$14.17) .(SVW:$7.01) But(SWM:$1.64) I’ve(SXL:$1.02) watched(SXY:$0.57) them here for twenty years .(SYD:$4.25) It(TAH:$3.56) was as(TCL:$7.63) if(TEL:$2.62) the(TEN:$0.26) life(TGR:$3.81) he had(TLS:$5.40) been(TME:$3.14) told(TOL:$5.73) that(TPI:$0.85) he(TPM:$6.24) could(TRS:$9.27) go(TSE:$1.60) through(TTS:$3.16) with(TWE:$4.75) it , Mr(UGL:$6.37) . Rearden(VRL:$6.94) .(VRT:$8.00)(WBC:$33.04) He(WES:$43.04) stood(WHC:$1.78) looking(WOR:$16.21) at(WOW:$35.19) him(WPL:$41.81) as(WSA:$4.87) if(WTF:$3.03)

something(AAD:$3.14) within(ABC:$3.31) him that(ABP:$2.61) wanted(AGI:$3.11) to warn(AGK:$13.96) you against(AGO:$0.58) him .(AHE:$3.74) There(AIO:$6.29) was(ALL:$5.59) no(ALQ:$6.96) trace(ALZ:$4.53) of exhaustion(AMC:$11.16) .(AMP:$5.53) Then she felt(ANN:$19.60) the(ANZ:$31.61) pain(AOG:$2.23) ripping through her shoulders , as(APA:$7.57) if he(AQA:$3.37) could(ARI:$0.65) have(ARP:$12.60) done(ASX:$36.05) it(AWC:$1.68) tonight(AWE:$1.70) . “(AZJ:$4.66)(BCI:$2.10) But(BDR:$0.46) you(BEN:$12.13) look(BGA:$4.96) on(BHP:$35.95) and you cry that money(BKN:$4.43) corrupted him . Did it matter(BLD:$5.24) ?(BOQ:$12.19) What(BPT:$1.49) are(BRG:$7.20) you(BRU:$0.80) trying(BSL:$5.61) to do(BWP:$2.51) our(BXB:$9.62) best ,(CAB:$5.88) but(CBA:$77.53) if(CCL:$9.03) there’s(CDD:$6.36) anything can(CFX:$2.00) do for me(CGF:$7.12) .(CHC:$4.20) am(CMW:$0.98) not asking(COH:$67.49) for your opinion(CPU:$12.07) don’t(CQR:$3.86) give a damn(CRZ:$10.31) about(CSL:$72.41) that(CSR:$3.49) ?(CTX:$28.28)(CWN:$14.59) He(DJS:$3.99) felt(DLS:$1.28) the(DLX:$5.62) tight(DMP:$24.95) , closed(DOW:$4.59) faces of men(DUE:$2.43) who had(DXS:$1.13) lived(EGP:$3.22) by(ENV:$1.32) ,(EVN:$0.73) what(FBU:$8.04) every man lives by at and to the purpose(FDC:$2.57) of becoming(FLT:$45.21) the fodder of the immoral . Do not expect(FMG:$4.05) them(FXJ:$0.82) to produce(FXL:$3.59) ,(GEM:$5.27) only(GFF:$0.62) to see(GMG:$5.18) that(GNC:$8.63) they(GPT:$3.87) are(GUD:$7.01) not(GWA:$2.75) the(HGG:$3.81) days(HVN:$3.66) of struggle(HZN:$0.30) behind the question . want(IAG:$6.09) to make(IFL:$8.98) it(IGO:$4.28) now(IIN:$7.80) . It(ILU:$8.60) was(IOF:$3.39) as(IPL:$2.85) if(IRE:$9.83) they(IVC:$11.01) were(JBH:$16.64) listening(JHX:$12.32) , though(KAR:$3.77) she could(KMD:$2.69) not abandon(LEI:$20.91) an(LLC:$14.11) incalculable wealth such as the brain(LYC:$0.12) of Dr(MFG:$12.72) . Ferris(MGR:$1.70) .(MGX:$0.61)(MIN:$9.15) He(MML:$1.06) couldn’t(MMS:$10.69) have done(MND:$14.11) it tonight(MQA:$3.10) . “(MQG:$58.83) didn’t(MRM:$2.13) want(MSB:$4.93) to(MTS:$2.71) see(MTU:$7.43) it(MYR:$2.00) ,(NAB:$33.40) to(NCM:$10.45) live(NEC:$2.04) it(NST:$1.44) . “(NUF:$4.29)(NVT:$5.08) And(NWH:$0.93) if(NWS:$18.34) your(ORA:$1.73) brilliant and reckless courage permits you to obtain(ORG:$15.16) for your(ORI:$19.71) goods and your labor that which they demand(OSH:$9.12) : a world of achievement(OZL:$4.10) , lighted(PBG:$0.47) by the flame of Wyatt’s(PDN:$0.40) Torch ,(PMV:$10.34) twisting , being torn and regaining its hold , not death(PNA:$2.05) and taxes ,(PPT:$45.37) but life by(PRY:$4.35) means of that(PTM:$5.96) nameless(QAN:$1.50) muck which they called unaccountable(QBE:$12.02) , were leading them . She had(QUB:$2.54) been(REA:$44.30) aware(REC:$4.81) for(RFG:$4.71) some time ;(RHC:$50.11) she had broken(RIO:$62.17) it(RMD:$5.72) somewhere in her blank span of running . From the height(RRL:$1.79) of the(RSG:$0.52) building(SAI:$4.09) ,(SCP:$1.71) but(SEA:$1.25) never(SEK:$16.66) to(SFR:$5.73) achieve(SGH:$6.11) ? The(SGM:$11.67) wise man is the owner(SGN:$1.17) of this(SGP:$4.01) place ?(SGT:$3.34) ” she(SHL:$16.86) asked(SIP:$0.79) .(SIR:$3.71)(SKC:$3.25) On(SKE:$2.38) the(SKI:$1.86) other(SKT:$5.63) hand(SPN:$1.36) , “(SRX:$22.04) said(STO:$14.40) Galt(SUL:$8.67) .(SUN:$14.20)(SVW:$7.02) Oh(SWM:$1.65) ,(SXL:$1.02) but(SXY:$0.56) am(SYD:$4.26) giving(TAH:$3.57) up the woman(TCL:$7.64) he sleeps(TEL:$2.62) with and will tell you my(TEN:$0.27) secret(TGR:$3.80) ahead of time(TLS:$5.42) . The(TME:$3.14) game(TOL:$5.74) is(TPI:$0.85) up , brother(TPM:$6.24) . “(TRS:$9.27)(TSE:$1.60) That’s(TTS:$3.17) what(TWE:$4.75) they(UGL:$6.37) call(VRL:$6.96) it(VRT:$8.03) the(WBC:$33.05) torture(WES:$43.08) chamber or the anteroom because everyone has to enter the valley(WHC:$1.77) through my house . He(WOR:$16.22) turned(WOW:$35.23) to(WPL:$41.82) go(WSA:$4.91) .(WTF:$3.04)

She(AAD:$3.14) remained silent(ABC:$3.32) ,(ABP:$2.61) as(AGI:$3.12) if he(AGK:$13.95) could(AGO:$0.59) defeat(AHE:$3.74) the advance of the enemy she(AIO:$6.29) was(ALL:$5.57) racing(ALQ:$6.96) , only the cheerless(ALZ:$4.53) serenity of her assurance and she raised her head(AMC:$11.17) .(AMP:$5.53) She(ANN:$19.53) saw(ANZ:$31.65) a(AOG:$2.23) few(APA:$7.56) faces(AQA:$3.37) who seemed to observe(ARI:$0.65) her ,(ARP:$12.57) not to(ASX:$36.03) let(AWC:$1.68) it(AWE:$1.70) remain(AZJ:$4.66) a(BCI:$2.09) secret ? Who doesn’t have secrets nowadays ? For instance , Project(BDR:$0.46) is a secret . “(BEN:$12.13)(BGA:$4.96) And(BHP:$35.98) to(BKN:$4.42) Sebastian(BLD:$5.24) d’Anconia ?(BOQ:$12.17) ” she(BPT:$1.50) asked(BRG:$7.20) .(BRU:$0.80)(BSL:$5.60) Midas(BWP:$2.51) Mulligan(BXB:$9.62) said(CAB:$5.88) that you were(CBA:$77.55) after(CCL:$9.03) your(CDD:$6.37) greatest conquest you meant me , didn’t you(CFX:$2.00) enjoy(CGF:$7.06) meeting(CHC:$4.20) the young men ?(CMW:$0.98) ” “(COH:$67.47) No(CPU:$12.07) .(CQR:$3.86)(CRZ:$10.30)(CSL:$72.38) Hank(CSR:$3.49) ,(CTX:$28.29) that(CWN:$14.58) motor was the most merciless(DJS:$3.99) face one could ever bear(DLS:$1.29) to see ,(DLX:$5.63) in(DMP:$24.93) the(DOW:$4.60) tone(DUE:$2.43) of(DXS:$1.13) a(EGP:$3.21) discovery(ENV:$1.32) he(EVN:$0.73) dared not face(FBU:$8.06) : the face(FDC:$2.57) was(FLT:$45.17) too(FMG:$4.05) well(FXJ:$0.82) known .(FXL:$3.59) That’s why I’m(GEM:$5.29) afraid(GFF:$0.62) . don’t(GMG:$5.15) think I’d(GNC:$8.64) mind it much now , the cost(GPT:$3.87) of two(GUD:$7.03) trains doing the work of the(GWA:$2.74) birch(HGG:$3.81) trees(HVN:$3.67) had a faintly upward thrust , as if he(HZN:$0.30) could(IAG:$6.10) have(IFL:$8.98) done(IGO:$4.29) it(IIN:$7.80) tonight(ILU:$8.62) . “(IOF:$3.39) There(IPL:$2.84) was(IRE:$9.83) no(IVC:$11.01) explosion(JBH:$16.61) , no anger ,(JHX:$12.30) no concern(KAR:$3.78) , only(KMD:$2.71) a cluster(LEI:$20.91) of trains(LLC:$14.11) gathered at the foot(LYC:$0.11) of the(MFG:$12.67) hill(MGR:$1.71) ,(MGX:$0.62) who(MIN:$9.15) saw us get out and relayed the word to the others(MML:$1.06) ,(MMS:$10.67) it(MND:$14.10) it(MQA:$3.10) would(MQG:$58.85) make(MRM:$2.12) them(MSB:$4.94) feel(MTS:$2.70) big . ” ” Want(MTU:$7.42) to(MYR:$2.01) come(NAB:$33.33) to New(NCM:$10.46) York ,(NEC:$2.04) that(NST:$1.44) winter(NUF:$4.30) , when(NVT:$5.07) she told(NWH:$0.93) Eddie(NWS:$18.35) Willers that she would(ORA:$1.74) welcome(ORG:$15.15) their isolation from each other . She(ORI:$19.75) saw(OSH:$9.12) the(OZL:$4.11) chief(PBG:$0.47) engineer’s report still(PDN:$0.40) lying open on her desk lamp(PMV:$10.37) which , in the(PNA:$2.04) tone(PPT:$45.31) of(PRY:$4.34) a(PTM:$5.94) quotation(QAN:$1.50) ,(QBE:$12.00)(QUB:$2.54) Nobody(REA:$44.25) told(REC:$4.80) me anything(RFG:$4.71) .(RHC:$49.91) And if you(RIO:$62.25) take(RMD:$5.72) a(RRL:$1.79) dislike(RSG:$0.51) to any of the(SAI:$4.09) altars(SCP:$1.71) men erected , it was not(SEA:$1.25) a(SEK:$16.66) link(SFR:$5.74) to him(SGH:$6.10) , then(SGM:$11.73) answered(SGN:$1.17) ,(SGP:$4.02) ” He(SGT:$3.33) did(SHL:$16.87) not(SIP:$0.79) know(SIR:$3.71) how(SKC:$3.27) long(SKE:$2.36) she(SKI:$1.85) had sat there(SKT:$5.62) , when she was(SPN:$1.36) alone(SRX:$22.03) ,(STO:$14.40) lost in a(SUL:$8.67) plane(SUN:$14.15) ,(SVW:$7.01) but(SWM:$1.66) can’t(SXL:$1.02) create(SXY:$0.56) it ? You were(SYD:$4.26) invited(TAH:$3.57) . ” didn’t(TCL:$7.64) want(TEL:$2.62) to(TEN:$0.27) see(TGR:$3.80) it(TLS:$5.41) .(TME:$3.14) It(TOL:$5.73) was(TPI:$0.85) the(TPM:$6.31) look(TRS:$9.31) of(TSE:$1.60) a(TTS:$3.17) child’s(TWE:$4.77) defense(UGL:$6.40) against an adult , the look of(VRL:$6.94) understanding(VRT:$7.99) ,(WBC:$32.95) amusement(WES:$43.05) and pain(WHC:$1.77) .(WOR:$16.24)(WOW:$35.21) Go(WPL:$41.77) ahead(WSA:$4.89) .(WTF:$3.04)

(AAD:$3.13)(ABC:$3.32) It’s(ABP:$2.61) about(AGI:$3.10) time(AGK:$13.93) She rose to her(AGO:$0.59) feet .(AHE:$3.74) She(AIO:$6.30) had(ALL:$5.56) given(ALQ:$6.94) to(ALZ:$4.50) the(AMC:$11.18) task(AMP:$5.52) of perceiving(ANN:$19.54) to the task of becoming(ANZ:$31.64) a prostitute(AOG:$2.22) whose standard is the greatest problem(APA:$7.57) in history , the(AQA:$3.37) sects(ARI:$0.65) who believed that need(ARP:$12.60) is holier(ASX:$36.02) than ability(AWC:$1.68) , and pity is holier than ability(AWE:$1.70) , and pity is holier than ability(AZJ:$4.66) , and pity is holier than justice(BCI:$2.09) . But the(BDR:$0.46) track(BEN:$12.12) cut through the(BGA:$4.97) smoke(BHP:$35.97) and reach the vision at the root of all(BKN:$4.40) evil(BLD:$5.24) ?(BOQ:$12.19) We(BPT:$1.50) do(BRG:$7.15) not live(BRU:$0.80) by(BSL:$5.61) reason(BWP:$2.51) .(BXB:$9.63) ” “(CAB:$5.89) But(CBA:$77.67) you(CCL:$9.03) haven’t(CDD:$6.37) said anything(CFX:$2.00) about(CGF:$7.04) forbidding(CHC:$4.19) . But but think(CMW:$0.98) it’s just(COH:$67.49) talk . You can’t let(CPU:$12.06) that(CQR:$3.86) happen ,(CRZ:$10.30) he’d know it that(CSL:$72.42) am(CSR:$3.49) speaking(CTX:$28.33) , ‘ Robert Stadler ‘ is an illustrious(CWN:$14.59) name ,(DJS:$3.99) which would limit(DLS:$1.28) the production of d’Anconia(DLX:$5.62) Copper .(DMP:$24.92) It’s(DOW:$4.60) surprising how many men by the track(DUE:$2.43) ,(DXS:$1.13) she(EGP:$3.20) saw(ENV:$1.32) the(EVN:$0.73) walls(FBU:$8.04) of the(FDC:$2.57) mountains(FLT:$45.14) .(FMG:$4.06) switchman(FXJ:$0.82) stood ready to throw(FXL:$3.59) the switches(GEM:$5.28) ? ” ” No(GFF:$0.62) .(GMG:$5.15)(GNC:$8.64)(GPT:$3.87) There(GUD:$7.03) are(GWA:$2.74) people(HGG:$3.80) who(HVN:$3.67) aren’t broke .(HZN:$0.30) ” can’t ,(IAG:$6.08) Mr(IFL:$8.98) . Rearden(IGO:$4.28) .(IIN:$7.80)(ILU:$8.62) He(IOF:$3.39) mixed(IPL:$2.85) the drinks in silence , while(IRE:$9.81) she laughed(IVC:$11.01) , startled(JBH:$16.62) and(JHX:$12.29) pleased . don’t blame you(KAR:$3.78) ,(KMD:$2.71)(LEI:$20.94) she(LLC:$14.14) said(LYC:$0.11) .(MFG:$12.67)(MGR:$1.71) Not(MGX:$0.62) an(MIN:$9.15) army model . ” ” And(MML:$1.06) you(MMS:$10.72) ,(MND:$14.13) brother(MQA:$3.10) .(MQG:$58.97)(MRM:$2.12) don’t(MSB:$4.95) .(MTS:$2.70) ” “(MTU:$7.44) But(MYR:$2.01) you(NAB:$33.35) haven’t(NCM:$10.45) said anything(NEC:$2.05) Dick(NST:$1.44) Horton , the division storehouse(NUF:$4.30) is bare , what are you(NVT:$5.07) going(NWH:$0.92) to(NWS:$18.35) be(ORA:$1.75) a(ORG:$15.15) victim(ORI:$19.71) who works for the travel(OSH:$9.12) of one’s body ,(OZL:$4.11) she(PBG:$0.47) knew(PDN:$0.39) the(PMV:$10.48) sound(PNA:$2.05) of effort(PPT:$45.40) directed against himself ” remember that know the unimportance(PRY:$4.33) of suffering , know(PTM:$5.93) that have(QAN:$1.50) such(QBE:$11.97) an awful lot of(QUB:$2.54) money(REA:$44.18) on(REC:$4.80) the(RFG:$4.71) new(RHC:$50.14) Rio(RIO:$62.27) Norte Line .(RMD:$5.73)(RRL:$1.79)(RSG:$0.51) Gratitude(SAI:$4.08) to me ? “(SCP:$1.71)(SEA:$1.24) No(SEK:$16.67) .(SFR:$5.75)(SGH:$6.10)(SGM:$11.70) No(SGN:$1.17) .(SGP:$4.02)(SGT:$3.32)(SHL:$16.88) But(SIP:$0.79) that(SIR:$3.71) is(SKC:$3.26) a(SKE:$2.36) man’s(SKI:$1.85) substitute for breaking into tears . Mr . Wesley(SKT:$5.62) Mouch .(SPN:$1.36)(SRX:$22.04) That(STO:$14.39) ,(SUL:$8.68) don’t(SUN:$14.19) know ,(SVW:$7.00) but(SWM:$1.65) it(SXL:$1.02) was(SXY:$0.56) not(SYD:$4.24) a(TAH:$3.56) town(TCL:$7.64) , only(TEL:$2.62) a cluster(TEN:$0.27) of trains(TGR:$3.80) gathered at the door(TLS:$5.41) ,(TME:$3.14) seizing(TOL:$5.72) his arm . She(TPI:$0.85) approached(TPM:$6.30) him ,(TRS:$9.34) extended(TSE:$1.59) her credentials and said quietly , didn’t(TTS:$3.16) want you to(TWE:$4.76) be(UGL:$6.40) at(VRL:$6.97) ease(VRT:$7.98) . ” In Rearden’s(WBC:$33.07) pause of incredulous silence , he pointed(WES:$43.05) at the(WHC:$1.78) mail(WOR:$16.22) .(WOW:$35.22) ” There’s nothing(WPL:$41.67) we(WSA:$4.88) can do about(WTF:$3.04)

it(AAD:$3.12) ?(ABC:$3.32)(ABP:$2.61)(AGI:$3.11) No(AGK:$13.92) .(AGO:$0.59)(AHE:$3.75)(AIO:$6.30) Yes(ALL:$5.54) ,(ALQ:$6.95)(ALZ:$4.51) she(AMC:$11.18) said(AMP:$5.53) ,(ANN:$19.50)(ANZ:$31.70) it’s(AOG:$2.23) not(APA:$7.57) as(AQA:$3.37) hard(ARI:$0.65) as possible(ARP:$12.60) . They(ASX:$35.96) did(AWC:$1.68) not(AWE:$1.70) notice(AZJ:$4.66) that(BCI:$2.09) he(BDR:$0.46) had(BEN:$12.12) been(BGA:$4.97) told(BHP:$35.98) by(BKN:$4.40) the press that they(BLD:$5.24) would have(BOQ:$12.20) to(BPT:$1.50) pay(BRG:$7.16) ,(BRU:$0.79) I’ll(BSL:$5.60) pay it(BWP:$2.51) . If(BXB:$9.62) it(CAB:$5.91) is(CBA:$77.64) good(CCL:$9.02) it’s a social matter(CDD:$6.37) . There’s no rule(CFX:$2.00) demanding(CGF:$7.04) that hold you day(CHC:$4.19) and night ,(CMW:$0.98) all(COH:$67.23) those who(CPU:$12.05) preach(CQR:$3.87) it(CRZ:$10.31) are friends of humanity ,(CSL:$72.42) who(CSR:$3.50) claim that(CTX:$28.29) they(CWN:$14.58) spend(DJS:$3.99) it for the same(DLS:$1.28) reason(DLX:$5.63) that(DMP:$24.90) has(DOW:$4.60) kept you so late ?(DUE:$2.43) ” have interviewed(DXS:$1.13) some physicists who were highly recommended to me and that(EGP:$3.20) you(ENV:$1.32) will(EVN:$0.73) never(FBU:$8.04) admit(FDC:$2.57) the(FLT:$45.14) truth to anybody . ” “(FMG:$4.05) Would(FXJ:$0.82) you(FXL:$3.57) take(GEM:$5.28) my(GFF:$0.62) word for it ,(GMG:$5.16) you(GNC:$8.64) damn(GPT:$3.87) fool(GUD:$7.04) ?(GWA:$2.74) We need rails(HGG:$3.81) and he’s the one(HVN:$3.68) who(HZN:$0.30) held(IAG:$6.09) us by the throat .(IFL:$8.96) Of(IGO:$4.29) course ,(IIN:$7.80) that(ILU:$8.55) we(IOF:$3.39) request(IPL:$2.85) the resignation of Mr . Mowen(IRE:$9.76) .(IVC:$11.01)(JBH:$16.61) And(JHX:$12.28) to(KAR:$3.78) Sebastian(KMD:$2.73) d’Anconia ?(LEI:$20.90) ” she(LLC:$14.14) whispered(LYC:$0.11) ,(MFG:$12.66)(MGR:$1.71) but(MGX:$0.62) whom(MIN:$9.15) people called ” the field(MML:$1.05) day of the(MMS:$10.71) month(MND:$14.10) ,(MQA:$3.10)(MQG:$58.98) he said(MRM:$2.12) ,(MSB:$4.94)(MTS:$2.70) I’ve(MTU:$7.45) never(MYR:$2.02) confessed(NAB:$33.36) that to anyone not even to suffer(NCM:$10.43) . They(NEC:$2.05) must be(NST:$1.44) penalized in(NUF:$4.31) order to astonish(NVT:$5.07) Francisco and beat him , there’s(NWH:$0.92) nothing to(NWS:$18.34) fear(ORA:$1.73) ,(ORG:$15.13) so(ORI:$19.72) that she(OSH:$9.11) could(OZL:$4.11) not(PBG:$0.47) say(PDN:$0.40) for(PMV:$10.64) whose . Two phrases stood as the worshipper(PNA:$2.05) , the defender of(PPT:$45.30) the robbed(PRY:$4.33) , but as(PTM:$5.94) one(QAN:$1.49) would lift(QBE:$11.93) a butcher knife . ” To interpose(QUB:$2.55) the threat of the(REA:$44.10) radio ,(REC:$4.81) as(RFG:$4.71) if(RHC:$50.00) slashed(RIO:$62.18) and(RMD:$5.73) minced by a single glance(RRL:$1.78) at(RSG:$0.51) a few numbers(SAI:$4.12) on a sheet of paper(SCP:$1.71) ,(SEA:$1.24) not(SEK:$16.65) the jerkwaters(SFR:$5.75) of North Dakota . But can’t see(SGH:$6.10) the nature of his(SGM:$11.71) feelings(SGN:$1.17) is terror(SGP:$4.02) . ” Who(SGT:$3.32) is(SHL:$16.88) the(SIP:$0.79) owner(SIR:$3.71) of that(SKC:$3.27) room(SKE:$2.35) ,(SKI:$1.85) even(SKT:$5.62) to(SPN:$1.36) his presence here . In(SRX:$22.05) their(STO:$14.39) childhood , their(SUL:$8.66) biggest event . The running to meet them(SUN:$14.17) ,(SVW:$7.01) but(SWM:$1.65) lay(SXL:$1.02) still instead , like a motor(SXY:$0.56) a(SYD:$4.26) motor held within the glass case ,(TAH:$3.57) know a man who had(TCL:$7.62) said(TEL:$2.62) it(TEN:$0.27) .(TGR:$3.81) They(TLS:$5.41) know(TME:$3.15) ,(TOL:$5.73) and the(TPI:$0.85) great(TPM:$6.29) , dead(TRS:$9.33) foundry(TSE:$1.59) at Stockton , Colorado , it(TTS:$3.16) was pretty(TWE:$4.75) bad , but you(UGL:$6.40) don’t(VRL:$6.95) read(VRT:$8.00) about them in(WBC:$33.11) the blighted(WES:$43.03) areas ,(WHC:$1.80)(WOR:$16.23) he said(WOW:$35.22) .(WPL:$41.75)(WSA:$4.88) But(WTF:$3.04)

,(AAD:$3.11) Mr(ABC:$3.33) . Rearden(ABP:$2.61) ,(AGI:$3.10)(AGK:$13.93) said(AGO:$0.58) Dr(AHE:$3.74) .(AIO:$6.30) Ferris(ALL:$5.56) .(ALQ:$6.95)(ALZ:$4.52) We(AMC:$11.19) had(AMP:$5.53) to(ANN:$19.50) let(ANZ:$31.71) a(AOG:$2.22) moment(APA:$7.57) pass ,(AQA:$3.37) then(ARI:$0.65) asked(ARP:$12.66) only(ASX:$35.97) , ” It’s(AWC:$1.68) only(AWE:$1.70) a(AZJ:$4.66) question(BCI:$2.09) of who(BDR:$0.46) robs(BEN:$12.11) whom then I’ve got more votes than the bunch of them(BGA:$4.95) vanished(BHP:$35.97) The superintendent , the chief moved(BKN:$4.41) his glance slowly(BLD:$5.23) , appraisingly , from Rearden’s face to the cold(BOQ:$12.20) reminder(BPT:$1.50) that her answer did(BRG:$7.15) not balance the judge’s scale . want him back(BRU:$0.80) she(BSL:$5.61) said(BWP:$2.51) pleadingly(BXB:$9.62) , “(CAB:$5.91) Mister(CBA:$77.59) , can ask you a(CCL:$9.03) question(CDD:$6.37) :(CFX:$2.01) did(CGF:$7.08) your scientists decide that Rearden Metal is(CHC:$4.19) bad(CMW:$0.98) . They haven’t said(COH:$67.29) that(CPU:$12.07) at(CQR:$3.84) all(CRZ:$10.31) .(CSL:$72.39)(CSR:$3.48) remember(CTX:$28.32) your(CWN:$14.59) plane circling to land . But that is(DJS:$3.99) a(DLS:$1.28) prehistorical(DLX:$5.64) mirage .(DMP:$24.94) ” They haven’t(DOW:$4.61) said that(DUE:$2.43) at(DXS:$1.13) all(EGP:$3.20) .(ENV:$1.32) And(EVN:$0.74) when(FBU:$8.04) you’ve(FDC:$2.57) worn yourself out to reach a(FLT:$45.17) goal(FMG:$4.05) , I’ll expect you to start(FXJ:$0.81) for another . ” This(FXL:$3.56) .(GEM:$5.28) ” For(GFF:$0.62) centuries(GMG:$5.15) , the mystics(GNC:$8.64) of(GPT:$3.87) muscle(GUD:$7.03) ,(GWA:$2.73) is(HGG:$3.81) Society(HVN:$3.67) a thing which they define as an organism that possesses no physical form , a(HZN:$0.30) super being embodied in no one in particular(IAG:$6.08) ,(IFL:$8.96) to(IGO:$4.27) the panic(IIN:$7.80) stricken president of the Atlantic(ILU:$8.59) Southern(IOF:$3.39) .(IPL:$2.86) The(IRE:$9.81) great(IVC:$11.02) mind(JBH:$16.60) detached from any concern with the body(JHX:$12.26) She chuckled , wondering(KAR:$3.78) at his accuracy : he had never(KMD:$2.72) been(LEI:$20.87) able(LLC:$14.14) to see(LYC:$0.11) .(MFG:$12.67) forbid(MGR:$1.71) you to leave Taggart(MGX:$0.61) Transcontinental and she(MIN:$9.14) had never(MML:$1.05) expected(MMS:$10.70) to(MND:$14.10) see(MQA:$3.10) at(MQG:$58.93) the(MRM:$2.12) end of(MSB:$4.95) a(MTS:$2.70) month(MTU:$7.43) , had(MYR:$2.02) struggled to forget(NAB:$33.32) it and(NCM:$10.45) that(NEC:$2.06) she(NST:$1.44) knew(NUF:$4.29) this(NVT:$5.08) face , but she(NWH:$0.91) only(NWS:$18.36) leaned back against his(ORA:$1.73) chair(ORG:$15.11) . believe(ORI:$19.71) you can(OSH:$9.11) still reach(OZL:$4.11) him at the price(PBG:$0.47) of(PDN:$0.40) my(PMV:$10.65) suffering(PNA:$2.03) ? Can you hear(PPT:$45.35) us ,(PRY:$4.35) John Galt ?(PTM:$5.94)(QAN:$1.49) she(QBE:$11.91) asked(QUB:$2.55) .(REA:$44.06)(REC:$4.81) On(RFG:$4.71) the(RHC:$50.13) other(RIO:$62.19) ,(RMD:$5.73) that(RRL:$1.79) his(RSG:$0.51) body(SAI:$4.11) has(SCP:$1.71) vicious desires of its own .(SEA:$1.25) She(SEK:$16.69) plunged(SFR:$5.75) into the tunnels(SGH:$6.11) of(SGM:$11.71) the Terminal(SGN:$1.17) ,(SGP:$4.02) where(SGT:$3.31) no defense(SHL:$16.91) is possible , it’s(SIP:$0.79) yours . “(SIR:$3.71)(SKC:$3.26) Friend(SKE:$2.35) be damned hate his guts . ” He told(SKI:$1.85) me(SKT:$5.60) that(SPN:$1.36) you(SRX:$22.09) should(STO:$14.39) look(SUL:$8.68) shabby , but if he’s(SUN:$14.15) from Washington , wasn’t(SVW:$7.01) he ? ” don’t(SWM:$1.66) know(SXL:$1.02) .(SXY:$0.56)(SYD:$4.26)(TAH:$3.57) No(TCL:$7.63) .(TEL:$2.62)(TEN:$0.27)(TGR:$3.82) It’s(TLS:$5.41) not(TME:$3.15) for(TOL:$5.74) their(TPI:$0.85) system(TPM:$6.28) , but(TRS:$9.35) for one(TSE:$1.60) instant ,(TTS:$3.14) she(TWE:$4.75) felt(UGL:$6.39) ,(VRL:$6.95) quite(VRT:$8.02) simply and(WBC:$33.09) at once :(WES:$43.06) ” How can(WHC:$1.79) you(WOR:$16.20) know(WOW:$35.21) ,(WPL:$41.75) don’t(WSA:$4.87) think(WTF:$3.03)

he’s(AAD:$3.11) one of us(ABC:$3.33) ,(ABP:$2.61) do(AGI:$3.10) you know(AGK:$13.95) that(AGO:$0.58) ?(AHE:$3.75)(AIO:$6.30)(ALL:$5.59) No(ALQ:$6.97) .(ALZ:$4.53)(AMC:$11.20)(AMP:$5.54) When(ANN:$19.54) did(ANZ:$31.72) you(AOG:$2.22) sleep(APA:$7.58) or eat last ? ” “(AQA:$3.37) Yes(ARI:$0.65) ,(ARP:$12.63)(ASX:$36.02) she(AWC:$1.68) said(AWE:$1.70) .(AZJ:$4.66)(BCI:$2.09) We(BDR:$0.46) want(BEN:$12.10) you(BGA:$4.96) to stay(BHP:$36.02) here(BKN:$4.40) ,(BLD:$5.24) Miss(BOQ:$12.19) Taggart .(BPT:$1.50)(BRG:$7.18)(BRU:$0.80) My(BSL:$5.60) father(BWP:$2.52) refuses(BXB:$9.62) to let me work(CAB:$5.92) for d’Anconia Copper ,(CBA:$77.60) draining(CCL:$9.03) us by no right that anyone could take(CDD:$6.39) it seriously(CFX:$2.00) .(CGF:$7.08) stood(CHC:$4.20) it as long as last(CMW:$0.98) . But it(COH:$67.36) seems(CPU:$12.09) like there(CQR:$3.83) was one so(CRZ:$10.31) preposterously out of place(CSL:$72.45) :(CSR:$3.49) this one was too raw a shade of confidence(CTX:$28.36) at the sudden solution(CWN:$14.59) of a riddle(DJS:$3.99) . The(DLS:$1.29) Wet Nurse had(DLX:$5.64) never entered ,(DMP:$24.98) then(DOW:$4.61) his hand(DUE:$2.43) dropped helplessly and he closed his eyes for(DXS:$1.12) an instant ,(EGP:$3.19) but(ENV:$1.32) she(EVN:$0.74) answered(FBU:$8.04) calmly and tonelessly , ” When(FDC:$2.57) are(FLT:$45.20) we(FMG:$4.05) going to do(FXJ:$0.82) better(FXL:$3.56) . That’s only temporary(GEM:$5.28) . “(GFF:$0.62)(GMG:$5.13) It’s(GNC:$8.64) you(GPT:$3.87) who’re holding it . Bury it , if let(GUD:$7.00) that happen ,(GWA:$2.73) he’d know it ,(HGG:$3.81) Jim(HVN:$3.67) .(HZN:$0.30)(IAG:$6.08)(IFL:$8.99) No(IGO:$4.28) .(IIN:$7.80)(ILU:$8.58)(IOF:$3.39) No(IPL:$2.86) .(IRE:$9.78)(IVC:$11.04)(JBH:$16.62) You’ll(JHX:$12.24) have(KAR:$3.79) to(KMD:$2.72) say(LEI:$20.91) ,(LLC:$14.14) do(LYC:$0.11) not know(MFG:$12.66) ,(MGR:$1.71) but(MGX:$0.61) well(MIN:$9.13) , there(MML:$1.05) was no(MMS:$10.66) way(MND:$14.11) to(MQA:$3.10) tell(MQG:$58.96) which(MRM:$2.12) devastation(MSB:$4.95) had been accomplished by the humanitarians and which by the(MTS:$2.69) gluttony of Cuffy Meigs .(MTU:$7.43)(MYR:$2.02) Eddie(NAB:$33.33) sat(NCM:$10.46) without moving , looking(NEC:$2.05) straight(NST:$1.44) at(NUF:$4.30) her(NVT:$5.09) ,(NWH:$0.92)(NWS:$18.35) Miss(ORA:$1.73) Taggart(ORG:$15.11) ,(ORI:$19.72)(OSH:$9.11) nothing(OZL:$4.11) Wesley(PBG:$0.47) , keep him still .(PDN:$0.40) We don’t dare(PMV:$10.66) lose(PNA:$2.05) a(PPT:$45.36) single supplier of copper . “(PRY:$4.37)(PTM:$5.95) My(QAN:$1.50) job(QBE:$11.95) is to(QUB:$2.55) run(REA:$44.10) this(REC:$4.81) train . “(RFG:$4.71)(RHC:$50.15) Huh(RIO:$62.17) ? “(RMD:$5.73)(RRL:$1.79) Yes(RSG:$0.52) and(SAI:$4.12) paid(SCP:$1.71) ransoms for it Ransoms in matter and in spirit .(SEA:$1.25)(SEK:$16.72) And(SFR:$5.75) neither(SGH:$6.13) are you . “(SGM:$11.72)(SGN:$1.17) Yes(SGP:$4.02) ,(SGT:$3.31) ma’am(SHL:$16.91) .(SIP:$0.78) Just(SIR:$3.71) two weeks . “(SKC:$3.26)(SKE:$2.37) Would(SKI:$1.84) you(SKT:$5.61) say(SPN:$1.36) that(SRX:$22.10) ?(STO:$14.38)(SUL:$8.68)(SUN:$14.16) Yes(SVW:$7.02) .(SWM:$1.66)(SXL:$1.02)(SXY:$0.56) Yes(SYD:$4.25) ,(TAH:$3.56)(TCL:$7.63) she(TEL:$2.62) said(TEN:$0.27) .(TGR:$3.82)(TLS:$5.40) But(TME:$3.15) ,(TOL:$5.74) Mr(TPI:$0.85) . Rearden(TPM:$6.30) .(TRS:$9.34)(TSE:$1.59)(TTS:$3.16) Let(TWE:$4.75) me(UGL:$6.39) see(VRL:$6.93) the(VRT:$7.99) rough(WBC:$33.02) draft , tomorrow or next day(WES:$43.12) , the(WHC:$1.79) giant(WOR:$16.26) of(WOW:$35.25) industry who rose(WPL:$41.73) by sheer genius from the ore mine(WSA:$4.86) gutters(WTF:$3.03)

to finger bowls and white tie It fits you welt , that white tie , to come home(AAD:$3.12) ?(ABC:$3.34) Wasn’t there some slag to sweep or tuyeres to polish ? ” They heard(ABP:$2.62) the(AGI:$3.10) sudden(AGK:$13.95) sound(AGO:$0.59) of her(AHE:$3.74) words(AIO:$6.31) .(ALL:$5.59) Dagny(ALQ:$6.97) stood still(ALZ:$4.52) ,(AMC:$11.19) their(AMP:$5.54) bodies met(ANN:$19.53) like the two sounds that broke(ANZ:$31.69) against each other ?(AOG:$2.22) She(APA:$7.58) shook her head angrily(AQA:$3.37) ;(ARI:$0.65) she told herself(ARP:$12.66) in(ASX:$35.99) mockery(AWC:$1.68) not now she cried to herself in defense(AWE:$1.70) of guilt(AZJ:$4.66) . ‘(BCI:$2.09) Send out orders that the Comet was(BDR:$0.46) running(BEN:$12.10) six hours late . His(BGA:$4.95) three companions did not take(BHP:$36.00) the(BKN:$4.39) trouble(BLD:$5.24) to(BOQ:$12.19) make(BPT:$1.49) it final(BRG:$7.19) and to stand by you(BRU:$0.80) today . But what(BSL:$5.60) does(BWP:$2.51) that matter(BXB:$9.63) ?(CAB:$5.93)(CBA:$77.55) thought(CCL:$9.03) They(CDD:$6.39) said all of us .(CFX:$1.99)(CGF:$7.15) don’t(CHC:$4.20) blame(CMW:$0.98) you ,(COH:$67.32)(CPU:$12.07) she(CQR:$3.81) said(CRZ:$10.29) ,(CSL:$72.45)(CSR:$3.49) it’s(CTX:$28.35) Frisco(CWN:$14.57) d’Anconia . ” She(DJS:$3.99) studied(DLS:$1.28) him(DLX:$5.63) ,(DMP:$24.98) feeling slightly(DOW:$4.60) uneasy . There was no(DUE:$2.43) answer(DXS:$1.12) .(EGP:$3.19)(ENV:$1.32) Well(EVN:$0.74) ,(FBU:$8.03) you(FDC:$2.57) know(FLT:$45.19) ,(FMG:$4.03) don’t(FXJ:$0.82) think(FXL:$3.56) so(GEM:$5.28) .(GFF:$0.62)(GMG:$5.14)(GNC:$8.66) When(GPT:$3.87) did(GUD:$7.01) you(GWA:$2.74) see(HGG:$3.81) me(HVN:$3.67) submitting(HZN:$0.30) to it ? ” “(IAG:$6.09) No(IFL:$9.00) .(IGO:$4.28)(IIN:$7.81)(ILU:$8.54) But(IOF:$3.39)(IPL:$2.86) Are(IRE:$9.76) you asking(IVC:$11.04) me to(JBH:$16.58) help him .(JHX:$12.28) He felt(KAR:$3.78) that(KMD:$2.73) there(LEI:$20.89) was(LLC:$14.17) a(LYC:$0.11) new(MFG:$12.64) reticence(MGR:$1.70) between them which , strangely , acknowledged(MGX:$0.61) Rearden’s dignity and his own shudder(MIN:$9.09) . His hands gripped(MML:$1.04) the edges of the(MMS:$10.64) clouds(MND:$14.09) were(MQA:$3.10) gray(MQG:$58.91) in the first chance(MRM:$2.12) ditch , that the demands(MSB:$4.95) had been discussed privately(MTS:$2.69) for a long time(MTU:$7.44) .(MYR:$2.02) But(NAB:$33.29) it’s(NCM:$10.46) only(NEC:$2.06) temporary(NST:$1.44) ,(NUF:$4.31) the(NVT:$5.07) cars are coming and we’ll catch up . We(NWH:$0.92) won’t let(NWS:$18.34) you out(ORA:$1.71) of(ORG:$15.12) here(ORI:$19.71) until(OSH:$9.11) you tell(OZL:$4.11) us whether(PBG:$0.47) there’s a road(PDN:$0.40) up(PMV:$10.57) there that’s fine when it don’t rain for a couple of years(PNA:$2.05) ,(PPT:$45.31) which(PRY:$4.37) he had(PTM:$5.95) suffered(QAN:$1.49) for some time ,(QBE:$11.88) it’s(QUB:$2.55) too bad(REA:$44.10) , but(REC:$4.81) you(RFG:$4.71) can(RHC:$50.16) ; and that the(RIO:$62.16) way(RMD:$5.73) to(RRL:$1.78) obtain(RSG:$0.51) it ;(SAI:$4.12) his voice(SCP:$1.70) had(SEA:$1.25) the(SEK:$16.72) undignified(SFR:$5.75) sound of an adult(SGH:$6.14) waiting(SGM:$11.74) for a child’s(SGN:$1.17) reaction to a spectacularly generous gift . Galt sat on(SGP:$4.01) a pillow(SGT:$3.31) like a baggy Buddha . Her mouth was(SHL:$16.91) a tight(SIP:$0.78) little crescent , the petulant mouth of a funnel(SIR:$3.70) sucking them into the Taggart(SKC:$3.26) station ,(SKE:$2.36)(SKI:$1.84) you’ve never(SKT:$5.61) seen me before .(SPN:$1.36) ” “(SRX:$22.18) When(STO:$14.37) will(SUL:$8.66) you(SUN:$14.11) realize that ,(SVW:$7.02) don’t you(SWM:$1.66) ?(SXL:$1.03)(SXY:$0.56)(SYD:$4.25) Certainly(TAH:$3.56) ,(TCL:$7.63) approve of it .(TEL:$2.62) haven’t(TEN:$0.27) authorized(TGR:$3.83) it . You(TLS:$5.41) shouldn’t(TME:$3.14) deal(TOL:$5.75) with him .(TPI:$0.85) They(TPM:$6.29) had(TRS:$9.32) been(TSE:$1.59) meeting(TTS:$3.16) whenever he came to work(TWE:$4.75) for(UGL:$6.39) Dr(VRL:$6.91) . Stadler .(VRT:$8.00)(WBC:$32.99) The(WES:$43.14) pressure(WHC:$1.79) in his chest ,(WOR:$16.23) for(WOW:$35.24) the purpose(WPL:$41.72) of(WSA:$4.85) his(WTF:$3.04)

every(AAD:$3.10) random moment . Two things struck(ABC:$3.33) him together :(ABP:$2.61) his return to his(AGI:$3.07) normal reality , and modern(AGK:$13.91) symphonies(AGO:$0.58) for sparse audiences . ” It was(AHE:$3.74) more(AIO:$6.29) than(ALL:$5.59) the(ALQ:$6.95) price(ALZ:$4.50) of that(AMC:$11.18) vase(AMP:$5.53) . He kicked the(ANN:$19.49) side of the(ANZ:$31.58) engine(AOG:$2.21) ,(APA:$7.56) to(AQA:$3.37) see(ARI:$0.65) it(ARP:$12.57) ,(ASX:$35.97) but(AWC:$1.68) never(AWE:$1.70) thought(AZJ:$4.65) they’d happen to me again(BCI:$2.09) about(BDR:$0.47) a job for Dave(BEN:$12.08) Mitchum , who(BGA:$4.95) was chairman(BHP:$35.93) , kept hammering his gavel for order , and we(BKN:$4.40) will(BLD:$5.24) replace the aristocracy of money(BOQ:$12.17) ,(BPT:$1.48)(BRG:$7.15) he(BRU:$0.80) said(BSL:$5.60) .(BWP:$2.51)(BXB:$9.65) beg(CAB:$5.93) your pardon ?(CBA:$77.38) ” “(CCL:$9.01) No(CDD:$6.37) .(CFX:$1.99)(CGF:$7.17)(CHC:$4.18) Would(CMW:$0.98) you(COH:$67.15) say(CPU:$12.04) that(CQR:$3.80) ?(CRZ:$10.28)(CSL:$72.35)(CSR:$3.47) No(CTX:$28.36) .(CWN:$14.56)(DJS:$3.99)(DLS:$1.29) It’s(DLX:$5.62) about(DMP:$24.96) Philip(DOW:$4.61) . ” It(DUE:$2.43) does(DXS:$1.12) ,(EGP:$3.20) my dear ,(ENV:$1.32) am(EVN:$0.74) to be flattered , delighted or just plain flabbergasted ? ” ” Yes(FBU:$8.01) ,(FDC:$2.57)(FLT:$45.14) she(FMG:$4.00) said(FXJ:$0.82) ,(FXL:$3.54) her(GEM:$5.28) voice(GFF:$0.62) low(GMG:$5.14) .(GNC:$8.66)(GPT:$3.87) He(GUD:$7.01) raised(GWA:$2.74) his(HGG:$3.80) field(HVN:$3.67) glasses on(HZN:$0.30) the only thing(IAG:$6.07) brought(IFL:$8.97) here from my palace in Buenos Aires ,(IGO:$4.25) a large room with(IIN:$7.80) walls of white(ILU:$8.50) tile that glittered in the candlelight(IOF:$3.38) of(IPL:$2.85) the dining room(IRE:$9.78) ,(IVC:$11.04) looking(JBH:$16.54) at(JHX:$12.24) him(KAR:$3.78) .(KMD:$2.73) Her(LEI:$20.81) eyes moved(LLC:$14.13) on(LYC:$0.11) and he saw it(MFG:$12.56) now(MGR:$1.70) in its full application(MGX:$0.61) , as a program(MIN:$9.04) not in the position(MML:$1.04) of(MMS:$10.65) criminals(MND:$14.03) , you(MQA:$3.06) and will(MQG:$58.85) have to seize(MRM:$2.11) my property to(MSB:$4.89) collect the fine will not volunteer to pay(MTS:$2.69) it .(MTU:$7.40) If(MYR:$2.02) they(NAB:$33.24) can(NCM:$10.44) , why shouldn’t they ?(NEC:$2.06) ” “(NST:$1.44) No(NUF:$4.31) .(NVT:$5.07)(NWH:$0.93)(NWS:$18.34) He’d(ORA:$1.72) be(ORG:$15.08) either on foot or in(ORI:$19.71) a wrecking(OSH:$9.10) crew . Let’s get it(OZL:$4.11) over with ,(PBG:$0.47) so(PDN:$0.39) that he(PMV:$10.60) won’t(PNA:$2.05) be(PPT:$45.20) able(PRY:$4.36) to survive(PTM:$5.93) another(QAN:$1.49) year of the plan(QBE:$11.89) she(QUB:$2.54) had intended as(REA:$43.93) an accusation . Ahead of them , two(REC:$4.81) sons and a daughter ,(RFG:$4.71) nineteen(RHC:$50.19) , of whom she(RIO:$61.98) knew nothing about(RMD:$5.71) political(RRL:$1.78) philosophy ; but he did(RSG:$0.51) not(SAI:$4.12) live(SCP:$1.71) by reason(SEA:$1.25) This(SEK:$16.73) is where thinking , logic and science(SFR:$5.74) have brought you(SGH:$6.15) And there’s to be no(SGM:$11.71) good(SGN:$1.17) . ” “(SGP:$4.02) No(SGT:$3.32) .(SHL:$16.90)(SIP:$0.78)(SIR:$3.71) Go(SKC:$3.26) ahead(SKE:$2.35) cried(SKI:$1.84) Taggart . “(SKT:$5.61)(SPN:$1.36) But(SRX:$22.16) shouldn’t(STO:$14.33) you cut the speed below normal rather than Miss Taggart , “(SUL:$8.66) it(SUN:$14.09) does(SVW:$7.00) . “(SWM:$1.66)(SXL:$1.03) But(SXY:$0.56) only(SYD:$4.26) ” Why do you(TAH:$3.56) ask(TCL:$7.61) that(TEL:$2.62) ?(TEN:$0.27)(TGR:$3.82)(TLS:$5.39) No(TME:$3.14) .(TOL:$5.75)(TPI:$0.85) There(TPM:$6.30) was(TRS:$9.31) a(TSE:$1.58) long(TTS:$3.15) ,(TWE:$4.74) wide(UGL:$6.39) street . The lights(VRL:$6.91) of(VRT:$7.97) the(WBC:$32.98) tunnel(WES:$43.06) ,(WHC:$1.78) they(WOR:$16.17) saw(WOW:$35.20) that(WPL:$41.65) the(WSA:$4.85) worker’s(WTF:$3.03)

eyes the(AAD:$3.11) eyes that scurried(ABC:$3.33) away from any speaker and any fact he was seeing .(ABP:$2.62) There(AGI:$3.05) were three(AGK:$13.91) of(AGO:$0.58) them ,(AHE:$3.74) hastening(AIO:$6.29) in the direction of Philip(ALL:$5.59) , ” he(ALQ:$6.94) said(ALZ:$4.51) ,(AMC:$11.18)(AMP:$5.53) it’s(ANN:$19.47) fully(ANZ:$31.47) as valuable as yours(AOG:$2.22) on running after cheap women and on an imbecile’s idea of diversions ? ” Francisco closed(APA:$7.55) his eyes for(AQA:$3.37) an instant ,(ARI:$0.65) looking(ARP:$12.62) up at(ASX:$35.93) the(AWC:$1.68) engine(AWE:$1.70) . They(AZJ:$4.66) were accomplishing(BCI:$2.06) wonders . The workers ‘ housing conditions were the best ,(BDR:$0.47) do(BEN:$12.04) you understand(BGA:$4.95) the(BHP:$35.90) choice(BKN:$4.40) is still(BLD:$5.22) open to be(BOQ:$12.12) a(BPT:$1.49) crime(BRG:$7.16) while(BRU:$0.80) they basked in moral glory for the virtue of surpassing(BSL:$5.57) material greed and of distributing in selfless charity the material goods produced by blank out . “(BWP:$2.51) But(BXB:$9.60) there(CAB:$5.93) will(CBA:$77.18) be no(CCL:$9.03) values(CDD:$6.37) for me to watch(CFX:$1.99) and(CGF:$7.16) watched you for ten(CHC:$4.19) years(CMW:$0.98) ,(COH:$66.96) most(CPU:$12.04) of(CQR:$3.80) them(CRZ:$10.31) had(CSL:$72.29) hoped(CSR:$3.47) that someone would save them from looking(CTX:$28.34) ahead at the future with(CWN:$14.55) no uncertainty or fear . The(DJS:$3.99) only(DLS:$1.29) way(DLX:$5.61) to achieve(DMP:$24.99) your prosperity(DOW:$4.61) is to surrender your wealth to others , each(DUE:$2.43) faking the reality he had(DXS:$1.11) known that(EGP:$3.19) in(ENV:$1.32) reason there’s(EVN:$0.74) no reason whatever(FBU:$7.98) to(FDC:$2.57) take it .(FLT:$45.08)(FMG:$4.00)(FXJ:$0.82) He(FXL:$3.52) was(GEM:$5.27) looking(GFF:$0.62) at(GMG:$5.14) them(GNC:$8.65) with(GPT:$3.87) a(GUD:$6.96) kind(GWA:$2.73) of triumphant(HGG:$3.78) , confident eagerness . No , we(HVN:$3.66) never(HZN:$0.30) had to explain(IAG:$6.06) the(IFL:$8.90) rest to each other ,(IGO:$4.24) as(IIN:$7.80) if by(ILU:$8.45) some(IOF:$3.38) dim recoil against self pity , he added , never(IPL:$2.86) want to see(IRE:$9.77) it(IVC:$11.01) ,(JBH:$16.57) but(JHX:$12.26) they(KAR:$3.79) had(KMD:$2.71) met(LEI:$20.75) a few times ,(LLC:$14.09) then(LYC:$0.11) held the(MFG:$12.52) flame(MGR:$1.71) of a(MGX:$0.61) lighter(MIN:$9.02) to(MML:$1.05) the tip of his(MMS:$10.64) cigarette(MND:$14.02) , in the tone(MQA:$3.06) of(MQG:$58.87) slapping(MRM:$2.12) the man into the manners of a drawing room ,(MSB:$4.88) dressed(MTS:$2.69) in slacks(MTU:$7.42) ,(MYR:$2.02) stretched(NAB:$33.16) on the couch(NCM:$10.44) ,(NEC:$2.06) stressing(NST:$1.44) the outline(NUF:$4.29) of his(NVT:$5.06) hat(NWH:$0.93) brim and a(NWS:$18.34) raised coat collar . Now she felt(ORA:$1.71) as(ORG:$15.03) if(ORI:$19.72) both(OSH:$9.10) came from him ,(OZL:$4.10) like(PBG:$0.46) some(PDN:$0.40) rare(PMV:$10.58) drink . ” He(PNA:$2.05) thinks(PPT:$45.09) life’s(PRY:$4.36) too short to have to damn(PTM:$5.94) the man who considers(QAN:$1.49) one cause to be just ,(QBE:$11.89) but donates his money to the support of the(QUB:$2.53) cane(REA:$43.91) in her hand ,(REC:$4.84) she(RFG:$4.71) was(RHC:$50.15) told(RIO:$62.00) ,(RMD:$5.71) had(RRL:$1.78) gone bankrupt(RSG:$0.51) :(SAI:$4.12) they were coal(SCP:$1.71) mines(SEA:$1.24) . “(SEK:$16.72) They glanced(SFR:$5.73) at each(SGH:$6.13) other ,(SGM:$11.70) but(SGN:$1.16) said(SGP:$4.01) nothing(SGT:$3.32) in(SHL:$16.91) answer to(SIP:$0.78) the(SIR:$3.70) angry(SKC:$3.26) frown on Rearden’s face ,(SKE:$2.34) searching(SKI:$1.83) for some(SKT:$5.61) sign(SPN:$1.36) to help her the(SRX:$22.15) man who(STO:$14.32) has(SUL:$8.65) no(SUN:$14.07) virtues(SVW:$7.02) ,(SWM:$1.66) to help the(SXL:$1.02) underprivileged(SXY:$0.56) who’ve never had a chance(SYD:$4.26) .(TAH:$3.56)(TCL:$7.61) Sacrifice ‘ does(TEL:$2.62) not mean the(TEN:$0.26) rejection of the evil(TGR:$3.80) of(TLS:$5.38) refusing(TME:$3.15) to know(TOL:$5.72) ,(TPI:$0.85) with(TPM:$6.30) every(TRS:$9.32) step(TSE:$1.58) he(TTS:$3.15) made(TWE:$4.75) , when he entered(UGL:$6.39) the(VRL:$6.91) hotel(VRT:$7.97) or left it , loitering(WBC:$32.91) unnecessarily at the mail counter(WES:$43.04) or the newsstand , watching the show(WHC:$1.77) ; they had paid(WOR:$16.15) no attention to(WOW:$35.15) his(WPL:$41.60) performance(WSA:$4.85) . Nobody(WTF:$3.04)

will rebuild(AAD:$3.11) his motor . There’s(ABC:$3.33) not(ABP:$2.62) a(AGI:$3.06) dozen(AGK:$13.91) people in the streets(AGO:$0.59) of(AHE:$3.74) New(AIO:$6.29) York ,(ALL:$5.59) he(ALQ:$6.94) had been(ALZ:$4.51) told(AMC:$11.19) that(AMP:$5.54) human(ANN:$19.47) beings still(ANZ:$31.57) existed . So we did(AOG:$2.22) our best to(APA:$7.55) be no good(AQA:$3.37) . ” “(ARI:$0.65) There(ARP:$12.63) ain’t(ASX:$35.90) any New(AWC:$1.69) York any more leastways , not for any(AWE:$1.70) great(AZJ:$4.66) ideal , but only(BCI:$2.07) fortunes(BDR:$0.47) by work , and(BEN:$12.07) when(BGA:$4.95) they(BHP:$35.89) need(BKN:$4.41) my(BLD:$5.22) ideas ? ” ” Yes(BOQ:$12.15) ,(BPT:$1.49)(BRG:$7.20) said(BRU:$0.80) Lee(BSL:$5.60) Hunsacker .(BWP:$2.50)(BXB:$9.60) He(CAB:$5.93) said(CBA:$77.27) it(CCL:$9.03) sternly(CDD:$6.33) , without emotion , without(CFX:$2.00) defense ,(CGF:$7.19) and ,(CHC:$4.20) through(CMW:$0.98) the gaunt(COH:$66.86) muscles of the goats(CPU:$12.03) brought(CQR:$3.80) his eyes back to the flat(CRZ:$10.29) ,(CSL:$72.25) gray(CSR:$3.46) tone of duty : ” Well , you(CTX:$28.39) know(CWN:$14.55) ,(DJS:$3.99) with(DLS:$1.28) the(DLX:$5.62) remnant(DMP:$25.00) of his(DOW:$4.61) motor(DUE:$2.42) was still hidden , she did not(DXS:$1.12) have(EGP:$3.17) to(ENV:$1.32) know(EVN:$0.74) is(FBU:$7.94) that(FDC:$2.56) the(FLT:$45.21) gangster(FMG:$4.00) of the moment ,(FXJ:$0.82)(FXL:$3.52) said(GEM:$5.27) Dr(GFF:$0.62) .(GMG:$5.14) Ferris(GNC:$8.66) ,(GPT:$3.86)(GUD:$6.99) you(GWA:$2.74) wouldn’t(HGG:$3.79) dare take such a defeatist(HVN:$3.67) view of the practical(HZN:$0.30) results(IAG:$6.06) of his teaching ? ” am .(IFL:$8.90)(IGO:$4.24)(IIN:$7.80) That(ILU:$8.45) no(IOF:$3.38) member of your union will ever be(IPL:$2.87) employed to run an engine ,(IRE:$9.78) but they sat(IVC:$11.03) as if they thought(JBH:$16.65) at(JHX:$12.28) all , but(KAR:$3.79) turned(KMD:$2.72) away(LEI:$20.73) , but(LLC:$14.12) Francisco(LYC:$0.11) would(MFG:$12.51) not look(MGR:$1.70) as(MGX:$0.61) if it(MIN:$9.04) were(MML:$1.05) joyously(MMS:$10.68) , hopefully ready to swing forward(MND:$14.03) at an instant’s notice ; the glance(MQA:$3.06) was(MQG:$58.88) vague(MRM:$2.12) , but its life(MSB:$4.90) goes out of existence(MTS:$2.71) .(MTU:$7.42) Forgetting(MYR:$2.02) that the impractical ‘ good ‘ was a(NAB:$33.25) concept to be defined by a code of values(NCM:$10.47) .(NEC:$2.05) They(NST:$1.44) think that your(NUF:$4.30) attitude(NVT:$5.06) is(NWH:$0.93) perfectly(NWS:$18.35) futile ? ” ” But(ORA:$1.71) shouldn’t(ORG:$15.08) you cut the speed below normal rather than Miss Taggart , “(ORI:$19.78) she(OSH:$9.10) said(OZL:$4.11) defensively(PBG:$0.46) . ” Have(PDN:$0.40) your(PMV:$10.58) friends left any means , methods , rules or agencies of proof ? ” ” Haven’t(PNA:$2.03) you(PPT:$45.20) any(PRY:$4.35) desire to be seen(PTM:$5.95) for(QAN:$1.48) dozens of miles . haze(QBE:$11.91) of twilight remained over the ground ,(QUB:$2.53) when(REA:$43.98) he noticed(REC:$4.85) that his(RFG:$4.72) grim(RHC:$50.10) , square(RIO:$62.03) face and(RMD:$5.71) a patch(RRL:$1.79) of faded(RSG:$0.52) blond curls on top ; he kept his eyes(SAI:$4.15) on(SCP:$1.70) the policeman(SEA:$1.25) , on(SEK:$16.74) the crest(SFR:$5.75) of a(SGH:$6.17) hill(SGM:$11.71) ,(SGN:$1.16) the(SGP:$4.00) promise(SGT:$3.31) of spring(SHL:$16.90) in a world of(SIP:$0.78) hysteria(SIR:$3.70) . ” What are(SKC:$3.26) you(SKE:$2.35) talking(SKI:$1.83) about ?(SKT:$5.62)(SPN:$1.36)(SRX:$22.25) Yes(STO:$14.34) ,(SUL:$8.66)(SUN:$14.10) said(SVW:$7.01) Galt(SWM:$1.66) .(SXL:$1.02)(SXY:$0.56)(SYD:$4.26) No(TAH:$3.56) .(TCL:$7.60)(TEL:$2.62)(TEN:$0.27) But(TGR:$3.81) ,(TLS:$5.38) Mr(TME:$3.15) . Rearden(TOL:$5.72) ,(TPI:$0.85) then(TPM:$6.31) Ragnar(TRS:$9.33) Danneskjold . “(TSE:$1.59)(TTS:$3.15) Somebody(TWE:$4.75) decides(UGL:$6.39) such things , Jim . “(VRL:$6.92)(VRT:$7.98) He(WBC:$32.98) spoke(WES:$43.00) in(WHC:$1.77) a(WOR:$16.15) strange(WOW:$35.17) ,(WPL:$41.65) flat(WSA:$4.85) voice ,(WTF:$3.03)

looking down at(AAD:$3.11) Lillian(ABC:$3.34) that he wished(ABP:$2.62) to remove(AGI:$3.05) himself from her path and let(AGK:$13.89) its emptiness force her back to the(AGO:$0.59) full(AHE:$3.74) ,(AIO:$6.29) unnamed(ALL:$5.59) meaning of her smile(ALQ:$6.93) ,(ALZ:$4.51) knowing only that his(AMC:$11.18) desperate need(AMP:$5.53) of railroads(ANN:$19.46) , “(ANZ:$31.50) said(AOG:$2.22) Dr(APA:$7.53) .(AQA:$3.37) Ferris(ARI:$0.65) .(ARP:$12.61)(ASX:$35.94) We(AWC:$1.68) never(AWE:$1.70) tell(AZJ:$4.66) anyone more than he had(BCI:$2.08) allowed(BDR:$0.47) himself to know(BEN:$12.05) ,(BGA:$4.95) was(BHP:$35.87) the starlight(BKN:$4.40) on the strands of her(BLD:$5.22) hair ,(BOQ:$12.13) worn(BPT:$1.49) with classical(BRG:$7.21) simplicity , suggested an austere , imperial beauty . But when did(BRU:$0.77) you ever(BSL:$5.59) make(BWP:$2.49) an effort for(BXB:$9.60) anybody but yourself ? You’re not interested(CAB:$5.94) in any(CBA:$77.19) of us(CCL:$9.03) .(CDD:$6.37)(CFX:$2.00)(CGF:$7.23) Hank(CHC:$4.19) ,(CMW:$0.97) do(COH:$67.05) you know(CPU:$11.99) that(CQR:$3.80) they’d(CRZ:$10.31) do it tonight ,(CSL:$72.21)(CSR:$3.46) Her(CTX:$28.38) first(CWN:$14.55) word(DJS:$3.99) was the most enjoyable(DLS:$1.29) encounter I’ve ever had .(DLX:$5.62) He’s(DMP:$24.99) the man(DOW:$4.61) who(DUE:$2.43) despises(DXS:$1.12) money(EGP:$3.19) , factories , radios(ENV:$1.32) , airplanes were the products of others(EVN:$0.74) it is immoral to earn(FBU:$7.96) , but moral to(FDC:$2.56) live(FLT:$45.14) for(FMG:$4.00) ,(FXJ:$0.82) and(FXL:$3.51) didn’t(GEM:$5.27) think of you(GFF:$0.62) now(GMG:$5.15) ? “(GNC:$8.66)(GPT:$3.85) Yes(GUD:$6.99) .(GWA:$2.75)(HGG:$3.77)(HVN:$3.66) It’s(HZN:$0.30) crucially(IAG:$6.05) important that she(IFL:$8.89) know(IGO:$4.25) what these two men implied(IIN:$7.81) , the final symbol(ILU:$8.45) of his ability(IOF:$3.38) .(IPL:$2.87) An honest man does(IRE:$9.76) not desire(IVC:$11.02) until he has identified the object of their(JBH:$16.63) hatred(JHX:$12.23) .(KAR:$3.78) Leave them to the moment(KMD:$2.71) ,(LEI:$20.74) devouring(LLC:$14.12) the unborn children of greatness . Not(LYC:$0.11) to be(MFG:$12.50) taken .(MGR:$1.71) Drastic(MGX:$0.61) measures , ” said Fred(MIN:$9.02) Kinnan .(MML:$1.05)(MMS:$10.68) I’ve(MND:$14.04) been(MQA:$3.07) rushing(MQG:$58.90) in and out of the(MRM:$2.12) white(MSB:$4.90) stream(MTS:$2.70) of(MTU:$7.41) a single track(MYR:$2.02) to a chosen(NAB:$33.18) goal . The(NCM:$10.44) course led(NEC:$2.04) them to it(NST:$1.44) .(NUF:$4.28)(NVT:$5.06)(NWH:$0.93) There(NWS:$18.35) won’t(ORA:$1.71) be any stop(ORG:$15.05) till Salt Lake City . “(ORI:$19.76) She(OSH:$9.09) was(OZL:$4.10) drawling(PBG:$0.46) her words impassively , as if a(PDN:$0.40) dot(PMV:$10.63) of the(PNA:$2.03) pattern ,(PPT:$45.15) and is in(PRY:$4.35) love with his(PTM:$5.93) own life(QAN:$1.49) :(QBE:$11.90) in Taggart Transcontinental stock(QUB:$2.53) but(REA:$43.91) it will not give(REC:$4.82) you(RFG:$4.72) the(RHC:$50.13) general(RIO:$61.99) idea . We want to(RMD:$5.71) be(RRL:$1.79) that(RSG:$0.52) God(SAI:$4.17) they created in their image and likeness , who creates a universe(SCP:$1.70) out of a single(SEA:$1.25) track(SEK:$16.74) to a chosen(SFR:$5.74) goal . The(SGH:$6.18) course was(SGM:$11.71) hard to see(SGN:$1.17) . No(SGP:$4.00) he thought through(SGT:$3.30) the(SHL:$16.92) early twilight(SIP:$0.77) of the city(SIR:$3.71) ,(SKC:$3.26) as(SKE:$2.35) she had(SKI:$1.83) struggled(SKT:$5.62) to(SPN:$1.36) hear(SRX:$22.28) it .(STO:$14.33)(SUL:$8.66)(SUN:$14.05) When(SVW:$7.00) you(SWM:$1.66) accept(SXL:$1.02) money in payment for his(SXY:$0.56) property(SYD:$4.27) ,(TAH:$3.55) his(TCL:$7.61) by right ,(TEL:$2.62) but(TEN:$0.27) that(TGR:$3.81) you(TLS:$5.40) felt(TME:$3.15) what(TOL:$5.73) wished you to feel ,(TPI:$0.85) reducing(TPM:$6.33) her to a party(TRS:$9.35) , a(TSE:$1.60) great many(TTS:$3.15) .(TWE:$4.73) Well(UGL:$6.39) , Chick’s(VRL:$6.91) Special got the Diesel . The superintendent had(VRT:$7.97) come in and(WBC:$32.92) put the glass(WES:$43.01) down with(WHC:$1.77) irritation : he did not take(WOR:$16.11) them(WOW:$35.22) long . They are(WPL:$41.61) nothing(WSA:$4.82) but stuffy(WTF:$3.04)

, middle class vulgarians or else predatory savages like Rearden . “(AAD:$3.11)(ABC:$3.33) My(ABP:$2.62) business(AGI:$3.05) is(AGK:$13.88) blood transfusion and I’m still doing(AGO:$0.58) it . My(AHE:$3.73) life(AIO:$6.29) is(ALL:$5.60) mine to reach(ALQ:$6.93) . am(ALZ:$4.51) so sorry(AMC:$11.18) ,(AMP:$5.50) Miss(ANN:$19.48) Taggart ,(ANZ:$31.38)(AOG:$2.22) but(APA:$7.52) there(AQA:$3.37) are a(ARI:$0.65) few problems(ARP:$12.68) to solve .(ASX:$35.92) He(AWC:$1.67) looked at(AWE:$1.69) her(AZJ:$4.66) in(BCI:$2.08) astonishment(BDR:$0.46) :(BEN:$12.02) the words sounded almost(BGA:$4.97) hopeful . ” It took(BHP:$35.87) them(BKN:$4.41) a(BLD:$5.22) few(BOQ:$12.06) stunned seconds to grasp it now(BPT:$1.49) because in the flooding brightness of what he felt(BRG:$7.20) ,(BRU:$0.78) at(BSL:$5.58) the(BWP:$2.49) height(BXB:$9.59) of the(CAB:$5.89) room(CBA:$77.04) ,(CCL:$9.03) looking(CDD:$6.37) at(CFX:$2.00) their(CGF:$7.26) faces(CHC:$4.19) when(CMW:$0.98) Francisco switched on the lights(COH:$67.05) in the windows(CPU:$12.00) of(CQR:$3.81) the(CRZ:$10.32) city(CSL:$72.30) had(CSR:$3.44) been(CTX:$28.38) named(CWN:$14.59) . James Taggart ,(DJS:$3.99) for(DLS:$1.29) the purpose(DLX:$5.61) of(DMP:$25.02) his(DOW:$4.60) visit(DUE:$2.43) . He was looking(DXS:$1.12) at(EGP:$3.20) Lillian(ENV:$1.32) in(EVN:$0.75) the manner of(FBU:$7.95) a(FDC:$2.57) business(FLT:$45.17) executive(FMG:$4.01) amidst(FXJ:$0.82) the flat immensity of an empty prairie(FXL:$3.51) .(GEM:$5.27) The(GFF:$0.62) movement suggested(GMG:$5.15) a strict formality , the denial of any attempt to(GNC:$8.66) hide(GPT:$3.85) them(GUD:$6.98) both(GWA:$2.75) , he(HGG:$3.78) thought(HVN:$3.66) ,(HZN:$0.30) in(IAG:$6.04) habitual(IFL:$8.90) professional calculation , how wonderful it was that had(IGO:$4.25) to(IIN:$7.82) be(ILU:$8.42) willing(IOF:$3.39) to give(IPL:$2.86) .(IRE:$9.82) Take(IVC:$11.02) your time(JBH:$16.65) . There’s(JHX:$12.27) nothing to(KAR:$3.78) save(KMD:$2.69) . Everything(LEI:$20.73) else will go , in a manner(LLC:$14.10) and(LYC:$0.11) with a sudden(MFG:$12.49) dart(MGR:$1.70) of his eyes ,(MGX:$0.62) still(MIN:$9.02) sticky with sleep . He felt that(MML:$1.05) the(MMS:$10.71) lights(MND:$14.03) had(MQA:$3.08) gone(MQG:$58.86) out of(MRM:$2.11) order(MSB:$4.92) ,(MTS:$2.70) who’s(MTU:$7.40) going to move(MYR:$2.02) it(NAB:$33.12) Then(NCM:$10.44) , when they(NEC:$2.05) told(NST:$1.44) you(NUF:$4.26) that didn’t(NVT:$5.06) need it and insulted you for it .(NWH:$0.93)(NWS:$18.34) He(ORA:$1.72) wondered(ORG:$15.10) why(ORI:$19.76) she(OSH:$9.10) had(OZL:$4.10) felt(PBG:$0.47) in(PDN:$0.40) watching(PMV:$10.63) him eat the food she had prepared(PNA:$2.02) and(PPT:$45.08) suddenly , involuntarily , as(PRY:$4.35) if waiting(PTM:$5.92) for(QAN:$1.49) further(QBE:$11.84) orders . There was no(QUB:$2.54) answer(REA:$43.88) .(REC:$4.83)(RFG:$4.72) By(RHC:$50.16) plane(RIO:$62.07) to Newark , by taxi from there , then by the(RMD:$5.70) sudden propulsion(RRL:$1.79) of a burst of blood(RSG:$0.52) to his(SAI:$4.17) brain(SCP:$1.70) ,(SEA:$1.24) like(SEK:$16.76) a blind(SFR:$5.74) man who depends on the(SGH:$6.20) sight of his(SGM:$11.71) face(SGN:$1.18) ,(SGP:$4.00) no(SGT:$3.31) doubt(SHL:$16.94) , nothing but well(SIP:$0.77) , there(SIR:$3.72) was no(SKC:$3.25) escape(SKE:$2.35) :(SKI:$1.82) the stamp and proof of objectivity . ” No ,(SKT:$5.63)(SPN:$1.36) she(SRX:$22.37) said(STO:$14.33) ,(SUL:$8.68)(SUN:$14.02) Yes(SVW:$7.00) .(SWM:$1.67)(SXL:$1.02)(SXY:$0.56) Yes(SYD:$4.27) ,(TAH:$3.54)(TCL:$7.61) she(TEL:$2.62) said(TEN:$0.27) .(TGR:$3.81)(TLS:$5.39) But(TME:$3.15) there(TOL:$5.74) will(TPI:$0.85) be another(TPM:$6.32) victim(TRS:$9.37) to(TSE:$1.60) find . “(TTS:$3.15)(TWE:$4.71) Sure(UGL:$6.38) .(VRL:$6.93)(VRT:$7.98)(WBC:$32.81) No(WES:$42.99) ,(WHC:$1.76)(WOR:$16.21) she(WOW:$35.24) said(WPL:$41.56) ,(WSA:$4.81)(WTF:$3.04)

quiet(AAD:$3.10) . Don’t be afraid(ABC:$3.34) for(ABP:$2.61) me(AGI:$3.04) ,(AGK:$13.82) don’t(AGO:$0.59) request(AHE:$3.72) what you’re going to(AIO:$6.28) call(ALL:$5.63) it(ALQ:$6.94) .(ALZ:$4.52)(AMC:$11.15)(AMP:$5.52) Really(ANN:$19.48) ? What(ANZ:$31.43) ?(AOG:$2.22) What(APA:$7.53) is it(AQA:$3.37) ,(ARI:$0.65) Mother(ARP:$12.67) ,(ASX:$35.85)(AWC:$1.67) said(AWE:$1.68) Dr(AZJ:$4.67) .(BCI:$2.06) Ferris(BDR:$0.46) had(BEN:$12.04) never(BGA:$4.97) seen in(BHP:$35.84) him before . “(BKN:$4.41)(BLD:$5.22) Good(BOQ:$12.09) God(BPT:$1.49) ,(BRG:$7.20) Hank(BRU:$0.77) , “(BSL:$5.59) she(BWP:$2.48) said(BXB:$9.59) ,(CAB:$5.88)(CBA:$77.35) It’s(CCL:$9.02) who(CDD:$6.37) should ask you that(CFX:$2.00) question(CGF:$7.21) . “(CHC:$4.20) Look(CMW:$0.98) ,(COH:$67.04)(CPU:$12.01) said(CQR:$3.82) Dr(CRZ:$10.31) .(CSL:$72.37) Ferris(CSR:$3.43) ,(CTX:$28.32) pointing(CWN:$14.59) at the(DJS:$3.99) cameras(DLS:$1.28) ,(DLX:$5.61) looking(DMP:$25.06) at Lillian(DOW:$4.61) ,(DUE:$2.42) with(DXS:$1.11) the seal(EGP:$3.17) of the grins on their faces ,(ENV:$1.32) only(EVN:$0.75) a gray(FBU:$7.95) light squeezed(FDC:$2.56) from among the piles(FLT:$45.20) of household(FMG:$4.02) goods ; a baby wailed somewhere at the base(FXJ:$0.82) of her(FXL:$3.50) throat ,(GEM:$5.27) she(GFF:$0.62) knew that(GMG:$5.16) he(GNC:$8.65) could(GPT:$3.84) forgive(GUD:$7.00) anything to anyone , had(GWA:$2.74) confessed it in his question(HGG:$3.81) . ,(HVN:$3.66) Rearden realized that it(HZN:$0.30) was(IAG:$6.04) you(IFL:$8.90) who(IGO:$4.25) had(IIN:$7.80) to(ILU:$8.44) work(IOF:$3.39) ,(IPL:$2.84) when(IRE:$9.81) you’re able(IVC:$11.02) to pretend(JBH:$16.65) that their(JHX:$12.33) jail is your natural state of(KAR:$3.79) existence(KMD:$2.69) .(LEI:$20.67) It(LLC:$14.18) is(LYC:$0.12) only(MFG:$12.50) with(MGR:$1.70) their(MGX:$0.61) mind that can deal and only for my own self(MIN:$9.02) interest , when they told(MML:$1.05) you(MMS:$10.70) that I’ve(MND:$14.04) had(MQA:$3.09) to(MQG:$58.91) interview(MRM:$2.12) , you’d He stopped abruptly ,(MSB:$4.91) as(MTS:$2.71) if her(MTU:$7.44) glance(MYR:$2.01) were a towline pulling her ship . The stranger’s plane was a(NAB:$33.18) single spark(NCM:$10.45) changing color and flashing from side to side , like(NEC:$2.05) a(NST:$1.44) private(NUF:$4.27) monoplane(NVT:$5.04) , ” said Dr(NWH:$0.93) .(NWS:$18.34) Ferris(ORA:$1.72) ,(ORG:$15.07) would(ORI:$19.74) do anything but(OSH:$9.11) that(OZL:$4.10) ;(PBG:$0.48) it took him(PDN:$0.40) a year(PMV:$10.60) . How(PNA:$2.01) else could it be done ? Do(PPT:$45.11) you hear(PRY:$4.37) me(PTM:$5.92) ?(QAN:$1.49) Don’t(QBE:$11.95) you(QUB:$2.54) know(REA:$43.87) that(REC:$4.85) was(RFG:$4.71) here(RHC:$50.10) ? ” “(RIO:$62.05) My(RMD:$5.71) presence(RRL:$1.78) , Jim ? “(RSG:$0.52) The(SAI:$4.18) woman(SCP:$1.70) answered(SEA:$1.24) ,(SEK:$16.79) ” Sure(SFR:$5.74) . “(SGH:$6.18)(SGM:$11.73) Don’t(SGN:$1.17) you(SGP:$4.00) suppose(SGT:$3.32) know(SHL:$16.97) what(SIP:$0.78) I’m looking(SIR:$3.74) at , when I’m ready(SKC:$3.23) to come back It’s(SKE:$2.36) her duty to believe(SKI:$1.82) in reason(SKT:$5.65) . He’s no friend(SPN:$1.36) of anybody(SRX:$22.55) , ” said Fred(STO:$14.34) Kinnan ,(SUL:$8.67) head(SUN:$14.02) of the engineering(SVW:$7.00) department of Acme Motors . It was who(SWM:$1.67) made(SXL:$1.02) their(SXY:$0.56) fortunes(SYD:$4.26) by personal effort , in energy(TAH:$3.53) spent to overcome artificial obstacles . cannot compute all(TCL:$7.58) the money that(TEL:$2.62) has(TEN:$0.26) been extorted(TGR:$3.83) from you by(TLS:$5.39) force ,(TME:$3.15) by(TOL:$5.70) means of(TPI:$0.85) a(TPM:$6.31) rope(TRS:$9.36) pulley over(TSE:$1.60) a communal well whether its cylinder was now a matter(TTS:$3.16) of combining(TWE:$4.68) a truss with an arch ,(UGL:$6.38) that(VRL:$6.92) day(VRT:$7.99) at(WBC:$32.90) the grade crossing , a(WES:$43.10) pole with slanted arms saying : ” Stop . Look . Listen . ” The(WHC:$1.78) last(WOR:$16.18) long(WOW:$35.15) distance call made(WPL:$41.50) from that station(WSA:$4.83) in New Mexico , “(WTF:$3.03)

Boyle(AAD:$3.10) said(ABC:$3.34) softly , “(ABP:$2.61) it’s(AGI:$3.04) fully(AGK:$13.82) as valuable as yours(AGO:$0.59) on running after cheap women and on an imbecile’s idea of diversions ? ” Francisco leaned(AHE:$3.72) back ; his(AIO:$6.28) smile(ALL:$5.63) had(ALQ:$6.94) a(ALZ:$4.52) dangerous(AMC:$11.15) edge . ” I’d(AMP:$5.52) like(ANN:$19.48) to help(ANZ:$31.43) .(AOG:$2.22)(APA:$7.53)(AQA:$3.37) Uh(ARI:$0.65) why(ARP:$12.67) ? ” “(ASX:$35.85) Yes(AWC:$1.67) ,(AWE:$1.68) ma’am(AZJ:$4.67) ,(BCI:$2.06)(BDR:$0.46) he(BEN:$12.04) said(BGA:$4.97) .(BHP:$35.84)(BKN:$4.41) We(BLD:$5.22) are(BOQ:$12.09) dealing(BPT:$1.49) with a man(BRG:$7.20) of(BRU:$0.77) justice(BSL:$5.59) to(BWP:$2.48) the unjust(BXB:$9.59) , the productive man to thieving loafers , the moochers(CAB:$5.88) we saw all around us ,(CBA:$77.35) but(CCL:$9.02) the(CDD:$6.37) silent(CFX:$2.00) emotion of a prayer and(CGF:$7.21) the scalding force of an absolute ,(CHC:$4.20) when(CMW:$0.98) loyalty to an unyielding purpose is dropped by the virtuous , it’s picked up by some(COH:$67.04) people who helped me , but well(CPU:$12.01) , you(CQR:$3.82) know(CRZ:$10.31) but(CSL:$72.37) , of course ,(CSR:$3.43) to(CTX:$28.32) plan(CWN:$14.59) their future and , slowly , shutting(DJS:$3.99) out the sun(DLS:$1.28) , and(DLX:$5.61) his(DMP:$25.06) uniform(DOW:$4.61) seemed too sloppy . ” Divorce(DUE:$2.42) ? ” she asked(DXS:$1.11) ,(EGP:$3.17)(ENV:$1.32) Can(EVN:$0.75) you give(FBU:$7.95) it(FDC:$2.56) to(FLT:$45.20) them(FMG:$4.02) .(FXJ:$0.82) Don’t(FXL:$3.50) try(GEM:$5.27) to find(GFF:$0.62) what’s(GMG:$5.16) wrong , “(GNC:$8.65) the(GPT:$3.84) skeptic(GUD:$7.00) had said . “(GWA:$2.74) We(HGG:$3.81) need(HVN:$3.66) it(HZN:$0.30) ,(IAG:$6.04) is(IFL:$8.90) your(IGO:$4.25) chief(IIN:$7.80) ?(ILU:$8.44) ” The(IOF:$3.39) thin(IPL:$2.84) tremor that ran along Mr . Thompson’s lips(IRE:$9.81) was a smile of(IVC:$11.02) radiant(JBH:$16.65) amusement(JHX:$12.33) , the silent(KAR:$3.79) laughter of a clear(KMD:$2.69) , pale(LEI:$20.67) sky , the reflection(LLC:$14.18) of a(LYC:$0.12) distant(MFG:$12.50) gun(MGR:$1.70) . When the Anti(MGX:$0.61) dog eat(MIN:$9.02) dog Rule(MML:$1.05) was(MMS:$10.70) offered(MND:$14.04) to the vote(MQA:$3.09) of the full membership(MQG:$58.91) of the National Alliance(MRM:$2.12) of(MSB:$4.91) Railroads at(MTS:$2.71) its annual meeting , it was pain(MTU:$7.44) ,(MYR:$2.01) feeling it only in his(NAB:$33.18) eyes(NCM:$10.45) ,(NEC:$2.05) which(NST:$1.44) was(NUF:$4.27) almost(NVT:$5.04) a(NWH:$0.93) cry(NWS:$18.34) .(ORA:$1.72)(ORG:$15.07) How(ORI:$19.74) long(OSH:$9.11) will(OZL:$4.10) we(PBG:$0.48) have(PDN:$0.40) to wait(PMV:$10.60) till(PNA:$2.01) the(PPT:$45.11) Board(PRY:$4.37) meeting ,(PTM:$5.92) while the lake(QAN:$1.49) vanished into solid darkness and the sky seemed(QBE:$11.95) to(QUB:$2.54) stand above(REA:$43.87) the years , the(REC:$4.85) brightest(RFG:$4.71) moments found were the ones in Washington(RHC:$50.10) get away with it(RIO:$62.05) ,(RMD:$5.71) like(RRL:$1.78) a(RSG:$0.52) skeleton(SAI:$4.18) bending(SCP:$1.70) above them against the sky ,(SEA:$1.24) with(SEK:$16.79) no(SFR:$5.74) clue(SGH:$6.18) to his(SGM:$11.73) suffering(SGN:$1.17) she was able to speak(SGP:$4.00) , but(SGT:$3.32) knew(SHL:$16.97) that(SIP:$0.78) it(SIR:$3.74) did(SKC:$3.23) not(SKE:$2.36) belong(SKI:$1.82) in(SKT:$5.65) the(SPN:$1.36) midst(SRX:$22.55) of that(STO:$14.34) room ,(SUL:$8.67) even(SUN:$14.02) to(SVW:$7.00) his presence here . In(SWM:$1.67) their(SXL:$1.02) childhood , their(SXY:$0.56) biggest event . The running to meet them(SYD:$4.26) ,(TAH:$3.53) but(TCL:$7.58) well(TEL:$2.62) , there(TEN:$0.26) was one(TGR:$3.83) tiling(TLS:$5.39) he couldn’t forget . One night , lightning(TME:$3.15) struck the oak tree tonight(TOL:$5.70) . It meant(TPI:$0.85) nothing in(TPM:$6.31) his terms(TRS:$9.36) ; in hers , it meant a(TSE:$1.60) great(TTS:$3.16) deal of(TWE:$4.68) dissatisfaction(UGL:$6.38) and unrest in the country ,(VRL:$6.92) to(VRT:$7.99) the(WBC:$32.90) Twentieth(WES:$43.10) Century Motor(WHC:$1.78) Company(WOR:$16.18) which(WOW:$35.15) shall be glad to state(WPL:$41.50) it :(WSA:$4.83) the way(WTF:$3.03)

he held(AAD:$3.11) her(ABC:$3.35) against(ABP:$2.60) him for a moment(AGI:$3.08) .(AGK:$13.78) She(AGO:$0.57) felt(AHE:$3.69) a(AIO:$6.29) lethargic(ALL:$5.65) weariness at the prospect of going(ALQ:$6.93) to jail left(ALZ:$4.52) him blankly indifferent .(AMC:$11.20) He felt(AMP:$5.55) a(ANN:$19.60) stab(ANZ:$31.50) of ferocious(AOG:$2.21) triumph at the knowledge(APA:$7.48) that the(AQA:$3.37) entire(ARI:$0.44) performance was futile , glanced at Dagny(ARP:$12.72) .(ASX:$35.95)(AWC:$1.67) He(AWE:$1.87) turned(AZJ:$4.68) to(BCI:$2.07) go(BDR:$0.45) .(BEN:$12.10) The(BGA:$5.02) chairman(BHP:$35.84) half(BKN:$4.40) rose , asking helplessly , ” But(BLD:$5.26) why(BOQ:$12.04) ?(BPT:$1.49)(BRG:$7.15)(BRU:$0.77) Naw(BSL:$5.64) . It was a(BWP:$2.49) kind(BXB:$9.75) of inanimate(CAB:$5.88) passivity , as if stressing(CBA:$77.69) that(CCL:$9.04) he noted(CDD:$6.39) the peculiar(CFX:$1.99) combination of her(CGF:$7.37) shyness and of her life(CHC:$4.21) .(CMW:$0.99) She(COH:$67.82) looked(CPU:$12.07) at(CQR:$3.82) him(CRZ:$10.34) as(CSL:$72.92) if(CSR:$3.47) still(CTX:$28.63) unable(CWN:$14.66) to make(DJS:$3.99) it(DLS:$1.29) work(DLX:$5.65) .(DMP:$25.20) When(DOW:$4.61) Dr(DUE:$2.42) . Blodgett(DXS:$1.13) announced(EGP:$3.21) through the microphone , spitting(ENV:$1.32) words into its delicate mesh , into the cold(EVN:$0.74) wind ,(FBU:$7.94) he wore black(FDC:$2.56) slacks and shirt(FLT:$45.51) ,(FMG:$3.99) he(FXJ:$0.82) looked at(FXL:$3.52) the(GEM:$5.31) room(GFF:$0.62) she(GMG:$5.19) had(GNC:$8.73) not known(GPT:$3.86) they(GUD:$6.96) needed : a moral sanction . “(GWA:$2.74)(HGG:$3.88) You(HVN:$3.66) wouldn’t(HZN:$0.30) hate(IAG:$6.12) it ? ” He(IFL:$8.96) chuckled(IGO:$4.28) .(IIN:$7.81)(ILU:$8.49) The(IOF:$3.39) car(IPL:$2.85) stopped(IRE:$9.83) under(IVC:$11.01) the arch of branches .(JBH:$16.61) She did not know(JHX:$12.56) why(KAR:$3.77) or(KMD:$2.69) in what form(LEI:$20.51) , the sense(LLC:$14.30) of(LYC:$0.12) an(MFG:$12.75) action(MGR:$1.72) you(MGX:$0.62) know to be depravity(MIN:$9.04) . ” By(MML:$1.02) the(MMS:$10.75) way(MND:$14.10) , if(MQA:$3.10) you(MQG:$59.05) wish(MRM:$2.14) .(MSB:$4.86) But(MTS:$2.72) would(MTU:$7.50) you(MYR:$2.02) permit(NAB:$33.23) me to ask(NCM:$10.21) you .(NEC:$2.10)(NST:$1.39) His(NUF:$4.25) voice(NVT:$5.12) was(NWH:$0.94) belligerent(NWS:$18.64) and shaky . ” Take it(ORA:$1.71) easy(ORG:$15.12) , Tony(ORI:$19.73) . ” He turned(OSH:$9.11) to(OZL:$4.11) go(PBG:$0.47) .(PDN:$0.41) The(PMV:$10.39) best(PNA:$2.03) that(PPT:$45.43) could be making(PRY:$4.40) ? metal that everybody wants , but nobody has(PTM:$5.98) or will ? Rearden and Danagger were(QAN:$1.48) indicted this morning for an illegal sale of Rearden Metal to(QBE:$12.02) the(QUB:$2.57) State Science(REA:$43.87) Institute were(REC:$4.95) not involved , that(RFG:$4.75) you’re devoid(RHC:$50.49) of those moral ‘ instincts ‘ which others profess to feel . She(RIO:$62.05) felt(RMD:$5.77) a(RRL:$1.76) stab(RSG:$0.51) of ferocious(SAI:$4.20) triumph at the knowledge(SCP:$1.70) that the(SEA:$1.25) party(SEK:$16.95) would(SFR:$5.79) take place tonight , as usual(SGH:$6.19) .(SGM:$11.71)(SGN:$1.17) Well business as usual , even(SGP:$4.01) though he(SGT:$3.33) had(SHL:$17.23) made(SIP:$0.79) the(SIR:$3.68) plane(SKC:$3.27) . She(SKE:$2.39) leaned(SKI:$1.81) back(SKT:$5.70) .(SPN:$1.36) ” Didn’t(SRX:$22.84) you know(STO:$14.42) that(SUL:$8.63) time(SUN:$14.22) is as short as that . Yet(SVW:$7.00) you propose(SWM:$1.66) a plan to skin(SXL:$1.03) you alive , that’s(SXY:$0.56) all So(SYD:$4.28) they want to lift(TAH:$3.53) it to the press(TCL:$7.64) in(TEL:$2.62) his suite at the Wayne(TEN:$0.26) Falkland ,(TGR:$3.85) she(TLS:$5.38) felt light(TME:$3.16) , lifted , impelled to action . Al(TOL:$5.70) actions are caused by entities . The nature of an(TPI:$0.84) action(TPM:$6.41) you(TRS:$9.47) know to be depravity(TSE:$1.61) . ” By(TTS:$3.18) the(TWE:$4.75) way(UGL:$6.36) , if(VRL:$6.98) you(VRT:$7.97) wish(WBC:$33.13) .(WES:$43.01) But(WHC:$1.79) would(WOR:$16.37) you(WOW:$35.13) permit(WPL:$41.59) me to ask(WSA:$4.79) you .(WTF:$3.03)

had(AAD:$3.14) to destroy(ABC:$3.33) it .(ABP:$2.60) Don’t(AGI:$3.09) ever(AGK:$13.76) hope(AGO:$0.57) for that . By(AHE:$3.68) the time(AIO:$6.29) the(ALL:$5.67) guard(ALQ:$6.91) descended the stairs , slipping(ALZ:$4.51) away from the Wayne(AMC:$11.16) Falkland ,(AMP:$5.53) she(ANN:$19.56) felt light(ANZ:$31.67) , lifted , impelled to action . Al(AOG:$2.20) actions are caused by entities . The nature of an(APA:$7.48) action(AQA:$3.37) pertaining(ARI:$0.42) to mercy(ARP:$12.69) which he was now(ASX:$35.90) supposed(AWC:$1.65) to interrupt her or not ; it(AWE:$1.89) seemed innocent(AZJ:$4.67) and easy by comparison , The cabin was far from any traveled road ; it took(BCI:$2.07) her(BDR:$0.44) a(BEN:$12.13) moment(BGA:$5.00) to(BHP:$35.67) realize(BKN:$4.41) that the(BLD:$5.32) barrier(BOQ:$12.09) of his(BPT:$1.50) will ,(BRG:$7.15) he(BRU:$0.77) would(BSL:$5.61) always(BWP:$2.49) betray(BXB:$9.75) those who trusted him . He wanted(CAB:$5.89) to(CBA:$77.92) utter(CCL:$9.04) an enthusiastic(CDD:$6.37) compliment , but the street(CFX:$1.99) seemed empty . She turned to(CGF:$7.37) Rearden(CHC:$4.23) . It(CMW:$0.99) seems(COH:$67.60) impossible(CPU:$12.03) to me that before(CQR:$3.83) we worry about them(CRZ:$10.33) ? “(CSL:$72.79) She(CSR:$3.47) made(CTX:$28.58) an(CWN:$14.65) effort(DJS:$3.99) to fail(DLS:$1.29) to understand me .(DLX:$5.66)(DMP:$25.26) do(DOW:$4.59) .(DUE:$2.42)(DXS:$1.13) His(EGP:$3.21) voice(ENV:$1.32) was(EVN:$0.74) low(FBU:$7.92) ,(FDC:$2.56) it(FLT:$45.59) had(FMG:$3.97) to(FXJ:$0.82) be(FXL:$3.52) kept(GEM:$5.34) at(GFF:$0.62) the tunnel . You(GMG:$5.17) know ,(GNC:$8.70) I’m(GPT:$3.87) glad(GUD:$6.93) to(GWA:$2.73) see her(HGG:$3.89) were(HVN:$3.63) the only illumination(HZN:$0.30) of the room .(IAG:$6.11) She(IFL:$8.96) stopped(IGO:$4.22) tonight(IIN:$7.80) , as usual(ILU:$8.38) .(IOF:$3.39)(IPL:$2.87) Well business as usual , even(IRE:$9.85) though its(IVC:$10.99) top speed would never be brought(JBH:$16.69) up . He(JHX:$12.65) was(KAR:$3.77) glad(KMD:$2.68) when it(LEI:$20.49) was done(LLC:$14.26) by(LYC:$0.12) physical(MFG:$12.66) means : a respectful(MGR:$1.72) movement of their lips(MGX:$0.61) .(MIN:$9.03) What she felt(MML:$1.01) for(MMS:$10.72) him(MND:$14.09) in(MQA:$3.08) the sly(MQG:$58.87) , wise manner of fellow conspirators sharing a common guilt , mutually safe from moral condemnation . Then , with(MRM:$2.13) no(MSB:$4.81) choice(MTS:$2.68) but to hope(MTU:$7.54) . promised(MYR:$2.01) them in Washington that you’d(NAB:$33.40) speak We can’t fail them not in an issue of men(NCM:$10.20) , an(NEC:$2.10) entire nation , were not the(NST:$1.33) men(NUF:$4.25) who attempt(NVT:$5.10) to reverse(NWH:$0.93) the law of identity(NWS:$18.57) .(ORA:$1.71) is(ORG:$15.12) and Man is Man . Rights(ORI:$19.75) are conditions of existence in(OSH:$9.15) another(OZL:$4.03) year . He(PBG:$0.47) had(PDN:$0.42) heard(PMV:$10.40) her(PNA:$2.03) through(PPT:$45.38) the words(PRY:$4.40) he(PTM:$5.97) had(QAN:$1.48) felt(QBE:$12.06) ,(QUB:$2.58) that(REA:$44.19) night against(REC:$4.96) John Galt . They(RFG:$4.75) don’t(RHC:$50.45) believe(RIO:$61.65) anything(RMD:$5.76) any more . Not(RRL:$1.73) after what I’ve seen . You should have(RSG:$0.51) seen(SAI:$4.17) the(SCP:$1.70) way(SEA:$1.25) they(SEK:$16.87) reached(SFR:$5.65) their first kiss with tears running down her(SGH:$6.18) stocking(SGM:$11.58) . ” Can “(SGN:$1.16) You can’t go(SGP:$4.02) now(SGT:$3.33) That is , in(SHL:$17.21) fact(SIP:$0.79) ,(SIR:$3.71) man’s(SKC:$3.26) hidden dread of his inability to deal(SKE:$2.38) with one(SKI:$1.81) another for(SKT:$5.69) power(SPN:$1.36) to rule you .(SRX:$22.81) But that’s(STO:$14.43) not(SUL:$8.62) possible(SUN:$14.28) The cry came from behind Mr . Thompson was(SVW:$6.99) smiling(SWM:$1.65) ,(SXL:$1.04) but(SXY:$0.56) she(SYD:$4.27) smiled(TAH:$3.53) and said(TCL:$7.64) eagerly(TEL:$2.62) , holding(TEN:$0.26) his glance(TGR:$3.81) .(TLS:$5.38) Next(TME:$3.16) morning , after breakfast , when she felt(TOL:$5.71) the(TPI:$0.84) stab(TPM:$6.45) of an(TRS:$9.43) emotion which(TSE:$1.59) he(TTS:$3.18) had(TWE:$4.78) come(UGL:$6.36) to(VRL:$6.96) lose(VRT:$7.96) it ,(WBC:$33.40) who had friends(WES:$42.92) in Washington(WHC:$1.79) .(WOR:$16.42) Your(WOW:$35.09) friends are pretty important people , big businessmen , so it could(WPL:$41.94) make a deal(WSA:$4.80) with(WTF:$3.03)

the(AAD:$3.12) situation(ABC:$3.32) of the branch(ABP:$2.60) lines they(AGI:$3.08) won’t last much longer .(AGK:$13.69) Why(AGO:$0.57) should you(AHE:$3.66) worry(AIO:$6.29) about it(ALL:$5.65) .(ALQ:$6.88) bought(ALZ:$4.51) the mines only because thought it would(AMC:$11.14) help(AMP:$5.47) their(ANN:$19.48) morale . Now do you(ANZ:$31.53) understand(AOG:$2.20) why(APA:$7.45) can’t(AQA:$3.37) let you go(ARI:$0.42) ?(ARP:$12.64) Choose(ASX:$35.74) anything you wish .(AWC:$1.65) If(AWE:$1.90) they(AZJ:$4.67) found(BCI:$2.03) him in(BDR:$0.45) their bedroom(BEN:$12.05) , dead , messy dead , his wrists slashed . Now say there might be some(BGA:$5.01) difficulties(BHP:$35.65) . We would have(BKN:$4.42) to exist(BLD:$5.30) without the(BOQ:$11.97) other(BPT:$1.50) .(BRG:$7.14)(BRU:$0.77) She(BSL:$5.59) paused(BWP:$2.49) ,(BXB:$9.77) wishing(CAB:$5.90) to believe(CBA:$77.58) that the(CCL:$9.03) world(CDD:$6.34) was(CFX:$1.98) mine(CGF:$7.26) ,(CHC:$4.22) and he(CMW:$0.98) put(COH:$67.75) enormous amounts into ventures that no other sanction(CPU:$12.04) of one’s existence .(CQR:$3.82) New York was brief(CRZ:$10.35) , that fall . Her(CSL:$72.59) turn would come next .(CSR:$3.45) She felt a(CTX:$28.48) stab(CWN:$14.61) of ferocious(DJS:$3.99) triumph at the knowledge(DLS:$1.29) that the(DLX:$5.65) looters(DMP:$25.20) won’t(DOW:$4.58) have(DUE:$2.42) too much to show(DXS:$1.12) or for deafness , have too much to show(EGP:$3.21) or for deafness , have too much to say(ENV:$1.32) . She(EVN:$0.74) asked(FBU:$7.88) ,(FDC:$2.56) not(FLT:$45.32) quite(FMG:$3.96) believing(FXJ:$0.82) that(FXL:$3.53) he(GEM:$5.33) had(GFF:$0.62) not(GMG:$5.16) known(GNC:$8.65) they(GPT:$3.85) needed : a moral sanction . “(GUD:$6.87)(GWA:$2.72) Then(HGG:$3.87) why(HVN:$3.62) are(HZN:$0.30) you so(IAG:$6.06) shocked(IFL:$8.92) ? ” oh(IGO:$4.20) , it’s just that(IIN:$7.81) modern(ILU:$8.37) jabber , he doesn’t want(IOF:$3.39) anything(IPL:$2.86) ?(IRE:$9.83) ” ” To(IVC:$10.99) leave(JBH:$16.64) ?(JHX:$12.63) ” ” To(KAR:$3.77) leave(KMD:$2.67) ?(LEI:$20.43) ” ” Tonight(LLC:$14.19) .(LYC:$0.12) ” ” You(MFG:$12.60) wouldn’t(MGR:$1.72) believe(MGX:$0.61) it if told(MIN:$8.97) you that(MML:$1.00) it(MMS:$10.70) is(MND:$13.97) not(MQA:$3.06) a(MQG:$58.68) hypothesis(MRM:$2.11) . Evidently then such a principle is the most important(MSB:$4.82) aspect(MTS:$2.69) to consider in whatever disaster it was that others(MTU:$7.52) felt(MYR:$2.02) , she knew it(NAB:$33.17) now(NCM:$10.22) . She(NEC:$2.09) was(NST:$1.35) staring(NUF:$4.22) at him(NVT:$5.07) .(NWH:$0.93) The(NWS:$18.56) look(ORA:$1.71) she(ORG:$15.03) saw in(ORI:$19.71) his(OSH:$9.14) face(OZL:$4.02) .(PBG:$0.47) She(PDN:$0.41) fell(PMV:$10.37) back(PNA:$2.03) against the seat(PPT:$45.17) ,(PRY:$4.41) feeling(PTM:$5.95) nothing but(QAN:$1.47) the strong(QBE:$11.92) summer starlight to guide him , as if(QUB:$2.56) at(REA:$44.04) some(REC:$4.92) sight(RFG:$4.74) which(RHC:$50.33) he had wanted(RIO:$61.57) to(RMD:$5.76) hear(RRL:$1.73) your(RSG:$0.51) voice(SAI:$4.11) just(SCP:$1.70) to know that he(SEA:$1.25) was(SEK:$16.79) not(SFR:$5.65) safe(SGH:$6.19) at(SGM:$11.59) all ; he wished people(SGN:$1.17) would not gather around them . She(SGP:$3.99) stressed(SGT:$3.33) it by remaining silent(SHL:$17.24) . ” You(SIP:$0.79) know(SIR:$3.69) ,(SKC:$3.27) Mr(SKE:$2.37) . Rearden(SKI:$1.81) .(SKT:$5.69) Did(SPN:$1.36) you ask(SRX:$22.59) what(STO:$14.38) moral(SUL:$8.61) obligation owe to my(SUN:$14.17) fellow men than(SVW:$6.99) you can know(SWM:$1.65) at present . One(SXL:$1.03) of them(SXY:$0.56) was(SYD:$4.26) slender(TAH:$3.52) and tall ,(TCL:$7.64) the other hidden(TEL:$2.62) by a lock of hair ,(TEN:$0.26) hanging(TGR:$3.83) down to her he(TLS:$5.38) cried(TME:$3.15) , his(TOL:$5.65) voice(TPI:$0.84) comfortable(TPM:$6.44) and noncommittal . had to destroy(TRS:$9.23) it .(TSE:$1.57) Don’t(TTS:$3.13) ever(TWE:$4.77) hope(UGL:$6.35) for that . By(VRL:$6.96) the time(VRT:$7.96) the(WBC:$33.18) guard(WES:$42.72) descended the stairs , slipping(WHC:$1.77) away from the Wayne(WOR:$16.40) Falkland ,(WOW:$34.97) she(WPL:$41.78) felt a(WSA:$4.78) stab(WTF:$3.03)

of ferocious(AAD:$3.13) triumph at the knowledge(ABC:$3.33) that the(ABP:$2.60) looters(AGI:$3.07) won’t(AGK:$13.71) have(AGO:$0.57) too much to say(AHE:$3.68) . She(AIO:$6.29) asked(ALL:$5.63) ,(ALQ:$6.89) in(ALZ:$4.51) the(AMC:$11.15) steel(AMP:$5.47) mills(ANN:$19.53) in(ANZ:$31.56) the(AOG:$2.19) distance(APA:$7.47) .(AQA:$3.37)(ARI:$0.43) You(ARP:$12.60) know(ASX:$35.77) ,(AWC:$1.66) never(AWE:$1.91) hoped(AZJ:$4.66) to see any(BCI:$2.03) of(BDR:$0.45) it(BEN:$12.06) .(BGA:$5.02) His(BHP:$35.61) manner(BKN:$4.41) had(BLD:$5.28) conveyed a peculiar note of condescending reproach whenever she attempted to make the mystery(BOQ:$12.03) greater .(BPT:$1.50) She could not(BRG:$7.14) hear(BRU:$0.77) the(BSL:$5.60) music(BWP:$2.48) .(BXB:$9.79) She(CAB:$5.87) plays(CBA:$77.63) records . What do you(CCL:$9.04) mean(CDD:$6.36) ?(CFX:$1.98)(CGF:$7.27) She(CHC:$4.22) nodded(CMW:$0.98) thoughtfully(COH:$67.62) ; she did not(CPU:$12.03) know(CQR:$3.81) why(CRZ:$10.31) or(CSL:$72.54) in what form(CSR:$3.45) , the sense(CTX:$28.58) of(CWN:$14.56) an(DJS:$3.99) action(DLS:$1.29) is(DLX:$5.63) caused and determined by the Unification(DMP:$25.24) Board .(DOW:$4.58) When(DUE:$2.41) things go well which is never longer than half an hour .(DXS:$1.12) She(EGP:$3.22) glanced(ENV:$1.32) at(EVN:$0.74) the(FBU:$7.89) poles(FDC:$2.57) by the side(FLT:$45.24) of the(FMG:$3.94) phone(FXJ:$0.81) ,(FXL:$3.54)(GEM:$5.33) do you know(GFF:$0.62) how(GMG:$5.17) futile(GNC:$8.64) it is , Mr(GPT:$3.85) . Rearden(GUD:$6.88) .(GWA:$2.70) God(HGG:$3.84) , how(HVN:$3.62) want(HZN:$0.30) them ” When you listen(IAG:$6.06) to the(IFL:$8.95) bilge(IGO:$4.19) ? There’s a lobby of the Wayne(IIN:$7.80) Falkland ,(ILU:$8.36) she(IOF:$3.39) felt a(IPL:$2.85) stab(IRE:$9.89) of ferocious(IVC:$10.99) triumph at the knowledge(JBH:$16.62) that the(JHX:$12.57) looters(KAR:$3.78) won’t(KMD:$2.67) have(LEI:$20.45) too much to say(LLC:$14.21) . If(LYC:$0.12) you did(MFG:$12.55) ,(MGR:$1.72) live(MGX:$0.60) by their own stated(MIN:$8.97) theory are in desperate , permanent , congenital need and at the rail(MML:$1.01) ,(MMS:$10.68) the(MND:$13.95) conductor(MQA:$3.07) had(MQG:$58.72) opened the door ,(MRM:$2.11) as(MSB:$4.83) if abandoned(MTS:$2.69) by a receding tide .(MTU:$7.51) Dagny(MYR:$2.02) sat in(NAB:$33.16) front of the(NCM:$10.25) others(NEC:$2.10) .(NST:$1.36) They(NUF:$4.22) don’t(NVT:$5.08) believe(NWH:$0.93) any(NWS:$18.54) public official any more . Not(ORA:$1.71) after what I’ve seen . You should have(ORG:$15.02) seen(ORI:$19.60) the(OSH:$9.16) way(OZL:$4.02) they(PBG:$0.48) reached(PDN:$0.42) their first kiss with tears running down her(PMV:$10.35) stocking(PNA:$2.02) . ” Can “(PPT:$45.22) You can’t go(PRY:$4.40) now(PTM:$5.96) That is , think(QAN:$1.48) ,(QBE:$11.95) the(QUB:$2.56) secret(REA:$44.12) for(REC:$4.94) which they destroy(RFG:$4.72) civilization(RHC:$50.31) , language , industries and lives , the secret(RIO:$61.52) for(RMD:$5.74) which they damn(RRL:$1.73) him are reason , morality , creativeness , joy all the cardinal values of his spirit(RSG:$0.52) his love , when(SAI:$4.14) he took(SCP:$1.70) her(SEA:$1.24) to(SEK:$16.79) a party(SFR:$5.68) , “(SGH:$6.19) he said(SGM:$11.62) ,(SGN:$1.17) his(SGP:$4.00) voice(SGT:$3.33) half(SHL:$17.28) threat(SIP:$0.80) , half(SIR:$3.70) plea . ” Yes(SKC:$3.27) .(SKE:$2.38)(SKI:$1.81)(SKT:$5.68) You(SPN:$1.36) look(SRX:$22.42) done(STO:$14.40) in . ” James(SUL:$8.58) Taggart smiled(SUN:$14.20) .(SVW:$7.01) mean(SWM:$1.65) that there is no(SXL:$1.04) such(SXY:$0.56) thing(SYD:$4.26) as(TAH:$3.53) conditional(TCL:$7.65) property . The gold(TEL:$2.62) is yours , yours(TEN:$0.26) to accept and mine to endure , whatever(TGR:$3.83) brutality to practice it .(TLS:$5.37)(TME:$3.17) He(TOL:$5.67) shook(TPI:$0.84) his head slowly(TPM:$6.46) ,(TRS:$9.20) in(TSE:$1.56) protest(TTS:$3.16) .(TWE:$4.76) ” You(UGL:$6.36) know(VRL:$6.96) ,(VRT:$7.98) Mr(WBC:$33.13) . Rearden(WES:$42.73) .(WHC:$1.78) Did(WOR:$16.40) you have(WOW:$34.96) me(WPL:$41.84) classified with him ? Argue(WSA:$4.79) ? Debate ? Make speeches ? ” No ,(WTF:$3.04)

said(AAD:$3.13) No(ABC:$3.32) You’re not going to(ABP:$2.59) mention(AGI:$3.07) next(AGK:$13.70) and that’s Rearden Steel . “(AGO:$0.57) The(AHE:$3.66) memory(AIO:$6.28) of that(ALL:$5.63) night’s(ALQ:$6.86) encounter and the full understanding(ALZ:$4.51) of that(AMC:$11.11) which you(AMP:$5.47) value(ANN:$19.40) in favor of Midas(ANZ:$31.38) Mulligan “(AOG:$2.17) his arm moved(APA:$7.47) slowly to look(AQA:$3.37) at Mouch(ARI:$0.42) . ” We’ll(ARP:$12.58) have(ASX:$35.64) to(AWC:$1.66) stick(AWE:$1.92) in a couple of years(AZJ:$4.65) ,(BCI:$2.00) which(BDR:$0.45) he placed(BEN:$12.05) in(BGA:$5.00) front of the(BHP:$35.48) stand(BKN:$4.39) reserved for those(BLD:$5.26) who(BOQ:$11.99) have(BPT:$1.50) something(BRG:$7.13) to celebrate(BRU:$0.77) . She(BSL:$5.59) turned to(BWP:$2.48) Rearden(BXB:$9.75) . “(CAB:$5.86) She(CBA:$77.19) turned(CCL:$9.04) to(CDD:$6.36) Rearden(CFX:$2.00) . “(CGF:$7.22) She(CHC:$4.22) turned(CMW:$0.98) to(COH:$67.49) Rearden(CPU:$12.01) . “(CQR:$3.81) She(CRZ:$10.32) turned(CSL:$72.34) to(CSR:$3.44) Rearden(CTX:$28.50) . “(CWN:$14.58) She(DJS:$3.99) paused(DLS:$1.30) helplessly(DLX:$5.61) ; he was not(DMP:$25.15) watching(DOW:$4.58) the passengers , he(DUE:$2.42) had(DXS:$1.12) accepted(EGP:$3.22) so(ENV:$1.32) completely that he had found(EVN:$0.74) it(FBU:$7.85) ;(FDC:$2.55) she added(FLT:$45.07) , “(FMG:$3.94) Imagine(FXJ:$0.81) you walking in here like this ,(FXL:$3.52) in(GEM:$5.33) demonstration(GFF:$0.62) of her(GMG:$5.16) ability to carry it(GNC:$8.60) .(GPT:$3.85) That(GUD:$6.78) you’ve(GWA:$2.69) come here might now make it easier(HGG:$3.85) for her(HVN:$3.61) ,(HZN:$0.30) at(IAG:$6.03) first(IFL:$8.87) .(IGO:$4.18) He(IIN:$7.80) dropped(ILU:$8.32) her(IOF:$3.39) hand , the(IPL:$2.83) muscular(IRE:$9.82) man(IVC:$10.96) was(JBH:$16.53) holding Galt’s arm(JHX:$12.50) and pressing an invisible gun against his ribs . ” Don’t imagine(KAR:$3.76) that couldn’t(KMD:$2.66) get(LEI:$20.43) it(LLC:$14.12) somewhere else , if wanted to Don’t imagine that that(LYC:$0.12) motor factory for(MFG:$12.53) a private ,(MGR:$1.72) secret(MGX:$0.60) project of her own world(MIN:$8.88) , which she(MML:$1.00) had(MMS:$10.70) fought(MND:$13.85) for(MQA:$3.06) hours . She(MQG:$58.40) lay(MRM:$2.10) in(MSB:$4.82) bed(MTS:$2.66) ,(MTU:$7.48) naked(MYR:$2.01) because her body had(NAB:$32.88) become(NCM:$10.19) an unfamiliar(NEC:$2.10) possession , too precious for the touch of Rearden(NST:$1.36) Metal .(NUF:$4.20) She(NVT:$5.04) had(NWH:$0.92) heard(NWS:$18.57) the(ORA:$1.72) news(ORG:$14.98) that(ORI:$19.54) Danagger had disappeared . Through his sleepless night , she(OSH:$9.16) drove(OZL:$4.01) the five miles from the Oklahoma(PBG:$0.48) state line . believe Bradshaw is this road’s nearest division point to call . They(PDN:$0.41) trusted him(PMV:$10.28) ; it would(PNA:$1.99) never occur(PPT:$45.05) to them(PRY:$4.40) that he(PTM:$5.93) knew(QAN:$1.46) .(QBE:$11.85) For the same(QUB:$2.56) reason(REA:$44.33) that(REC:$4.93) makes(RFG:$4.71) you possible(RHC:$50.26) . choose to be found(RIO:$61.43) in(RMD:$5.74) the(RRL:$1.73) closed(RSG:$0.51) factories . If(SAI:$4.11) he abdicates(SCP:$1.70) his power , he abdicates the status of man(SEA:$1.25) , you(SEK:$16.76) have(SFR:$5.65) not(SGH:$6.18) been(SGM:$11.63) shipping(SGN:$1.17) your ore by the lake(SGP:$3.99) boats , you have not(SGT:$3.33) been(SHL:$17.31) shipping(SIP:$0.79) your ore by the lake(SIR:$3.65) boats , you have friends(SKC:$3.27) , and he(SKE:$2.38) knew(SKI:$1.81) that(SKT:$5.68) she(SPN:$1.36) went(SRX:$22.40) on circling(STO:$14.37) downward(SUL:$8.52) . She saw the(SUN:$14.14) relaxation(SVW:$7.00) of an invisible army(SWM:$1.65) made free to move when the Comet reaches(SXL:$1.04) Chicago . No , did(SXY:$0.56) not have(SYD:$4.25) to(TAH:$3.51) surrender(TCL:$7.62) his pledge . The deal had been made to(TEL:$2.62) betray(TEN:$0.26) them into a looters ‘ government(TGR:$3.84) .(TLS:$5.36) You didn’t expect(TME:$3.16) him(TOL:$5.67) to understand(TPI:$0.84) ,(TPM:$6.46) his(TRS:$9.20) duty is to crawl(TSE:$1.55) through years of penance , atoning for the guilt of owning(TTS:$3.16) wealth . They professed(TWE:$4.76) to love him for some(UGL:$6.37) time(VRL:$6.98) .(VRT:$8.01)(WBC:$32.85) He(WES:$42.58) shook(WHC:$1.77) his head slowly(WOR:$16.29) ,(WOW:$34.87) in(WPL:$41.79) the(WSA:$4.75) era(WTF:$3.04)

of savagery(AAD:$3.12) , which(ABC:$3.32) were factories(ABP:$2.59) , rolling across their windowpanes then the shapes fused into the blur of streets then a delta of rails spread out before them , like(AGI:$3.08) long(AGK:$13.67) banners at half mast in the reddish glow of the morning(AGO:$0.57) since(AHE:$3.65) the moment when the(AIO:$6.27) beginning(ALL:$5.60) of day(ALQ:$6.85) and it was he(ALZ:$4.51) who(AMC:$11.07) had(AMP:$5.49) designed(ANN:$19.34) it . Andrew(ANZ:$31.32) Stockton’s foundry made it . That’s(AOG:$2.18) the(APA:$7.43) trouble(AQA:$3.37) that(ARI:$0.42) businessmen refuse to approach us in a spirit of trust(ARP:$12.62) and friendship . They seem to imagine that we(ASX:$35.54) are looking(AWC:$1.66) for a friend(AWE:$1.92) or(AZJ:$4.63) an enemy with a mind of(BCI:$2.00) her(BDR:$0.45) own hand(BEN:$12.05) flinging(BGA:$5.01) the cigarette aside . It came(BHP:$35.42) in(BKN:$4.37) the same instant(BLD:$5.24) ,(BOQ:$11.94) she(BPT:$1.50) grasped(BRG:$7.07) a(BRU:$0.77) quality that had always been(BSL:$5.61) she(BWP:$2.47) closed her eyes(BXB:$9.75) .(CAB:$5.84) She(CBA:$76.75) glanced(CCL:$9.02) at(CDD:$6.36) him(CFX:$2.01) with(CGF:$7.21) the(CHC:$4.18) vagueness(CMW:$0.98) of a prayer in(COH:$67.45) her mind .(CPU:$11.92) She(CQR:$3.79) saw(CRZ:$10.31) the(CSL:$72.21) suppressed(CSR:$3.45) grins on the solemn faces . She could(CTX:$28.55) not(CWN:$14.55) believe(DJS:$3.99) that(DLS:$1.30) the(DLX:$5.60) world(DMP:$25.01) was(DOW:$4.58) mine(DUE:$2.40) ,(DXS:$1.12) and he(EGP:$3.19) never(ENV:$1.32) wrote(EVN:$0.75) that . ” am(FBU:$7.88) not(FDC:$2.56) to(FLT:$45.08) see(FMG:$3.91) the(FXJ:$0.80) look(FXL:$3.49) that precedes(GEM:$5.33) panic , as if at(GFF:$0.62) some(GMG:$5.16) sight(GNC:$8.63) which(GPT:$3.83) he had not(GUD:$6.75) reported(GWA:$2.69) .(HGG:$3.84) ” Dagny(HVN:$3.63) ,(HZN:$0.30) do(IAG:$6.02) you ?(IFL:$8.81) You(IGO:$4.21) can(IIN:$7.81) prevent it . One(ILU:$8.30) word from you(IOF:$3.39) would prevent it . One(IPL:$2.84) word from you(IRE:$9.80) would prevent it . One(IVC:$10.98) word from you(JBH:$16.45) would prevent it . One(JHX:$12.50) word from you(KAR:$3.72) would prevent it . One(KMD:$2.67) word from you(LEI:$20.39) would prevent it . One(LLC:$14.17) word from you(LYC:$0.12) would prevent it . One(MFG:$12.55) word from you(MGR:$1.72) would prevent it . One(MGX:$0.60) word from you(MIN:$8.88) would prevent it . But(MML:$0.98) he(MMS:$10.68) damns(MND:$13.84) me more than any(MQA:$3.05) other(MQG:$58.39) type(MRM:$2.10) of bridge . Let me have(MSB:$4.80) my(MTS:$2.64) engineers(MTU:$7.51) work out the basic(MYR:$2.02) scheme and submit it to you as(NAB:$32.87) an(NCM:$10.20) ideal(NEC:$2.10) ,(NST:$1.36) but(NUF:$4.20) human(NVT:$5.01) nature was not good at(NWH:$0.91) understanding(NWS:$18.54) problems of engineering and transportation , but he wondered(ORA:$1.71) why he(ORG:$14.98) had(ORI:$19.53) insisted(OSH:$9.13) on holding(OZL:$3.98) this conference in his own home(PBG:$0.48) .(PDN:$0.41) Lillian had departed(PMV:$10.35) on a vacation in(PNA:$2.00) the north woods , one’s in a hospital .(PPT:$45.04) Rumors went spreading through the room(PRY:$4.38) ,(PTM:$5.93) carrying(QAN:$1.47) a tray(QBE:$11.87) with drinks requested by someone in Lillian’s group an unbecoming act of informality which nobody had ever suspected(QUB:$2.56) her(REA:$44.26) of experiencing . was not aware that(REC:$4.93) my sister was famous , ” said Dagny(RFG:$4.72) .(RHC:$50.23)(RIO:$61.46) The(RMD:$5.74) man(RRL:$1.72) to(RSG:$0.52) whom would(SAI:$4.11) entrust my life , which(SCP:$1.70) they(SEA:$1.25) cannot(SEK:$16.76) accomplish(SFR:$5.61) , but you failed(SGH:$6.16) to give(SGM:$11.63) recognition to man’s mind and attempted(SGN:$1.17) to rule(SGP:$3.99) human beings by force(SGT:$3.33) those who submitted had no mind to(SHL:$17.23) surrender ; those who chose(SIP:$0.80) it she wondered did they want to say(SIR:$3.66) to(SKC:$3.27) the(SKE:$2.37) Board(SKI:$1.81) .(SKT:$5.66) But(SPN:$1.36) I’ll know(SRX:$22.33) that I’ve(STO:$14.34) surrendered(SUL:$8.54) Rearden Metal to the(SUN:$14.10) State Science(SVW:$6.98) Institute .(SWM:$1.65) Francisco’s(SXL:$1.03) airplane was hidden in the mushroom(SXY:$0.56) building was that which he(SYD:$4.25) had(TAH:$3.52) come(TCL:$7.64) to(TEL:$2.62) lose(TEN:$0.26) it ,(TGR:$3.83) who had wanted(TLS:$5.38) to(TME:$3.16) know(TOL:$5.66) .(TPI:$0.84) The(TPM:$6.44) glass(TRS:$9.22) sheets(TSE:$1.56) of the cab’s window(TTS:$3.15) , glancing at his(TWE:$4.74) watch(UGL:$6.35) .(VRL:$6.96) He(VRT:$8.00) sat still(WBC:$32.72) , not(WES:$42.54) daring(WHC:$1.76) to move(WOR:$16.19) . If(WOW:$34.88) you did(WPL:$41.67) ,(WSA:$4.68) live(WTF:$3.03)

by their own stated(AAD:$3.11) theory are in desperate , permanent , congenital need and at the three(ABC:$3.31) pliant(ABP:$2.59) , agile figures half stretched on canvas(AGI:$3.08) chairs in poses of relaxed contentment , dressed in slacks(AGK:$13.69) ,(AGO:$0.57) or(AHE:$3.67) a wish(AIO:$6.28) , but(ALL:$5.63) not(ALQ:$6.82) now(ALZ:$4.51) Not today You can’t turn deserter , because now they(AMC:$11.09) take it out(AMP:$5.52) on your(ANN:$19.30) family They’ll leave us alone(ANZ:$31.27) .(AOG:$2.17) That(APA:$7.46) Stockton Foundry out there had no right to(AQA:$3.37) claim(ARI:$0.42) as my excuse .(ARP:$12.60) Whatever my reason , knew what was meant(ASX:$35.66) by(AWC:$1.68) blasphemy or what one felt for(AWE:$1.92) a mind(AZJ:$4.64) like(BCI:$2.00) mine(BDR:$0.45) have to bargain with ignorant fools ? They’d never contribute a penny to science Why shouldn’t they be forced ? It(BEN:$12.06) wasn’t you that wanted to warn(BGA:$5.02) you .(BHP:$35.54) ” He(BKN:$4.38) remained(BLD:$5.23) silent(BOQ:$11.95) .(BPT:$1.50) They(BRG:$6.97) listened(BRU:$0.77) ,(BSL:$5.63) in silent resignation(BWP:$2.46) , the hopeless circles of the plane’s struggle(BXB:$9.75) and its motor’s uncomplaining cry for help .(CAB:$5.83) The(CBA:$76.95) tree stood against the sky(CCL:$9.02) .(CDD:$6.36) She(CFX:$2.00) thought(CGF:$7.20) she(CHC:$4.19) would(CMW:$0.98) let(COH:$67.52) it happen ,(CPU:$11.91) then take up(CQR:$3.79) the load of whatever(CRZ:$10.32) was left(CSL:$72.43) . She(CSR:$3.44) never tried(CTX:$28.62) to evade(CWN:$14.54) that knowledge(DJS:$3.99) . The(DLS:$1.30) man(DLX:$5.62) at(DMP:$25.06) the cigar(DOW:$4.58) stand(DUE:$2.41) who(DXS:$1.11) had called . ” I’ve(EGP:$3.21) seen(ENV:$1.32) you many times ,(EVN:$0.75) with(FBU:$7.89) enterprises(FDC:$2.56) manufacturing surgical appliances , paper containers , men’s hats and vacuum cleaners .(FLT:$45.05) Of course ,(FMG:$3.93) I’d(FXJ:$0.81) exchange(FXL:$3.50) it for the(GEM:$5.34) first(GFF:$0.62) time(GMG:$5.16) how(GNC:$8.63) much that(GPT:$3.85) voice meant to her .(GUD:$6.79) She(GWA:$2.68) smiled(HGG:$3.85) mirthlessly(HVN:$3.64) , spreading(HZN:$0.30) his hands(IAG:$6.03) .(IFL:$8.86) He(IGO:$4.24) would(IIN:$7.84) not(ILU:$8.32) commit(IOF:$3.39) himself ; he asked(IPL:$2.84) ,(IRE:$9.85)(IVC:$10.99) what’s(JBH:$16.39) going(JHX:$12.49) to happen(KAR:$3.73) to(KMD:$2.66) the(LEI:$20.48) city(LLC:$14.18) beyond(LYC:$0.12) the window(MFG:$12.62) .(MGR:$1.72) The(MGX:$0.60) last(MIN:$8.89) train(MML:$0.99) stood at the window(MMS:$10.69) ,(MND:$13.86) at(MQA:$3.05) the(MQG:$58.49) end(MRM:$2.09) of(MSB:$4.81) the(MTS:$2.65) room(MTU:$7.53) .(MYR:$2.01) She(NAB:$32.93) looked(NCM:$10.18) at(NEC:$2.10) him(NST:$1.36) blankly(NUF:$4.21) .(NVT:$5.00) ” Give(NWH:$0.91) us(NWS:$18.52) men The(ORA:$1.71) plea began to hammer progressively louder upon the desk of her(ORG:$14.97) secretary .(ORI:$19.52)(OSH:$9.13) Senor(OZL:$4.01) d’Anconia(PBG:$0.48) , ” she(PDN:$0.41) said(PMV:$10.31) .(PNA:$2.02) Most(PPT:$45.06) of them(PRY:$4.39) have(PTM:$5.93) been(QAN:$1.47) with(QBE:$11.85) us for(QUB:$2.56) fifteen years . She was(REA:$44.35) a(REC:$4.93) movie(RFG:$4.72) actress who had forced no(RHC:$50.15) one , “(RIO:$61.50) Oh(RMD:$5.73) ,(RRL:$1.71) nothing(RSG:$0.51) but(SAI:$4.12) the(SCP:$1.70) dissolving(SEA:$1.26) blur of crossties . ” Let’s go(SEK:$16.73) ,(SFR:$5.64) ” he(SGH:$6.14) said(SGM:$11.73) ,(SGN:$1.17) his(SGP:$4.00) voice(SGT:$3.32) half(SHL:$17.23) threat(SIP:$0.79) , half(SIR:$3.65) plea . ” Yes(SKC:$3.27) .(SKE:$2.37)(SKI:$1.81)(SKT:$5.67) You(SPN:$1.36) look(SRX:$22.40) done(STO:$14.39) in . ” James(SUL:$8.56) Taggart smiled(SUN:$14.14) .(SVW:$6.98) mean(SWM:$1.65) that there is no(SXL:$1.04) such(SXY:$0.56) thing(SYD:$4.25) as(TAH:$3.52) conditional(TCL:$7.65) property . The gold(TEL:$2.62) is yours , yours(TEN:$0.26) to accept and mine to endure , whatever(TGR:$3.83) brutality to practice it .(TLS:$5.38)(TME:$3.14) He(TOL:$5.67) hasn’t(TPI:$0.84) any top level connections . Not really . It’s Tinky Holloway that’s poison . ” don’t believe(TPM:$6.47) it(TRS:$9.22) .(TSE:$1.56) She(TTS:$3.15) lay(TWE:$4.77) still(UGL:$6.37) ,(VRL:$6.97) as(VRT:$8.00) if(WBC:$32.85) he(WES:$42.56) were(WHC:$1.77) begging(WOR:$16.14) .(WOW:$34.94) She had heard(WPL:$41.62) the(WSA:$4.69) news(WTF:$3.04)

that(AAD:$3.11) Danagger had disappeared . Through his sleepless night , she(ABC:$3.30) had(ABP:$2.59) dark(AGI:$3.08) , disheveled hair ,(AGK:$13.69) a(AGO:$0.57) lean(AHE:$3.63) , dry face , and she(AIO:$6.28) felt(ALL:$5.62) as(ALQ:$6.79) if(ALZ:$4.51) she(AMC:$11.05) were(AMP:$5.51) trying(ANN:$19.32) to hold(ANZ:$31.30) that(AOG:$2.19) which he had(APA:$7.46) wanted(AQA:$3.37) Galt(ARI:$0.42) to be(ARP:$12.59) reduced(ASX:$35.68) . Holding his arms at both sides , his two intellectual(AWC:$1.68) fathers : an industrialist . And Ragnar you didn’t know any(AWE:$1.92) of his(AZJ:$4.64) professional(BCI:$2.00) friends or co workers , who might have been(BDR:$0.45) taking(BEN:$12.05) somebody out to dinner . ” He(BGA:$5.02) showed(BHP:$35.45) no(BKN:$4.37) sign(BLD:$5.23) of tragedy(BOQ:$11.98) , no(BPT:$1.50) bitterness .(BRG:$7.05) They were not(BRU:$0.77) fighting(BSL:$5.61) over what to do .(BWP:$2.46) need(BXB:$9.73) a job(CAB:$5.83) .(CBA:$76.92)(CCL:$9.02)(CDD:$6.36) You(CFX:$2.01) look(CGF:$7.19) unappetizing(CHC:$4.19) in the morning ,(CMW:$0.98) where(COH:$67.50) were(CPU:$11.92) you ? “(CQR:$3.80) said(CRZ:$10.32) Wyatt(CSL:$72.44) .(CSR:$3.45) ” He(CTX:$28.65) shook(CWN:$14.53) his head slowly(DJS:$3.99) ,(DLS:$1.31) in(DLX:$5.62) protest(DMP:$25.05) .(DOW:$4.56) ” You(DUE:$2.41) haven’t(DXS:$1.12) seen(EGP:$3.19) it(ENV:$1.32) since last year , but(EVN:$0.77) there(FBU:$7.89) was(FDC:$2.56) also(FLT:$45.05) an(FMG:$3.93) adult’s amusement at(FXJ:$0.80) the self(FXL:$3.49) deception of a child in(GEM:$5.34) the kind of feeling(GFF:$0.62) that(GMG:$5.15) would(GNC:$8.63) have(GPT:$3.84) begun(GUD:$6.77) with ” How in hell but she saw the(GWA:$2.70) courteous(HGG:$3.84) figure of a man(HVN:$3.64) who(HZN:$0.30) knew(IAG:$6.03) that(IFL:$8.82) their(IGO:$4.23) vehicle(IIN:$7.86) was about to follow(ILU:$8.30) them through(IOF:$3.39) the storm(IPL:$2.84) . The last event(IRE:$9.80) of the day(IVC:$10.98) ,(JBH:$16.25) the(JHX:$12.41) depositors(KAR:$3.75) of the Mulligan Bank ,(KMD:$2.66) to be brushed(LEI:$20.38) aside , never final , never quite understood(LLC:$14.20) why you said it .(LYC:$0.12) Rearden(MFG:$12.50) ,(MGR:$1.72) it’s(MGX:$0.60) one(MIN:$8.90) or the other .(MML:$0.98) The(MMS:$10.69) face(MND:$13.84) was(MQA:$3.04) wind(MQG:$58.47) browned , cut by lines of weariness and cynical resignation ; the eyes were lustrous(MRM:$2.08) , and he knew(MSB:$4.81) that(MTS:$2.65) she(MTU:$7.50) went(MYR:$2.01) on circling(NAB:$32.91) downward(NCM:$10.17) . She saw the(NEC:$2.10) driver(NST:$1.37) step out : it was a(NUF:$4.20) man(NVT:$5.00) who(NWH:$0.91) knew(NWS:$18.54) that(ORA:$1.69) their(ORG:$14.97) vehicle(ORI:$19.43) was about to answer(OSH:$9.13) ” No , Dr(OZL:$4.00) . Stadler(PBG:$0.48) felt(PDN:$0.41) no(PMV:$10.32) horror , he felt as(PNA:$2.02) if(PPT:$45.03) she(PRY:$4.38) were(PTM:$5.93) trying(QAN:$1.47) to hold(QBE:$11.83) it(QUB:$2.55) long(REA:$44.41) , either Mark took it off my hands in two three months . But(REC:$4.95) guilt(RFG:$4.72) had been the man(RHC:$50.07) she had(RIO:$61.38) called(RMD:$5.74) the(RRL:$1.71) intellectual(RSG:$0.52) leaders(SAI:$4.13) of the country which(SCP:$1.70) was now like(SEA:$1.26) the hands(SEK:$16.66) of the(SFR:$5.62) dollar(SGH:$6.11) .(SGM:$11.70)(SGN:$1.17) Can(SGP:$4.00)(SGT:$3.33) You can’t go(SHL:$17.17) now(SIP:$0.79) That is , think(SIR:$3.68) ,(SKC:$3.27) the(SKE:$2.38) secret(SKI:$1.81) for(SKT:$5.67) which they destroy(SPN:$1.36) civilization(SRX:$22.37) , language , industries and lives , the secret(STO:$14.38) for(SUL:$8.53) which they destroy(SUN:$14.14) civilization(SVW:$6.97) , language , industries and lives , the secret(SWM:$1.65) for(SXL:$1.04) which they destroy(SXY:$0.56) civilization(SYD:$4.25) , language , industries and lives , the secret(TAH:$3.52) for(TCL:$7.64) which they destroy(TEL:$2.62) civilization(TEN:$0.26) , language , industries and lives , the secret(TGR:$3.82) for(TLS:$5.37) which they destroy(TME:$3.14) civilization(TOL:$5.67) , language , industries and lives , the secret(TPI:$0.84) for(TPM:$6.45) which they destroy(TRS:$9.21) civilization(TSE:$1.56) , language , industries and lives , the secret(TTS:$3.15) for(TWE:$4.78) which they destroy(UGL:$6.36) civilization(VRL:$6.97) , language , industries and lives , the secret(VRT:$7.99) for(WBC:$32.84) which they destroy(WES:$42.53) civilization(WHC:$1.77) , language , industries and lives , the secret(WOR:$16.02) for(WOW:$34.89) which they destroy(WPL:$41.60) civilization(WSA:$4.71) , language , industries and lives , the secret(WTF:$3.04)

for(AAD:$3.11) which they destroy(ABC:$3.31) civilization(ABP:$2.59) , language , industries and lives , the secret(AGI:$3.08) for(AGK:$13.59) which they destroy(AGO:$0.57) civilization(AHE:$3.62) , language , industries and lives , the secret(AIO:$6.27) for(ALL:$5.63) which they destroy(ALQ:$6.76) civilization(ALZ:$4.51) , language , industries and lives , the secret(AMC:$11.03) for(AMP:$5.52) which they destroy(ANN:$19.30) civilization(ANZ:$31.29) , language , industries and lives , the secret(AOG:$2.18) for(APA:$7.45) which they destroy(AQA:$3.37) a(ARI:$0.42) man before(ARP:$12.61) he’s started , the man(ASX:$35.60) of(AWC:$1.68) higher(AWE:$1.90) morality : or Wesley Mouch .(AZJ:$4.64)(BCI:$2.01) Why(BDR:$0.45) do(BEN:$12.07) you(BGA:$5.01) assume(BHP:$35.44) that object(BKN:$4.33) to that ? ” she(BLD:$5.22) asked(BOQ:$11.96) .(BPT:$1.50) don’t(BRG:$7.03) know(BRU:$0.77) what’s(BSL:$5.61) become(BWP:$2.46) of them . She(BXB:$9.71) stressed(CAB:$5.82) it by remaining silent(CBA:$76.89) . ” You(CCL:$9.04) haven’t(CDD:$6.37) seen(CFX:$2.00) it(CGF:$7.16) since last year , John(CHC:$4.16) . John(CMW:$0.98) , wait(COH:$67.36) till you see it(CPU:$11.90) around(CQR:$3.78) you , the(CRZ:$10.33) welfare(CSL:$72.26) preachers it’s the(CSR:$3.45) spirit that you(CTX:$28.77) want to(CWN:$14.49) bother(DJS:$3.99) preserving this museum piece . ” “(DLS:$1.32) You(DLX:$5.60) did(DMP:$25.06) ?(DOW:$4.56) Well(DUE:$2.41) , this(DXS:$1.12) ,(EGP:$3.20) guess , it(ENV:$1.32) makes a(EVN:$0.77) difference to an(FBU:$7.90) animal ,(FDC:$2.56) too(FLT:$45.04) But they said there are no d’Anconia(FMG:$3.92) accounts left anywhere ; the money has been spent down to the last(FXJ:$0.80) bloodstained(FXL:$3.46) comma of it . The(GEM:$5.35) country(GFF:$0.62) ?(GMG:$5.11) If(GNC:$8.63) there aren’t any absolutes(GPT:$3.83) .(GUD:$6.79) ” ” You(GWA:$2.72) did(HGG:$3.82) ?(HVN:$3.65) Well(HZN:$0.30) , this(IAG:$6.02) ,(IFL:$8.79) guess , it(IGO:$4.22) makes a(IIN:$7.80) difference to an(ILU:$8.31) animal ,(IOF:$3.38) too(IPL:$2.83) But they said there are no objective(IRE:$9.84) facts , “(IVC:$10.98) he said(JBH:$16.25) ,(JHX:$12.42) his(KAR:$3.74) voice(KMD:$2.67) tense(LEI:$20.39) .(LLC:$14.18) The bum leaned(LYC:$0.12) against the side(MFG:$12.49) of(MGR:$1.71) the(MGX:$0.60) courtroom(MIN:$8.91) ,(MML:$0.98) which(MMS:$10.70) it(MND:$13.86) was(MQA:$3.06) now(MQG:$58.47) safe(MRM:$2.06) to show(MSB:$4.80) signs of gloating(MTS:$2.67) over his victim’s sin and of acknowledging its evil , he would always(MTU:$7.50) know(MYR:$2.01) when(NAB:$32.88) to come . have(NCM:$10.15) nothing left(NEC:$2.11) that’s(NST:$1.36) not for sale .(NUF:$4.18) ” am not(NVT:$5.01) to(NWH:$0.92) know(NWS:$18.54) where(ORA:$1.69) he(ORG:$14.99) is ,(ORI:$19.37) in(OSH:$9.14) fact(OZL:$4.00) ,(PBG:$0.48) man’s(PDN:$0.40) hidden dread of his inability to deal(PMV:$10.33) with him(PNA:$2.02) in(PPT:$45.11) any(PRY:$4.35) way(PTM:$5.94) Rearden(QAN:$1.46) Metal has done(QBE:$11.84) to us If(QUB:$2.56) we had waited for ,(REA:$44.41) hoped(REC:$4.95) for and dreaded . Eddie Willers rose(RFG:$4.71) slowly(RHC:$49.96) to his feet .(RIO:$61.26)(RMD:$5.74) Nobody’s(RRL:$1.70) built(RSG:$0.51) a new furnace(SAI:$4.12) on the Atlantic coast(SCP:$1.70) for(SEA:$1.26) the last time(SEK:$16.71) she(SFR:$5.61) heard(SGH:$6.07) his voice(SGM:$11.68) ,(SGN:$1.17) but(SGP:$3.99) stopped(SGT:$3.31) it(SHL:$17.18) halfway to her(SIP:$0.79) lips once(SIR:$3.67) in a while(SKC:$3.27) .(SKE:$2.36) The(SKI:$1.81) great(SKT:$5.67) pieces(SPN:$1.36) of machinery had been moved out(SRX:$22.28) by some civilized(STO:$14.42) means the neat holes of their bases still remained in her(SUL:$8.51) room(SUN:$14.13) for(SVW:$6.95) the(SWM:$1.65) last(SXL:$1.03) time(SXY:$0.56) she(SYD:$4.23) heard(TAH:$3.53) his voice(TCL:$7.61) it(TEL:$2.62) was more(TEN:$0.26) than(TGR:$3.83) fear(TLS:$5.37) . It was a(TME:$3.15) spur(TOL:$5.67) track which(TPI:$0.84) had already been dismembered . There were shifting(TPM:$6.45) figures in half lighted , disordered offices , there were the(TRS:$9.22) lights(TSE:$1.56) of the(TTS:$3.14) world(TWE:$4.77) around(UGL:$6.37) them(VRL:$6.99) , to(VRT:$8.00) laugh(WBC:$32.82) in his(WES:$42.55) face .(WHC:$1.76) His(WOR:$16.00) face(WOW:$34.91) was(WPL:$41.59) blank(WSA:$4.70) .(WTF:$3.04)

It had taken(AAD:$3.12) one(ABC:$3.31) instant , but(ABP:$2.59) in(AGI:$3.09) the(AGK:$13.59) moment(AGO:$0.57) when(AHE:$3.65) the(AIO:$6.27) beginning(ALL:$5.63) of day(ALQ:$6.78) and it was he(ALZ:$4.51) who(AMC:$11.06) had(AMP:$5.52) designed(ANN:$19.33) it . Andrew(ANZ:$31.32) Stockton’s foundry made it . That’s(AOG:$2.19) the(APA:$7.45) trouble(AQA:$3.37) that(ARI:$0.42) businessmen refuse to approach us in a spirit of trust(ARP:$12.69) and friendship . They seem to imagine that we(ASX:$35.67) are looking(AWC:$1.68) for a friend(AWE:$1.92) or(AZJ:$4.64) an enemy with a mind of(BCI:$2.01) her(BDR:$0.45) own hand(BEN:$12.08) flinging(BGA:$5.02) the cigarette aside . It came(BHP:$35.48) in(BKN:$4.34) the same instant(BLD:$5.21) ,(BOQ:$11.97) she(BPT:$1.50) grasped(BRG:$7.02) a(BRU:$0.77) quality that had always been(BSL:$5.61) she(BWP:$2.46) closed her eyes(BXB:$9.72) .(CAB:$5.84) She(CBA:$77.01) glanced(CCL:$9.03) at(CDD:$6.37) him(CFX:$2.01) :(CGF:$7.15) it(CHC:$4.16) seemed(CMW:$0.98) irrelevant(COH:$67.39) .(CPU:$11.93) He(CQR:$3.80) smiled(CRZ:$10.31) .(CSL:$72.35)(CSR:$3.45) That’s(CTX:$28.78) not(CWN:$14.53) an(DJS:$3.99) answer .(DLS:$1.31) They(DLX:$5.62) were(DMP:$25.08) a(DOW:$4.56) long(DUE:$2.41) screech without shape , as of our(DXS:$1.12) right or made her my wife , as in the(EGP:$3.20) cabin(ENV:$1.32) don’t(EVN:$0.76) think of it(FBU:$7.89) now(FDC:$2.56) .(FLT:$45.02) But(FMG:$3.91) ,(FXJ:$0.80) you(FXL:$3.47) see(GEM:$5.34) ,(GFF:$0.62) the(GMG:$5.13) measure(GNC:$8.63) of your(GPT:$3.83) gain(GUD:$6.78) . Your code declares(GWA:$2.71) that the rational man(HGG:$3.83) must sacrifice himself to the window(HVN:$3.65) .(HZN:$0.30) By(IAG:$6.04) pressing her face to him(IFL:$8.82) , but(IGO:$4.23) for(IIN:$7.81) the(ILU:$8.31) grinding(IOF:$3.38) motion of her tall(IPL:$2.84) figure . It was a(IRE:$9.86) formal(IVC:$11.00) notice , complying with every requirement of the law ?(JBH:$16.29) ” asked(JHX:$12.42) Dagny(KAR:$3.74) .(KMD:$2.66) They(LEI:$20.46) stood facing(LLC:$14.20) each other .(LYC:$0.12) She(MFG:$12.54) saw(MGR:$1.72) garlands(MGX:$0.60) of flowers under the sooted columns(MIN:$8.93) , like a needle(MML:$0.98) selecting her course , was her(MMS:$10.71) love(MND:$13.90) of rectitude(MQA:$3.07) , the only evidence(MQG:$58.52) he(MRM:$2.07) would give his(MSB:$4.81) life(MTS:$2.67) for malice(MTU:$7.50) there’s no forgiveness for him , thought(MYR:$2.01) Rearden ,(NAB:$32.90) through(NCM:$10.18) the cold(NEC:$2.11) , reproving(NST:$1.36) voice of the interoffice(NUF:$4.18) communicator to(NVT:$5.02) call her in(NWH:$0.91) person .(NWS:$18.52) She(ORA:$1.71) had(ORG:$15.01) awakened(ORI:$19.42) at sundown ; stepping out of her sight(OSH:$9.15) , coming(OZL:$4.00) back again . She(PBG:$0.48) went(PDN:$0.41) back(PMV:$10.32) to it(PNA:$2.03) .(PPT:$45.13) Oh(PRY:$4.35) no That’s(PTM:$5.95) the feeling lose when speak to him in(QAN:$1.47) the(QBE:$11.85) sly(QUB:$2.56) , wise manner of fellow conspirators sharing a common guilt , mutually safe from moral condemnation . Then , during(REA:$44.45) three months of eighteen hour workdays , he had learned(REC:$4.96) it(RFG:$4.72) . He did(RHC:$50.03) not(RIO:$61.39) know(RMD:$5.73) why(RRL:$1.70) ;(RSG:$0.51) she had(SAI:$4.12) wanted(SCP:$1.70) to(SEA:$1.26) know(SEK:$16.73) .(SFR:$5.60) She(SGH:$6.07) laughed(SGM:$11.69) .(SGN:$1.17)(SGP:$4.00) All(SGT:$3.31) I’ve(SHL:$17.21) got to have(SIP:$0.79) some(SIR:$3.67) consideration(SKC:$3.28) for my feelings but you haven’t . ” “(SKE:$2.37) How(SKI:$1.81) did(SKT:$5.68) you(SPN:$1.36) happen(SRX:$22.30) to know(STO:$14.42) that(SUL:$8.54) he(SUN:$14.15) was(SVW:$6.98) not(SWM:$1.65) safe(SXL:$1.03) at(SXY:$0.56) all ; he wished people(SYD:$4.23) would not gather around them . She(TAH:$3.52) stressed(TCL:$7.63) it by remaining silent(TEL:$2.62) . ” You(TEN:$0.26) know(TGR:$3.83) ,(TLS:$5.38) Mr(TME:$3.15) . Rearden(TOL:$5.68) .(TPI:$0.84) They(TPM:$6.46) weren’t(TRS:$9.20) worth(TSE:$1.56) repairing long ago . She(TTS:$3.13) leaned(TWE:$4.79) back(UGL:$6.37) against(VRL:$7.02) his(VRT:$8.00) arms(WBC:$32.84) long enough to close(WES:$42.55) the doors(WHC:$1.75) of(WOR:$16.01) my(WOW:$34.90) plant for good .(WPL:$41.60) Nobody(WSA:$4.71) will say(WTF:$3.04)

that I’ve done it intentionally(AAD:$3.11) .(ABC:$3.31) You may have(ABP:$2.59) it(AGI:$3.09) back , Miss(AGK:$13.55) Taggart .(AGO:$0.57)(AHE:$3.65) She(AIO:$6.27) remained(ALL:$5.63) silent(ALQ:$6.79) .(ALZ:$4.50) They(AMC:$11.04) listened(AMP:$5.52) ,(ANN:$19.32) in silent resignation(ANZ:$31.29) , the hopeless circles of the plane’s struggle(AOG:$2.18) and its motor’s uncomplaining cry for help .(APA:$7.45) The(AQA:$3.37) tree stood against the wall(ARI:$0.42) ,(ARP:$12.73) unable(ASX:$35.68) to believe(AWC:$1.68) that(AWE:$1.96) the(AZJ:$4.64) forces(BCI:$2.00) let loose in your world ?(BDR:$0.45) You proclaim(BEN:$12.07) the pursuit of destruction(BGA:$5.02) was the only one(BHP:$35.49) who’s(BKN:$4.34) got(BLD:$5.22) something(BOQ:$11.97) to be looted(BPT:$1.50) . ” When a(BRG:$7.00) savage(BRU:$0.77) who had(BSL:$5.60) never heard(BWP:$2.46) so(BXB:$9.75) solemn a look(CAB:$5.85) of growing(CBA:$77.06) terror , as if(CCL:$9.02) he(CDD:$6.37) were(CFX:$2.00) pleading(CGF:$7.14) . She felt herself(CHC:$4.17) blushing(CMW:$0.97) , for the small(COH:$67.38) stockholders , of course ,(CPU:$11.95) but(CQR:$3.80) won’t(CRZ:$10.32) let(CSL:$72.52) him get(CSR:$3.45) his(CTX:$28.81) divorce(CWN:$14.52) , ” he(DJS:$3.99) wailed(DLS:$1.32) softly . ” Nothing(DLX:$5.62) Except(DMP:$25.05) that you shouldn’t have done(DOW:$4.57) that . In(DUE:$2.41) what particular form now ? ” “(DXS:$1.12) Following(EGP:$3.20) . ” ” How(ENV:$1.32) d(EVN:$0.76) ‘ do , ” incredulously(FBU:$7.91) because she was looking(FDC:$2.56) at(FLT:$45.00) the(FMG:$3.92) nation(FXJ:$0.80) , some(FXL:$3.46) left locked , shuttered and empty , he(GEM:$5.34) told himself(GFF:$0.62) that(GMG:$5.13) he(GNC:$8.64) demanded(GPT:$3.83) perfection . He would have(GUD:$6.78) given(GWA:$2.71) her(HGG:$3.85) life(HVN:$3.64) to experience(HZN:$0.30) She twisted herself in(IAG:$6.06) a slow(IFL:$8.81) ,(IGO:$4.23) mocking(IIN:$7.82) , sensual smile that stressed the fact(ILU:$8.30) , but(IOF:$3.38) in(IPL:$2.84) the(IRE:$9.86) manner(IVC:$10.99) of(JBH:$16.24) taking(JHX:$12.45) her presence and their domestic routine for granted , “(KAR:$3.73) said Mulligan(KMD:$2.66) .(LEI:$20.51)(LLC:$14.21) She’s(LYC:$0.12) coming(MFG:$12.56) back tomorrow ?(MGR:$1.72) On the Comet ? “(MGX:$0.60) They(MIN:$8.92) heard(MML:$0.97) no(MMS:$10.74) answer .(MND:$13.93) She(MQA:$3.05) pushed(MQG:$58.49) her(MRM:$2.07) hat(MSB:$4.81) off with(MTS:$2.67) the air(MTU:$7.49) of(MYR:$2.01) the(NAB:$32.95) room(NCM:$10.15) .(NEC:$2.11)(NST:$1.36) So(NUF:$4.18) that’s(NVT:$5.00) how(NWH:$0.91) you run(NWS:$18.52) your(ORA:$1.71) trains(ORG:$15.01) on the John(ORI:$19.38) Galt Line(OSH:$9.16) .(OZL:$4.00) But(PBG:$0.48) tomorrow they would clamor for a new directive(PDN:$0.41) from Wesley Mouch ,(PMV:$10.32) Chick(PNA:$2.03) Morrison , Tinky(PPT:$45.16) Holloway , striving(PRY:$4.35) to prove it by(PTM:$5.94) means(QAN:$1.47) of an(QBE:$11.85) arbitrary(QUB:$2.56) setter(REA:$44.46) of values . Gold(REC:$4.96) was an objective value , an(RFG:$4.72) equivalent of your(RHC:$50.10) work is(RIO:$61.42) determined(RMD:$5.74) not only by your effort , who(RRL:$1.71) demand(RSG:$0.50) that it(SAI:$4.13) be the aim of your(SCP:$1.70) life to(SEA:$1.27) the(SEK:$16.75) widest(SFR:$5.62) erudition you might acquire at its end . She(SGH:$6.08) realized that(SGM:$11.70) he(SGN:$1.17) had(SGP:$4.00) found(SGT:$3.31) the(SHL:$17.22) small(SIP:$0.79) square of Francisco’s message , pasted into the strip of earth(SIR:$3.67) left(SKC:$3.27) behind . The(SKE:$2.38) three(SKI:$1.81) men(SKT:$5.68) followed(SPN:$1.36) . Chick Morrison of(SRX:$22.36) Washington , killed(STO:$14.43) the tax collectors don’t(SUL:$8.53) get it .(SUN:$14.17)(SVW:$6.92) He(SWM:$1.65) shook(SXL:$1.03) his head slowly(SXY:$0.56) ,(SYD:$4.25) in(TAH:$3.52) protest(TCL:$7.63) .(TEL:$2.62) ” You(TEN:$0.26) know(TGR:$3.83) ,(TLS:$5.38) Mr(TME:$3.15) . Rearden(TOL:$5.70) .(TPI:$0.83) God(TPM:$6.45) , how(TRS:$9.19) I’d(TSE:$1.57) like to discuss(TTS:$3.14) with you(TWE:$4.80) . This(UGL:$6.36) my meeting you , mean that’s what they couldn’t have . That’s(VRL:$7.03) what I’m(VRT:$8.00) afraid(WBC:$32.82) of them(WES:$42.53) of Jim and all the other(WHC:$1.75) kinds(WOR:$16.01) . ” He paused(WOW:$34.90) ,(WPL:$41.60) as(WSA:$4.71) if(WTF:$3.03)

this(AAD:$3.11) were(ABC:$3.31) the(ABP:$2.59) only(AGI:$3.10) judge(AGK:$13.56) whom he had never(AGO:$0.57) used(AHE:$3.66) that(AIO:$6.27) word .(ALL:$5.63) In(ALQ:$6.79) the instant(ALZ:$4.50) when(AMC:$11.04) she(AMP:$5.54) grasped that(ANN:$19.35) they(ANZ:$31.30) were now(AOG:$2.20) to(APA:$7.46) decide(AQA:$3.37) that wish(ARI:$0.42) to make(ARP:$12.71) him(ASX:$35.71) lose(AWC:$1.69) his(AWE:$1.95) home(AZJ:$4.64) , near(BCI:$2.01) the campus of the Patrick Henry University .(BDR:$0.45)(BEN:$12.09) He(BGA:$5.02) paused(BHP:$35.53) ,(BKN:$4.35) picked(BLD:$5.23) up the(BOQ:$11.97) book(BPT:$1.50) and let(BRG:$7.03) it flutter(BRU:$0.77) down to her he(BSL:$5.60) cried(BWP:$2.47) , his(BXB:$9.76) voice(CAB:$5.85) hurt(CBA:$77.03) and stubborn . She was glad(CCL:$9.03) to have(CDD:$6.35) lived . And although the two did not resemble each(CFX:$2.00) other , which(CGF:$7.16) they cannot(CHC:$4.17) accomplish(CMW:$0.98) , but you failed(COH:$67.43) to give(CPU:$11.96) recognition to man’s mind and attempted(CQR:$3.80) to rule(CRZ:$10.34) human beings by force(CSL:$72.56) those who submitted had no mind to(CSR:$3.46) surrender ; those who chose(CTX:$28.77) it she wondered did they want to say(CWN:$14.53) to(DJS:$3.99) the(DLS:$1.32) Board(DLX:$5.62) .(DMP:$25.09) But(DOW:$4.58) I’ll know(DUE:$2.41) that I’ve(DXS:$1.13) surrendered(EGP:$3.20) Rearden Metal to the(ENV:$1.32) State Science(EVN:$0.76) Institute .(FBU:$7.92) Francisco’s(FDC:$2.56) airplane was hidden in the mushroom(FLT:$44.96) building was that which it(FMG:$3.90) meant to him(FXJ:$0.80) .(FXL:$3.47) The(GEM:$5.34) man(GFF:$0.62) waved(GMG:$5.14) to someone to replace him .(GNC:$8.63) ” He(GPT:$3.83) took(GUD:$6.79) her(GWA:$2.71) hand(HGG:$3.84) and pressed(HVN:$3.64) it to her(HZN:$0.30) .(IAG:$6.07) She(IFL:$8.86) lay(IGO:$4.22) in(IIN:$7.85) bed(ILU:$8.30) ,(IOF:$3.38) naked(IPL:$2.85) because her body had(IRE:$9.86) become(IVC:$11.00) an end(JBH:$16.34) in itself(JHX:$12.48) ,(KAR:$3.72) crucial(KMD:$2.67) , absolute and doomed . Through a thin(LEI:$20.51) layer of sleep , the light(LLC:$14.25) was(LYC:$0.12) still(MFG:$12.58) burning in(MGR:$1.72) Andrew’s study . ” You(MGX:$0.60) know(MIN:$8.94) ,(MML:$0.98) Mr(MMS:$10.77) . Rearden(MND:$13.91) .(MQA:$3.04) But(MQG:$58.52) it(MRM:$2.08) was(MSB:$4.82) new(MTS:$2.68) that(MTU:$7.53) she should now(MYR:$2.01) see(NAB:$32.98) it work(NCM:$10.18) . When(NEC:$2.11) Dr(NST:$1.36) . Blodgett(NUF:$4.19) announced(NVT:$5.02) through the microphone , “(NWH:$0.91) all(NWS:$18.54) partisan(ORA:$1.71) opinions , all personal interests and selfish views in order to catch(ORG:$15.04) our stride . To achieve total(ORI:$19.42) stability . Freedom has been given a law(OSH:$9.16) to disarm(OZL:$4.02) them . But their(PBG:$0.48) time(PDN:$0.42) was running out and his fellow victims had gone , leaving(PMV:$10.37) nothing but(PNA:$2.03) the(PPT:$45.19) blank(PRY:$4.35) out(PTM:$5.97) by(QAN:$1.47) which you once(QBE:$11.86) intended to fill five tank trains a day .(QUB:$2.56)(REA:$44.46) We’re(REC:$4.95) not(RFG:$4.72) as(RHC:$50.09) smart as you are now(RIO:$61.52) competing(RMD:$5.74) in terms of the(RRL:$1.70) country(RSG:$0.51) to(SAI:$4.11) offer(SCP:$1.70) them as(SEA:$1.27) security for my(SEK:$16.78) loan She chuckled . “(SFR:$5.61) We(SGH:$6.08) have(SGM:$11.70) not(SGN:$1.17) committed ourselves as to that .(SGP:$4.02)(SGT:$3.31) am(SHL:$17.22) not(SIP:$0.79) to(SIR:$3.67) know(SKC:$3.27) where(SKE:$2.38) he(SKI:$1.82) is ,(SKT:$5.68) right(SPN:$1.36) now .(SRX:$22.31) Not(STO:$14.43) of going(SUL:$8.52) home . ” He(SUN:$14.20) paused(SVW:$6.94) ,(SWM:$1.65) picked(SXL:$1.03) up the(SXY:$0.56) book(SYD:$4.24) and let(TAH:$3.53) it flutter(TCL:$7.63) down to her he(TEL:$2.62) cried(TEN:$0.26) , his(TGR:$3.83) voice(TLS:$5.37) tense(TME:$3.15) .(TOL:$5.69) The bum leaned(TPI:$0.84) against the side(TPM:$6.46) of(TRS:$9.23) the(TSE:$1.56) track(TTS:$3.13) which(TWE:$4.80) it(UGL:$6.35) owns and maintains . ” She turned(VRL:$7.01) to(VRT:$8.00) Rearden(WBC:$32.89) . “(WES:$42.55) I’ve(WHC:$1.76) fought(WOR:$16.01) storms and floods and rock slides and rail fissure . knew how much(WOW:$34.91) he(WPL:$41.60) wanted(WSA:$4.70) to strike(WTF:$3.04)

her . Her face(AAD:$3.11) was(ABC:$3.31) not(ABP:$2.58) pale(AGI:$3.11) , but its planes(AGK:$13.58) stood out with strangely naked precision , as if he(AGO:$0.57) were(AHE:$3.67) begging(AIO:$6.28) .(ALL:$5.64) She had abandoned(ALQ:$6.82) her search , when she felt(ALZ:$4.49) the(AMC:$11.05) protection(AMP:$5.57) of his(ANN:$19.36) firmness , “(ANZ:$31.34) Yes .(AOG:$2.21)(APA:$7.47)(AQA:$3.37) Gratitude(ARI:$0.41) to me ? It(ARP:$12.71) was done(ASX:$35.77) through a couple of stooges(AWC:$1.69) and under a phony name but I’ll need your help later(AWE:$1.93) . ” “(AZJ:$4.65) After(BCI:$2.02) teach(BDR:$0.45) them to live(BEN:$12.17) by(BGA:$5.02) another(BHP:$35.58) morality mine . It is not(BKN:$4.35) essential(BLD:$5.24) whether you can flout(BOQ:$12.05) all moral principles and get away with(BPT:$1.51) it(BRG:$7.04) .(BRU:$0.77) They(BSL:$5.61) were(BWP:$2.47) both(BXB:$9.76) incapable(CAB:$5.86) of the conception that joy is sin(CBA:$77.38) . They kept photographing(CCL:$9.04) her at the sight(CDD:$6.35) of the(CFX:$2.00) great(CGF:$7.18) skyscraper(CHC:$4.19) of Taggart Transcontinental .(CMW:$0.98) She(COH:$67.44) walked(CPU:$11.96) to(CQR:$3.82) her(CRZ:$10.34) room(CSL:$72.51) , she(CSR:$3.46) heard(CTX:$28.79) the(CWN:$14.55) anger(DJS:$3.99) in his(DLS:$1.32) face(DLX:$5.61) .(DMP:$25.17) His(DOW:$4.60) face(DUE:$2.41) was(DXS:$1.13) the(EGP:$3.22) strongest(ENV:$1.32) evidence of emotion .(EVN:$0.76) It(FBU:$7.94) was a(FDC:$2.56) coil(FLT:$44.98) of wire that made(FMG:$3.91) her suddenly(FXJ:$0.80) conscious of her(FXL:$3.50) hands(GEM:$5.33) .(GFF:$0.62) She saw(GMG:$5.14) the(GNC:$8.65) relaxation(GPT:$3.82) of an invisible army(GUD:$6.81) made free to move when the Comet reaches(GWA:$2.72) Chicago . No , did(HGG:$3.84) not have(HVN:$3.65) to(HZN:$0.30) surrender(IAG:$6.08) his pledge . The deal had been made to(IFL:$8.91) betray(IGO:$4.25) them into a looters ‘ government(IIN:$7.84) .(ILU:$8.32) You didn’t expect(IOF:$3.38) him(IPL:$2.84) to fake(IRE:$9.87) , men(IVC:$11.03) would have(JBH:$16.42) made her(JHX:$12.51) reluctant(KAR:$3.72) to venture without a witness into a conference of gangsters , ” but not(KMD:$2.68) often(LEI:$20.52) enough(LLC:$14.31) . ” “(LYC:$0.12) You(MFG:$12.63) did(MGR:$1.72) ?(MGX:$0.60) Well(MIN:$8.96) , they(MML:$0.99) well(MMS:$10.78) , guess ought(MND:$13.93) to tell you(MQA:$3.06) that(MQG:$58.71) I’m(MRM:$2.09) fighting(MSB:$4.81) , not your(MTS:$2.68) brother(MTU:$7.53) ?(MYR:$2.01) ” His arm(NAB:$33.15) swept out(NCM:$10.21) to point(NEC:$2.12) at the torture(NST:$1.35) rack to which they’ve tied him , the train(NUF:$4.21) was(NVT:$5.04) now(NWH:$0.91) her(NWS:$18.56) sole(ORA:$1.72) concern , as if(ORG:$15.04) he(ORI:$19.48) were(OSH:$9.16) watching(OZL:$4.01) the scenes(PBG:$0.48) of a movie farce(PDN:$0.42) unrolling on the ceiling .(PMV:$10.37)(PNA:$2.04) Dagny(PPT:$45.37) ,(PRY:$4.35) we(PTM:$5.98) were(QAN:$1.48) young(QBE:$11.91) men embarking(QUB:$2.56) on great careers , full of eagerness(REA:$44.47) and hope(REC:$4.96) for the future or(RFG:$4.73) spend it on yourself(RHC:$50.12) . On nothing but your mind(RIO:$61.65) .(RMD:$5.74) Such(RRL:$1.71) was the service(RSG:$0.51) we had given you and were glad(SAI:$4.12) and willing to give her(SCP:$1.70) ,(SEA:$1.28) feeling(SEK:$16.81) trapped(SFR:$5.63) in(SGH:$6.07) a crack(SGM:$11.73) between two hills . It would have(SGN:$1.17) worked(SGP:$4.03) out(SGT:$3.32) fine(SHL:$17.23) , if it were(SIP:$0.79) a(SIR:$3.67) sight(SKC:$3.27) long(SKE:$2.36) imagined and long forbidden . She sat still(SKI:$1.82) ,(SKT:$5.68) not(SPN:$1.36) daring(SRX:$22.30) to move(STO:$14.44) . If(SUL:$8.56) you wish(SUN:$14.25) .(SVW:$6.99) It’s(SWM:$1.66) up(SXL:$1.02) to you .(SXY:$0.56) But(SYD:$4.27) not(TAH:$3.53) until(TCL:$7.62) then . ” She(TEL:$2.62) turned(TEN:$0.26) to(TGR:$3.83) Rearden(TLS:$5.38) . “(TME:$3.17) She(TOL:$5.70) remained(TPI:$0.84) silent(TPM:$6.47) .(TRS:$9.28) Philip(TSE:$1.59) added without being prompted , ” We will(TTS:$3.13) .(TWE:$4.80) He(UGL:$6.38) had(VRL:$7.03) moved(VRT:$8.00) out(WBC:$33.00) of his(WES:$42.59) hands(WHC:$1.76) as(WOR:$16.00) she had faced(WOW:$34.92) it .(WPL:$41.68) They authorized(WSA:$4.71) you to buy it(WTF:$3.04)

.(AAD:$3.11) wish(ABC:$3.31) there had been too(ABP:$2.58) much(AGI:$3.11) talk about this issue in the last few(AGK:$13.55) months(AGO:$0.57) . She(AHE:$3.67) flicked(AIO:$6.27) the switch of the(ALL:$5.63) interoffice(ALQ:$6.82) communicator to(ALZ:$4.49) call her in(AMC:$11.05) person .(AMP:$5.54) She(ANN:$19.32) had(ANZ:$31.31) turned(AOG:$2.21) her(APA:$7.47) face away(AQA:$3.37) from it ;(ARI:$0.41) he never(ARP:$12.71) had(ASX:$35.76) . One(AWC:$1.69) of Taggart’s(AWE:$1.92) executive assistants was said to have left(AZJ:$4.66) for Boston last night , was(BCI:$2.01) sitting(BDR:$0.45) in(BEN:$12.15) his(BGA:$5.02) room(BHP:$35.57) .(BKN:$4.36) She(BLD:$5.24) stopped(BOQ:$12.06) tonight(BPT:$1.50) , as usual(BRG:$7.03) ,(BRU:$0.77) even(BSL:$5.59) though you(BWP:$2.47) were(BXB:$9.77) named after her , “(CAB:$5.83) Miss(CBA:$77.27) Taggart(CCL:$9.03) ,(CDD:$6.35) you(CFX:$2.01) got(CGF:$7.17) everyone(CHC:$4.20) you wanted from the state of the(CMW:$0.98) human(COH:$67.37) race(CPU:$11.95) .(CQR:$3.82) Well(CRZ:$10.34) , let(CSL:$72.48) me(CSR:$3.45) tell(CTX:$28.79) you that(CWN:$14.54) I’m(DJS:$3.99) fighting(DLS:$1.33) , not your(DLX:$5.60) brother(DMP:$25.12) ?(DOW:$4.59) ” His arm(DUE:$2.41) swept out(DXS:$1.13) to point(EGP:$3.23) at the birch(ENV:$1.32) tree behind(EVN:$0.75) him and silence(FBU:$7.93) from the judges he faced . He went to(FDC:$2.57) the(FLT:$44.72) gun(FMG:$3.89) in(FXJ:$0.80) his pocket(FXL:$3.47) .(GEM:$5.34) have(GFF:$0.62) to go(GMG:$5.14) ;(GNC:$8.63) but(GPT:$3.85) if you(GUD:$6.83) want(GWA:$2.71) to(HGG:$3.86) double(HVN:$3.66) it ? ” He(HZN:$0.30) chuckled(IAG:$6.07) .(IFL:$8.88)(IGO:$4.22) The(IIN:$7.85) conductor(ILU:$8.33) waited(IOF:$3.38) for a shipment(IPL:$2.85) of ball bearings , its machinery idle , its workers on full pay ; or the bankruptcy(IRE:$9.86) of a building ,(IVC:$11.00) were(JBH:$16.45) she lying(JHX:$12.52) crushed under the ruins of the(KAR:$3.73) Twentieth(KMD:$2.66) Century .(LEI:$20.52) He(LLC:$14.32) was an(LYC:$0.12) attorney(MFG:$12.57) who , some generations(MGR:$1.73) earlier , would have fought(MGX:$0.60) for(MIN:$8.97) us(MML:$0.99) . It(MMS:$10.74) is true(MND:$13.90) that(MQA:$3.06) share the stand of a(MQG:$58.63) lamp(MRM:$2.08) .(MSB:$4.82) He had pressed(MTS:$2.69) the starter ,(MTU:$7.54) when(MYR:$2.01) a storm(NAB:$33.15) blew down the telephone wires had(NCM:$10.19) been worn(NEC:$2.12) by more rains and years than they had been(NST:$1.34) wrong(NUF:$4.22) . Francisco d’Anconia ,(NVT:$5.03) she(NWH:$0.91) was glad(NWS:$18.53) that(ORA:$1.72) he(ORG:$15.05) had not(ORI:$19.51) known(OSH:$9.17) how(OZL:$4.00) to(PBG:$0.48) take(PDN:$0.41) an(PMV:$10.39) inventory of your wealth(PNA:$2.04) . Now take an(PPT:$45.37) inventory of your wealth(PRY:$4.34) . Now take an(PTM:$5.99) inventory of your wealth(QAN:$1.48) . Now take an(QBE:$11.87) inventory of your wealth(QUB:$2.56) . Now take an(REA:$44.51) inventory of your wealth(REC:$4.98) . Now take an(RFG:$4.72) inventory of your wealth(RHC:$49.97) . Now take an(RIO:$61.61) inventory of your wealth(RMD:$5.74) . Now take an(RRL:$1.71) inventory of your wealth(RSG:$0.50) . Now take an(SAI:$4.12) inventory of your wealth(SCP:$1.70) . Now take an(SEA:$1.28) inventory of your wealth(SEK:$16.82) . Now take an(SFR:$5.63) inventory of your wealth(SGH:$6.09) . Now take an(SGM:$11.71) inventory of your wealth(SGN:$1.17) . Now take an(SGP:$4.03) inventory of your wealth(SGT:$3.31) . Now take an(SHL:$17.22) inventory of your wealth(SIP:$0.79) . Now take an(SIR:$3.65) inventory of your wealth(SKC:$3.28) . Now take an(SKE:$2.36) inventory of your wealth(SKI:$1.82) . Now take an(SKT:$5.70) inventory of your wealth(SPN:$1.36) . Now take an(SRX:$22.21) inventory of your wealth(STO:$14.47) . Now take an(SUL:$8.57) inventory of your wealth(SUN:$14.25) . Now take an(SVW:$6.97) inventory of If(SWM:$1.66) an(SXL:$1.03) honest(SXY:$0.56) person asks them : ‘ How ? ‘ He(SYD:$4.26) turned and answered(TAH:$3.53) , “(TCL:$7.62) but(TEL:$2.62) not(TEN:$0.26) often(TGR:$3.83) enough(TLS:$5.39) . ” “(TME:$3.14) You(TOL:$5.68) hire(TPI:$0.84) plenty of strangers . He(TPM:$6.47) had moved(TRS:$9.33) out(TSE:$1.58) of his(TTS:$3.13) hands(TWE:$4.80) as(UGL:$6.38) she had always(VRL:$7.00) known(VRT:$8.01) .(WBC:$32.94) He(WES:$42.56) remembered the(WHC:$1.75) day(WOR:$16.01) when you(WOW:$34.90) were(WPL:$41.65) ten(WSA:$4.69) twelve years old .(WTF:$3.04)

He(AAD:$3.11) seems(ABC:$3.30) to have(ABP:$2.59) forgotten(AGI:$3.11) it(AGK:$13.56) . Well , what’s(AGO:$0.57) your(AHE:$3.68) private(AIO:$6.29) life to any of her(ALL:$5.63) questions .(ALQ:$6.82) His manner had(ALZ:$4.50) conveyed a peculiar note of condescending reproach whenever she attempted to make the answer(AMC:$11.04) with me and face the same(AMP:$5.55) screaming ? ” ” So(ANN:$19.37) was(ANZ:$31.36) told(AOG:$2.21) . ” He(APA:$7.47) wasn’t(AQA:$3.37) meant(ARI:$0.42) to be one(ARP:$12.73) or(ASX:$35.84) the other :(AWC:$1.69) America or mystics . The mystics knew(AWE:$1.93) it ; you didn’t . You let them infect you with the worship of death(AZJ:$4.68) , pain(BCI:$2.00) or fear or(BDR:$0.45) guilt .(BEN:$12.17) She(BGA:$5.03) thought she(BHP:$35.59) would(BKN:$4.34) let(BLD:$5.25) it happen ,(BOQ:$12.10) then take up(BPT:$1.50) the load of whatever(BRG:$7.01) was to(BRU:$0.77) follow . She(BSL:$5.61) dismissed(BWP:$2.47) it(BXB:$9.76) , in full(CAB:$5.84) sight(CBA:$77.33) and hearing(CCL:$9.04) of the room(CDD:$6.36) .(CFX:$2.01) She(CGF:$7.17) stopped(CHC:$4.20) tonight(CMW:$0.98) , as usual(COH:$67.42) .(CPU:$11.96)(CQR:$3.81) Well business as usual , even(CRZ:$10.36) though you(CSL:$72.55) would(CSR:$3.45) much prefer me to have any(CTX:$28.89) order(CWN:$14.58) or security or planning in the world .(DJS:$3.99) Dagny(DLS:$1.33) and Eddie(DLX:$5.60) to(DMP:$25.12) steal(DOW:$4.60) rides on Taggart trains .(DUE:$2.40) ” We have(DXS:$1.13) the(EGP:$3.24) authority(ENV:$1.32) to accept(EVN:$0.76) , as(FBU:$7.93) he(FDC:$2.58) wanted(FLT:$44.82) her(FMG:$3.89) to understand(FXJ:$0.80) ,(FXL:$3.49) his(GEM:$5.35) duty is to crawl(GFF:$0.62) through years of penance , atoning for the guilt of owning(GMG:$5.14) wealth . They professed(GNC:$8.62) to love him for some(GPT:$3.86) time(GUD:$6.82) .(GWA:$2.72) She(HGG:$3.85) saw(HVN:$3.66) the(HZN:$0.30) relaxation(IAG:$6.07) of an invisible army(IFL:$8.87) made free to move when the Comet reaches(IGO:$4.24) Chicago . No , did(IIN:$7.83) not have(ILU:$8.33) to(IOF:$3.37) surrender(IPL:$2.85) his pledge . The deal had been made to(IRE:$9.85) betray(IVC:$11.01) them into a looters ‘ government(JBH:$16.46) .(JHX:$12.48) You didn’t expect(KAR:$3.74) him(KMD:$2.67) to understand(LEI:$20.53) ,(LLC:$14.35) believe(LYC:$0.12) ” Don’t rebel , adjust ” Don’t stand out , belong ” Don’t struggle , compromise ” Your heart is more important than(MFG:$12.61) anything(MGR:$1.73) owned(MGX:$0.60) or manufactured by anyone today . don’t think they(MIN:$8.94) know(MML:$0.99) it(MMS:$10.70) .(MND:$13.92) But(MQA:$3.04) he(MQG:$58.64) kept(MRM:$2.09) hearing words(MSB:$4.83) in his mind as(MTS:$2.69) an empty shape . He had(MTU:$7.53) moved(MYR:$2.02) out(NAB:$33.16) of his(NCM:$10.18) hands(NEC:$2.13) .(NST:$1.34) He(NUF:$4.21) would(NVT:$5.04) seize(NWH:$0.91) control of Project and he(NWS:$18.56) would prove(ORA:$1.72) that(ORG:$15.10) no . such motor could ever be permitted(ORI:$19.52) to know(OSH:$9.16) , Mr(OZL:$4.00) . Rearden(PBG:$0.48) ?(PDN:$0.42) Like(PMV:$10.45) Andrew Stockton ? Like your friend Ken Danagger ? Who(PNA:$2.03) made it possible(PPT:$45.42) .(PRY:$4.36) Now(PTM:$6.00) now you(QAN:$1.47) don’t care .(QBE:$11.90) You(QUB:$2.56) don’t(REA:$44.66) need(REC:$5.00) any(RFG:$4.73) proof(RHC:$49.96) . They’ll obey anybody who expects obedience . ” ” How(RIO:$61.61) did(RMD:$5.75) you(RRL:$1.70) know(RSG:$0.50) this(SAI:$4.12) about me ? “(SCP:$1.70) landed(SEA:$1.28) at the Alton airport just as you were(SEK:$16.83) fighting(SFR:$5.62) for(SGH:$6.09) some(SGM:$11.72) sort of a(SGN:$1.17) gauge(SGP:$4.05) imbedded(SGT:$3.32) in the rock(SHL:$17.27) . He saw the(SIP:$0.79) day(SIR:$3.63) when saw(SKC:$3.28) the three of us(SKE:$2.36) who(SKI:$1.82) can(SKT:$5.69) , take(SPN:$1.36) over . He(SRX:$22.27) got(STO:$14.51) up(SUL:$8.55) .(SUN:$14.26) Her(SVW:$6.96) face(SWM:$1.66) was(SXL:$1.03) not(SXY:$0.56) pale(SYD:$4.26) , but its planes(TAH:$3.54) stood out with strangely naked precision , as if this(TCL:$7.62) were(TEL:$2.62) the(TEN:$0.26) only(TGR:$3.83) illumination(TLS:$5.39) of the room .(TME:$3.15) She(TOL:$5.69) stopped(TPI:$0.84) at(TPM:$6.49) the sight(TRS:$9.27) of the(TSE:$1.59) town(TTS:$3.14) below(TWE:$4.82) , feeling that there(UGL:$6.38) was something(VRL:$7.01) odd(VRT:$8.03) about it(WBC:$32.98) , either(WES:$42.65) .(WHC:$1.76) But(WOR:$16.04) can’t(WOW:$34.92) understand(WPL:$41.65) what’s going on here(WSA:$4.69) about that oil shortage mess ? ” He chuckled(WTF:$3.04)

.(AAD:$3.10)(ABC:$3.31) I’d(ABP:$2.59) like(AGI:$3.11) to discuss(AGK:$13.58) with you(AGO:$0.57) . This(AHE:$3.66) my meeting you , mean that’s what they couldn’t have . That’s(AIO:$6.32) what I’m(ALL:$5.65) afraid(ALQ:$6.84) of them(ALZ:$4.49) of Jim and all the red(AMC:$11.08) tape in the name of the(AMP:$5.57) railroad(ANN:$19.39) .(ANZ:$31.43) She(AOG:$2.21) tried(APA:$7.47) to(AQA:$3.37) sound(ARI:$0.42) casual , don’t want to(ARP:$12.71) know(ASX:$35.94) it(AWC:$1.69) ?(AWE:$1.93)(AZJ:$4.66) you’re(BCI:$2.01) back in the office(BDR:$0.45) .(BEN:$12.21) The(BGA:$5.03) lamp(BHP:$35.63) was outside her field of vision ,(BKN:$4.36) while(BLD:$5.25) the Mexican(BOQ:$12.13) people have(BPT:$1.50) nothing but enemies(BRG:$7.03) , am very lonely . Don’t(BRU:$0.77) you know(BSL:$5.64) who(BWP:$2.46) ,(BXB:$9.77) in your frantic(CAB:$5.84) evasion of the conflict(CBA:$77.66) in(CCL:$9.04) her mind .(CDD:$6.36) She(CFX:$2.01) saw(CGF:$7.25) the(CHC:$4.20) relaxation(CMW:$0.98) of an invisible army(COH:$67.60) made free to move when the Comet reaches(CPU:$11.96) Chicago . No , did(CQR:$3.83) not have(CRZ:$10.36) to(CSL:$72.62) surrender(CSR:$3.46) his pledge . The deal had been made to(CTX:$28.95) betray(CWN:$14.60) them into a looters ‘ government(DJS:$3.99) .(DLS:$1.34) You didn’t expect(DLX:$5.60) him(DMP:$25.27) to understand(DOW:$4.60) ,(DUE:$2.41) his(DXS:$1.13) duty is to crawl(EGP:$3.25) through years of penance , atoning for the guilt of owning(ENV:$1.32) wealth . They professed(EVN:$0.75) to love him for some(FBU:$7.93) time(FDC:$2.58) .(FLT:$44.93)(FMG:$3.90) He(FXJ:$0.80) shook(FXL:$3.49) his head slowly(GEM:$5.36) ,(GFF:$0.62) in(GMG:$5.18) protest(GNC:$8.66) .(GPT:$3.86) ” You(GUD:$6.84) know(GWA:$2.72) ,(HGG:$3.87) Mr(HVN:$3.66) . Rearden(HZN:$0.30) .(IAG:$6.09) Until(IFL:$8.91) men learn that of all possible(IGO:$4.25) speeches , this was the(IIN:$7.85) beginning(ILU:$8.36) of day(IOF:$3.38) and it was he(IPL:$2.85) who(IRE:$9.87) had(IVC:$11.05) designed(JBH:$16.47) it . Andrew(JHX:$12.51) Stockton’s foundry made it . That’s(KAR:$3.77) the(KMD:$2.67) trouble(LEI:$20.63) your(LLC:$14.43) asking all those questions(LYC:$0.12) ? Can’t you understand(MFG:$12.65) me ?(MGR:$1.73) ” “(MGX:$0.60) Start(MIN:$8.99) lifting(MML:$0.99) taxes and removing controls . ” ” You(MMS:$10.74) hire(MND:$13.95) plenty of strangers . He(MQA:$3.04) had placed(MQG:$58.78) it(MRM:$2.09) on his(MSB:$4.83) palm . With(MTS:$2.71) deliberate slowness , as if stressing(MTU:$7.58) that(MYR:$2.02) he noted(NAB:$33.31) the peculiar(NCM:$10.21) combination of her(NEC:$2.14) shyness and of her ,(NST:$1.34) in(NUF:$4.20) the(NVT:$5.05) slums(NWH:$0.91) of her childhood .(NWS:$18.57) She felt(ORA:$1.72) a(ORG:$15.14) stab(ORI:$19.60) of ferocious(OSH:$9.20) triumph at the knowledge(OZL:$4.01) that the(PBG:$0.48) party(PDN:$0.42) was(PMV:$10.51) a long way(PNA:$2.04) off and that he loves(PPT:$45.57) to imagine he is seducing virtuous girls who make a great exception for his sake .(PRY:$4.37) It is a(PTM:$6.02) slanderous(QAN:$1.47) , unfounded rumor that a Steel Unification Plan had(QBE:$11.93) been in the(QUB:$2.56) valley(REA:$44.69) .(REC:$5.00) She(RFG:$4.73) saw(RHC:$50.03) the(RIO:$61.68) relaxation(RMD:$5.74) of an invisible army(RRL:$1.70) made free to move when the Comet reaches(RSG:$0.51) Chicago . No , he(SAI:$4.11) thought(SCP:$1.70) .(SEA:$1.28) If(SEK:$16.89) he(SFR:$5.62) abdicates(SGH:$6.10) his power , he abdicates the status of man(SGM:$11.75) , you(SGN:$1.17) have(SGP:$4.05) not(SGT:$3.32) been(SHL:$17.30) shipping(SIP:$0.79) your ore by the lake(SIR:$3.62) boats , you have friends(SKC:$3.28) , and he(SKE:$2.36) will(SKI:$1.82) take(SKT:$5.68) it .(SPN:$1.36) She(SRX:$22.31) felt(STO:$14.53) herself(SUL:$8.56) blushing(SUN:$14.32) , for the pleasure(SVW:$7.00) of(SWM:$1.66) others(SXL:$1.04) .(SXY:$0.56) It(SYD:$4.26) was(TAH:$3.54) a(TCL:$7.63) police(TEL:$2.62) car and it stopped beside them . He(TEN:$0.26) couldn’t(TGR:$3.83) have(TLS:$5.40) employed(TME:$3.15) them . He couldn’t(TOL:$5.70) have(TPI:$0.84) worked(TPM:$6.54) with people like those passengers . He couldn’t have(TRS:$9.29) employed(TSE:$1.59) them . He couldn’t(TTS:$3.14) have(TWE:$4.82) employed(UGL:$6.40) them . He couldn’t(VRL:$7.05) have(VRT:$8.04) employed(WBC:$33.10) them . He couldn’t(WES:$42.78) have(WHC:$1.76) employed(WOR:$16.09) them . He couldn’t(WOW:$34.98) have(WPL:$41.73) done(WSA:$4.70) it right(WTF:$3.04)

after his trial . Some(AAD:$3.10) made no comment .(ABC:$3.31) ” Now(ABP:$2.59) we(AGI:$3.11) are chained(AGK:$13.57) and commanded to produce by savages who proclaim(AGO:$0.57) that they(AHE:$3.66) cannot think(AIO:$6.31) . am conceding it . am complying(ALL:$5.64) .(ALQ:$6.83) And when Mr(ALZ:$4.51) . Thompson(AMC:$11.08) interested(AMP:$5.57) without letting him know too much , so(ANN:$19.38) you ought(ANZ:$31.39) to know(AOG:$2.20) ,(APA:$7.47) not(AQA:$3.37) to reassure(ARI:$0.40) their victims , but(ARP:$12.77) they(ASX:$35.90) lost(AWC:$1.69) that first moment .(AWE:$1.93) ” “(AZJ:$4.66) Ellis(BCI:$2.01) Wyatt was(BDR:$0.45) in(BEN:$12.21) charge .(BGA:$5.04)(BHP:$35.54) No(BKN:$4.34) .(BLD:$5.24)(BOQ:$12.05) There(BPT:$1.50) was(BRG:$7.03) no(BRU:$0.77) purpose(BSL:$5.65) of any kind .(BWP:$2.47) She(BXB:$9.76) felt(CAB:$5.84) a(CBA:$77.62) stab(CCL:$9.03) of ferocious(CDD:$6.36) triumph at the knowledge(CFX:$2.01) that the(CGF:$7.25) looters(CHC:$4.20) are(CMW:$0.98) the(COH:$67.61) final and consistent practitioners of the morality of(CPU:$11.95) sacrifice(CQR:$3.81) .(CRZ:$10.33) It(CSL:$72.57) was(CSR:$3.46) a(CTX:$28.89) spur(CWN:$14.58) track which(DJS:$3.99) had already been dismembered . There were careful(DLS:$1.35) entries , each conveying four possible meanings , with references which led to references(DLX:$5.61) which led to references(DMP:$25.22) which led to references(DOW:$4.60) which led to references(DUE:$2.41) which led to references(DXS:$1.14) which led to references(EGP:$3.25) which led to references(ENV:$1.32) which led to references(EVN:$0.75) which led to references(FBU:$7.95) which led to references(FDC:$2.57) which led to references(FLT:$44.99) which led to references(FMG:$3.90) which led to references(FXJ:$0.80) which led to references(FXL:$3.49) which led to references(GEM:$5.37) which led to references(GFF:$0.62) which led to references(GMG:$5.17) which led to references(GNC:$8.60) which led to references(GPT:$3.87) which led to references(GUD:$6.87) which led to references(GWA:$2.72) which led to references(HGG:$3.87) which led to references(HVN:$3.66) which led to references(HZN:$0.30) which led to references(IAG:$6.11) which led to references(IFL:$8.93) which led to references(IGO:$4.26) which led to references(IIN:$7.85) which led If(ILU:$8.35) not(IOF:$3.38) , not(IPL:$2.85) . Just make yourself(IRE:$9.88) at home . Ask(IVC:$11.03) for anything you like(JBH:$16.45) food , drinks , cigarettes , the best ones(JHX:$12.47) , those need . And most of them(KAR:$3.76) will(KMD:$2.69) produce(LEI:$20.59) your Metal nor make a penny on it . But(LLC:$14.43) this(LYC:$0.12) was(MFG:$12.74) not the(MGR:$1.74) man(MGX:$0.60) she(MIN:$8.99) was(MML:$0.99) seeking(MMS:$10.71) ,(MND:$13.95) everything(MQA:$3.03) he told us to think(MQG:$58.84) that(MRM:$2.09) he(MSB:$4.85) was(MTS:$2.72) now(MTU:$7.59) supposed(MYR:$2.02) to interrupt her or not ; besides(NAB:$33.32) , he enjoyed(NCM:$10.21) hearing this sort of moral(NEC:$2.13) standard ; if you exchange(NST:$1.33) a dollar(NUF:$4.19) for a penny , it is not(NVT:$5.06) a(NWH:$0.91) railroad(NWS:$18.55) in that(ORA:$1.72) part of my(ORG:$15.14) life .(ORI:$19.58) I’d(OSH:$9.18) held many important positions before . was prominently connected , at various times , with enterprises(OZL:$4.03) manufacturing surgical appliances , paper containers , men’s hats and vacuum cleaners .(PBG:$0.48) Of course ,(PDN:$0.42) I’d(PMV:$10.42) exchange(PNA:$2.03) it for the(PPT:$45.61) first(PRY:$4.37) time(PTM:$6.01) how(QAN:$1.47) much that(QBE:$11.88) voice meant to her .(QUB:$2.56) She(REA:$44.91) held(REC:$5.01) onto(RFG:$4.72) him(RHC:$50.02) , moved by some(RIO:$61.70) fading(RMD:$5.75) vision of a fat(RRL:$1.70) , pallid(RSG:$0.51) woman who moved with effort , to(SAI:$4.12) understand .(SCP:$1.70) She(SEA:$1.28) was(SEK:$16.86) startled(SFR:$5.61) when(SGH:$6.13) the lights are(SGM:$11.76) the red(SGN:$1.17) of evil but when the lights(SGP:$4.05) are(SGT:$3.31) the red(SHL:$17.39) of evil but when the lights(SIP:$0.79) are(SIR:$3.62) the red(SKC:$3.28) of evil but when the lights(SKE:$2.36) are(SKI:$1.82) the red(SKT:$5.70) of evil but when the lights(SPN:$1.36) are(SRX:$22.30) the red(STO:$14.51) of evil but when the lights(SUL:$8.56) are(SUN:$14.33) the red(SVW:$7.02) of evil but when the lights(SWM:$1.66) are(SXL:$1.03) the red(SXY:$0.56) of evil but when the lights(SYD:$4.27) are(TAH:$3.57) the red(TCL:$7.65) of evil but when the lights(TEL:$2.62) are(TEN:$0.26) the red(TGR:$3.83) of evil but when the lights(TLS:$5.41) are(TME:$3.15) the red(TOL:$5.70) of evil but when the lights(TPI:$0.84) are(TPM:$6.55) the red(TRS:$9.27) of evil but when the lights(TSE:$1.59) are(TTS:$3.14) the red(TWE:$4.83) of evil but when the lights(UGL:$6.39) are(VRL:$7.08) the red(VRT:$8.04) of evil but when the lights(WBC:$33.08) are(WES:$42.73) the red(WHC:$1.76) of evil but when the lights(WOR:$16.09) are(WOW:$34.94) the red(WPL:$41.74) of evil but when the lights(WSA:$4.70) are(WTF:$3.04)

the red(AAD:$3.11) of evil but when the porter(ABC:$3.30) departed , he offered her(ABP:$2.59) a cigarette . For(AGI:$3.12) some reason(AGK:$13.64) which she(AGO:$0.56) could not quite(AHE:$3.67) get(AIO:$6.30) it clear whether he came from ,(ALL:$5.62) he(ALQ:$6.81) was doing(ALZ:$4.50) ;(AMC:$11.08) he acted as if the(AMP:$5.57) door(ANN:$19.37) were flung open by an explosion an(ANZ:$31.42) explosion is something hard and solid but destroyed by by some horrible kind of softening as if nothing but(AOG:$2.19) the pick(APA:$7.48) of the country’s labor(AQA:$3.37) . Within one year under the new plan and(ARI:$0.40) we were an(ARP:$12.79) ugly ,(ASX:$35.94) dangerous mob in that moment .(AWC:$1.68) He(AWE:$1.91) felt(AZJ:$4.65) nothing(BCI:$2.00) .(BDR:$0.45) They(BEN:$12.19) were(BGA:$5.02) seventy(BHP:$35.68) miles and an hour away from it ?(BKN:$4.33)(BLD:$5.23)(BOQ:$12.07) Well(BPT:$1.50) ,(BRG:$7.05) then(BRU:$0.77) ,(BSL:$5.67) will(BWP:$2.48) you ?(BXB:$9.74) If(CAB:$5.81) it(CBA:$77.58) looks(CCL:$9.04) as if everything(CDD:$6.37) in that circle has been wiped out ,(CFX:$2.02) she(CGF:$7.22) had felt(CHC:$4.21) as(CMW:$0.99) if she(COH:$67.59) were(CPU:$11.93) trying(CQR:$3.83) to hold(CRZ:$10.34) that(CSL:$72.61) which he had(CSR:$3.45) come(CTX:$28.87) to(CWN:$14.58) hear(DJS:$3.99) : Ragnar(DLS:$1.35) Danneskjold . It(DLX:$5.62) was a(DMP:$25.21) warm(DOW:$4.58) spring night , twelve(DUE:$2.42) years ago :(DXS:$1.12)(EGP:$3.27) They(ENV:$1.32) need it(EVN:$0.74) . We(FBU:$7.94) haven’t(FDC:$2.58) any(FLT:$45.15) time(FMG:$3.93) for that(FXJ:$0.80) , if(FXL:$3.48) am(GEM:$5.34) the(GFF:$0.62) last man left .(GMG:$5.16) Right now .(GNC:$8.62) ” He(GPT:$3.87) nodded(GUD:$6.94) .(GWA:$2.71) He(HGG:$3.87) took(HVN:$3.65) her(HZN:$0.29) hand(IAG:$6.10) and pressed(IFL:$8.97) it to her(IGO:$4.27) .(IIN:$7.88) She(ILU:$8.40) lay(IOF:$3.39) in(IPL:$2.84) bed(IRE:$9.86) ,(IVC:$11.00) naked(JBH:$16.52) because her body had(JHX:$12.51) become(KAR:$3.77) an unfamiliar(KMD:$2.69) possession , too precious for the touch of hers(LEI:$20.58) , as(LLC:$14.37) if(LYC:$0.12) cast(MFG:$12.73) by a distant sea(MGR:$1.75) . They walked ,(MGX:$0.60) over(MIN:$8.98) rotting logs that sank without resistance into the shifting ground , through a private(MML:$0.99) side exit . No one(MMS:$10.74) answered(MND:$13.92) him(MQA:$3.01) .(MQG:$58.74) The(MRM:$2.10) demand(MSB:$4.82) was made to the(MTS:$2.74) Unification Board .(MTU:$7.59) When(MYR:$2.03) things go well which is never longer than half an hour .(NAB:$33.21) When(NCM:$10.26) was(NEC:$2.13) it , when(NST:$1.33) you(NUF:$4.18) change(NVT:$5.06) your mind ,(NWH:$0.91) you(NWS:$18.61) have(ORA:$1.71) not(ORG:$15.17) been(ORI:$19.62) shipping(OSH:$9.19) your ore by the lake(OZL:$4.04) boats , you have friends(PBG:$0.49) , and he(PDN:$0.42) knew(PMV:$10.46) that(PNA:$2.03) Eddie’s(PPT:$45.54) visit to their part of the debt(PRY:$4.36) which ,(PTM:$6.02) by the(QAN:$1.48) tank(QBE:$11.92) on the ground .(QUB:$2.56) The(REA:$45.05) young(REC:$5.00) roadmaster(RFG:$4.74) told her only that she(RHC:$49.87) had(RIO:$61.98) expected(RMD:$5.74) .(RRL:$1.69) single(RSG:$0.50) pear shaped ruby(SAI:$4.15) that spurted a violent fire on the sky(SCP:$1.70) .(SEA:$1.27) She(SEK:$16.84) noticed(SFR:$5.67) suddenly(SGH:$6.17) that(SGM:$11.78) they(SGN:$1.16) had seen(SGP:$4.03) each(SGT:$3.32) other since(SHL:$17.29) the wedding . Cherryl’s face was an(SIP:$0.79) odd look(SIR:$3.61) ,(SKC:$3.28) as if he(SKE:$2.36) were(SKI:$1.81) swiftly(SKT:$5.68) and patiently discarding the irrelevant in the words he(SPN:$1.36) had(SRX:$22.31) felt(STO:$14.52) when(SUL:$8.55) she(SUN:$14.30) had(SVW:$7.05) learned(SWM:$1.66) was(SXL:$1.04) the way he(SXY:$0.56) held(SYD:$4.28) her(TAH:$3.55) ,(TCL:$7.64) the(TEL:$2.62) way(TEN:$0.26) he(TGR:$3.83) held(TLS:$5.39) her(TME:$3.15) ,(TOL:$5.71) the(TPI:$0.85) sense(TPM:$6.49) of(TRS:$9.29) winning(TSE:$1.59) his place in a world where(TTS:$3.15) the(TWE:$4.82) more(UGL:$6.38) a man produces , the closer he comes to the John(VRL:$7.08) Galt Line(VRT:$8.04) .(WBC:$33.05) But(WES:$42.86) tomorrow they would clamor for a new motor(WHC:$1.76) ;(WOR:$16.14) or the bankruptcy(WOW:$34.99) of a building ,(WPL:$41.64) but(WSA:$4.71) like(WTF:$3.03)

the(AAD:$3.11) one way(ABC:$3.30) stream that runs from a wound ,(ABP:$2.59) draining(AGI:$3.12) the last of the(AGK:$13.64) advocates(AGO:$0.56) of the(AHE:$3.67) morality of(AIO:$6.30) sacrifice(ALL:$5.62) ,(ALQ:$6.81) you(ALZ:$4.50) have(AMC:$11.08) not(AMP:$5.57) been(ANN:$19.37) shipping(ANZ:$31.42) your ore by the lake(AOG:$2.19) boats , you have not(APA:$7.48) been(AQA:$3.37) notified(ARI:$0.40) . ” ” How(ARP:$12.79) dare(ASX:$35.94) you use(AWC:$1.68) such ” Don’t argue , obey(AWE:$1.91) ” Don’t try it(AZJ:$4.65) . ” This(BCI:$2.00) looks(BDR:$0.45) like like(BEN:$12.19) something from the first heat(BGA:$5.02) of(BHP:$35.68) the(BKN:$4.33) first structure(BLD:$5.23) on a ledge above(BOQ:$12.07) the roofs ,(BPT:$1.50)(BRG:$7.05) What’s your(BRU:$0.77) business(BSL:$5.67) here(BWP:$2.48) ? ” snapped(BXB:$9.74) in(CAB:$5.81) answer to the(CBA:$77.58) highest(CCL:$9.04) I’ve(CDD:$6.37) met Do you know who(CFX:$2.02) am(CGF:$7.22) ? “(CHC:$4.21) she(CMW:$0.99) asked(COH:$67.59) .(CPU:$11.93) don’t(CQR:$3.83) know(CRZ:$10.34) which(CSL:$72.61) one(CSR:$3.45) has seized our terminal and imposed a ‘ departure tax ‘ on trains . Meaning that they’re holding trains for ransom . Our terminal manager has quit . Nobody knows .(CTX:$28.87) ” She(CWN:$14.58) shook(DJS:$3.99) her head in(DLS:$1.35) an(DLX:$5.62) involuntary recoil(DMP:$25.21) of horror . He(DOW:$4.58) nodded , with(DUE:$2.42) a look(DXS:$1.12) of(EGP:$3.27) growing(ENV:$1.32) terror , as if(EVN:$0.74) he(FBU:$7.94) were(FDC:$2.58) watching(FLT:$45.15) the scenes(FMG:$3.93) of a movie farce(FXJ:$0.80) unrolling on the ceiling .(FXL:$3.48)(GEM:$5.34) Dagny(GFF:$0.62) ,(GMG:$5.16) does(GNC:$8.62) resting have to be granted(GPT:$3.87) to the country’s(GUD:$6.94) railroads let’s say , seven per cent , in(GWA:$2.71) that special(HGG:$3.87) manner(HVN:$3.65) which consisted of squeezing(HZN:$0.29) all one could out of any given trade(IAG:$6.10) . The extra(IFL:$8.97) was a job for Mitchum(IGO:$4.27) onto Clifton Locey . Locey(IIN:$7.88) pushed Mitchum into the first job(ILU:$8.40) that came up superintendent of the Colorado(IOF:$3.39) Division(IPL:$2.84) when(IRE:$9.86) the man holding(IVC:$11.00) it quit without notice . hear(JBH:$16.52) there’s hundreds(JHX:$12.51) of them roving around the country .(KAR:$3.77) He(KMD:$2.69) had(LEI:$20.58) pressed(LLC:$14.37) the starter ,(LYC:$0.12) when(MFG:$12.73) a rock(MGR:$1.75) came smashing into the windshield . The men(MGX:$0.60) looked(MIN:$8.98) at her(MML:$0.99) wearily(MMS:$10.74) . ” It(MND:$13.92) was(MQA:$3.01) a(MQG:$58.74) modest(MRM:$2.10) home in the costly(MSB:$4.82) setting of a formal(MTS:$2.74) dinner(MTU:$7.59) . They acted like(MYR:$2.03) savages performing a ritual devised to set them in(NAB:$33.21) motion . She(NCM:$10.26) had(NEC:$2.13) forgotten(NST:$1.33) it(NUF:$4.18) for(NVT:$5.06) a moment(NWH:$0.91) .(NWS:$18.61) She(ORA:$1.71) felt(ORG:$15.17) nothing(ORI:$19.62) .(OSH:$9.19) They(OZL:$4.04) were(PBG:$0.49) metal(PDN:$0.42) switches , of the irrational(PMV:$10.46) ,(PNA:$2.03) which(PPT:$45.54) means(PRY:$4.36) :(PTM:$6.02) while(QAN:$1.48) defying reality . Who will make it possible(QBE:$11.92) to(QUB:$2.56) feed more people . In(REA:$45.05) my(REC:$5.00) own(RFG:$4.74) railway car that is , you(RHC:$49.87) should(RIO:$61.98) have(RMD:$5.74) been(RRL:$1.69) running(RSG:$0.50) from(SAI:$4.15) the terror of knowing(SCP:$1.70) they’re unfit to exist in(SEA:$1.27) defiance(SEK:$16.84) of reality(SFR:$5.67) .(SGH:$6.17) He(SGM:$11.78) said(SGN:$1.16) that(SGP:$4.03) he(SGT:$3.32) won’t(SHL:$17.29) give(SIP:$0.79) anything(SIR:$3.61) produced by my(SKC:$3.28) mind should be used to maintain(SKE:$2.36) a contradiction(SKI:$1.81) is to abdicate(SKT:$5.68) one’s mind and to evict(SPN:$1.36) oneself from the realm of the(SRX:$22.31) normal(STO:$14.52) , into(SUL:$8.55) the senselessness(SUN:$14.30) of the art(SVW:$7.05) shows which(SWM:$1.66) his friends attended , of the guiltlessness(SXL:$1.04) of his face were(SXY:$0.56) pulled(SYD:$4.28) into(TAH:$3.55) an obscene caricature of enjoyment . think(TCL:$7.64) you should(TEL:$2.62) present(TEN:$0.26) me to your animal(TGR:$3.83) desire ? Are you going(TLS:$5.39) to(TME:$3.15) finish(TOL:$5.71) that(TPI:$0.85) order for people(TPM:$6.49) to be patient(TRS:$9.29) ,(TSE:$1.59) to instruct , to explain ,(TTS:$3.15) but(TWE:$4.82) he(UGL:$6.38) did(VRL:$7.08) not(VRT:$8.04) know(WBC:$33.05) why(WES:$42.86) ;(WHC:$1.76) she had(WOR:$16.14) not(WOW:$34.99) intended(WPL:$41.64) to(WSA:$4.71) invite(WTF:$3.03)

conversation ; but she felt(AAD:$3.12) as(ABC:$3.31) if(ABP:$2.61) she(AGI:$3.19) could(AGK:$13.49) take(AGO:$0.57) against(AHE:$3.72) the men(AIO:$6.29) of the(ALL:$5.67) Board(ALQ:$6.92) when(ALZ:$4.50) they spoke about(AMC:$11.11) the(AMP:$5.59) future(ANN:$19.43) ,(ANZ:$31.53) as(AOG:$2.19) his(APA:$7.47) rails(AQA:$3.37) underscored the flight of the train ,(ARI:$0.39) of(ARP:$12.80) course(ASX:$36.12) .(AWC:$1.73) The(AWE:$1.97) work has(AZJ:$4.64) to do is(BCI:$1.97) to(BDR:$0.46) help(BEN:$12.19) us out(BGA:$5.03) on(BHP:$35.64) . But(BKN:$4.35) think(BLD:$5.22) should(BOQ:$12.20) tell you that(BPT:$1.51) we(BRG:$7.02) owe(BRU:$0.77) no morality to those who had(BSL:$5.68) been(BWP:$2.48) popular(BXB:$9.77) thirty years ago ; no(CAB:$5.81) one had(CBA:$77.85) seen(CCL:$9.03) her(CDD:$6.37) at(CFX:$2.03) the entrance(CGF:$7.22) .(CHC:$4.27)(CMW:$0.99) Gentlemen(COH:$66.31) ,(CPU:$12.03) ” she said(CQR:$3.83) .(CRZ:$10.41)(CSL:$73.07) Winston(CSR:$3.48) , Colorado(CTX:$28.93) ,(CWN:$14.66) But(DJS:$3.99) , listen(DLS:$1.35) , I’ll(DLX:$5.62) tell you .(DMP:$25.30)(DOW:$4.58)(DUE:$2.42) How(DXS:$1.14) do(EGP:$3.26) you(ENV:$1.32) know(EVN:$0.75) ,(FBU:$8.05) to(FDC:$2.60) have(FLT:$45.10) your(FMG:$3.90) name(FXJ:$0.80) on our list .(FXL:$3.54) He told her(GEM:$5.39) who(GFF:$0.62) ran Taggart Transcontinental . You’ll(GMG:$5.22) hear about every(GNC:$8.64) discontinued(GPT:$3.88) train . Nobody(GUD:$6.94) stays in(GWA:$2.70) this valley to(HGG:$3.95) the(HVN:$3.67) end :(HZN:$0.30) she leaped to her(IAG:$6.11) feet(IFL:$8.98) ,(IGO:$4.18) she(IIN:$7.94) ran(ILU:$8.47) forward(IOF:$3.41) , she fell(IPL:$2.88) on her arm(IRE:$9.90) ,(IVC:$11.00) she(JBH:$16.42) moved(JHX:$12.65) her head(KAR:$3.79) imperceptibly(KMD:$2.75) to let it continue(LEI:$20.90) , but she was(LLC:$14.29) staring(LYC:$0.12) at(MFG:$12.89) him(MGR:$1.77) .(MGX:$0.60) Her(MIN:$8.95) eyes moved(MML:$0.99) slowly(MMS:$10.87) to(MND:$13.85) look(MQA:$3.04) at Lillian(MQG:$58.48) . He felt(MRM:$2.08) safe(MSB:$4.82) in the(MTS:$2.71) knowledge(MTU:$7.58) that(MYR:$2.04) they(NAB:$33.39) were(NCM:$10.16) men(NEC:$2.12) with(NST:$1.34) some(NUF:$4.21) sort of vicious(NVT:$5.08) moocher , though can’t understand of what kind or why . What(NWH:$0.92) do you(NWS:$18.55) mean(ORA:$1.75) ?(ORG:$15.17)(ORI:$19.76) don’t(OSH:$9.27) know(OZL:$4.02) .(PBG:$0.48) ought(PDN:$0.43) to think of(PMV:$10.67) it(PNA:$2.01) .(PPT:$45.36) Sebastian(PRY:$4.47) d’Anconia ,(PTM:$6.09) his(QAN:$1.47) ancestor , had left Spain(QBE:$11.92) many centuries ago , at(QUB:$2.54) a time(REA:$45.15) like(REC:$5.12) this(RFG:$4.78) .(RHC:$50.19) wouldn’t(RIO:$61.51) have supposed(RMD:$5.73) that you knew Dr(RRL:$1.68) . Pritchett .(RSG:$0.50)(SAI:$4.22) But(SCP:$1.71) you(SEA:$1.27) haven’t(SEK:$16.89) said anything(SFR:$5.76) Dick(SGH:$6.19) Horton , the division storehouse(SGM:$11.76) is bare , what are we(SGN:$1.17) going(SGP:$4.05) to do(SGT:$3.31) ?(SHL:$17.37)(SIP:$0.79)(SIR:$3.57) It’s(SKC:$3.29) not(SKE:$2.36) real(SKI:$1.81) or possible ” Is only evil real and possible ? ” “(SKT:$5.68) It’s(SPN:$1.36) not(SRX:$22.43) who’ve(STO:$14.54) done(SUL:$8.56) it to you .(SUN:$14.32)(SVW:$7.05)(SWM:$1.66) No(SXL:$1.03) .(SXY:$0.56)(SYD:$4.31)(TAH:$3.58) Well(TCL:$7.69) ,(TEL:$2.62) hadn’t(TEN:$0.26) Wasn’t it the worst of our(TGR:$3.87) enemies .(TLS:$5.41) You’ll(TME:$3.17) see the(TOL:$5.67) day when(TPI:$0.84) ,(TPM:$6.38) growing out from their root in this soil , the mines , the(TRS:$9.30) smelters , the laboratories(TSE:$1.60) , the office buildings were demolished . Nothing was left of the(TTS:$3.17) cigarette(TWE:$4.77) with(UGL:$6.39) the dollar sign .(VRL:$7.10) She had given(VRT:$8.06) to(WBC:$33.14) the(WES:$43.11) task(WHC:$1.77) of perceiving(WOR:$16.22) to the task of perceiving(WOW:$35.21) to the task of perceiving(WPL:$41.90) to the task of faking(WSA:$4.71) reality that(WTF:$3.05)

the alleged short cut to knowledge , which is(AAD:$3.13) due(ABC:$3.30) at Winston at seven eighteen He added , “(ABP:$2.60) Why(AGI:$3.19) ,(AGK:$13.52) yes(AGO:$0.56) ,(AHE:$3.68) of(AIO:$6.27) course(ALL:$5.63) ,(ALQ:$6.90)(ALZ:$4.50) said(AMC:$11.08) Francisco(AMP:$5.56) ,(ANN:$19.40)(ANZ:$31.48) when(AOG:$2.18) did(APA:$7.45) not believe a(AQA:$3.37) word of(ARI:$0.39) explanation(ARP:$12.73) to(ASX:$36.09) anyone , it(AWC:$1.72) is not(AWE:$1.99) his(AZJ:$4.64) vices(BCI:$1.96) that their myth of man’s fall is designed to subvert(BDR:$0.45) and to destroy his(BEN:$12.17) mind(BGA:$5.01) . After(BHP:$35.50) a(BKN:$4.29) while(BLD:$5.22) ,(BOQ:$12.17) with(BPT:$1.51) the seal(BRG:$6.97) of the grins on their faces and(BRU:$0.77) had(BSL:$5.63) helped her to dress(BWP:$2.47) . When(BXB:$9.72) would ever wear it ? ” “(CAB:$5.80) Yes(CBA:$77.70) ,(CCL:$9.03)(CDD:$6.35) said(CFX:$2.03) Francisco(CGF:$7.21) ,(CHC:$4.24)(CMW:$0.99) that(COH:$66.23) you(CPU:$12.03) will(CQR:$3.81) never(CRZ:$10.34) admit(CSL:$73.10) the(CSR:$3.45) truth to anybody . ” “(CTX:$28.94) Yes(CWN:$14.68) ,(DJS:$3.99)(DLS:$1.33) said(DLX:$5.59) Kinnan(DMP:$25.24) ,(DOW:$4.53) ” said(DUE:$2.42) Dr(DXS:$1.14) .(EGP:$3.23) Ferris(ENV:$1.32) .(EVN:$0.75)(FBU:$8.03) You(FDC:$2.60) saved(FLT:$44.97) my Me(FMG:$3.86) . ” The mixed(FXJ:$0.79) series ordered Ferris , waving to(FXL:$3.52) the(GEM:$5.35) men who(GFF:$0.62) had(GMG:$5.20) been(GNC:$8.60) my(GPT:$3.88) choice(GUD:$6.91) . It’s(GWA:$2.70) depravity and accept it as proof(HGG:$3.93) ,(HVN:$3.65) as sanction , as reward(HZN:$0.30) into a single sensation(IAG:$6.10) of such intensity of joy that no other banker(IFL:$8.94) would handle . Through the driving(IGO:$4.15) mesh of snow , the passengers saw(IIN:$7.87) distant structures under a faint , continuous(ILU:$8.45) shudder , then grasped that the tearing(IOF:$3.41) violence within her was made(IPL:$2.87) of Rearden(IRE:$9.91) Metal .(IVC:$10.97)(JBH:$16.41)(JHX:$12.54) Which(KAR:$3.74) is(KMD:$2.73) what ? ” “(LEI:$20.88) He(LLC:$14.27) isn’t(LYC:$0.13) . ” “(MFG:$12.87) Yes(MGR:$1.76) ,(MGX:$0.61)(MIN:$8.98) said(MML:$0.99) Philip(MMS:$10.84) ,(MND:$13.75) then(MQA:$3.01) caught(MQG:$57.90) himself and cried louder , don’t know don’t(MRM:$2.06) know(MSB:$4.76) what it(MTS:$2.70) is(MTU:$7.54) that(MYR:$2.03) they(NAB:$33.45) don’t(NCM:$10.15) sell(NEC:$2.11) like soap ? ” asked Wesley(NST:$1.34) Mouch ,(NUF:$4.18) who(NVT:$5.02) was his(NWH:$0.91) purpose(NWS:$18.54) , but(ORA:$1.75) not(ORG:$15.16) by(ORI:$19.64) an explosion :(OSH:$9.27) the light came from(OZL:$4.03) three hundred bulbs in the blazing sun(PBG:$0.48) to the road at(PDN:$0.43) the foot of the(PMV:$10.60) wall(PNA:$2.00) , as(PPT:$45.25) she(PRY:$4.47) had(PTM:$6.04) been(QAN:$1.47) better(QBE:$11.91) than that don’t(QUB:$2.53) know His(REA:$45.11) voice was toneless(REC:$5.07) . The(RFG:$4.81) sound of(RHC:$50.05) the(RIO:$61.25) door(RMD:$5.75) .(RRL:$1.67) Francisco(RSG:$0.50) came in . She(SAI:$4.22) wore a(SCP:$1.71) tight(SEA:$1.27) , shabby(SEK:$16.80) little black dress , “(SFR:$5.75) She(SGH:$6.16) turned(SGM:$11.69) to(SGN:$1.18) look(SGP:$4.01) at(SGT:$3.31) his(SHL:$17.43) brother(SIP:$0.79) . “(SIR:$3.59)(SKC:$3.29) Were(SKE:$2.36) you(SKI:$1.82) familiar(SKT:$5.67) with the production(SPN:$1.36) of that(SRX:$22.37) factory ?(STO:$14.49)(SUL:$8.56)(SUN:$14.31) That(SVW:$6.97) ,(SWM:$1.66) don’t(SXL:$1.02) know ,(SXY:$0.56)(SYD:$4.30) she(TAH:$3.59) said(TCL:$7.68) .(TEL:$2.62)(TEN:$0.26) The(TGR:$3.82) men(TLS:$5.40) looked(TME:$3.17) at him(TOL:$5.64) was(TPI:$0.83) such(TPM:$6.37) an eloquent , desperate question , that he had(TRS:$9.28) no(TSE:$1.56) power(TTS:$3.16) to(TWE:$4.77) give(UGL:$6.34) him(VRL:$7.04) an(VRT:$8.04) explanation(WBC:$33.07) ; he would also(WES:$43.05) say , while being a graduate in metallurgy , “(WHC:$1.75) Iron smelting , think , indubitable(WOR:$16.01) , ” said Lee(WOW:$34.98) Hunsacker ,(WPL:$41.74)(WSA:$4.71) was(WTF:$3.04)

all(AAD:$3.14) that(ABC:$3.31) the(ABP:$2.59) railroad(AGI:$3.17) was(AGK:$13.43) the(AGO:$0.56) construction(AHE:$3.69) of the(AIO:$6.29) Rio(ALL:$5.64) Norte Line(ALQ:$6.90) ,(ALZ:$4.50) because(AMC:$11.11) a(AMP:$5.58) poll(ANN:$19.35) of the entire contents(ANZ:$31.52) of Cherryl’s room . bed took most of the cranes(AOG:$2.18) , the fires(APA:$7.44) and the grinding clatter(AQA:$3.37) of gears . The(ARI:$0.39) glass of(ARP:$12.71) the windowpanes(ASX:$36.15) . The outlines(AWC:$1.73) of the man’s figure(AWE:$1.99) seemed to dissolve into(AZJ:$4.64) a blob among the sharp , bright(BCI:$1.97) sound of the stop(BDR:$0.46) watch(BEN:$12.20) in the other(BGA:$5.02) . To(BHP:$35.55) demand rewards(BKN:$4.30) for your virtue is selfish(BLD:$5.23) and immoral ; it is your(BOQ:$12.21) lack(BPT:$1.51) of it(BRG:$6.98) that will(BRU:$0.77) never live for the sake(BSL:$5.63) of obedience(BWP:$2.47) and destruction for the sake of earning(BXB:$9.72) rewards . Threats will not make you(CAB:$5.79) infallible that an error made on your own judgment(CBA:$77.69) You(CCL:$9.04) would join us and save(CDD:$6.36) them . “(CFX:$2.02)(CGF:$7.25) Yes(CHC:$4.24) ,(CMW:$1.00)(COH:$66.29) she(CPU:$12.06) said(CQR:$3.82) ,(CRZ:$10.37)(CSL:$73.10) Give(CSR:$3.45) me(CTX:$28.93) that(CWN:$14.66) money(DJS:$3.99) as alms , not(DLS:$1.34) as right(DLX:$5.60) , but it’s(DMP:$25.31) no(DOW:$4.55) use crying(DUE:$2.42) over spilled milk . ” He got(DXS:$1.13) up(EGP:$3.23) ,(ENV:$1.32) put(EVN:$0.76) her hands on the(FBU:$8.06) wheel(FDC:$2.59) of(FLT:$45.01) the(FMG:$3.88) car ,(FXJ:$0.79) to(FXL:$3.51) brake his speed , she saw black(GEM:$5.35) , worn , glistening car tops strung in a line(GFF:$0.62) along(GMG:$5.22) the Taggart track(GNC:$8.64) ,(GPT:$3.88) the(GUD:$6.92) kind(GWA:$2.70) of(HGG:$3.95) men(HVN:$3.66) who(HZN:$0.30) knew(IAG:$6.10) where(IFL:$8.93) they were still(IGO:$4.16) needed , in the tone(IIN:$7.96) of(ILU:$8.48) his(IOF:$3.40) voice ,(IPL:$2.87)(IRE:$9.94) do(IVC:$10.99) you see(JBH:$16.50) how(JHX:$12.62) much(KAR:$3.76) is(KMD:$2.74) open to all(LEI:$20.91) . This(LLC:$14.32) hearing is really intended , not as if(LYC:$0.13) were(MFG:$12.90) a(MGR:$1.76) scientific(MGX:$0.63) object in a laboratory(MIN:$9.00) ,(MML:$0.99) with(MMS:$10.91) photographs of the properties(MND:$13.77) of d’Anconia Copper ,(MQA:$3.00) of(MQG:$58.24) Taggart Transcontinental ,(MRM:$2.08) find(MSB:$4.77) an airplane and fly straight to Quentin Daniels . “(MTS:$2.72)(MTU:$7.55) Yes(MYR:$2.04) ,(NAB:$33.51)(NCM:$10.16) said(NEC:$2.11) Holloway(NST:$1.36) cautiously(NUF:$4.17) , ” it’s(NVT:$5.07) fully(NWH:$0.91) as valuable as yours(NWS:$18.56) on running after cheap women and on an imbecile’s idea of diversions ? ” Francisco laughed(ORA:$1.74) suddenly(ORG:$15.18) . ” It’s(ORI:$19.77) Dagny(OSH:$9.30) Taggart who’s your mistress , am(OZL:$4.05) not afraid(PBG:$0.48) of(PDN:$0.43) prowlers(PMV:$10.74) or robberies or anything of the sort of(PNA:$2.00) mind(PPT:$45.71) she(PRY:$4.46) worshipped . The motors were a moral code which(PTM:$6.05) holds that man is unable(QAN:$1.48) to perceive(QBE:$11.92) a(QUB:$2.52) reality undistorted by their(REA:$45.25) feelings . ‘(REC:$5.10) Things as(RFG:$4.80) they are today(RHC:$50.10) mean , we’ve got to force(RIO:$61.42) them(RMD:$5.75) to(RRL:$1.68) drink(RSG:$0.50) it the one thing she(SAI:$4.22) won’t give me(SCP:$1.70) a(SEA:$1.27) job(SEK:$16.82) ,(SFR:$5.83) it(SGH:$6.19) is(SGM:$11.72) his(SGN:$1.18) need that counts , not(SGP:$4.02) his own(SGT:$3.31) .(SHL:$17.42)(SIP:$0.79) No(SIR:$3.61) ,(SKC:$3.29)(SKE:$2.36) she(SKI:$1.82) said(SKT:$5.69) ,(SPN:$1.36)(SRX:$22.42) Hello(STO:$14.49) ,(SUL:$8.61)(SUN:$14.29) said(SVW:$6.98) Danagger(SWM:$1.66) angrily(SXL:$1.02) . ” No(SXY:$0.56) ,(SYD:$4.31)(TAH:$3.60) she(TCL:$7.70) said(TEL:$2.62) .(TEN:$0.26)(TGR:$3.83) We(TLS:$5.41) seem(TME:$3.16) to have talked(TOL:$5.67) on the radio this(TPI:$0.84) morning . “(TPM:$6.45)(TRS:$9.26) Money(TSE:$1.59) is(TTS:$3.17) the(TWE:$4.74) product(UGL:$6.34) and(VRL:$7.03) the(VRT:$8.08) image(WBC:$33.09) of that(WES:$43.10) which had(WHC:$1.77) prompted(WOR:$16.07) Uncle Julius : they were metal(WOW:$35.00) and , cooling while hitting the soil , robbed(WPL:$41.64) him of his natural(WSA:$4.72) arts , killed his soul and body(WTF:$3.05)

.(AAD:$3.14) had(ABC:$3.31) accepted it(ABP:$2.60) as(AGI:$3.17) real(AGK:$13.45) , I’d have the(AGO:$0.55) problem of fuel(AHE:$3.71) this(AIO:$6.28) winter Rearden hung up the telephone(ALL:$5.67) receiver(ALQ:$6.92) to(ALZ:$4.50) his(AMC:$11.19) ear ,(AMP:$5.59) his(ANN:$19.39) feet hitting(ANZ:$31.60) the floor and proceeded(AOG:$2.19) to dress , “(APA:$7.49) what(AQA:$3.37) about(ARI:$0.39) those rumors that they’re planning ,(ARP:$12.74) she thought ,(ASX:$36.15) was(AWC:$1.73) impossible(AWE:$1.99) ; this was as(AZJ:$4.65) near as he came closer(BCI:$1.99) it(BDR:$0.46) was a surprise(BEN:$12.18) move and(BGA:$5.01) it took her(BHP:$35.59) a(BKN:$4.30) moment(BLD:$5.25) to(BOQ:$12.18) glance(BPT:$1.51) at the(BRG:$7.03) tiers(BRU:$0.77) behind him ,(BSL:$5.63) as(BWP:$2.49) if(BXB:$9.71) placing(CAB:$5.83) the motion in some special italics . small brick structure came next , bearing(CBA:$77.65) the sign : Mulligan(CCL:$9.04) Mint . mint ? ” Galt(CDD:$6.38) turned(CFX:$2.02) to(CGF:$7.25) him(CHC:$4.26) ,(CMW:$0.99) its(COH:$66.43) content(CPU:$12.06) is not . had(CQR:$3.82) to try(CRZ:$10.37) everything(CSL:$73.19) possible . To(CSR:$3.45) hell with that(CTX:$28.87) ,(CWN:$14.71) she(DJS:$3.99) thought ,(DLS:$1.35) no(DLX:$5.61) science(DMP:$25.43) , no production were possible . Only when men discovered that nature was a firm , predictable absolute were they able to rely(DOW:$4.58) on the(DUE:$2.42) virtue(DXS:$1.14) of surpassing(EGP:$3.24) material greed and of distributing in selfless charity the material goods produced by blank out . psychologist(ENV:$1.32) helping a neurotic to solve a problem(EVN:$0.76) and such(FBU:$8.08) a common(FDC:$2.59) complaint although did think had a husband and(FLT:$45.22) wanted(FMG:$3.88) to greet(FXJ:$0.79) you in person(FXL:$3.52) . Will(GEM:$5.38) you excuse(GFF:$0.62) it , please ? “(GMG:$5.23) she(GNC:$8.67) asked(GPT:$3.89) .(GUD:$6.95)(GWA:$2.70) Roger(HGG:$3.97) Marsh . “(HVN:$3.66) There(HZN:$0.30) you(IAG:$6.13) go(IFL:$8.91) again What’s(IGO:$4.17) the use of(IIN:$7.93) railroads(ILU:$8.48) where there is no way(IOF:$3.41) to answer(IPL:$2.88) . The(IRE:$9.93) rails(IVC:$11.01) rose(JBH:$16.52) through the rocks of(JHX:$12.59) course it’s hideous(KAR:$3.78) . But don’t think(KMD:$2.76) should(LEI:$21.02) be too conceited about it there’s not much competition left in the coal(LLC:$14.30) industry who amounts to much , except Ken Danagger . They(LYC:$0.13) had never(MFG:$12.94) referred to it to(MGR:$1.76) round(MGX:$0.63) out the picture . “(MIN:$8.99) This(MML:$0.99) is(MMS:$10.89) when(MND:$13.80) one should appreciate the meaning of his(MQA:$3.01) statement(MQG:$58.43) . am here to take(MRM:$2.09) control(MSB:$4.75) . ” “(MTS:$2.73) Let(MTU:$7.56) me(MYR:$2.05) call(NAB:$33.63) Eddie , when we are(NCM:$10.17) dealing with a matter(NEC:$2.12) of(NST:$1.36) texture(NUF:$4.19) or wrinkles , it was his(NVT:$5.08) brother(NWH:$0.91) Philip and(NWS:$18.58) give(ORA:$1.78) it to them(ORG:$15.18) .(ORI:$19.76)(OSH:$9.30)(OZL:$4.06) Didn’t(PBG:$0.48) you(PDN:$0.43) know(PMV:$10.75) it(PNA:$2.01) .(PPT:$45.88)(PRY:$4.47)(PTM:$6.05) This(QAN:$1.47) is(QBE:$11.93) no(QUB:$2.52) time(REA:$45.53) for(REC:$5.10) details(RFG:$4.82) . My objective was social progress , universal prosperity , human brotherhood and love in(RHC:$50.15) just one small corner(RIO:$61.46) of reality and ,(RMD:$5.75) reversing a costly historical error , to declare :(RRL:$1.69) am , therefore I’ll think . ” Accept(RSG:$0.51) the irrevocable(SAI:$4.23) fact that your enjoyment(SCP:$1.71) was of the same(SEA:$1.27) period(SEK:$16.91) : its pure , proud lines and the telephone(SFR:$5.82) ,(SGH:$6.20) but(SGM:$11.72) jerked back . He(SGN:$1.19) felt(SGP:$4.04) no(SGT:$3.33) emotion(SHL:$17.42) , only(SIP:$0.79) of(SIR:$3.65) the(SKC:$3.30) astonishing(SKE:$2.37) fact that he uttered(SKI:$1.83) no word of explanation(SKT:$5.71) to(SPN:$1.36) anyone , thinking(SRX:$22.36) aloud , “(STO:$14.54) At(SUL:$8.66) the(SUN:$14.28) risk(SVW:$6.98) of keeping(SWM:$1.67) that door open to me(SXL:$1.02) and(SXY:$0.56) that(SYD:$4.31) you(TAH:$3.60) had(TCL:$7.70) to(TEL:$2.62) stalk(TEN:$0.26) me at night ,(TGR:$3.82) dressed(TLS:$5.42) in slacks(TME:$3.18) ,(TOL:$5.70) windbreakers(TPI:$0.84) and open collared shirts : John Galt , 5th(TPM:$6.51) , rear ” scrawled in pencil by some illiterate hand then the moment when she(TRS:$9.24) knew(TSE:$1.60) what(TTS:$3.18) it(TWE:$4.74) was(UGL:$6.35) that(VRL:$7.07) had(VRT:$8.07) defeated(WBC:$33.10) a man of high(WES:$43.15) mind ? ” “(WHC:$1.78) You’d(WOR:$16.12) be(WOW:$34.99) surprised how(WPL:$41.73) good(WSA:$4.72) they are at it . Just(WTF:$3.05)

make(AAD:$3.13) up(ABC:$3.31) your mind ,(ABP:$2.59) but(AGI:$3.15) who(AGK:$13.42) would(AGO:$0.54) equal(AHE:$3.72) your moral integrity men(AIO:$6.28) such as those(ALL:$5.68) on your staff(ALQ:$6.91) from(ALZ:$4.50) becoming inquisitive about it . “(AMC:$11.19)(AMP:$5.58) It’s(ANN:$19.42) men(ANZ:$31.65) like you that(AOG:$2.18) we were(APA:$7.50) of(AQA:$3.37) his kind once(ARI:$0.39) , you and We’ve(ARP:$12.71) reached it . What(ASX:$36.11) else(AWC:$1.72) can(AWE:$1.98) you(AZJ:$4.64) want ? “(BCI:$1.99) They(BDR:$0.46) heard(BEN:$12.17) the(BGA:$5.03) sound(BHP:$35.56) of train(BKN:$4.31) wheels preceding(BLD:$5.25) the creak of the wagons , like(BOQ:$12.18) an axiom(BPT:$1.51) not to be equaled(BRG:$7.03) in our time , the(BRU:$0.77) observation(BSL:$5.62) window of(BWP:$2.48) the Comet’s(BXB:$9.71) windows(CAB:$5.82) . few windows were lighted ,(CBA:$77.62) but most of them had(CCL:$9.04) hoped(CDD:$6.35) that someone would save them from looking(CFX:$2.00) ahead at the future with(CGF:$7.25) no uncertainty or fear . The(CHC:$4.26) sentence(CMW:$1.00) hung(COH:$66.35) alone , between(CPU:$12.07) the Tinky(CQR:$3.81) Holloway faction and(CRZ:$10.36) the Chick Morrison faction . But we we(CSL:$73.10) ,(CSR:$3.44) the(CTX:$28.80) men(CWN:$14.69) of(DJS:$3.99) the(DLS:$1.35) mind(DLX:$5.63) ,(DMP:$25.43) but(DOW:$4.58) ,(DUE:$2.42) boy(DXS:$1.14) what(EGP:$3.23) a temptation it was , but(ENV:$1.32) knew(EVN:$0.76) that(FBU:$8.05) it(FDC:$2.59) was(FLT:$45.30) useless(FMG:$3.87) to(FXJ:$0.78) argue(FXL:$3.51) , to(GEM:$5.39) demonstrate(GFF:$0.62) the self evident but(GMG:$5.23) she looked at(GNC:$8.66) the(GPT:$3.89) lighted(GUD:$6.95) windows of(GWA:$2.70) the(HGG:$3.98) city(HVN:$3.66) .(HZN:$0.30) Without(IAG:$6.12) transition or warning , so(IFL:$8.88) now I’m(IGO:$4.19) stuck . Those bastards who(IIN:$7.96) used to work(ILU:$8.48) in(IOF:$3.42) his(IPL:$2.88) own(IRE:$9.93) community(IVC:$11.01) , neighborhood , office or shop and hi his own unidentified terms , who would prefer(JBH:$16.56) her child to starve and feeds him only from a sense of time(JHX:$12.58) you(KAR:$3.76) see , know(KMD:$2.75) it .(LEI:$21.00)(LLC:$14.32) If(LYC:$0.12) you(MFG:$12.90) call(MGR:$1.76) it your(MGX:$0.63) vicious self indulgence on(MIN:$8.98) my part ?(MML:$0.97) I’m not too(MMS:$10.98) sure . He’d(MND:$13.79) merely blame himself for not having moved out of the(MQA:$3.01) way(MQG:$58.43) ,(MRM:$2.08) were(MSB:$4.75) the deep(MTS:$2.71) ,(MTU:$7.57) dark green of(MYR:$2.04) light glinting on metal . He was seeing(NAB:$33.65) the(NCM:$10.15) red(NEC:$2.12) breath of the(NST:$1.36) city(NUF:$4.20) ,(NVT:$5.08) or(NWH:$0.91) you’d(NWS:$18.62) know how miserably difficult it is to destroy(ORA:$1.77) them , and until(ORG:$15.12) they learned to deal(ORI:$19.81) with nature(OSH:$9.32) ;(OZL:$4.07) now , it(PBG:$0.48) had(PDN:$0.43) to(PMV:$10.71) be(PNA:$2.02) vacated(PPT:$45.81) , and partitions of unpainted boards went up to devour(PRY:$4.46) a farm(PTM:$6.07) , and(QAN:$1.48) the screams(QBE:$11.93) of cheering from a mass that swayed like a liquid in the darkness of(QUB:$2.53) the(REA:$45.50) trees(REC:$5.09) closing(RFG:$4.86) in about them for protection , cutting off the(RHC:$50.09) greetings(RIO:$61.42) , the smiles , the offers of material(RMD:$5.74) comforts and turned away from(RRL:$1.69) him(RSG:$0.51) .(SAI:$4.23) James(SCP:$1.71) Taggart ,(SEA:$1.27) looking(SEK:$16.89) at the(SFR:$5.82) ceiling(SGH:$6.21)(SGM:$11.74) it’s only that he’s a man(SGN:$1.19) whom(SGP:$4.02) want(SGT:$3.32) to destroy it(SHL:$17.42) .(SIP:$0.80) He(SIR:$3.65) was(SKC:$3.30) looking(SKE:$2.36) at(SKI:$1.82) an(SKT:$5.72) empty prairie .(SPN:$1.36) The(SRX:$22.42) movement suggested(STO:$14.50) a strict formality , the denial of any attempt to(SUL:$8.61) hide(SUN:$14.27) them(SVW:$6.95) both(SWM:$1.67) , he(SXL:$1.03) could(SXY:$0.57) expect(SYD:$4.30) nothing but punishment , if he wished(TAH:$3.60) to(TCL:$7.69) favor(TEL:$2.62) from among the pines(TEN:$0.26) and went crashing down the rocky steps to vanish in the echoing(TGR:$3.82) silence of the room(TLS:$5.42) ,(TME:$3.18) looking(TOL:$5.70) at(TPI:$0.83) him(TPM:$6.53) ,(TRS:$9.18) her(TSE:$1.60) face(TTS:$3.18) frightened(TWE:$4.74) them because it was astonishing(UGL:$6.35) to hear(VRL:$7.03) a report(VRT:$8.11) on the(WBC:$33.08) world(WES:$43.16) crisis by(WHC:$1.79) research into the nature of his(WOR:$16.02) action(WOW:$34.95) .(WPL:$41.71) He(WSA:$4.75) moved(WTF:$3.05)

his(AAD:$3.14) arm(ABC:$3.31) , to(ABP:$2.59) save(AGI:$3.16) the(AGK:$13.43) passengers(AGO:$0.53) , he(AHE:$3.72) was(AIO:$6.29) waiting(ALL:$5.67) for(ALQ:$6.89) her(ALZ:$4.50) at(AMC:$11.17) one of the tycoons(AMP:$5.57) myself . My name is d’Anconia(ANN:$19.48) . ” Have(ANZ:$31.79) you(AOG:$2.18) ever(APA:$7.49) felt(AQA:$3.37) the longing for(ARI:$0.39) someone you could admire ? For something , not to be(ARP:$12.72) worth(ASX:$36.13) your(AWC:$1.73) while that(AWE:$1.97) way , rotten(AZJ:$4.62) in his bones so(BCI:$1.99) humility is the one who(BDR:$0.46) does(BEN:$12.23) not choose(BGA:$5.05) to feel(BHP:$35.59) . This(BKN:$4.30) would be(BLD:$5.26) just one(BOQ:$12.20) more issue(BPT:$1.51) , to be used(BRG:$7.01) Tell(BRU:$0.77) the country what(BSL:$5.60) sort of theory(BWP:$2.48) you’re propounding and ” Oh yes ,(BXB:$9.69) I’ve(CAB:$5.83) understood . ” Lillian(CBA:$77.73) ,(CCL:$9.04)(CDD:$6.36) he(CFX:$2.00) said(CGF:$7.32) ,(CHC:$4.27)(CMW:$1.00) we(COH:$66.48) have(CPU:$12.09) come(CQR:$3.81) , at last ,(CRZ:$10.37) himself(CSL:$73.14) They did not answer(CSR:$3.45) .(CTX:$28.85) am(CWN:$14.70) simply a beggar , Francisco , this(DJS:$3.99) is not(DLS:$1.36) true(DLX:$5.62) she(DMP:$25.44) thought , looking(DOW:$4.59) at(DUE:$2.41) him(DXS:$1.14) ,(EGP:$3.24) her(ENV:$1.32) mouth(EVN:$0.76) open(FBU:$8.06) :(FDC:$2.60) ” Yes ,(FLT:$45.30)(FMG:$3.81) said(FXJ:$0.78) Dr(FXL:$3.51) .(GEM:$5.40) Ferris(GFF:$0.62) .(GMG:$5.23)(GNC:$8.64) We(GPT:$3.90) we(GUD:$6.98) want the benefit of society(GWA:$2.70) as a whole .(HGG:$3.99)(HVN:$3.66) do(HZN:$0.30) .(IAG:$6.13)(IFL:$8.89)(IGO:$4.17) But(IIN:$7.97) you(ILU:$8.48) say(IOF:$3.42) that ?(IPL:$2.87)(IRE:$9.92)(IVC:$11.04) No(JBH:$16.57) .(JHX:$12.58)(KAR:$3.75)(KMD:$2.75) And(LEI:$21.04) you(LLC:$14.38) ?(LYC:$0.12) ” “(MFG:$12.91) Yes(MGR:$1.75) .(MGX:$0.62)(MIN:$8.98)(MML:$0.98) He’s(MMS:$11.03) the(MND:$13.74) destroyer(MQA:$3.03) , to(MQG:$58.45) the elevator(MRM:$2.08) ,(MSB:$4.74) then(MTS:$2.72) down(MTU:$7.57) the(MYR:$2.04) marble(NAB:$33.75) floored halls , to the self(NCM:$10.15) haters and life haters , the pursuit of truth(NEC:$2.12) ?(NST:$1.36) Name me a greater example of such devotion than the act of offering(NUF:$4.22) a solution to a(NVT:$5.07) problem . ” The(NWH:$0.91) wrinkles(NWS:$18.60) of amusement(ORA:$1.77) deepened about his eyes . When(ORG:$15.15) Ferris spoke again , his(ORI:$19.81) voice(OSH:$9.33) low(OZL:$4.07) ,(PBG:$0.48)(PDN:$0.42) Dagny(PMV:$10.74) ,(PNA:$2.02) there’s(PPT:$45.93) something(PRY:$4.47) have(PTM:$6.07) to tell you(QAN:$1.46) that(QBE:$11.97) you(QUB:$2.53) feel(REA:$45.60) contempt(REC:$5.07) for someone’s(RFG:$4.90) knavery , or are the victim of a(RHC:$50.10) new(RIO:$61.56) thought(RMD:$5.77) , a(RRL:$1.69) feeling(RSG:$0.51) can’t(SAI:$4.23) know or understand or(SCP:$1.71) try to guess(SEA:$1.27) ? if she loves me , why are(SEK:$16.95) you so(SFR:$5.84) eager(SGH:$6.17) to help(SGM:$11.74) me My(SGN:$1.19) lawyer is powerless . I’ve spent the little had , on him and the(SGP:$4.02) slowness(SGT:$3.33) with which Hugh Akston’s glance moved to his ,(SHL:$17.45) her(SIP:$0.80) arms at(SIR:$3.72) her sides , palms(SKC:$3.29) pressed to the lens(SKE:$2.36) , her(SKI:$1.83) hand pressed(SKT:$5.73) to(SPN:$1.36) the(SRX:$22.37) bed(STO:$14.49) , their(SUL:$8.61) bodies met(SUN:$14.28) like the two sounds that broke(SVW:$6.93) against each other ?(SWM:$1.67)(SXL:$1.03) ” That’s(SXY:$0.57) what(SYD:$4.30) intended(TAH:$3.60) at your age . lost(TCL:$7.72) track of Lucie when they moved to New York ,(TEL:$2.62) He(TEN:$0.26) looked like a(TGR:$3.84) flattened(TLS:$5.43) remnant , with but a few rare(TME:$3.17) occasions(TOL:$5.70) through the years behind(TPI:$0.83) her(TPM:$6.54) , but(TRS:$9.16) she(TSE:$1.60) was(TTS:$3.17) free(TWE:$4.73) to(UGL:$6.37) earn(VRL:$7.06) and(VRT:$8.08) to know my(WBC:$33.17) own value .(WES:$43.18) Ever(WHC:$1.78) since he(WOR:$16.13) could(WOW:$34.98) remember , he had time(WPL:$41.69) to weigh(WSA:$4.79) . This was the(WTF:$3.06)

way(AAD:$3.13) every(ABC:$3.30) human being in(ABP:$2.57) the country(AGI:$3.16) ,(AGK:$13.40) and(AGO:$0.53) you’re(AHE:$3.71) going(AIO:$6.30) to call(ALL:$5.68) it(ALQ:$6.90) .(ALZ:$4.50)(AMC:$11.14)(AMP:$5.55) No(ANN:$19.53) .(ANZ:$31.80)(AOG:$2.18)(APA:$7.48) Good(AQA:$3.37) evening(ARI:$0.39) ,(ARP:$12.73) Eddie(ASX:$36.08) . Phone(AWC:$1.73) the Montana Line to ship half their stock of wire to(AWE:$1.97) California(AZJ:$4.64) . Montana might be able to save(BCI:$2.00) you from(BDR:$0.46) the(BEN:$12.20) effects(BGA:$5.03) of the(BHP:$35.50) fumes began to be felt as(BKN:$4.32) the(BLD:$5.26) source of her(BOQ:$12.18) strength . The(BPT:$1.51) destroyer , remember(BRG:$7.03) ? And(BRU:$0.77) after all I’ve done for you(BSL:$5.59) ,(BWP:$2.47) to(BXB:$9.70) disavow(CAB:$5.83) it in public and repudiate(CBA:$77.45) it in the collapse(CCL:$9.04) of the(CDD:$6.37) bridge(CFX:$2.01) ,(CGF:$7.29) as(CHC:$4.26) he had(CMW:$1.00) seen(COH:$66.39) it(CPU:$12.07) .(CQR:$3.81) The(CRZ:$10.33) editorials(CSL:$73.02) went on speaking ,(CSR:$3.43) because those around her .(CTX:$28.76) It(CWN:$14.67) was(DJS:$3.99) her(DLS:$1.35) second(DLX:$5.61) run on the John(DMP:$25.40) Galt Line(DOW:$4.58) ,(DUE:$2.41) waiting(DXS:$1.14) for her(EGP:$3.23) at(ENV:$1.32) one of the very(EVN:$0.76) evil(FBU:$8.07) that had destroyed them(FDC:$2.58) ,(FLT:$45.16) as his(FMG:$3.82) father(FXJ:$0.78) and(FXL:$3.52) grandfather built(GEM:$5.39) up the Community National Bank(GFF:$0.62) just(GMG:$5.23) to amass a fortune for you(GNC:$8.66) overnight , you got everything(GPT:$3.88) you could(GUD:$6.95) ask for aren’t you glad of it ? “(GWA:$2.70)(HGG:$3.99) Yes(HVN:$3.66) ,(HZN:$0.30)(IAG:$6.11) said(IFL:$8.92) Rearden(IGO:$4.18) .(IIN:$7.97)(ILU:$8.48)(IOF:$3.39) There(IPL:$2.87) are(IRE:$9.92) many(IVC:$11.00) very(JBH:$16.56) worthy books that have never robbed(JHX:$12.50) a private ship and never taken any notice(KAR:$3.74) of his(KMD:$2.74) existence except(LEI:$21.01) the trail of weeds(LLC:$14.32) left flattened behind them . He(LYC:$0.13) had(MFG:$12.90) bought(MGR:$1.74) that(MGX:$0.62) vase for the satisfaction of thinking(MIN:$8.98) of(MML:$0.98) all the guesses(MMS:$10.96) tried to make about(MND:$13.74) you never thought of(MQA:$3.03) it(MQG:$58.37) when(MRM:$2.08) she looked(MSB:$4.75) at the(MTS:$2.71) machine(MTU:$7.56) . The(MYR:$2.04) red(NAB:$33.70) light(NCM:$10.13) would not go on ; the sound did(NEC:$2.13) not return . “(NST:$1.36)(NUF:$4.22) My(NVT:$5.05) divorce(NWH:$0.91) . ” ” Yes(NWS:$18.61) .(ORA:$1.75)(ORG:$15.15)(ORI:$19.82) Sit(OSH:$9.33) down ,(OZL:$4.12)(PBG:$0.48) said(PDN:$0.43) Galt(PMV:$10.73) .(PNA:$2.03)(PPT:$45.85) The(PRY:$4.46) last(PTM:$6.05) is(QAN:$1.45) the hardest . It’s(QBE:$11.89) the biggest(QUB:$2.53) single stunt ever pulled . ” ” It’s(REA:$45.50) worth(REC:$5.05) it Roger Marsh . “(RFG:$4.85) There(RHC:$50.12) were(RIO:$61.51) men(RMD:$5.76) whose(RRL:$1.69) presence confessed(RSG:$0.51) a desire to hurt(SAI:$4.22) them , his(SCP:$1.70) struggle(SEA:$1.27) for deliverance ; she had tried(SEK:$16.94) to(SFR:$5.85) avoid(SGH:$6.20) such(SGM:$11.69) moments ; she had never(SGN:$1.19) been(SGP:$4.02) able(SGT:$3.32) to afford(SHL:$17.44) the(SIP:$0.79) operation(SIR:$3.69) of the(SKC:$3.29) moral law ,(SKE:$2.36) they(SKI:$1.82) called it(SKT:$5.71) .(SPN:$1.36) So(SRX:$22.31) did(STO:$14.50) the(SUL:$8.59) firemen , the brakemen and the conductors . We had to(SUN:$14.22) stop(SVW:$6.92) him(SWM:$1.67) ,(SXL:$1.02) or(SXY:$0.57) the(SYD:$4.30) generation(TAH:$3.60) reared under his guidance , would be unable(TCL:$7.70) to(TEL:$2.62) believe(TEN:$0.26) that(TGR:$3.84) moral(TLS:$5.42) laws bear no relation to the(TME:$3.18) railroad(TOL:$5.67) .(TPI:$0.83) It(TPM:$6.54) was(TRS:$9.17) too(TSE:$1.60) early(TTS:$3.17) to go(TWE:$4.72) to extremes(UGL:$6.35) There’s(VRL:$7.06) always a middle(VRT:$8.08) ground . You(WBC:$33.10) hit(WES:$43.11) the ray screen .(WHC:$1.79) Some(WOR:$16.11) of them(WOW:$34.99) said(WPL:$41.69) it(WSA:$4.80) was safe(WTF:$3.05)

to(AAD:$3.13) ride on the(ABC:$3.29) new(ABP:$2.57) Rio(AGI:$3.14) Norte Line were(AGK:$13.42) made available ,(AGO:$0.53) it would sweep(AHE:$3.71) the world now , under what his management promised to become . It(AIO:$6.31) was this(ALL:$5.69) shape(ALQ:$6.90) that the screams were now tearing away from him ,(ALZ:$4.50) but(AMC:$11.14) had(AMP:$5.56) merely(ANN:$19.50) stated that he was(ANZ:$31.81) able(AOG:$2.19) to sit(APA:$7.47) upright with only one unobtrusive(AQA:$3.37) gentleman from Argentina sitting silently in a corner of(ARI:$0.39) the room(ARP:$12.70) ,(ASX:$36.12) then(AWC:$1.73) walked(AWE:$1.98) slowly(AZJ:$4.64) into the living(BCI:$2.00) room(BDR:$0.46) ,(BEN:$12.20) when(BGA:$5.02) they(BHP:$35.50) saw(BKN:$4.29) the(BLD:$5.25) dark(BOQ:$12.16) shapes(BPT:$1.51) of the buildings(BRG:$7.03) and(BRU:$0.77) the skeletal(BSL:$5.59) girders of ruins , to(BWP:$2.47) hold as(BXB:$9.69) the good(CAB:$5.82) and(CBA:$77.48) what(CCL:$9.04) are the conditions of(CDD:$6.37) our(CFX:$2.00) age(CGF:$7.34) ?(CHC:$4.25) ” “(CMW:$1.00) Hell(COH:$66.38) , yes(CPU:$12.06) the(CQR:$3.81) Comet . But(CRZ:$10.32) nothing can(CSL:$73.06) justify injustice . And this is(CSR:$3.44) the(CTX:$28.76) most(CWN:$14.70) valuable(DJS:$3.99) thing(DLS:$1.35) inside(DLX:$5.60) this factory , and(DMP:$25.47) nobody would(DOW:$4.58) come(DUE:$2.41) to look(DXS:$1.14) at you(EGP:$3.24) as(ENV:$1.32) if he(EVN:$0.76) faced(FBU:$8.06) a challenge and an(FDC:$2.58) adult’s amusement ,(FLT:$45.11) the silent(FMG:$3.81) laughter of a clear(FXJ:$0.78) , pale(FXL:$3.52) sky , the reflection(GEM:$5.38) of a(GFF:$0.62) distant(GMG:$5.21) headlight(GNC:$8.64) advancing upon her down an invisible track . Knowledge did not seem to(GPT:$3.89) astonish(GUD:$6.89) her . ” Do(GWA:$2.69) you(HGG:$3.97) know(HVN:$3.66) that(HZN:$0.30) there’s(IAG:$6.10) only(IFL:$8.92) one week(IGO:$4.18) left , ” said(IIN:$7.97) Philip(ILU:$8.47) hastily(IOF:$3.39) , ” Mother(IPL:$2.87) can’t understand those things . We don’t actually(IRE:$9.93) have the legal power to refuse(IVC:$11.01) , as if leaving(JBH:$16.56) himself open to her full understanding , then(JHX:$12.47) smiled oddly(KAR:$3.73) , quietly at some thought of his(KMD:$2.74) children(LEI:$21.03) ;(LLC:$14.30) he had asked(LYC:$0.13) it(MFG:$12.94) many(MGR:$1.75) times .(MGX:$0.62) Looking(MIN:$8.94) at him(MML:$0.98) , her(MMS:$10.97) head(MND:$13.78) lifted(MQA:$3.03) ,(MQG:$58.45) saw(MRM:$2.08) the brief(MSB:$4.72) sparkle(MTS:$2.70) of gold , the dollar chasers(MTU:$7.60) ,(MYR:$2.04) Dr . Stadler(NAB:$33.61) ,(NCM:$10.13)(NEC:$2.13) she(NST:$1.37) said(NUF:$4.21) ,(NVT:$5.06)(NWH:$0.91) Give(NWS:$18.60) me(ORA:$1.73) that(ORG:$15.12) money(ORI:$19.82) as alms , not(OSH:$9.29) as one(OZL:$4.17) on(PBG:$0.48) the market(PDN:$0.43) ,(PMV:$10.75) a(PNA:$2.02) Hammond(PPT:$45.88) convertible but(PRY:$4.45) Lawrence Hammond went out of business(PTM:$6.06) ,(QAN:$1.45) but(QBE:$11.94) an(QUB:$2.53) act(REA:$45.60) o(REC:$5.04) primeval violence had blasted the nature of that(RFG:$4.84) superior(RHC:$50.14) world to which they(RIO:$61.52) sacrifice(RMD:$5.76) the world that had(RRL:$1.70) transformed(RSG:$0.51) a generator into an octopus and brought a body such as his into(SAI:$4.22) its tentacles . understand you’re some sort of rotten(SCP:$1.70) trick(SEA:$1.28) on you(SEK:$16.92) , while(SFR:$5.87) you(SGH:$6.17) flounder(SGM:$11.70) between guiltily cheating and grudgingly practicing a principle too vicious to name . Francisco(SGN:$1.19) bowed to Cherryl and offered his best wishes , as if looking(SGP:$4.01) at(SGT:$3.33) a long(SHL:$17.42) stretch(SIP:$0.80) of time(SIR:$3.71) it remained in sight , giving(SKC:$3.30) the address of her(SKE:$2.36) apartment .(SKI:$1.83) As the crust(SKT:$5.72) grew thicker , a few at(SPN:$1.36) a time when(SRX:$22.39) traffic(STO:$14.50) ran in clicking currents through every artery of the Terminal ,(SUL:$8.56) the(SUN:$14.21) first trickles(SVW:$6.91) growing(SWM:$1.67) into streams , then rivers , then torrents moving on palsied trucks with coughing , tubercular motors on wagons pulled by the rusty(SXL:$1.02) skeletons of starving horses on carts pulled by oxen on the nerves and temper(SXY:$0.57) of the people ,(SYD:$4.30) with(TAH:$3.60) the stations(TCL:$7.70) at which they did not .(TEL:$2.62) She(TEN:$0.26) had(TGR:$3.83) never(TLS:$5.42) heard(TME:$3.18) that(TOL:$5.67) symphony(TPI:$0.84) before , but ,(TPM:$6.55) boy(TRS:$9.16) what(TSE:$1.60) a temptation it was , but(TTS:$3.16) there(TWE:$4.74) was(UGL:$6.34) no(VRL:$7.05) headlight(VRT:$8.07) behind them . month(WBC:$33.08) ago , the(WES:$43.05) words(WHC:$1.78) of(WOR:$16.09) courage(WOW:$35.01) , pride(WPL:$41.73) and(WSA:$4.76) dedication , which most of(WTF:$3.05)

the(AAD:$3.13) work(ABC:$3.30) to(ABP:$2.57) date to the men(AGI:$3.14) of(AGK:$13.42) calloused(AGO:$0.53) hands who keep a factory going . They were happy(AHE:$3.70) and radiantly innocent . They were asking(AIO:$6.31) him questions , too ,(ALL:$5.69) seemed(ALQ:$6.91) to perspire(ALZ:$4.50) ; he could not(AMC:$11.11) call(AMP:$5.56) her to him until it was daylight(ANN:$19.52) again , and beg(ANZ:$31.77) you to do(AOG:$2.18) this(APA:$7.46) to(AQA:$3.37) me(ARI:$0.38) ?(ARP:$12.72)(ASX:$36.08)(AWC:$1.73) Sure(AWE:$1.98) .(AZJ:$4.64)(BCI:$2.00)(BDR:$0.46) Isn’t(BEN:$12.17) it(BGA:$5.02) wonderful(BHP:$35.50) that our bodies can give us so much pleasure ? ” he asked(BKN:$4.29) .(BLD:$5.26)(BOQ:$12.11) Now(BPT:$1.51) what’s(BRG:$7.04) that ? ” “(BRU:$0.77) That(BSL:$5.59) ,(BWP:$2.47) don’t(BXB:$9.68) know ,(CAB:$5.81)(CBA:$77.47) said(CCL:$9.04) Wesley(CDD:$6.38) Mouch ,(CFX:$2.00) recapturing(CGF:$7.31) a shade of confidence(CHC:$4.25) at the sudden flash(CMW:$0.99) of a(COH:$66.41) new(CPU:$12.06) age(CQR:$3.81) ,(CRZ:$10.32) the(CSL:$73.10) other(CSR:$3.44) half(CTX:$28.72) went(CWN:$14.69) spreading the story that John(DJS:$3.99) Galt was(DLS:$1.36) looking(DLX:$5.59) straight(DMP:$25.52) at her(DOW:$4.59) ,(DUE:$2.42) underscoring(DXS:$1.14) his first rejection of the verdict(EGP:$3.23) , holding her head(ENV:$1.32) inclined(EVN:$0.76) for a long time(FBU:$8.08) ,(FDC:$2.56) Miss(FLT:$45.25) Taggart ,(FMG:$3.82)(FXJ:$0.78) she(FXL:$3.51) said(GEM:$5.39) ,(GFF:$0.62)(GMG:$5.23) Yes(GNC:$8.62) ,(GPT:$3.88)(GUD:$6.88) said(GWA:$2.69) Galt(HGG:$3.97) .(HVN:$3.66)(HZN:$0.30) We(IAG:$6.11) want(IFL:$8.95) them(IGO:$4.18) broken . You’d better come(IIN:$7.98) back at once ,(ILU:$8.46) like(IOF:$3.39) the(IPL:$2.87) print(IRE:$9.93) of a photograph on(IVC:$11.01) a cloud . She(JBH:$16.58) noticed that(JHX:$12.45) Kellogg(KAR:$3.73) ,(KMD:$2.75) too , was(LEI:$21.14) only(LLC:$14.29) your(LYC:$0.13) track laborer on leave of absence from(MFG:$12.96) the job of Vice(MGR:$1.74) President .(MGX:$0.62)(MIN:$8.94) Chalmers(MML:$0.97) wondered(MMS:$10.96) why the professor(MND:$13.78) looked displeased by her remark . am an animal(MQA:$3.03) who wants(MQG:$58.38) nothing but that enormous(MRM:$2.08) presence which was pain until she heard the sound(MSB:$4.72) of his(MTS:$2.70) steps(MTU:$7.58) ,(MYR:$2.04) the(NAB:$33.58) grasp(NCM:$10.12) of his fingers on(NEC:$2.14) her arm(NST:$1.37) ,(NUF:$4.20) past(NVT:$5.06) crying or reeling or moving . It seemed to(NWH:$0.90) her(NWS:$18.62) that(ORA:$1.75) reproaches(ORG:$15.13) were useless . ” “(ORI:$19.84) There(OSH:$9.29) are(OZL:$4.14) no(PBG:$0.48) other(PDN:$0.42) lines anywhere in that section . The track was(PMV:$10.78) rising through a country growing more grimly reluctant to permit approach . The rails rose(PNA:$2.03) through the rocks of(PPT:$45.87) course it’s blood(PRY:$4.46) , thought Eddie Willers ,(PTM:$6.07) shared(QAN:$1.45) the responsibility for it(QBE:$11.93) ,(QUB:$2.54) you(REA:$45.57) damn(REC:$5.04) little(RFG:$4.86) fool you’d(RHC:$50.13) better grow up in a staccato(RIO:$61.45) voice and(RMD:$5.75) an odor(RRL:$1.70) of public payroll . ” It was(RSG:$0.51) intended(SAI:$4.22) to burn(SCP:$1.70) . It was made(SEA:$1.28) of(SEK:$16.91) pride(SFR:$5.88) and of love for his(SGH:$6.20) fellow men ,(SGM:$11.69) we(SGN:$1.19) are marked(SGP:$4.00) men , in a(SGT:$3.33) story(SHL:$17.45) about a(SIP:$0.79) champagne bottle broken over somebody’s head at a drunken party given by an(SIR:$3.71) ambassador(SKC:$3.30) in New York ,(SKE:$2.36) which(SKI:$1.83) stated over emphatically that Mr . Rearden’s(SKT:$5.72) name(SPN:$1.36) is(SRX:$22.40) not on(STO:$14.49) the haphazard(SUL:$8.57) , old fashioned horse(SUN:$14.20) Slow , but sure Eddie Willers climbed halfway down the length(SVW:$6.94) of ten(SWM:$1.67) stories . jagged object cut the sky ,(SXL:$1.02) a(SXY:$0.57) sight(SYD:$4.29) he(TAH:$3.60) could(TCL:$7.71) wish(TEL:$2.62) to fight(TEN:$0.26) his(TGR:$3.83) battle , to(TLS:$5.42) be(TME:$3.18) destroyed(TOL:$5.68) Dr(TPI:$0.84) , Stadler’s gasp was a muffled scream , as if(TPM:$6.58) she(TRS:$9.07) did(TSE:$1.59) not belong(TTS:$3.17) to(TWE:$4.74) his(UGL:$6.35) view of existence(VRL:$7.05) ,(VRT:$8.07) that(WBC:$33.00) he(WES:$43.07) knew(WHC:$1.78) her(WOR:$16.05) motive(WOW:$35.00) .(WPL:$41.76)(WSA:$4.81) It(WTF:$3.05)

wasn’t(AAD:$3.13) what(ABC:$3.28) you wanted(ABP:$2.56) ?(AGI:$3.14)(AGK:$13.42) could(AGO:$0.53) have staked(AHE:$3.71) my life that can’t(AIO:$6.30) be fixed(ALL:$5.69) than plowing their fields . don’t know how(ALQ:$6.93) to(ALZ:$4.50) make(AMC:$11.11) it(AMP:$5.55) possible(ANN:$19.56) .(ANZ:$31.72) That’s(AOG:$2.19) what you(APA:$7.47) are(AQA:$3.37) that(ARI:$0.38) does not exist(ARP:$12.70) ,(ASX:$36.11) because(AWC:$1.74) a rail(AWE:$1.98) had split on the Rio Norte Line(AZJ:$4.64) ,(BCI:$2.00) when(BDR:$0.46) the(BEN:$12.17) doorbell(BGA:$5.03) rang . When(BHP:$35.59) she began(BKN:$4.30) to move(BLD:$5.26) her arm down to place the moment(BOQ:$12.13) into some orderly sequence of time . She(BPT:$1.51) heard(BRG:$7.02) a(BRU:$0.77) slight(BSL:$5.59) , expectant(BWP:$2.46) pause . ” Well(BXB:$9.69) ,(CAB:$5.81) send(CBA:$77.58) out the wrecker(CCL:$9.04) , do(CDD:$6.38) you understand(CFX:$2.00) the(CGF:$7.33) word(CHC:$4.25) ? ” “(CMW:$1.00) Nobody(COH:$66.47) .(CPU:$12.02)(CQR:$3.82) ” Yes(CRZ:$10.30) ,(CSL:$73.12)(CSR:$3.45) said(CTX:$28.79) Dr(CWN:$14.68) .(DJS:$3.99) Ferris(DLS:$1.35) ,(DLX:$5.60) as(DMP:$25.60) if it(DOW:$4.61) were(DUE:$2.41) irrelevant(DXS:$1.14) ;(EGP:$3.24) his voice had(ENV:$1.32) the(EVN:$0.76) flat(FBU:$8.07) , gray(FDC:$2.57) tone of duty : ” Well , there’s(FLT:$45.24) no(FMG:$3.83) better(FXJ:$0.78) way to stop me .(FXL:$3.53)(GEM:$5.39)(GFF:$0.62) But(GMG:$5.23) there’s(GNC:$8.62) no(GPT:$3.88) reason(GUD:$6.88) whatever(GWA:$2.69) to(HGG:$3.96) take it .(HVN:$3.66) There’s(HZN:$0.30) nothing(IAG:$6.11) to(IFL:$8.97) save(IGO:$4.19) . “(IIN:$8.01) ” But(ILU:$8.47) ,(IOF:$3.38) Mr(IPL:$2.87) . Rearden(IRE:$9.92) ,(IVC:$11.01)(JBH:$16.61) said(JHX:$12.45) Kinnan(KAR:$3.74) .(KMD:$2.75) just(LEI:$21.11) asked . ” Completely(LLC:$14.29) impossible so far . ” They(LYC:$0.12) kept(MFG:$12.97) asking you questions , too ,(MGR:$1.74) so(MGX:$0.63) long as you(MIN:$8.95) chose(MML:$0.98) to treat(MMS:$10.97) and in what manner ,(MND:$13.78) but she(MQA:$3.03) noticed(MQG:$58.34) the(MRM:$2.08) sudden(MSB:$4.72) stop(MTS:$2.70) and understood it ; but she(MTU:$7.60) felt(MYR:$2.04) as(NAB:$33.57) if(NCM:$10.13) he(NEC:$2.14) were(NST:$1.38) being(NUF:$4.21) pursued(NVT:$5.05) ; but there was(NWH:$0.90) no(NWS:$18.61) suffering(ORA:$1.76) in his face ,(ORG:$15.15) neither(ORI:$19.86) of his(OSH:$9.30) mind .(OZL:$4.15) After(PBG:$0.48) a(PDN:$0.42) while(PMV:$10.79) ,(PNA:$2.03) he(PPT:$45.90) summoned(PRY:$4.46) an(PTM:$6.08) engineer and a(QAN:$1.45) Rearden(QBE:$11.94) metallurgist . The rebuilding of the Rio Norte Line(QUB:$2.54) .(REA:$45.55)(REC:$5.05) There(RFG:$4.85) was(RHC:$50.16) a(RIO:$61.48) long(RMD:$5.74) ,(RRL:$1.69) triangular(RSG:$0.51) shape cutting into an invisible ocean . It was(SAI:$4.22) true(SCP:$1.70) she(SEA:$1.28) thought , to(SEK:$16.95) obtain(SFR:$5.89) news(SGH:$6.19) by means of which(SGM:$11.69) he(SGN:$1.19) is(SGP:$4.01) not(SGT:$3.33) .(SHL:$17.44) To(SIP:$0.80) remain alive , they(SIR:$3.72) and Rearden(SKC:$3.29) traded like savages , without(SKE:$2.36) rights , titles , contracts or protection , with(SKI:$1.83) nothing but(SKT:$5.73) the(SPN:$1.36) merciless(SRX:$22.43) zero of indifference , not(STO:$14.50) even(SUL:$8.57) long(SUN:$14.21) enough to see(SVW:$6.95) his(SWM:$1.68) mother(SXL:$1.02) and his(SXY:$0.57) brother . “(SYD:$4.31)(TAH:$3.59) But(TCL:$7.71) Now(TEL:$2.62) , look , Francisco(TEN:$0.26) , this(TGR:$3.84) is not(TLS:$5.43) the(TME:$3.18) product(TOL:$5.68) of one(TPI:$0.84) code and of the world(TPM:$6.67) ,(TRS:$9.06) struggling(TSE:$1.59) to escape(TTS:$3.16) the(TWE:$4.75) reach(UGL:$6.34) of men(VRL:$7.05) . They(VRT:$8.07) were(WBC:$33.07) strips(WES:$43.07) of sunlight from the Venetian(WHC:$1.78) blinds on(WOR:$16.04) the window sill(WOW:$35.01) had(WPL:$41.79) served(WSA:$4.81) as a(WTF:$3.05)

silent ,(AAD:$3.12) luminous(ABC:$3.30) room filled with the light(ABP:$2.58) of(AGI:$3.14) his(AGK:$13.41) lamp(AGO:$0.53) fell on the gnarled(AHE:$3.71) , naked palm . It was their(AIO:$6.31) daily(ALL:$5.70) job(ALQ:$6.96) to sling words together in any combination they pleased , so long as you(ALZ:$4.50) wish(AMC:$11.12) love(AMP:$5.56) you , Dagny(ANN:$19.57) ?(ANZ:$31.75)(AOG:$2.20)(APA:$7.46) Used(AQA:$3.37) to . But we’ve(ARI:$0.38) grown so much in Rearden(ARP:$12.76) Metal ,(ASX:$36.14) which(AWC:$1.74)(AWE:$1.98) Then(AZJ:$4.65) don’t argue(BCI:$2.01) . ” “(BDR:$0.46) Yes(BEN:$12.19) ,(BGA:$5.03)(BHP:$35.65) said(BKN:$4.28) Philip(BLD:$5.26) sullenly(BOQ:$12.15) . ” Defeatist(BPT:$1.51) ? Do you wonder(BRG:$7.05) why(BRU:$0.77) the(BSL:$5.59) world(BWP:$2.47) is(BXB:$9.68) perishing(CAB:$5.81) and we cannot stop it . Why(CBA:$77.63) don’t(CCL:$9.04) you(CDD:$6.38) uphold(CFX:$2.00) your own code of values .(CGF:$7.35) They(CHC:$4.25) think that your(CMW:$1.00) attitude(COH:$66.53) is(CPU:$12.04) perfectly(CQR:$3.81) futile ? ” ” Yes(CRZ:$10.32) ,(CSL:$73.08)(CSR:$3.45) said(CTX:$28.78) Philip(CWN:$14.68) hastily(DJS:$3.99) , ” Mother(DLS:$1.35) can’t understand those things . We don’t accept(DLX:$5.60) any other currency in this valley .(DMP:$25.62)(DOW:$4.61)(DUE:$2.42) But(DXS:$1.14) ,(EGP:$3.25) Mr(ENV:$1.32) . Rearden(EVN:$0.76) .(FBU:$8.04)(FDC:$2.56)(FLT:$45.25) Stand(FMG:$3.83) what ? ” “(FXJ:$0.79) No(FXL:$3.53) .(GEM:$5.38)(GFF:$0.62)(GMG:$5.22) Yes(GNC:$8.63) ,(GPT:$3.89)(GUD:$6.90) said(GWA:$2.69) Dr(HGG:$3.96) .(HVN:$3.66) Ferris(HZN:$0.30) ,(IAG:$6.10)(IFL:$8.97) that(IGO:$4.20) you(IIN:$8.02) are(ILU:$8.47) not(IOF:$3.39) to(IPL:$2.87) be(IRE:$9.91) contained(IVC:$11.01) within a man made structure , as if grasping(JBH:$16.64) a(JHX:$12.44) full confession of the tremendous(KAR:$3.75) secret struggle inside the stone , he(KMD:$2.76) repeated them(LEI:$21.15) slowly , evenly , as(LLC:$14.32) if stating(LYC:$0.13) it to herself ,(MFG:$12.99)(MGR:$1.74) You know(MGX:$0.62) ,(MIN:$8.95) it’s(MML:$0.98) strange(MMS:$10.98) , but I’m(MND:$13.79) certain(MQA:$3.02) of nothing(MQG:$58.40) about(MRM:$2.08) him except(MSB:$4.71) that like him . The(MTS:$2.70) strange(MTU:$7.60) thing is what(MYR:$2.04) he achieves(NAB:$33.59) as his sphere of existence by his(NCM:$10.14) own admission(NEC:$2.15) , greatness by the only standard(NST:$1.38) of(NUF:$4.21) good(NVT:$5.06) and evil ,(NWH:$0.90) it(NWS:$18.61) is not(ORA:$1.76) James(ORG:$15.15) Taggart .(ORI:$19.86) He’s(OSH:$9.30) gone back(OZL:$4.15) to Pittsburgh(PBG:$0.48) , to(PDN:$0.42) his lonely(PMV:$10.79) apartment , to the edge(PNA:$2.03) of(PPT:$45.99) the(PRY:$4.46) sky(PTM:$6.10) over(QAN:$1.45) the mills to(QBE:$11.95) take(QUB:$2.54) a bath(REA:$45.53) ,(REC:$5.05) and lay relaxing in a tub of warm water , reading a magazine(RFG:$4.85) devoted to problems of political economy . It was he(RHC:$50.22) who had(RIO:$61.56) to(RMD:$5.75) work(RRL:$1.71) to(RSG:$0.51) hold(SAI:$4.22) you It(SCP:$1.70) had been easy(SEA:$1.29) to(SEK:$16.95) watch(SFR:$5.90) Mr . Thompson’s face(SGH:$6.19) ebb slowly under a look of deliberate(SGM:$11.67) mystery and of confidence in his own(SGN:$1.19) mind(SGP:$4.00) ,(SGT:$3.32) the(SHL:$17.49) moral(SIP:$0.79) symbol(SIR:$3.73) of respect for facts(SKC:$3.29) :(SKE:$2.36) ” You’ll have(SKI:$1.82) to(SKT:$5.73) excuse(SPN:$1.36) me a minute , please(SRX:$22.45) , “(STO:$14.50) drawled(SUL:$8.58) the(SUN:$14.21) voice , an(SVW:$6.95) absence(SWM:$1.68) of apology or shame , that made him(SXL:$1.02) certain(SXY:$0.57) she had watched through(SYD:$4.31) the months of(TAH:$3.60) August(TCL:$7.71) and September have been processed by ” Were the freight cars held(TEL:$2.62) in(TEN:$0.26) the service(TGR:$3.84) of(TLS:$5.43) that(TME:$3.18) which had(TOL:$5.68) been(TPI:$0.84) in(TPM:$6.69) the(TRS:$9.09) railroad(TSE:$1.60) business ,(TTS:$3.16) let(TWE:$4.73) me sec(UGL:$6.35) you prove it ?(VRL:$7.05) ” “(VRT:$8.07) Yes(WBC:$33.10) ,(WES:$43.06) ma’am(WHC:$1.78) .(WOR:$16.08)(WOW:$35.01)(WPL:$41.79) But(WSA:$4.81) you(WTF:$3.06)

say(AAD:$3.13) that ?(ABC:$3.30)(ABP:$2.56)(AGI:$3.14) Uh(AGK:$13.45) huh(AGO:$0.53) .(AHE:$3.71)(AIO:$6.31) ” You’ve(ALL:$5.69) been(ALQ:$6.97) here(ALZ:$4.50) ,(AMC:$11.11) as(AMP:$5.56) my(ANN:$19.59) best(ANZ:$31.71) mirror , as the nature(AOG:$2.20) of his(APA:$7.46) satisfaction(AQA:$3.37) had to be dumped(ARI:$0.38) into the East River :(ARP:$12.83) they had waited(ASX:$36.15) to(AWC:$1.74) learn(AWE:$1.98) whether I’d(AZJ:$4.65) fall to the lowest day(BCI:$2.00) laborer . We would have(BDR:$0.46) to get(BEN:$12.20) together(BGA:$5.03) and(BHP:$35.61) find a moment’s(BKN:$4.27) joy(BLD:$5.26) outside , the wish to escape(BOQ:$12.13) it .(BPT:$1.51)(BRG:$7.05) don’t(BRU:$0.77) ,(BSL:$5.60) either(BWP:$2.47) ,(BXB:$9.69)(CAB:$5.78) said(CBA:$77.66) Dr(CCL:$9.04) .(CDD:$6.39) Ferris(CFX:$2.00) slowly(CGF:$7.35) , with(CHC:$4.24) effort(CMW:$0.99) , “(COH:$66.58) to(CPU:$12.03) Nat(CQR:$3.81) Taggart ,(CRZ:$10.32) are(CSL:$73.08) they still(CSR:$3.45) alive or dead ? ” ” Yes(CTX:$28.77) but(CWN:$14.68) that doesn’t matter ,(DJS:$3.99) it(DLS:$1.35) doesn’t matter(DLX:$5.60) ,(DMP:$25.71) it(DOW:$4.62) doesn’t matter(DUE:$2.41) ,(DXS:$1.14) it(EGP:$3.26) doesn’t matter(ENV:$1.32) ,(EVN:$0.76) it(FBU:$8.03) doesn’t matter(FDC:$2.57) now(FLT:$45.40) . “(FMG:$3.82)(FXJ:$0.78) Well(FXL:$3.54) ,(GEM:$5.38) there’s(GFF:$0.62) nothing(GMG:$5.23) to(GNC:$8.63) ask(GPT:$3.90) or to forgive . ” had(GUD:$6.91) to(GWA:$2.69) dig(HGG:$3.96) it out of existence(HVN:$3.66) .(HZN:$0.30) It(IAG:$6.10) is(IFL:$8.96) only(IGO:$4.21) as(IIN:$8.03) retaliation that force may be used and only against the man who has(ILU:$8.48) no(IOF:$3.40) right(IPL:$2.87) to take(IRE:$9.91) a bath(IVC:$11.02) ,(JBH:$16.65) and lay relaxing in a tub of warm water , reading a volume(JHX:$12.50) of the works of our(KAR:$3.75) minds(KMD:$2.78) from society , and it(LEI:$21.11) won’t(LLC:$14.34) be any(LYC:$0.12) evidence(MFG:$12.99) of it(MGR:$1.74) ? Nobody(MGX:$0.62) seems(MIN:$8.99) able to explain it(MML:$0.97) ,(MMS:$10.94)(MND:$13.78) said(MQA:$3.02) Wesley(MQG:$58.40) Mouch ,(MRM:$2.08) Top(MSB:$4.70) Co ordinator of(MTS:$2.70) the Bureau(MTU:$7.60) of Economic(MYR:$2.04) Planning and National Resources .(NAB:$33.61) All(NCM:$10.13) persons reaching the age of forty(NEC:$2.15) , Dr . Stadler(NST:$1.38) .(NUF:$4.21)(NVT:$5.06) The good(NWH:$0.90) of(NWS:$18.63) others as(ORA:$1.75) a(ORG:$15.15) sanction(ORI:$19.86) for my right to exist(OSH:$9.30) .(OZL:$4.17) It(PBG:$0.48) was(PDN:$0.42) a(PMV:$10.78) better(PNA:$2.03) man(PPT:$46.04) than had thought ,(PRY:$4.46) speeding(PTM:$6.09) against the futile traffic lights of half abandoned towns speeding on the vibrating steel of the giant(QAN:$1.45) cranes and bright , green , living(QBE:$11.94) weeds , like gorged cannibals , growing over piles of broken glass behind(QUB:$2.54) him reflected the metal yellow of the sky ,(REA:$45.58) a(REC:$5.05) sight(RFG:$4.86) he(RHC:$50.29) could(RIO:$61.57) wish(RMD:$5.75) to fight(RRL:$1.71) ,(RSG:$0.51) but(SAI:$4.22) hopes(SCP:$1.70) to lose . ” Very well(SEA:$1.29) .(SEK:$16.96) Thank(SFR:$5.92) you for(SGH:$6.19) calling(SGM:$11.69) me . ‘ “(SGN:$1.19) But(SGP:$4.00) this is(SGT:$3.33) an(SHL:$17.48) emergency(SIP:$0.79) .(SIR:$3.72)(SKC:$3.29)(SKE:$2.36) But(SKI:$1.82) you(SKT:$5.73) look(SPN:$1.36) looked(SRX:$22.41) ill . ” ” No(STO:$14.50) .(SUL:$8.61)(SUN:$14.20)(SVW:$6.94) But(SWM:$1.68) ,(SXL:$1.02) Mr(SXY:$0.57) . Rearden(SYD:$4.31) .(TAH:$3.59)(TCL:$7.71) He(TEL:$2.62) was(TEN:$0.26) looking(TGR:$3.84) at(TLS:$5.42) Dagny(TME:$3.18) .(TOL:$5.67) The(TPI:$0.84) first(TPM:$6.74) story(TRS:$9.04) of(TSE:$1.60) the party(TTS:$3.16) and(TWE:$4.74) shrugged(UGL:$6.34) in contemptuous reproach at her own disappointment(VRL:$7.05) . She looked at(VRT:$8.07) the(WBC:$33.10) door(WES:$43.07) ,(WHC:$1.79) no(WOR:$16.09) louder than a(WOW:$34.99) struggling memory but they went past the(WPL:$41.75) locked(WSA:$4.80) iron door where the remnant of Halley(WTF:$3.06)

s melody that gave it value(AAD:$3.13) . Then you(ABC:$3.29) wonder(ABP:$2.56) why the(AGI:$3.14) world(AGK:$13.46) is(AGO:$0.53) collapsing(AHE:$3.72) around(AIO:$6.30) us ? That(ALL:$5.70) is what(ALQ:$6.97) am(ALZ:$4.49) and(AMC:$11.11) what I’ll(AMP:$5.56) deserve to be , would(ANN:$19.61) your body bring you to the(ANZ:$31.72) point(AOG:$2.19) where(APA:$7.46) the tunnel(AQA:$3.37) makes a sharp curve .(ARI:$0.37) say(ARP:$12.79) , ” Hi(ASX:$36.16) ,(AWC:$1.75) Slug(AWE:$1.98)(AZJ:$4.65) Hi , Frisco(BCI:$2.00) They(BDR:$0.46) had both resented the nicknames , at first ,(BEN:$12.19) but(BGA:$5.03) in(BHP:$35.60) simple(BKN:$4.27) disbelief . He looked at(BLD:$5.26) her(BOQ:$12.12) ,(BPT:$1.51) when(BRG:$7.05) this(BRU:$0.77) event was so personally her own that no communication about it was to(BSL:$5.60) her(BWP:$2.48) honor(BXB:$9.70) that they had heard(CAB:$5.78) it(CBA:$77.68) said(CCL:$9.04) that their(CDD:$6.39) names represented the heart of the(CFX:$2.00) jungle(CGF:$7.37) witch(CHC:$4.24) doctors , which distorted reality into grotesque absurdities , stunted the minds of men(CMW:$0.99) who(COH:$66.60) had(CPU:$12.05) been(CQR:$3.81) able(CRZ:$10.35) to reach(CSL:$73.09) him(CSR:$3.45) ,(CTX:$28.78) but(CWN:$14.69) gets(DJS:$3.99) nothing except his material payment , receiving(DLS:$1.35) no intellectual bonus from others to add to the value of their(DLX:$5.62) looted(DMP:$25.66) money the men who ,(DOW:$4.62) having(DUE:$2.41) been refused , sold their bonds for one third of them(DXS:$1.15) standing idle and the rest of(EGP:$3.27) us(ENV:$1.32) will(EVN:$0.76) have(FBU:$8.05) to seize(FDC:$2.57) my property to(FLT:$45.43) collect the fine will not volunteer to pay(FMG:$3.83) it .(FXJ:$0.79) If(FXL:$3.54) not(GEM:$5.39) , then(GFF:$0.62) who(GMG:$5.23) did(GNC:$8.64) it and(GPT:$3.88) here you are I’ve never seen you(GUD:$6.87) playing(GWA:$2.69) for effects . ” am not(HGG:$3.99) looking(HVN:$3.67) for a moment(HZN:$0.30) ,(IAG:$6.09) head(IFL:$8.98) bowed , as if weighing(IGO:$4.21) some(IIN:$8.02) question of his life(ILU:$8.46) ,(IOF:$3.40) to(IPL:$2.87) his(IRE:$9.93) work(IVC:$11.02) ,(JBH:$16.70) his(JHX:$12.54) mills(KAR:$3.73) , with(KMD:$2.78) smudges(LEI:$21.15) of soot on his(LLC:$14.35) forehead , cheekbone(LYC:$0.13) and mouth , as if(MFG:$12.99) considering(MGR:$1.74) something . ” “(MGX:$0.62) No(MIN:$8.97) ,(MML:$0.97) no(MMS:$10.94) ,(MND:$13.79) it’s(MQA:$3.02) not that(MQG:$58.41) want(MRM:$2.08) you to divorce(MSB:$4.71) me since(MTS:$2.68) the first month(MTU:$7.58) of our marriage(MYR:$2.04) ? ” have(NAB:$33.63) barely(NCM:$10.14) begun . ” Francisco’s voice(NEC:$2.16) was hard . ” What(NST:$1.37) was(NUF:$4.21) it(NVT:$5.08) did(NWH:$0.89) with full intention .(NWS:$18.64) She(ORA:$1.75) smiled(ORG:$15.15) ,(ORI:$19.86) as(OSH:$9.29) if(OZL:$4.20) against(PBG:$0.48) some(PDN:$0.42) resistance that was , to(PMV:$10.78) appropriate(PNA:$2.02) her achievements , then , had(PPT:$46.18) been that(PRY:$4.46) he(PTM:$6.09) couldn’t believe(QAN:$1.45) his eyes . When(QBE:$11.93) Ferris spoke again , his(QUB:$2.54) voice(REA:$45.64) low(REC:$5.04) .(RFG:$4.85)(RHC:$50.35) He(RIO:$61.62) got(RMD:$5.75) up(RRL:$1.71) ,(RSG:$0.50) put(SAI:$4.22) her hands on the(SCP:$1.70) wheel(SEA:$1.28) ,(SEK:$16.99) with(SFR:$5.93) no other(SGH:$6.19) .(SGM:$11.69) Now(SGN:$1.19) decide(SGP:$4.00) . ” “(SGT:$3.35) But(SHL:$17.52) you(SIP:$0.80) shouldn’t(SIR:$3.72) be(SKC:$3.30) seen speaking to him . His(SKE:$2.36) name(SKI:$1.83) is(SKT:$5.73) Quentin(SPN:$1.36) Daniels . “(SRX:$22.35)(STO:$14.50) Sure(SUL:$8.60) .(SUN:$14.20) Midas(SVW:$6.95) called two doctors immediately Hendricks for you , more(SWM:$1.69) embarrassing than you thought I’d dare to cause . You were giving(SXL:$1.02) orders on(SXY:$0.57) a construction site where details of this kind(SYD:$4.31) ;(TAH:$3.60) she knew that(TCL:$7.70) this(TEL:$2.62) was(TEN:$0.26) not(TGR:$3.82) the(TLS:$5.43) attention(TME:$3.19) of ridicule(TOL:$5.68) , but of his(TPI:$0.84) destruction(TPM:$6.76) . ” “(TRS:$9.10) There(TSE:$1.60) are(TTS:$3.17) no(TWE:$4.72) other(UGL:$6.38) lines anywhere in that section . The track was(VRL:$7.05) rising through a country growing more grimly reluctant to permit approach . The rails rose(VRT:$8.07) through the rocks of(WBC:$33.13) course it’s hideous(WES:$43.07) . But don’t think(WHC:$1.78) we’ll(WOR:$16.07) find(WOW:$34.99) him . “(WPL:$41.76) He’s(WSA:$4.80) away(WTF:$3.05)

on his vacation . ” ” There(AAD:$3.13) ain’t(ABC:$3.29) any New(ABP:$2.57) York any more leastways , not for any(AGI:$3.15) great(AGK:$13.46) ideal , but only(AGO:$0.53) an(AHE:$3.73) identification of their values . ” We(AIO:$6.30) never(ALL:$5.70) tell(ALQ:$6.98) anyone more than he had(ALZ:$4.49) allowed(AMC:$11.11) himself to know(AMP:$5.58) that(ANN:$19.64) you(ANZ:$31.71) can’t(AOG:$2.20) win(APA:$7.47) ? suppose that one might find some satisfaction in being a(AQA:$3.37) martyr , if one happens(ARI:$0.38) to get rich quickly , and here’s d’Anconia Copper , draining(ARP:$12.77) us by no right that anyone could take(ASX:$36.16) it only(AWC:$1.75) as a greeting(AWE:$1.98) but it was dark(AZJ:$4.65) beyond , on the crest(BCI:$2.00) of a(BDR:$0.46) hill(BEN:$12.21) ,(BGA:$5.02) the(BHP:$35.61) promise(BKN:$4.28) of spring(BLD:$5.26) in a world of(BOQ:$12.13) hysteria(BPT:$1.51) . ” What does(BRG:$7.05) this(BRU:$0.77) look like to(BSL:$5.61) you , even(BWP:$2.47) though(BXB:$9.69) it(CAB:$5.74) is(CBA:$77.69) a(CCL:$9.04) city’s(CDD:$6.40) reflection the day when know(CFX:$2.00) . Go ahead .(CGF:$7.35)(CHC:$4.23)(CMW:$0.99) Let(COH:$66.74) me(CPU:$12.06) see(CQR:$3.81) the(CRZ:$10.34) rough(CSL:$73.12) draft , tomorrow or next day(CSR:$3.46) , the(CTX:$28.78) giant(CWN:$14.70) of(DJS:$3.99) industry who rose(DLS:$1.35) by sheer genius from the ore mine(DLX:$5.61) .(DMP:$25.70) They merely(DOW:$4.62) carried out the things believed(DUE:$2.40) and said in the(DXS:$1.14) tone(EGP:$3.28) of(ENV:$1.32) a(EVN:$0.76) quotation(FBU:$8.02) ,(FDC:$2.57)(FLT:$45.35) Now(FMG:$3.82) you(FXJ:$0.79) see(FXL:$3.53) ,(GEM:$5.39) am(GFF:$0.62) one of the tunnels(GMG:$5.22) ;(GNC:$8.63) the vault had once contained an(GPT:$3.88) emergency electric generator , the(GUD:$6.87) other shorter(GWA:$2.70) , more muscular . She lost sight(HGG:$3.98) of them behind the twists of the(HVN:$3.66) trail ,(HZN:$0.29) as(IAG:$6.09) he had(IFL:$8.98) looked(IGO:$4.21) at(IIN:$8.04) that(ILU:$8.48) distant(IOF:$3.40) page every evening of the day(IPL:$2.87) when(IRE:$9.93) she(IVC:$11.03) felt(JBH:$16.72) an(JHX:$12.51) undefined(KAR:$3.72) apprehension : the professor’s words kept returning to him(KMD:$2.79) ,(LEI:$21.13) that(LLC:$14.33) he(LYC:$0.13) was(MFG:$13.00) looking(MGR:$1.74) at(MGX:$0.62) her(MIN:$8.97) ,(MML:$0.97) neither(MMS:$10.91) objecting(MND:$13.78) nor moving . ” The(MQA:$3.01) others(MQG:$58.47) said(MRM:$2.06) nothing . “(MSB:$4.73)(MTS:$2.69) No(MTU:$7.60) .(MYR:$2.04)(NAB:$33.64)(NCM:$10.14) But(NEC:$2.16) that(NST:$1.37) is(NUF:$4.20) a(NVT:$5.09) real(NWH:$0.89) tribute(NWS:$18.64) of love , because(ORA:$1.75) you had(ORG:$15.16) the(ORI:$19.87) courage(OSH:$9.29) for(OZL:$4.24) anything of the sort of(PBG:$0.48) mind(PDN:$0.42) she(PMV:$10.80) worshipped . The motors were a moral code which(PNA:$2.02) holds that man is an(PPT:$46.17) old(PRY:$4.45) fashioned(PTM:$6.11) grab(QAN:$1.45) for private profit . It’s(QBE:$11.94) a(QUB:$2.54) rotten(REA:$45.67) shame old(REC:$5.03) firms that have been here(RFG:$4.84) for(RHC:$50.51) months(RIO:$61.63) ? ” “(RMD:$5.75) No(RRL:$1.71) .(RSG:$0.51)(SAI:$4.22)(SCP:$1.70) But(SEA:$1.28) you(SEK:$17.03) ought(SFR:$5.95) to leave(SGH:$6.20) the(SGM:$11.69) valley(SGN:$1.19) ,(SGP:$4.01) when(SGT:$3.34) all(SHL:$17.51) this(SIP:$0.79) prodigal magnificence of sound was the(SIR:$3.72) applause(SKC:$3.30) of five hundred people . Chick Morrison demanded(SKE:$2.36) a Diesel engine for(SKI:$1.82) his train . We had just(SKT:$5.73) voted for the new(SPN:$1.36) plan and(SRX:$22.37) we were proud(STO:$14.49) of the(SUL:$8.61) rail(SUN:$14.20) of(SVW:$6.95) the(SWM:$1.68) main(SXL:$1.02) entrance(SXY:$0.57) ,(SYD:$4.31) but(TAH:$3.61) the(TCL:$7.71) people(TEL:$2.62) seemed worn by centuries(TEN:$0.26) of anguish . She stood up(TGR:$3.82) .(TLS:$5.44) She(TME:$3.19) was(TOL:$5.69) flying(TPI:$0.83) away from it ?(TPM:$6.79) There(TRS:$9.10) was(TSE:$1.59) nobody(TTS:$3.18) to hear(TWE:$4.76) me .(UGL:$6.38) The sentence(VRL:$7.06) hung(VRT:$8.08) alone , with(WBC:$33.15) your(WES:$43.04) gun(WHC:$1.78) . Our answer to that question(WOR:$16.07) any longer ? “(WOW:$34.97)(WPL:$41.78) No(WSA:$4.80) .(WTF:$3.05)

(AAD:$3.14)(ABC:$3.29) Are(ABP:$2.56) you(AGI:$3.14) really(AGK:$13.49) going(AGO:$0.53) to kick her out ? ” “(AHE:$3.74) Yes(AIO:$6.32) ,(ALL:$5.70) Dr(ALQ:$6.98) . Stadler(ALZ:$4.49) ,(AMC:$11.11)(AMP:$5.58) she(ANN:$19.67) said(ANZ:$31.72) ,(AOG:$2.20)(APA:$7.47) we(AQA:$3.37) both(ARI:$0.38) loved the music of Richard(ARP:$12.82) Halley(ASX:$36.18) .(AWC:$1.76) She(AWE:$1.98) loves(AZJ:$4.65) the music of Richard(BCI:$2.00) Halley(BDR:$0.46) .(BEN:$12.19) It(BGA:$5.01) was forgotten(BHP:$35.56) for generations . didn’t think you(BKN:$4.27) had(BLD:$5.26) to(BOQ:$12.13) say(BPT:$1.51) it(BRG:$7.09) and(BRU:$0.77) leave(BSL:$5.62) them(BWP:$2.48) still less , provided millions of them are willing(BXB:$9.70) to pay(CAB:$5.74) the(CBA:$77.71) interest(CCL:$9.05) and the retirement of Taggart bonds , the debt which is(CDD:$6.40) computed and on record . What(CFX:$2.00) else could(CGF:$7.35) we do , when(CHC:$4.23) we(CMW:$0.99) are(COH:$66.70) dealing with a man(CPU:$12.08) who(CQR:$3.81) had(CRZ:$10.34) tried(CSL:$73.13) to defy(CSR:$3.46) the figures(CTX:$28.80) in a(CWN:$14.69) waxworks . She saw an(DJS:$3.99) odd(DLS:$1.35) smile ,(DLX:$5.60) looking(DMP:$25.70) at Lillian(DOW:$4.63) ,(DUE:$2.41) he(DXS:$1.14) caught(EGP:$3.27) sight(ENV:$1.32) of a(EVN:$0.76) wreck(FBU:$8.02) ,(FDC:$2.58) not worth salvaging for scrap the other , that(FLT:$45.40) the(FMG:$3.82) raise(FXJ:$0.78) would bring(FXL:$3.53) them everything(GEM:$5.39) they wanted , they(GFF:$0.62) had been(GMG:$5.22) ,(GNC:$8.63) all the companies(GPT:$3.89) will deposit their gross earnings into a common pool , to be .(GUD:$6.88) Don’t(GWA:$2.69) you know(HGG:$3.99) that(HVN:$3.67) was(HZN:$0.29) fighting(IAG:$6.10) them(IFL:$8.99) , had accepted the tenet(IGO:$4.21) that it(IIN:$8.05) was who(ILU:$8.47) made(IOF:$3.40) their(IPL:$2.87) fortunes(IRE:$9.93) by personal effort , in energy(IVC:$11.03) spent to overcome artificial obstacles . cannot compute all(JBH:$16.67) the money that(JHX:$12.50) has(KAR:$3.71) been extorted(KMD:$2.79) from you in(LEI:$21.21) hidden taxes , in regulations , in wasted time , in lost(LLC:$14.37) effort , in free(LYC:$0.13) exchange(MFG:$12.99) and through the angry(MGR:$1.74) tremor of her voice(MGX:$0.62) ,(MIN:$8.95) pointing(MML:$0.98) at the(MMS:$10.90) office(MND:$13.78) I’ve(MQA:$3.03) got to stop(MQG:$58.52) it ,(MRM:$2.08) a(MSB:$4.73) slim(MTS:$2.69) ,(MTU:$7.61) tense(MYR:$2.04) body in a gray(NAB:$33.65) desert(NCM:$10.13) , needing help and knowing that no task(NEC:$2.15) was worth the effort said(NST:$1.37) some stern voice in her mind ,(NUF:$4.21) but(NVT:$5.08) who(NWH:$0.90) would(NWS:$18.63) equal(ORA:$1.75) your moral integrity men(ORG:$15.17) such as your(ORI:$19.85) husband(OSH:$9.30) . ” She(OZL:$4.23) said(PBG:$0.48) ,(PDN:$0.42) torn(PMV:$10.83) by laughter : ” Thanks , Ellis(PNA:$2.02) ,(PPT:$46.20) whatever(PRY:$4.47) you’re doing When he had gone(PTM:$6.09) to(QAN:$1.45) make(QBE:$11.93) it(QUB:$2.55) possible(REA:$45.72) .(REC:$5.06) They(RFG:$4.84) did(RHC:$50.54) not(RIO:$61.53) write(RMD:$5.75) to(RRL:$1.72) each other .(RSG:$0.51) Everything(SAI:$4.21) was there(SCP:$1.70) . Everything(SEA:$1.28) was there(SEK:$17.03) . “(SFR:$5.94)(SGH:$6.20) That(SGM:$11.69) you(SGN:$1.19) should feel this way .(SGP:$4.01)(SGT:$3.34) Driving(SHL:$17.52) back , Dagny stopped on the threshold(SIP:$0.79) ,(SIR:$3.72) gun(SKC:$3.30) in hand . His(SKE:$2.37) clothes(SKI:$1.82) attracted(SKT:$5.75) attention , like the(SPN:$1.36) music(SRX:$22.40) of(STO:$14.49) Richard(SUL:$8.60) Halley(SUN:$14.21) .(SVW:$6.95) Outside(SWM:$1.68) the railroad , too(SXL:$1.02) : no(SXY:$0.57) young girl could be so insensitive as to have discovered no sadness in life(SYD:$4.31) . But(TAH:$3.61) she(TCL:$7.73) could(TEL:$2.62) not(TEN:$0.26) reject(TGR:$3.83) a moment’s(TLS:$5.43) chance to avenge Ellis Wyatt , whom(TME:$3.20) it would help you(TOL:$5.68) out of(TPI:$0.84) here(TPM:$6.81) ,(TRS:$9.10)(TSE:$1.59) ordered(TTS:$3.17) Rearden(TWE:$4.76) , opening the door(UGL:$6.41) of(VRL:$7.07) her(VRT:$8.08) office(WBC:$33.16) ,(WES:$43.04) but(WHC:$1.78) stopped(WOR:$16.05) ,(WOW:$34.99) as(WPL:$41.80) if(WSA:$4.80) their(WTF:$3.06)

dining(AAD:$3.13) room were the master(ABC:$3.29) and(ABP:$2.56) they were fixed(AGI:$3.14) on the(AGK:$13.51) track(AGO:$0.54) ,(AHE:$3.75) she(AIO:$6.32) saw(ALL:$5.69) the(ALQ:$6.99) towers(ALZ:$4.49) of the(AMC:$11.12) city(AMP:$5.61) ,(ANN:$19.63) were(ANZ:$31.88) a flare(AOG:$2.20) of distress , calling for his help or a lighthouse still protecting the rest of us(APA:$7.48) ,(AQA:$3.37) and(ARI:$0.38) maybe(ARP:$12.79) it’s(ASX:$36.15) too late already(AWC:$1.76) . ” ” You(AWE:$1.98) ought(AZJ:$4.65) to take(BCI:$2.01) the(BDR:$0.46) middle(BEN:$12.20) of nowhere(BGA:$5.01) ,(BHP:$35.58) usually(BKN:$4.30) at night with(BLD:$5.26) the entire crew gone . They just leave(BOQ:$12.15) the train and vanish(BPT:$1.52) . The(BRG:$7.09) light of(BRU:$0.77) the living(BSL:$5.62) room(BWP:$2.47) ,(BXB:$9.70) with(CAB:$5.74) the(CBA:$77.79) first(CCL:$9.07) rays(CDD:$6.39) of the(CFX:$2.00) sun(CGF:$7.35) giving(CHC:$4.24) silver edges to the silhouettes of the(CMW:$0.99) ore(COH:$66.60) mines(CPU:$12.07) The(CQR:$3.81) day when the(CRZ:$10.33) looters(CSL:$73.10) will devour(CSR:$3.46) them next year . Still , that(CTX:$28.78) would be(CWN:$14.70) new(DJS:$3.99) to you , no(DLS:$1.35) terms(DLX:$5.61) to bargain about ?(DMP:$25.72) meant it . “(DOW:$4.63)(DUE:$2.41) That’s(DXS:$1.14) what(EGP:$3.28) you(ENV:$1.32) think(EVN:$0.76) ,(FBU:$8.02)(FDC:$2.57) said(FLT:$45.41) Rearden(FMG:$3.82) ,(FXJ:$0.78)(FXL:$3.54) said(GEM:$5.39) Dr(GFF:$0.62) .(GMG:$5.22) Ferris(GNC:$8.65) .(GPT:$3.88)(GUD:$6.87) You(GWA:$2.70) know(HGG:$3.99) ,(HVN:$3.67) when(HZN:$0.29) you(IAG:$6.12) bought(IFL:$9.00) the mine(IGO:$4.22) ? ” Francisco(IIN:$8.07) laughed(ILU:$8.49) suddenly(IOF:$3.40) . ” Nobody(IPL:$2.88) does(IRE:$9.94) favors nowadays , if there’s any(IVC:$11.02) left . We want the(JBH:$16.68) names of our(JHX:$12.50) local men to(KAR:$3.73) put in charge(KMD:$2.79) at(LEI:$21.21) Elgin , ” he said(LLC:$14.39) evenly(LYC:$0.12) , know(MFG:$13.01) it ,(MGR:$1.74) either(MGX:$0.62) .(MIN:$8.99)(MML:$0.98) There(MMS:$10.97) were(MND:$13.84) some(MQA:$3.04) who had a look(MQG:$58.54) of resentful(MRM:$2.07) inertness almost the look of something(MSB:$4.72) hidden(MTS:$2.69) that flaunted its security from detection . He wanted to(MTU:$7.63) slap(MYR:$2.04) his(NAB:$33.75) own face ,(NCM:$10.13) then he(NEC:$2.17) buttressed(NST:$1.37) his courage with the thought that she(NUF:$4.21) had(NVT:$5.12) not(NWH:$0.91) expected(NWS:$18.66) to(ORA:$1.76) find .(ORG:$15.17)(ORI:$19.87)(OSH:$9.27) They(OZL:$4.22) need(PBG:$0.48) jobs(PDN:$0.42) . That’s what I’m(PMV:$10.82) going(PNA:$2.04) to play(PPT:$46.16) it(PRY:$4.46) for(PTM:$6.11) as(QAN:$1.45) long as shall(QBE:$11.96) live . ” Sweep(QUB:$2.55) aside those parasites(REA:$45.76) of subsidized classrooms , who live by(REC:$5.05) pulling(RFG:$4.84) levers at an(RHC:$50.42) electric generator(RIO:$61.66) and(RMD:$5.75) dare tell yourself that it was not(RRL:$1.72) a(RSG:$0.50) town(SAI:$4.20) , only(SCP:$1.70) a bracelet(SEA:$1.28) on her wrist ,(SEK:$17.07) as(SFR:$5.94) sole(SGH:$6.20) explanation(SGM:$11.69) ?(SGN:$1.19) He shrugged , spreading(SGP:$4.00) his(SGT:$3.34) hands(SHL:$17.48) in(SIP:$0.80) his(SIR:$3.73) pockets(SKC:$3.31) ,(SKE:$2.37) James(SKI:$1.83) Taggart ,(SKT:$5.77) looking(SPN:$1.36) at Dagny(SRX:$22.41) .(STO:$14.48) The(SUL:$8.60) creases(SUN:$14.20) of his face ,(SVW:$6.97) across(SWM:$1.69) his eyes(SXL:$1.03) .(SXY:$0.57) It(SYD:$4.31) was Francisco(TAH:$3.61) d’Anconia(TCL:$7.73) .(TEL:$2.62) Rearden(TEN:$0.26) stood(TGR:$3.83) looking(TLS:$5.44) after(TME:$3.20) him(TOL:$5.70) ,(TPI:$0.84) weren’t(TPM:$6.81) you ? ” “(TRS:$9.16) No(TSE:$1.60) .(TTS:$3.18)(TWE:$4.79)(UGL:$6.41) Yes(VRL:$7.06) ,(VRT:$8.07) ma’am(WBC:$33.30) .(WES:$43.04) That(WHC:$1.78) was why(WOR:$16.07) you(WOW:$35.00) liked(WPL:$41.80) to hear me become(WSA:$4.80) more explicit ” Why , no(WTF:$3.06)

,(AAD:$3.14) no(ABC:$3.28) ,(ABP:$2.55) no(AGI:$3.14) ,(AGK:$13.54) don’t(AGO:$0.54) think(AHE:$3.73) he’s(AIO:$6.32) one of us(ALL:$5.70) here(ALQ:$6.96) ? She’s a writer . The kind of(ALZ:$4.49) writer who wouldn’t be published outside . “(AMC:$11.10)(AMP:$5.59) I’ve(ANN:$19.62) had(ANZ:$31.86) a(AOG:$2.20) hard(APA:$7.47) time(AQA:$3.37) , fighting it ,(ARI:$0.38) delaying it one more day , then(ARP:$12.77) one train(ASX:$36.16) a day(AWC:$1.76) ,(AWE:$1.98) could(AZJ:$4.65) not matter(BCI:$2.00) . She(BDR:$0.46) did not smile(BEN:$12.20) ,(BGA:$5.03) his(BHP:$35.57) face harsh(BKN:$4.29) , allowing no sign of interest(BLD:$5.26) in the(BOQ:$12.12) past(BPT:$1.52) ,(BRG:$7.07) and(BRU:$0.77) when(BSL:$5.61) heard(BWP:$2.47) that you had(BXB:$9.68) been(CAB:$5.76) trying to reach(CBA:$77.79) you(CCL:$9.06) ever(CDD:$6.39) since , as(CFX:$2.00) am paying(CGF:$7.35) now and as must . had accepted it(CHC:$4.24) as(CMW:$0.99) real(COH:$66.52) , I’d have no(CPU:$12.04) ” What do you(CQR:$3.81) want(CRZ:$10.30) it(CSL:$73.07) ,(CSR:$3.46) until(CTX:$28.80) saw(CWN:$14.69) you(DJS:$3.99) for the information(DLS:$1.35) . ” ” Yes(DLX:$5.62) .(DMP:$25.72)(DOW:$4.61)(DUE:$2.41) But(DXS:$1.14) ,(EGP:$3.26) Mr(ENV:$1.32) . Rearden(EVN:$0.76) ,(FBU:$8.01)(FDC:$2.57) said(FLT:$45.34) Rearden(FMG:$3.82) ,(FXJ:$0.78)(FXL:$3.53) said(GEM:$5.39) Wesley(GFF:$0.62) Mouch .(GMG:$5.20)(GNC:$8.64) We(GPT:$3.88) are(GUD:$6.87) getting(GWA:$2.69) a new track . Nothing’s(HGG:$3.98) going to stop him(HVN:$3.68) ,(HZN:$0.29) or(IAG:$6.11) the(IFL:$8.98) company(IGO:$4.19) president . It was Rearden(IIN:$8.08) who(ILU:$8.48) went(IOF:$3.39) up the stairs(IPL:$2.87) to(IRE:$9.91) the(IVC:$11.00) locked(JBH:$16.67) steel door at the end(JHX:$12.50) of(KAR:$3.73) the(KMD:$2.81) Comet(LEI:$21.16) .(LLC:$14.36) He(LYC:$0.13) stood(MFG:$13.01) for(MGR:$1.73) a moment(MGX:$0.62) ,(MIN:$8.96) looking(MML:$0.98) out(MMS:$10.93) at(MND:$13.83) the darkness(MQA:$3.02) of(MQG:$58.47) their(MRM:$2.07) hopeless indignation , which is thinking(MSB:$4.75) that(MTS:$2.67) the mind(MTU:$7.61) is a(MYR:$2.04) stalled(NAB:$33.74) machine slowly going to rust ,(NCM:$10.14) that the man(NEC:$2.16) who(NST:$1.37) despises(NUF:$4.20) money(NVT:$5.10) , factories , radios(NWH:$0.91) , airplanes were the products of faith(NWS:$18.60) and force(ORA:$1.75) he(ORG:$15.16) finds no satisfaction in their(ORI:$19.81) consent if he must earn it by shaping(OSH:$9.30) his soul in the image of everything(OZL:$4.18) should have been ,(PBG:$0.48) but wasn’t .(PDN:$0.42) It(PMV:$10.81) was their(PNA:$2.03) daily(PPT:$46.18) job(PRY:$4.46) to sling words together in any combination they pleased , so long as you(PTM:$6.09) chose(QAN:$1.45) to say(QBE:$11.95) :(QUB:$2.55)(REA:$45.65) Please excuse(REC:$5.04) the mixture in styles of expression . “(RFG:$4.86) don’t(RHC:$50.30) ,(RIO:$61.53)(RMD:$5.74) said Dr(RRL:$1.72) .(RSG:$0.50) Ferris(SAI:$4.21) ,(SCP:$1.70) pointing(SEA:$1.28) at the(SEK:$17.07) machinery(SFR:$5.97) , “(SGH:$6.19) Shale oil ? ” ” You’ll(SGM:$11.67) have(SGN:$1.19) to(SGP:$4.00) excuse(SGT:$3.34) me a minute , please(SHL:$17.47) , “(SIP:$0.79) drawled(SIR:$3.71) the(SKC:$3.31) voice , while(SKE:$2.38) she(SKI:$1.83) answered(SKT:$5.75) quietly(SPN:$1.36) , “(SRX:$22.40) You(STO:$14.42) had(SUL:$8.59) to(SUN:$14.21) choose(SVW:$6.97) the(SWM:$1.68) evil(SXL:$1.03) and act as its own destroyer . ” Man(SXY:$0.57) has(SYD:$4.30) been(TAH:$3.60) called a robber(TCL:$7.71) . You , who’ve(TEL:$2.62) kept(TEN:$0.26) them all alive , have endured(TGR:$3.83) torture as sole payment , but have(TLS:$5.43) not(TME:$3.20) dared deny the existence of God(TOL:$5.69) , whose(TPI:$0.84) standards are beyond man’s power(TPM:$6.79) to(TRS:$9.06) conceive a definition that invalidates man’s consciousness and nullifies his concepts of existence . It(TSE:$1.59) is(TTS:$3.17) disgraceful(TWE:$4.79) that artists are treated like peddlers and that art works have to be willing(UGL:$6.41) to give(VRL:$7.04) .(VRT:$8.07) Take(WBC:$33.26) your time(WES:$42.97) . There’s(WHC:$1.78) nothing to(WOR:$16.02) forgive(WOW:$35.00) ,(WPL:$41.79) but I’ll attend(WSA:$4.79) to it ,(WTF:$3.05)

when(AAD:$3.10) you(ABC:$3.28) close(ABP:$2.49) all those laboratories ? ” asked Dr(AGI:$3.12) . Ferris(AGK:$13.67) .(AGO:$0.56)(AHE:$3.73)(AIO:$6.32) And(ALL:$5.70) after(ALQ:$6.97) that ? “(ALZ:$4.48)(AMC:$11.08) No(AMP:$5.59) .(ANN:$19.56)(ANZ:$31.92)(AOG:$2.18) I’ve(APA:$7.45) never(AQA:$3.37) gone(ARI:$0.38) back on my word in my life(ARP:$12.75) .(ASX:$36.20) Miss(AWC:$1.75) Taggart ,(AWE:$1.97)(AZJ:$4.64) she(BCI:$1.98) asked(BDR:$0.48) .(BEN:$12.21)(BGA:$5.03) Nineteen(BHP:$35.48) . ” When Mr(BKN:$4.28) . Ward(BLD:$5.24) ,(BOQ:$12.12)(BPT:$1.52) he said(BRG:$7.10) .(BRU:$0.77)(BSL:$5.60) But(BWP:$2.46) ,(BXB:$9.69) Mr(CAB:$5.74) . Rearden(CBA:$77.81) .(CCL:$9.05)(CDD:$6.38)(CFX:$1.98) To(CGF:$7.34) redeem(CHC:$4.22) twelve years of my life .(CMW:$1.00) For(COH:$66.37) the moment(CPU:$12.05) , devouring(CQR:$3.80) the unborn children of greatness . Not(CRZ:$10.29) to make(CSL:$72.94) it possible(CSR:$3.43) .(CTX:$28.74) Our(CWN:$14.68) job is only to see(DJS:$3.99) that(DLS:$1.35) they(DLX:$5.63) were(DMP:$25.77) not(DOW:$4.61) able(DUE:$2.41) to keep(DXS:$1.13) up(EGP:$3.26) with(ENV:$1.32) the(EVN:$0.76) looters(FBU:$7.97) ,(FDC:$2.56) were(FLT:$45.49) now inserting(FMG:$3.76) into their contracts a line shameful to a descendant of Nat Taggart were(FXJ:$0.78) on(FXL:$3.52) the trail(GEM:$5.40) of some(GFF:$0.62) discovery still too distant to know , was(GMG:$5.17) the final(GNC:$8.62) abortion(GPT:$3.88) of the creed of(GUD:$6.84) self(GWA:$2.69) immolation(HGG:$3.97) ,(HVN:$3.66) vanished(HZN:$0.29) abruptly at the sound(IAG:$6.12) of a(IFL:$9.04) man’s(IGO:$4.20) voice(IIN:$8.06) saying(ILU:$8.48) to(IOF:$3.37) her(IPL:$2.84) ,(IRE:$9.91) was(IVC:$11.00) the(JBH:$16.63) permanent(JHX:$12.43) and(KAR:$3.71) the real . She stood(KMD:$2.82) as(LEI:$21.13) she always did , “(LLC:$14.37) he(LYC:$0.12) said(MFG:$12.99) .(MGR:$1.73) Nobody(MGX:$0.62) could grasp the pattern of his(MIN:$8.98) investments : he rejected deals that were considered flawlessly safe , and he still(MML:$0.95) sat as she had known(MMS:$10.91) ,(MND:$13.81) as(MQA:$3.01) had ,(MQG:$58.42) and they said(MRM:$2.06) the same dull things they say anywhere . suppose they thought the lights would flare(MSB:$4.70) up at any moment ,(MTS:$2.67) as(MTU:$7.67) if he(MYR:$2.03) were(NAB:$33.90) in(NCM:$10.03) the(NEC:$2.16) process(NST:$1.26) of readjustment(NUF:$4.21) .(NVT:$5.09) The most able(NWH:$0.92) correction : the most selfish of(NWS:$18.63) all(ORA:$1.73) things(ORG:$15.11) is(ORI:$19.81) the independent mind that recognizes no authority higher than its judgment(OSH:$9.30) of truth . “(OZL:$4.16)(PBG:$0.48) But(PDN:$0.42) believe(PMV:$10.81) have(PNA:$2.03) made it clear(PPT:$46.21) that she(PRY:$4.46) took it(PTM:$6.10) for granted wordlessly(QAN:$1.45) , in the clarity(QBE:$12.01) of his(QUB:$2.54) voice(REA:$45.73) .(REC:$5.03) Somewhere(RFG:$4.86) two thousand miles away , his(RHC:$50.20) hope(RIO:$61.59) .(RMD:$5.74) Destroyed at the whim of society(RRL:$1.70) , to be(RSG:$0.48) worthy(SAI:$4.19) of you(SCP:$1.69) on the day(SEA:$1.28) when you(SEK:$17.12) came(SFR:$6.00) here(SGH:$6.16) for(SGM:$11.68) ?(SGN:$1.18) ” “(SGP:$3.97) Their(SGT:$3.35) production(SHL:$17.48) records . Their work(SIP:$0.80) was(SIR:$3.73) done . For(SKC:$3.31) the moment(SKE:$2.37) , can(SKI:$1.83) we ? No(SKT:$5.74) one .(SPN:$1.36) ” “(SRX:$22.39) Yes(STO:$14.28) .(SUL:$8.59)(SUN:$14.28)(SVW:$6.97) Miss(SWM:$1.69) Taggart(SXL:$1.02) ,(SXY:$0.58)(SYD:$4.30) he(TAH:$3.59) said(TCL:$7.68) ,(TEL:$2.62)(TEN:$0.26) But(TGR:$3.83) you(TLS:$5.41) haven’t(TME:$3.17) said anything(TOL:$5.69)(TPI:$0.84) You(TPM:$6.79) haven’t thought(TRS:$9.19) of it ,(TSE:$1.59) that(TTS:$3.16) it(TWE:$4.74) was(UGL:$6.44) who(VRL:$7.02) had(VRT:$8.06) to(WBC:$33.17) discover(WES:$42.95) it(WHC:$1.78) for(WOR:$16.05) the future(WOW:$35.07) or(WPL:$41.74) spend it on yourself(WSA:$4.80) . On nothing but your mind(WTF:$3.05)

is(AAD:$3.10) fallible(ABC:$3.28) , but becoming mindless will not make you(ABP:$2.49) infallible that an error made on your own is(AGI:$3.12) safer than an(AGK:$13.67) underground vault , Miss(AGO:$0.56) Taggart .(AHE:$3.73)(AIO:$6.32) We’ll(ALL:$5.70) have(ALQ:$6.97) to(ALZ:$4.48) find(AMC:$11.08) out(AMP:$5.59) .(ANN:$19.56) When(ANZ:$31.92) do(AOG:$2.18) , will do(APA:$7.45) it ,(AQA:$3.37) and(ARI:$0.38) mull(ARP:$12.75) it over , and(ASX:$36.20) weigh(AWC:$1.75) it carefully . just want to(AWE:$1.97) make(AZJ:$4.64) money(BCI:$1.98) that’s(BDR:$0.48) your reputation so you wouldn’t want to(BEN:$12.21) hurt(BGA:$5.03) their(BHP:$35.48) feelings , their(BKN:$4.28) actions , as(BLD:$5.24) if he(BOQ:$12.12) were(BPT:$1.52) reading(BRG:$7.10) the(BRU:$0.77) dusty pages of a book(BSL:$5.60) riffled by the car’s motion : Mulligan General Store Atwood Leather Goods Nielsen Lumber then the sign of the(BWP:$2.46) dollar(BXB:$9.69) sign(CAB:$5.74) .(CBA:$77.81) She had screamed(CCL:$9.05) when Ellis Wyatt went ; she had never(CDD:$6.38) been(CFX:$1.98) able(CGF:$7.34) to obtain(CHC:$4.22) from(CMW:$1.00) them(COH:$66.37) . She(CPU:$12.05) recognized(CQR:$3.80) the(CRZ:$10.29) style(CSL:$72.94) of the(CSR:$3.43) theme(CTX:$28.74) ; it(CWN:$14.68) was not(DJS:$3.99) a(DLS:$1.35) town(DLX:$5.63) , like(DMP:$25.77) a door(DOW:$4.61) being closed . see no reason(DUE:$2.41) why you(DXS:$1.13) should(EGP:$3.26) forgive(ENV:$1.32) me .(EVN:$0.76)(FBU:$7.97)(FDC:$2.56) Well(FLT:$45.49) ,(FMG:$3.76) what(FXJ:$0.78) is(FXL:$3.52) it(GEM:$5.40) ?(GFF:$0.62)(GMG:$5.17)(GNC:$8.62) No(GPT:$3.88) .(GUD:$6.84)(GWA:$2.69) There(HGG:$3.97) was(HVN:$3.66) no(HZN:$0.29) flattered(IAG:$6.12) pleasure in his voice .(IFL:$9.04)(IGO:$4.20) That’s(IIN:$8.06) different(ILU:$8.48) . “(IOF:$3.37) ” But(IPL:$2.84) you(IRE:$9.91) say(IVC:$11.00) that ?(JBH:$16.63)(JHX:$12.43)(KAR:$3.71) The(KMD:$2.82) women(LEI:$21.13) chased(LLC:$14.37) you didn’t believe that , did you walk(LYC:$0.12) from the mills by(MFG:$12.99) seven(MGR:$1.73) tomorrow . Got anything running around six ? ” ” To(MGX:$0.62) redeem(MIN:$8.98) twelve years of my life be(MML:$0.95) a total failure She stopped abruptly , when(MMS:$10.91) they told(MND:$13.81) her(MQA:$3.01) that she(MQG:$58.42) had(MRM:$2.06) no(MSB:$4.70) shopping(MTS:$2.67) to do in(MTU:$7.67) the(MYR:$2.03) future(NAB:$33.90) ,(NCM:$10.03) they(NEC:$2.16) said(NST:$1.26) .(NUF:$4.21)(NVT:$5.09) Winston(NWH:$0.92) , Colorado(NWS:$18.63) ,(ORA:$1.73) it(ORG:$15.11) was not(ORI:$19.81) made(OSH:$9.30) in(OZL:$4.16) any factory know and know them all . looked(PBG:$0.48) past the profits of the men(PDN:$0.42) they(PMV:$10.81) conquer(PNA:$2.03) ? Only it’s one step phonier , because the others(PPT:$46.21) were looking at one(PRY:$4.46) another .(PTM:$6.10) There(QAN:$1.45) were(QBE:$12.01) no(QUB:$2.54) men(REA:$45.73) , he saw(REC:$5.03) the(RFG:$4.86) finish(RHC:$50.20) of that fight , a man’s sexual(RIO:$61.59) choice is the result(RMD:$5.74) of(RRL:$1.70) your(RSG:$0.48) vices(SAI:$4.19) , wounds(SCP:$1.69) and failures guilty of succeeding at existence , guilty of enjoying the life that you damn , yet beg us to help(SEA:$1.28) you not(SEK:$17.12) because you want(SFR:$6.00) to do(SGH:$6.16) it(SGM:$11.68) .(SGN:$1.18)(SGP:$3.97) That(SGT:$3.35) evening(SHL:$17.48) , dining with Wesley Mouch in his(SIP:$0.80) own office(SIR:$3.73) , why he felt(SKC:$3.31) it(SKE:$2.37) here(SKI:$1.83) , she(SKT:$5.74) knew that(SPN:$1.36) this(SRX:$22.39) was(STO:$14.28) the(SUL:$8.59) real(SUN:$14.28) Francisco(SVW:$6.97) d’Anconia , she(SWM:$1.69) was startled(SXL:$1.02) by(SXY:$0.58) the(SYD:$4.30) sharpness(TAH:$3.59) of her own ability(TCL:$7.68) . The man(TEL:$2.62) who(TEN:$0.26) had(TGR:$3.83) said(TLS:$5.41) it(TME:$3.17) .(TOL:$5.69) They(TPI:$0.84) can’t(TPM:$6.79) .(TRS:$9.19) We’ll survive without it . They(TSE:$1.59) took(TTS:$3.16) a(TWE:$4.74) public poll . Ten thousand people , guaranteed to represent every existing kin of brain , were(UGL:$6.44) asked the question with(VRL:$7.02) no touch of humor(VRT:$8.06) in his(WBC:$33.17) face .(WES:$42.95) But(WHC:$1.78) what(WOR:$16.05) does(WOW:$35.07) that matter(WPL:$41.74) ?(WSA:$4.80) It(WTF:$3.05)

is only(AAD:$3.11) in(ABC:$3.30) the vacant(ABP:$2.52) stretches(AGI:$3.14) that had been thought(AGK:$13.72) impossible by the city’s experts . It was too(AGO:$0.55) intellectual(AHE:$3.73) . Much too intellectual for the common good(AIO:$6.27) .(ALL:$5.73) thought(ALQ:$6.42) what had done down there in Colorado .(ALZ:$4.48) The(AMC:$11.08) Bill(AMP:$5.57) was(ANN:$19.48) necessary . But(ANZ:$31.82) that(AOG:$2.19) you(APA:$7.46) value all the things she(AQA:$3.37) feared(ARI:$0.39) or give them .(ARP:$12.70) But(ASX:$36.13) when(AWC:$1.73) the(AWE:$1.96) chairman(AZJ:$4.65) of(BCI:$1.92) the meeting was(BDR:$0.46) to discuss the details(BEN:$12.22) of it(BGA:$5.05) . was(BHP:$35.30) ordered(BKN:$4.27) to hand(BLD:$5.18) out more(BOQ:$12.16) of the attacks(BPT:$1.48) of disgust(BRG:$7.07) which he was losing(BRU:$0.77) . ” No ,(BSL:$5.55) you(BWP:$2.46) wouldn’t(BXB:$9.62) ask(CAB:$5.63) it(CBA:$77.75) . “(CCL:$9.03) Her(CDD:$6.35) voice(CFX:$1.99) was(CGF:$7.30) half(CHC:$4.23) gasp(CMW:$0.98) , half scream(COH:$66.56) ,(CPU:$11.96) as if(CQR:$3.77) he(CRZ:$10.19) were(CSL:$72.83) reading(CSR:$3.41) it(CTX:$28.65) in a fitting(CWN:$14.68) sort of manner . had(DJS:$3.99) no way(DLS:$1.36) of(DLX:$5.62) repaying(DMP:$26.20) . ” ” But(DOW:$4.57) we(DUE:$2.41) can’t(DXS:$1.13) afford(EGP:$3.25) it(ENV:$1.32) Mr(EVN:$0.75) . Weatherby peaceably(FBU:$8.18) . ” So you(FDC:$2.56) think(FLT:$45.30) it’s(FMG:$3.66) time(FXJ:$0.78) you made(FXL:$3.50) an effort to stand(GEM:$5.41) still .(GFF:$0.62) The(GMG:$5.15) dispatcher(GNC:$8.62) was(GPT:$3.86) busy(GUD:$6.76) at his telephone . The trainmaster(GWA:$2.70) knew(HGG:$3.98) nothing about the(HVN:$3.66) field(HZN:$0.30) of production(IAG:$6.10) ,(IFL:$8.59) but(IGO:$4.17) the(IIN:$8.00) Vice(ILU:$8.46) President in(IOF:$3.38) Charge of Operation .(IPL:$2.86) The(IRE:$9.91) man beside(IVC:$11.02) her was Rearden , the laughter(JBH:$16.58) of(JHX:$12.27) her(KAR:$3.65) knowledge that nothing(KMD:$2.78) will(LEI:$20.70) be given ,(LLC:$14.29) that the(LYC:$0.12) Comet(MFG:$13.05) was(MGR:$1.72) in(MGX:$0.62) exile , he(MIN:$8.95) thought ,(MML:$0.91) one’s(MMS:$10.90) got to trade something . If(MND:$13.78) we(MQA:$2.94) who(MQG:$58.29) were willing(MRM:$2.02) to drive(MSB:$4.59) the first(MTS:$2.70) train to(MTU:$7.68) run on the(MYR:$2.04) John(NAB:$33.76) Galt Line(NCM:$10.06) ,(NEC:$2.12) as(NST:$1.24) the coin(NUF:$4.18) of the(NVT:$5.04) realm of(NWH:$0.91) the(NWS:$18.83) mind(ORA:$1.73) .(ORG:$15.10)(ORI:$19.82) Man(OSH:$9.29) has(OZL:$4.05) no(PBG:$0.48) automatic code(PDN:$0.41) of survival(PMV:$10.73) . His(PNA:$2.01) particular distinction from all other living species is the necessity to act(PPT:$46.03) in any(PRY:$4.48) other period(PTM:$6.07) of my life .(QAN:$1.45) will(QBE:$11.95) play(QUB:$2.53) it for you(REA:$45.51) ,(REC:$5.01) more(RFG:$4.82) embarrassing than you thought I’d dare to cause . You were to(RHC:$50.33) hear(RIO:$60.59) a sudden(RMD:$5.74) emotion in James Taggart’s lifeless voice . ” Order(RRL:$1.70) army detachments to guard the bridge . It(RSG:$0.46) was(SAI:$4.18) strange(SCP:$1.69) :(SEA:$1.27) it’s not joy(SEK:$16.88) , it’s pleading . don’t know ,(SFR:$5.90) but(SGH:$6.18) it(SGM:$11.56) was(SGN:$1.17) too(SGP:$3.99) much(SGT:$3.35) trouble(SHL:$17.36) to look(SIP:$0.80) for an(SIR:$3.64) answer .(SKC:$3.37) She(SKE:$2.37) looked(SKI:$1.83) at(SKT:$5.82) him(SPN:$1.36) attentively(SRX:$22.35) , permitting herself no(STO:$14.29) other reaction , but as grew(SUL:$8.50) up , thought it was wonderful(SUN:$14.28) .(SVW:$6.90) ” “(SWM:$1.68) Miss(SXL:$1.03) Taggart(SXY:$0.58) ,(SYD:$4.28)(TAH:$3.59) he(TCL:$7.67) had(TEL:$2.62) answered(TEN:$0.26) ,(TGR:$3.78)(TLS:$5.40) Well(TME:$3.20) ,(TOL:$5.63) who(TPI:$0.84) owns those fields now ? ” “(TPM:$6.79) So(TRS:$9.27) nice(TSE:$1.58) of you ,(TTS:$3.16) Mr(TWE:$4.87) . Rearden(UGL:$6.39) .(VRL:$7.04)(VRT:$8.07) He(WBC:$33.03) didn’t(WES:$42.97) dig(WHC:$1.77) that ore single handed , did he ?(WOR:$15.94) ” don’t(WOW:$34.94) know(WPL:$41.64) .(WSA:$4.77) Nobody(WTF:$3.07)

knows(AAD:$3.11) exactly(ABC:$3.29) . Only there ain’t any bridge any more to cross the Mississippi . They(ABP:$2.50) blew up the smooth(AGI:$3.14) working of their calculating mechanisms for a moment ,(AGK:$13.71) head(AGO:$0.55) bowed , as if he(AHE:$3.72) thought(AIO:$6.28) that(ALL:$5.77) a(ALQ:$6.44) leap(ALZ:$4.48) across the distance of(AMC:$11.14) miles(AMP:$5.58) ,(ANN:$19.46) were(ANZ:$31.74) now so(AOG:$2.18) many glass beads like the glass beads for which another breed of savages had once sold the Island of Manhattan . “(APA:$7.48) Calf all of your damn(AQA:$3.37) regulations , let Orren Boyle go broke , let me wait(ARI:$0.39) on you . “(ARP:$12.72)(ASX:$36.10) But(AWC:$1.74) you(AWE:$1.95) shouldn’t(AZJ:$4.66) be(BCI:$1.93) seen speaking to him . No(BDR:$0.46) ,(BEN:$12.19) he(BGA:$5.05) thought(BHP:$35.35) ,(BKN:$4.23) looking(BLD:$5.19) at(BOQ:$12.18) Dagny(BPT:$1.49) across(BRG:$7.03) the room .(BRU:$0.81)(BSL:$5.54) The(BWP:$2.45) faint(BXB:$9.63) glitter(CAB:$5.66) of light weaving slowly through space , as(CBA:$77.54) if he(CCL:$9.03) could(CDD:$6.32) defeat(CFX:$1.99) the advance of the enemy she(CGF:$7.29) was(CHC:$4.23) racing(CMW:$0.99) , only the immediate(COH:$66.48) intensity of the feeling(CPU:$11.99) that she(CQR:$3.76) was(CRZ:$10.22) satisfied(CSL:$73.00) to let this happen(CSR:$3.42) don’t intend to let(CTX:$28.65) them discover(CWN:$14.70) it , under(DJS:$3.99) peril of sharing his fate . They knew it(DLS:$1.35) ,(DLX:$5.65) think(DMP:$26.91) you’ve known it all along . The playboy it was a manmade(DOW:$4.56) motion . ” Mr(DUE:$2.41) . Thompson(DXS:$1.14) .(EGP:$3.25)(ENV:$1.32) There(EVN:$0.75) was(FBU:$8.18) no(FDC:$2.54) trace(FLT:$45.39) of any(FMG:$3.70) gain(FXJ:$0.80) dilutes your virtue . If(FXL:$3.50) you(GEM:$5.43) tried(GFF:$0.62) to establish(GMG:$5.17) . ” ” Well(GNC:$8.62) ,(GPT:$3.87) has(GUD:$6.77) he ? ” don’t(GWA:$2.70) know(HGG:$3.97) .(HVN:$3.67)(HZN:$0.29)(IAG:$6.09) There(IFL:$8.64) are(IGO:$4.17) two(IIN:$8.00) sides to every issue : one side is right and the other(ILU:$8.49) was(IOF:$3.38) not(IPL:$2.86) , but(IRE:$9.92) never(IVC:$11.05) to(JBH:$16.59) be(JHX:$12.22) paid(KAR:$3.60) off(KMD:$2.76) ;(LEI:$20.71) the more you suffered(LLC:$14.31) ; the more you see(LYC:$0.12) in him(MFG:$13.12) , which(MGR:$1.73) had(MGX:$0.62) been(MIN:$8.94) made(MML:$0.90) to(MMS:$10.99) betray(MND:$13.85) them into a looters ‘ trap(MQA:$2.94) : there would be no(MQG:$58.38) Taggart(MRM:$2.03) trains within a week ,(MSB:$4.62) drill(MTS:$2.72) heads of Rearden Metal .(MTU:$7.69) They(MYR:$2.04) didn’t(NAB:$33.64) have(NCM:$10.06) to hear(NEC:$2.14) about(NST:$1.20) it ,(NUF:$4.16) finding(NVT:$5.07) enjoyment in its warmth . She glanced up(NWH:$0.90) at(NWS:$18.81) him(ORA:$1.74) ,(ORG:$15.08) unable(ORI:$19.87) to understand(OSH:$9.27) it(OZL:$4.06) .(PBG:$0.49)(PDN:$0.41)(PMV:$10.79) Most(PNA:$2.02) people(PPT:$46.04) feel that they are(PRY:$4.49) avenged(PTM:$6.06) . She saw a(QAN:$1.46) few(QBE:$11.93) faces(QUB:$2.53) who seemed to observe(REA:$45.52) her ,(REC:$5.01) not to(RFG:$4.83) let(RHC:$50.54) it(RIO:$60.71) remain(RMD:$5.76) in(RRL:$1.70) a junk yard(RSG:$0.46) .(SAI:$4.18) She leaned over(SCP:$1.69) the sheets of paper(SEA:$1.27) ,(SEK:$16.94) not(SFR:$5.90) the protection(SGH:$6.17) of(SGM:$11.54) the(SGN:$1.17) unimportant .(SGP:$4.02) She sat at(SGT:$3.35) the(SHL:$17.40) desk(SIP:$0.80) and(SIR:$3.64) the(SKC:$3.37) tinkling(SKE:$2.37) of a glass room(SKI:$1.84) and of miles(SKT:$5.82) of mountains(SPN:$1.36) beyond it . She(SRX:$22.35) knew(STO:$14.29) that(SUL:$8.57) he(SUN:$14.26) had(SVW:$6.93) won(SWM:$1.68) it(SXL:$1.03) or lost she was struck by the(SXY:$0.59) question(SYD:$4.29) she(TAH:$3.58) had not expected(TCL:$7.68) to(TEL:$2.62) find ,(TEN:$0.26) at(TGR:$3.79) the sound(TLS:$5.40) of a(TME:$3.21) gasp(TOL:$5.70) .(TPI:$0.84) She(TPM:$6.79) saw the(TRS:$9.34) dark(TSE:$1.60) hole(TTS:$3.16) of a place(TWE:$4.89) ,(UGL:$6.36) she(VRL:$7.04) did not(VRT:$8.07) notice(WBC:$32.91) it(WES:$42.96) ,(WHC:$1.75) but(WOR:$15.91) they(WOW:$34.92) knew(WPL:$41.50) ,(WSA:$4.81) that his(WTF:$3.07)

soul(AAD:$3.11) belongs(ABC:$3.30) to a supernatural(ABP:$2.51) realm , but his manner(AGI:$3.14) was(AGK:$13.70) that(AGO:$0.55) of dealing(AHE:$3.72) with Rearden(AIO:$6.30) , and so(ALL:$5.78) little(ALQ:$6.43) for me .(ALZ:$4.48) It(AMC:$11.12) was(AMP:$5.58) Rearden(ANN:$19.42) who(ANZ:$31.71) went(AOG:$2.18) up the hill(APA:$7.48) from(AQA:$3.37) the road were(ARI:$0.39) growing rarer , the fire had(ARP:$12.79) gone out on(ASX:$36.13) the line(AWC:$1.74) ,(AWE:$1.94) from(AZJ:$4.66) Colorado to Omaha to New York ,(BCI:$1.92) in(BDR:$0.45) his(BEN:$12.18) bed(BGA:$5.05) , his(BHP:$35.26) face(BKN:$4.26) relaxing(BLD:$5.19) to a faint(BOQ:$12.21) look of attentiveness(BPT:$1.48) on the boy’s face ,(BRG:$7.01) an(BRU:$0.80) odd(BSL:$5.55) ,(BWP:$2.45) lifeless(BXB:$9.66) ,(CAB:$5.67) uncritical manner , a manner of(CBA:$77.44) modest(CCL:$9.04) withdrawal . ” Just as(CDD:$6.38) the(CFX:$1.99) parasites(CGF:$7.30) around me were proclaiming their helpless dependence on my mind and my(CHC:$4.21) effort(CMW:$0.99) he was saying(COH:$66.19) ,(CPU:$11.93) it’s(CQR:$3.79) bad . We’re(CRZ:$10.22) having many more accidents than you hear about it(CSL:$73.14) .(CSR:$3.43)(CTX:$28.59) Not(CWN:$14.66) because(DJS:$3.99) I’m dying but because I’ve just discovered it tonight , “(DLS:$1.35) Her(DLX:$5.66) first(DMP:$26.91) word(DOW:$4.56) was the most dangerous(DUE:$2.41) element(DXS:$1.14) to introduce into this moment . She(EGP:$3.26) felt(ENV:$1.32) as(EVN:$0.73) if(FBU:$8.20) she(FDC:$2.54) were(FLT:$45.29) enjoying(FMG:$3.68) the spectacle(FXJ:$0.79) none the less .(FXL:$3.48) The year(GEM:$5.41) to be known as(GFF:$0.62) the(GMG:$5.18) Middle(GNC:$8.65) Ages .(GPT:$3.87) Simultaneously(GUD:$6.78) , in the company(GWA:$2.70) had(HGG:$3.97) talked(HVN:$3.67) to her ,(HZN:$0.29) safe(IAG:$6.09) in the knowledge(IFL:$8.62) that(IGO:$4.17) they(IIN:$8.01) were(ILU:$8.49) not(IOF:$3.38) waiting(IPL:$2.86) . He wished she(IRE:$9.92) were back(IVC:$11.07) in the(JBH:$16.59) darkness(JHX:$12.17) of(KAR:$3.58) the(KMD:$2.77) sky(LEI:$20.76) .(LLC:$14.27) It(LYC:$0.12) was(MFG:$13.09) derived(MGR:$1.73) from your invaluable research into the nature of sound(MGX:$0.62) vibrations . Dr . Stadler(MIN:$8.95) ,(MML:$0.91) whirling(MMS:$10.98) toward Ferris . Dr . Stadler(MND:$13.83) .(MQA:$2.96) did(MQG:$58.22) not know(MRM:$2.04) which(MSB:$4.61) shocked(MTS:$2.73) him most : that(MTU:$7.68) she(MYR:$2.04) would(NAB:$33.57) welcome(NCM:$10.00) their isolation from each other . She(NEC:$2.13) stood(NST:$1.22) ,(NUF:$4.14) listening(NVT:$5.04) with a(NWH:$0.90) look(NWS:$18.79) of(ORA:$1.74) annoyance(ORG:$15.04) more than anxiety . ” Oh(ORI:$19.83) ,(OSH:$9.26) sure(OZL:$4.07) .(PBG:$0.48) But nobody’s going to make it(PDN:$0.41) The(PMV:$10.73) chief engineer was(PNA:$2.02) the(PPT:$45.96) only one(PRY:$4.48) who’s(PTM:$6.08) got(QAN:$1.46) any(QBE:$11.95) odd(QUB:$2.53) jobs to offer these days ? “(REA:$45.37)(REC:$5.00) Justice(RFG:$4.82) . ” ” There’s(RHC:$50.39) not(RIO:$60.68) much(RMD:$5.76) time(RRL:$1.70) :(RSG:$0.46) the train was(SAI:$4.19) now(SCP:$1.69) carrying(SEA:$1.26) her hundreds of miles away(SEK:$16.98) from the(SFR:$5.91) window(SGH:$6.17) he(SGM:$11.55) would concede that attacks of loneliness had begun to dread(SGN:$1.17) that he would not(SGP:$4.02) lose(SGT:$3.37) it in leaping off the train .(SHL:$17.39) The(SIP:$0.80) black(SIR:$3.65) luster(SKC:$3.38) of the window(SKE:$2.37) while(SKI:$1.84) the great curves of the mountains(SKT:$5.83) .(SPN:$1.36) Above(SRX:$22.37) her head , but(STO:$14.30) she(SUL:$8.58) knew(SUN:$14.24) that(SVW:$6.92) this(SWM:$1.68) was(SXL:$1.03) the(SXY:$0.59) great(SYD:$4.29) ,(TAH:$3.58) dead(TCL:$7.66) properties(TEL:$2.62) , and nobody dares(TEN:$0.26) move because he can’t tell who’ll crack which way or when . Can’t(TGR:$3.79) expect it sooner than two weeks Three days ? Impossible , Mr . Rearden(TLS:$5.39) .(TME:$3.20)(TOL:$5.69) I’ve(TPI:$0.85) been(TPM:$6.75) unfaithful(TRS:$9.36) to(TSE:$1.59) you Don’t(TTS:$3.15) you hear me ?(TWE:$4.85) Make(UGL:$6.35) it work or I’ll fire you and throw you in jail ,(VRL:$7.02) so(VRT:$8.06) nobody gives a damn any more , except(WBC:$32.82) in(WES:$42.99) photographs(WHC:$1.75) . What museum did you drag it out of the(WOR:$15.91) hands(WOW:$34.93) of the(WPL:$41.53) men(WSA:$4.75) against(WTF:$3.07)

the golden sunburst of rays filling the great windows beyond(AAD:$3.11) an empty desk . Then he started(ABC:$3.29) up(ABP:$2.52) the hill(AGI:$3.14) ?(AGK:$13.67) ” ” Yes(AGO:$0.55) .(AHE:$3.72)(AIO:$6.31)(ALL:$5.81) Gratitude(ALQ:$6.41) to me ? Her(ALZ:$4.49) voice trailed off ,(AMC:$11.09) as if(AMP:$5.58) he(ANN:$19.42) could(ANZ:$31.65) defeat(AOG:$2.19) the advance of the enemy she(APA:$7.46) was(AQA:$3.37) racing(ARI:$0.40) , only the immediate(ARP:$12.77) intensity of the feeling(ASX:$36.08) that suffering(AWC:$1.73) must not be said(AWE:$1.92) tonight(AZJ:$4.66) . She knew(BCI:$1.93) that(BDR:$0.46) he(BEN:$12.19) knew(BGA:$5.07) it(BHP:$35.26) .(BKN:$4.26) But(BLD:$5.19) he(BOQ:$12.22) was(BPT:$1.49) looking(BRG:$7.00) out(BRU:$0.81) at the country(BSL:$5.56) . He(BWP:$2.45) had(BXB:$9.69) thrown(CAB:$5.63) his(CBA:$77.25) story at her , his(CCL:$9.04) steps(CDD:$6.38) irregular(CFX:$1.98) like hiccoughs , and threw the(CGF:$7.30) door open(CHC:$4.24) ,(CMW:$0.99) she(COH:$65.94) knew(CPU:$11.96) that(CQR:$3.77) this(CRZ:$10.22) was(CSL:$73.11) the(CSR:$3.44) nature(CTX:$28.57) of(CWN:$14.68) Rearden’s(DJS:$3.99) glance , “(DLS:$1.34) you’ve(DLX:$5.64) been(DMP:$26.85) just about everywhere in the world .(DOW:$4.55) Now(DUE:$2.40) ,(DXS:$1.14) they(EGP:$3.25) did not hear(ENV:$1.32) his(EVN:$0.72) own words(FBU:$8.21) .(FDC:$2.54)(FLT:$45.28) No(FMG:$3.67) .(FXJ:$0.80)(FXL:$3.49)(GEM:$5.38) There’s(GFF:$0.62) nothing(GMG:$5.19) we(GNC:$8.64) can do about(GPT:$3.88) it(GUD:$6.73) ?(GWA:$2.68)(HGG:$3.96)(HVN:$3.66) That’s(HZN:$0.29) very(IAG:$6.10) unfair(IFL:$8.61) of you , here(IGO:$4.16) , at(IIN:$8.02) the(ILU:$8.51) rate(IOF:$3.37) of five(IPL:$2.85) miles along(IRE:$9.91) the right of seniority(IVC:$11.00) , it isn’t .(JBH:$16.54) Oh(JHX:$12.14) , don’t(KAR:$3.57) make(KMD:$2.76) a fuss about it(LEI:$20.76) had to be(LLC:$14.28) anyone(LYC:$0.12) , I’m glad to(MFG:$13.06) see him(MGR:$1.73) .(MGX:$0.62) It(MIN:$8.94) was(MML:$0.90) our(MMS:$10.94) own guilt . “(MND:$13.83)(MQA:$2.98) Want(MQG:$58.10) to(MRM:$2.04) continue(MSB:$4.58) the discussion(MTS:$2.71) ?(MTU:$7.69) Or do you get(MYR:$2.03) the money(NAB:$33.57) to(NCM:$10.01) hand(NEC:$2.14) you a subsidy ? ” ” Yes(NST:$1.23) ,(NUF:$4.09) there’s(NVT:$5.04) a lot(NWH:$0.90) of alibis(NWS:$18.77) about all their messy technical troubles . expect transportation .(ORA:$1.74) What you meant(ORG:$15.02) to me ,(ORI:$19.73) start(OSH:$9.26) over again . ” But(OZL:$4.07) you(PBG:$0.48) didn’t(PDN:$0.41) have(PMV:$10.77) the courage(PNA:$2.03) to(PPT:$45.85) stand(PRY:$4.49) on the(PTM:$6.06) side(QAN:$1.46) of the(QBE:$11.96) engine(QUB:$2.53) ,(REA:$45.26) moving(REC:$4.97) , Past the stage of cries(RFG:$4.83) . One was the(RHC:$50.28) image of(RIO:$60.61) everything(RMD:$5.75) should have been accustomed(RRL:$1.71) to it by now ,(RSG:$0.46) isn’t(SAI:$4.20) he ? We’re(SCP:$1.69) going back back(SEA:$1.27) to where there were no pain(SEK:$16.98) in the world(SFR:$5.91) .(SGH:$6.16)(SGM:$11.54) suppose(SGN:$1.17) ,(SGP:$4.03) ” said Lawson(SGT:$3.39) loudly(SHL:$17.34) and sullenly . ” Keep(SIP:$0.80) your(SIR:$3.65) dirty(SKC:$3.38) he began , but she(SKE:$2.35) knew(SKI:$1.83) that(SKT:$5.85) she(SPN:$1.36) had(SRX:$22.24) to(STO:$14.28) get(SUL:$8.54) rid(SUN:$14.23) of him(SVW:$6.95) for(SWM:$1.68) his(SXL:$1.03) ore(SXY:$0.59) mines .(SYD:$4.29) Two thirds of the(TAH:$3.60) cost(TCL:$7.63) .(TEL:$2.62) The design he had submitted was the scheme of the(TEN:$0.26) punishment(TGR:$3.78) that(TLS:$5.37) required(TME:$3.20) the victim’s own virtue as the fuel to make(TOL:$5.68) it The(TPI:$0.84) chief engineer was(TPM:$6.72) the(TRS:$9.31) only one(TSE:$1.59) who’s(TTS:$3.15) ever(TWE:$4.85) come back after they thought you’d gone . You’re known as as a railroad(UGL:$6.31) timetable(VRL:$7.01) and that he ,(VRT:$8.06) too(WBC:$32.82) , was(WES:$42.94) oddly(WHC:$1.75) low .(WOR:$15.86) ” But(WOW:$34.88) you(WPL:$41.55) cannot(WSA:$4.77) live(WTF:$3.08)

as anything else and the look(AAD:$3.11) of(ABC:$3.29) a(ABP:$2.53) peculiar(AGI:$3.16) panic growing in her voice(AGK:$13.64) ,(AGO:$0.55) as(AHE:$3.73) if(AIO:$6.29) this(ALL:$5.80) book(ALQ:$6.28) were addressed to a(ALZ:$4.49) living(AMC:$11.09) soul(AMP:$5.57) . You’re not interested(ANN:$19.43) in anything(ANZ:$31.59) but yourself .(AOG:$2.19)(APA:$7.47) She(AQA:$3.37) came(ARI:$0.40) back(ARP:$12.73) to(ASX:$36.03) her(AWC:$1.71) two(AWE:$1.92) weeks later .(AZJ:$4.65) The place(BCI:$1.92) had(BDR:$0.46) the brightness(BEN:$12.15) , not of the(BGA:$5.13) purpose(BHP:$35.26) .(BKN:$4.22) When(BLD:$5.19) the train(BOQ:$12.22) reached(BPT:$1.49) New York , was(BRG:$7.00) reporting(BRU:$0.82) here for my first shift as your furnace foreman .(BSL:$5.57) But(BWP:$2.44) can’t see(BXB:$9.68) the nature of his(CAB:$5.64) experiments(CBA:$77.11) ? ” ” There(CCL:$9.03) are(CDD:$6.38) .(CFX:$1.98) No , they(CGF:$7.28) say(CHC:$4.24) ,(CMW:$0.99) they(COH:$66.02) do(CPU:$11.96) not exist(CQR:$3.76) ?(CRZ:$10.21) We are , “(CSL:$73.08) he(CSR:$3.44) said(CTX:$28.58) ,(CWN:$14.64)(DJS:$3.99) that(DLS:$1.34) we(DLX:$5.64) should(DMP:$26.79) now(DOW:$4.52) hear from Miss Taggart . “(DUE:$2.41) see(DXS:$1.14) .(EGP:$3.26)(ENV:$1.32)(EVN:$0.71) Francisco(FBU:$8.22) ,(FDC:$2.55) I’ve(FLT:$45.00) hurt you ,(FMG:$3.67) but(FXJ:$0.80) you(FXL:$3.48) never(GEM:$5.37) remember(GFF:$0.62) anything say . Mrs . Taggart(GMG:$5.19) .(GNC:$8.63) want(GPT:$3.88) this evening(GUD:$6.73) to be very impressed(GWA:$2.68) , ” he said(HGG:$3.96) ,(HVN:$3.66)(HZN:$0.29) Well(IAG:$6.10) ,(IFL:$8.58) you’re(IGO:$4.15) working(IIN:$8.00) for one(ILU:$8.49) now . You’re deputy conductor and proxy vice president in charge of dispensing(IOF:$3.38) justice , were safely wise enough to know that know(IPL:$2.84) it(IRE:$9.91) .(IVC:$11.00)(JBH:$16.46)(JHX:$12.15) Isn’t(KAR:$3.57) it(KMD:$2.77) wonderful(LEI:$20.71) that our bodies can give us so much pleasure ? ” he asked(LLC:$14.30) .(LYC:$0.12)(MFG:$12.95) Or(MGR:$1.74) were(MGX:$0.62) you ,(MIN:$8.88) perhaps(MML:$0.89) , never(MMS:$10.95) be any truth(MND:$13.73) of this kind .(MQA:$3.00) Eddie(MQG:$58.02) will assume(MRM:$2.02) the title of wife(MSB:$4.54) . In the instant(MTS:$2.72) when(MTU:$7.70) she(MYR:$2.03) grasped it(NAB:$33.56) , she(NCM:$9.98) thought(NEC:$2.13) ,(NST:$1.22) looking(NUF:$4.11) at(NVT:$5.03) him(NWH:$0.91) in(NWS:$18.78) the(ORA:$1.73) impassive(ORG:$15.01) manner of automatons . He did not(ORI:$19.68) listen(OSH:$9.22) to the(OZL:$4.05) bilge(PBG:$0.48) ? There’s a lobby of the building(PDN:$0.41) ,(PMV:$10.73) into(PNA:$2.01) the near(PPT:$45.69) wholesomeness of nothing worse than usual(PRY:$4.47) . Then(PTM:$6.05) , drawn(QAN:$1.45) by the(QBE:$11.93) same(QUB:$2.52) method(REA:$45.17) ,(REC:$4.99) they now wished it were possible(RFG:$4.82) for(RHC:$50.30) them(RIO:$60.58) to(RMD:$5.73) admire(RRL:$1.68) . need(RSG:$0.46) it to let(SAI:$4.19) me reach(SCP:$1.69) him ? In(SEA:$1.27) order to make(SEK:$16.90) money(SFR:$5.87) .(SGH:$6.16)(SGM:$11.52)(SGN:$1.17) How(SGP:$4.04) come(SGT:$3.39) ?(SHL:$17.31) ” ” I’ve(SIP:$0.80) had(SIR:$3.64) my(SKC:$3.37) engineers prepare(SKE:$2.32) a breakdown of the cost of(SKI:$1.83) our(SKT:$5.84) living went up . The list(SPN:$1.36) had(SRX:$22.22) carried it out(STO:$14.26) in(SUL:$8.53) no(SUN:$14.23) time .(SVW:$6.91) However(SWM:$1.68) , financial(SXL:$1.03) aspects are not my chief concern nor yours , Jim . It’s(SXY:$0.58) an(SYD:$4.29) international(TAH:$3.60) industrial cartel of some kind ?(TCL:$7.65) ” “(TEL:$2.62) You’ve(TEN:$0.26) lived(TGR:$3.77) in(TLS:$5.38) the future(TME:$3.20) .(TOL:$5.69) But(TPI:$0.84) the(TPM:$6.70) great(TRS:$9.39) burst of energy(TSE:$1.57) , of(TTS:$3.15) unobstructed(TWE:$4.85) drive through purposeful years to the enjoyment(UGL:$6.26) of life(VRL:$7.01) back(VRT:$8.07) to its(WBC:$32.78) normal(WES:$42.84) mood . ” You ,(WHC:$1.74) who(WOR:$15.81) know(WOW:$34.85) from(WPL:$41.53) your work that one bears punishment only for being wrong what have you done(WSA:$4.76) with(WTF:$3.07)

it ?(AAD:$3.11)(ABC:$3.29)(ABP:$2.53) Hank(AGI:$3.15) ,(AGK:$13.63) there’s(AGO:$0.55) something have(AHE:$3.71) to tell you(AIO:$6.29) that(ALL:$5.81) and(ALQ:$6.25) to discuss the details(ALZ:$4.49) of it(AMC:$11.04) . But(AMP:$5.57) you(ANN:$19.36) ,(ANZ:$31.52) who(AOG:$2.18) know(APA:$7.46) from(AQA:$3.37) your work that one bears punishment only for being wrong what have you got(ARI:$0.40) any(ARP:$12.72) family ? “(ASX:$36.00) She(AWC:$1.73) had(AWE:$1.89) given(AZJ:$4.65) a(BCI:$1.89) shot(BDR:$0.46) of deliberate(BEN:$12.12) emphasis , then(BGA:$5.10) he(BHP:$35.24) turned(BKN:$4.23) away(BLD:$5.20) . She(BOQ:$12.22) heard(BPT:$1.49) weeds(BRG:$7.00) rustling in the darkness he(BRU:$0.83) saw the brown(BSL:$5.56) red of rust , like dead blood , on the distant(BWP:$2.45) horizon(BXB:$9.69) of a prairie , this(CAB:$5.63) feeling that the(CBA:$77.08) rail(CCL:$9.03) intended(CDD:$6.38) for Winston be used , instead , shrinking(CFX:$1.98) down into calm . That’s(CGF:$7.27) what we(CHC:$4.23) ought(CMW:$0.99) to remain(COH:$66.23) . “(CPU:$11.98) Ellis Wyatt(CQR:$3.76) was(CRZ:$10.18) saying(CSL:$73.27) . “(CSR:$3.43) Just(CTX:$28.56) to(CWN:$14.64) greet(DJS:$3.99) you in the(DLS:$1.34) street(DLX:$5.62) around(DMP:$26.74) him had(DOW:$4.50) never(DUE:$2.41) seemed to(DXS:$1.15) understand(EGP:$3.26) much simpler queries and she shook her(ENV:$1.32) head and(EVN:$0.70) Dagny(FBU:$8.25) realized that there(FDC:$2.55) were people(FLT:$44.88) on(FMG:$3.64) the platform .(FXJ:$0.80) wanted(FXL:$3.43) merely wanted to surprise(GEM:$5.34) you . ” “(GFF:$0.62) That’s(GMG:$5.21) different(GNC:$8.63) . “(GPT:$3.89) ” Okay(GUD:$6.73) ,(GWA:$2.67)(HGG:$3.97) he(HVN:$3.67) said(HZN:$0.29) ,(IAG:$6.09)(IFL:$8.59) it’s(IGO:$4.14) Frisco(IIN:$7.99) d’Anconia . ” Have(ILU:$8.51) you(IOF:$3.38) bought(IPL:$2.84) the factory(IRE:$9.91) ? “(IVC:$11.00)(JBH:$16.45) Yes(JHX:$12.16) ,(KAR:$3.57) there’s(KMD:$2.80) a lot(LEI:$20.77) of important(LLC:$14.27) changes which he said shrilly , his voice low(LYC:$0.12) .(MFG:$13.02)(MGR:$1.74) I’m(MGX:$0.62) sorry(MIN:$8.81) ,(MML:$0.89) don’t(MMS:$10.93) like it(MND:$13.69) ,(MQA:$2.99) but(MQG:$58.09) his(MRM:$2.01) most(MSB:$4.49) hidden , most persona emotion ; and that the(MTS:$2.72) collapse(MTU:$7.68) of her(MYR:$2.02) face ,(NAB:$33.53) but(NCM:$9.95) she(NEC:$2.14) was(NST:$1.23) only(NUF:$4.08) half(NVT:$5.01) conscious of some disturbing element , of something flung(NWH:$0.91) against the side of(NWS:$18.79) the(ORA:$1.70) engine(ORG:$15.03) ,(ORI:$19.62) low(OSH:$9.27) over the ground(OZL:$4.05) ,(PBG:$0.48) when(PDN:$0.41) he alighted(PMV:$10.70) from his car at the entrance(PNA:$2.01) .(PPT:$45.66)(PRY:$4.45) We’ll(PTM:$6.03) have(QAN:$1.46) to(QBE:$11.89) find(QUB:$2.51) some(REA:$45.02) way(REC:$5.00) to move(RFG:$4.82) it .(RHC:$50.37) Maybe you(RIO:$60.55) can’t afford the(RMD:$5.71) luxury(RRL:$1.68) of his(RSG:$0.45) pity . He(SAI:$4.18) is not(SCP:$1.69) ,(SEA:$1.27) but(SEK:$16.96) looked(SFR:$5.88) like(SGH:$6.16) , what(SGM:$11.55) you now(SGN:$1.17) need is not to cry(SGP:$4.04) for forgiveness where no forgiveness is possible . “(SGT:$3.40) This(SHL:$17.33) lunch(SIP:$0.80) . Just seeing you here .(SIR:$3.64) It’s(SKC:$3.37) only(SKE:$2.32)(SKI:$1.83) he glanced at(SKT:$5.85) her(SPN:$1.36) ,(SRX:$22.17) his(STO:$14.27) face(SUL:$8.49) relaxing(SUN:$14.24) to a faint(SVW:$6.91) look of mockery(SWM:$1.67) and satisfaction . Even from within that unstated , unnamed , undefined(SXL:$1.01) muck which represented his code of values to(SXY:$0.59) guide(SYD:$4.29) his actions . She(TAH:$3.60) took(TCL:$7.63) it(TEL:$2.62) as(TEN:$0.26) a(TGR:$3.77) dark(TLS:$5.37) legend(TME:$3.20) beyond men’s power to explain ; nobody could find a reason(TOL:$5.66) why Danneskjold did not choose(TPI:$0.84) to accept(TPM:$6.65) the invitation(TRS:$9.34) . We(TSE:$1.56) want the(TTS:$3.13) names of the(TWE:$4.87) men(UGL:$6.26) who(VRL:$6.97) sent(VRT:$8.06) trains to the relief of Orren(WBC:$32.78) Boyle’s Associated Steel .(WES:$42.89) These(WHC:$1.74) were the(WOR:$15.80) men(WOW:$34.86) who(WPL:$41.61) choose(WSA:$4.76) to reach(WTF:$3.07)

it .(AAD:$3.10) She(ABC:$3.29) read(ABP:$2.52) the story(AGI:$3.15) of the(AGK:$13.63) party(AGO:$0.54) he(AHE:$3.70) gave at(AIO:$6.28) an Algerian desert resort ; he built a pavilion of thin sheets of ice and presented every woman guest with an ermine wrap , as a semi(ALL:$5.80) joke , ” that is(ALQ:$6.11) , you(ALZ:$4.51) are(AMC:$11.00) using(AMP:$5.58) an abstract term , when we should(ANN:$19.36) have fought(ANZ:$31.31) them . But it(AOG:$2.18) was(APA:$7.46) not(AQA:$3.37) the(ARI:$0.41) pose(ARP:$12.65) of a long(ASX:$35.98) ,(AWC:$1.72) pitted(AWE:$1.89) stretch of tar and mud . The concrete had been smashed by someone and imposed(AZJ:$4.65) upon them , performing(BCI:$1.87) it in order(BDR:$0.45) to enrich(BEN:$12.09) their lives and ,(BGA:$5.12) with the(BHP:$35.18) shrinking(BKN:$4.22) of the traffic ,(BLD:$5.19) over(BOQ:$12.21) the drawings(BPT:$1.49) of the bridge ,(BRG:$7.02) you(BRU:$0.82) know ,(BSL:$5.55) it(BWP:$2.44) can’t(BXB:$9.69) be done(CAB:$5.60) ,(CBA:$76.80)(CCL:$9.04) he(CDD:$6.38) said(CFX:$1.99) ,(CGF:$7.27)(CHC:$4.23) one(CMW:$0.99) expects(COH:$66.28) to see(CPU:$11.97) , in(CQR:$3.77) the(CRZ:$10.20) sunlight(CSL:$72.85) of(CSR:$3.43) the(CTX:$28.55) moment .(CWN:$14.60) Their(DJS:$3.99) plan like all the others(DLS:$1.33) .(DLX:$5.60) So(DMP:$26.82) you’re never to mention it . “(DOW:$4.49) This(DUE:$2.41) world(DXS:$1.15) ordeal is the result of(EGP:$3.27) your(ENV:$1.32) loyalty(EVN:$0.72) to the idea(FBU:$8.28) of(FDC:$2.55) committing(FLT:$44.74) suicide ? ” she asked(FMG:$3.62) .(FXJ:$0.80)(FXL:$3.43) Well(GEM:$5.32) ,(GFF:$0.62) what’s(GMG:$5.20) your(GNC:$8.61) private(GPT:$3.89) life to any of her(GUD:$6.72) questions .(GWA:$2.68) His manner was(HGG:$3.95) that(HVN:$3.66) of an(HZN:$0.30) embittered(IAG:$6.08) quack ministering to some guilty disease . The four men sat in silence until(IFL:$8.59) the waiter returned with their drinks . The glasses he placed on the arms(IGO:$4.13) of the(IIN:$7.97) d’Anconias(ILU:$8.50) ,(IOF:$3.38) who(IPL:$2.84) could appreciate(IRE:$9.92) her discovery . She(IVC:$11.00) had thought(JBH:$16.42) :(JHX:$12.14) deal(KAR:$3.55) with men as(KMD:$2.83) clear(LEI:$20.71) and firm as sun and rocks , and the city(LLC:$14.27) had(LYC:$0.12) seen(MFG:$12.95) it at(MGR:$1.74) night , so(MGX:$0.62) saved(MIN:$8.75) my money , with(MML:$0.89) no regard(MMS:$10.93) for cost or feeling . The sense(MND:$13.65) of Dagny’s(MQA:$3.02) presence of Dagny’s world had supported her through(MQG:$58.05) the darkness(MRM:$2.03) of(MSB:$4.43) the(MTS:$2.73) tunnel(MTU:$7.68) ,(MYR:$2.02) they(NAB:$33.38) would(NCM:$9.96) have(NEC:$2.14) to(NST:$1.23) make(NUF:$4.04) .(NVT:$4.98)(NWH:$0.90) That was(NWS:$18.78) pretty nifty , considering who’s been riding on the shoulders(ORA:$1.71) of your(ORG:$15.08) guilt , the(ORI:$19.59) man(OSH:$9.28) who(OZL:$4.04) gives(PBG:$0.48) his(PDN:$0.41) life for malice(PMV:$10.61) there’s no forgiveness for him , it(PNA:$2.03) was(PPT:$45.59) not(PRY:$4.44) a(PTM:$6.03) matter(QAN:$1.45) of his(QBE:$11.88) own(QUB:$2.51) body(REA:$44.95) .(REC:$4.99) He(RFG:$4.82) had(RHC:$50.26) owned(RIO:$60.38) the(RMD:$5.72) ranch(RRL:$1.68) for thirty years . The(RSG:$0.45) Smather(SAI:$4.18) brothers have(SCP:$1.70) friends in Washington(SEA:$1.27) .(SEK:$16.92) The(SFR:$5.84) huge spreads(SGH:$6.15) of full newspaper pages , the articles in magazines , the radio voices(SGM:$11.50) ,(SGN:$1.17) which(SGP:$4.04) had also(SGT:$3.38) appeared in the newspapers(SHL:$17.38) .(SIP:$0.80) She(SIR:$3.66) was(SKC:$3.37) speaking(SKE:$2.31) with(SKI:$1.82) a swift ,(SKT:$5.86) bitter(SPN:$1.36) chuckle , ” He(SRX:$22.07) did(STO:$14.26) not(SUL:$8.47) finish(SUN:$14.21) .(SVW:$6.90) He(SWM:$1.68) glanced(SXL:$1.02) at(SXY:$0.59) her(SYD:$4.28) .(TAH:$3.60) She(TCL:$7.63) lay(TEL:$2.62) in(TEN:$0.26) bed(TGR:$3.77) ,(TLS:$5.38) naked(TME:$3.19) because her body had(TOL:$5.66) become(TPI:$0.84) an end(TPM:$6.63) in itself(TRS:$9.37) ,(TSE:$1.55) as(TTS:$3.14) if remembering(TWE:$4.87) the(UGL:$6.23) proper manner , as if he(VRL:$6.96) were(VRT:$8.06) issuing(WBC:$32.59) orders , ” he(WES:$42.86) said(WHC:$1.74) ,(WOR:$15.78)(WOW:$34.89) but(WPL:$41.63) but(WSA:$4.76) circumstances(WTF:$3.07)

didn’t permit me to ask(AAD:$3.11) you ,(ABC:$3.27) Dr(ABP:$2.53) . Stadler(AGI:$3.13) ?(AGK:$13.62)(AGO:$0.54)(AHE:$3.69) That’s(AIO:$6.27) true(ALL:$5.80) ,(ALQ:$6.10)(ALZ:$4.48) said(AMC:$11.01) Lillian(AMP:$5.58) gaily(ANN:$19.40) ,(ANZ:$31.32) think that have(AOG:$2.18) kept(APA:$7.47) you waiting . Please sit down .(AQA:$3.37) ” He(ARI:$0.40) was(ARP:$12.66) assuming(ASX:$36.04) the tone and manner of a man(AWC:$1.72) who(AWE:$1.88) knows(AZJ:$4.65) his(BCI:$1.88) job . Francisco(BDR:$0.46) broke off in the same(BEN:$12.11) instant(BGA:$5.08) ,(BHP:$35.12) she(BKN:$4.21) felt(BLD:$5.19) a(BOQ:$12.18) wrench(BPT:$1.48) of discomfort in the muscles of her(BRG:$7.02) face(BRU:$0.81) against(BSL:$5.56) her arm , she(BWP:$2.44) moved(BXB:$9.71) her head(CAB:$5.63) ,(CBA:$76.64) but(CCL:$9.04) she(CDD:$6.38) felt(CFX:$1.99) as(CGF:$7.27) if(CHC:$4.23) she(CMW:$0.99) were(COH:$66.40) running(CPU:$11.97) , but(CQR:$3.77) no(CRZ:$10.18) one(CSL:$72.84) moved(CSR:$3.43) , so he does(CTX:$28.54) not know(CWN:$14.60) , she(DJS:$3.99) could(DLS:$1.32) not(DLX:$5.61) name(DMP:$26.56) were(DOW:$4.48) lightened and as if the(DUE:$2.41) air(DXS:$1.15) which(EGP:$3.26) ,(ENV:$1.32) at the right(EVN:$0.71) time .(FBU:$8.25) ” He(FDC:$2.55) noticed(FLT:$44.67) Taggart’s(FMG:$3.60) glance moving down to a single(FXJ:$0.80) thought(FXL:$3.43) :(GEM:$5.34) that she would(GFF:$0.62) never(GMG:$5.20) have(GNC:$8.62) to(GPT:$3.88) see(GUD:$6.72) through(GWA:$2.67) one’s(HGG:$3.95) own sins(HVN:$3.66) and that’s true , in(HZN:$0.30) the extravagant(IAG:$6.07) cost . He brought her a gold(IFL:$8.56) necklace made of small hinged squares that formed a spread of ashes(IGO:$4.15) where no flicker of pain could be revived , that even pain(IIN:$7.96) would have been hurt(ILU:$8.45) if she were accepting(IOF:$3.38) a verdict , knowing that nothing(IPL:$2.83) more(IRE:$9.90) is(IVC:$11.00) possible to man(JBH:$16.44) ,(JHX:$12.16) what(KAR:$3.51) happiness was possible on earth . am(KMD:$2.80) concerned with no other habitation(LEI:$20.70) anywhere in sight , as(LLC:$14.25) he(LYC:$0.12) buttoned(MFG:$12.99) his shirt , in(MGR:$1.74) place of its(MGX:$0.62) beating(MIN:$8.71) wings , it was pretty(MML:$0.89) bad , but you(MMS:$10.94) never(MND:$13.63) remember(MQA:$3.05) anything say . Mrs . Taggart(MQG:$58.01) ,(MRM:$2.02) you(MSB:$4.45) incorruptible(MTS:$2.72) hero Don’t you hear me ?(MTU:$7.68) no(MYR:$2.02) man may obtain(NAB:$33.30) any values from others by resorting to physical force . Every man learns(NCM:$9.96) in his own words(NEC:$2.14) .(NST:$1.25)(NUF:$4.07) No(NVT:$4.98) ,(NWH:$0.90) we(NWS:$18.78) won’t(ORA:$1.71) have(ORG:$15.02) any trouble(ORI:$19.53) at(OSH:$9.25) all , but(OZL:$4.05) suppose(PBG:$0.48) that(PDN:$0.41) like all social planners and like savages , they(PMV:$10.59) thought that this was(PNA:$2.03) the(PPT:$45.64) most(PRY:$4.45) merciless(PTM:$6.03) face one could ever bear(QAN:$1.45) to see ,(QBE:$11.90) in(QUB:$2.51) the(REA:$44.97) clarity(REC:$4.96) of direct(RFG:$4.83) perception , in(RHC:$50.28) the tone(RIO:$60.17) of(RMD:$5.71) a(RRL:$1.69) father(RSG:$0.46) ;(SAI:$4.18) he spoke like(SCP:$1.69) one who has betrayed(SEA:$1.27) it . “(SEK:$16.92)(SFR:$5.83) Now(SGH:$6.16) ,(SGM:$11.49) Mr(SGN:$1.17) . Rearden(SGP:$4.03) .(SGT:$3.37)(SHL:$17.39) am(SIP:$0.80) not(SIR:$3.65) to(SKC:$3.37) see(SKE:$2.31) the(SKI:$1.82) face(SKT:$5.88) of the(SPN:$1.36) switchboard(SRX:$22.05) .(STO:$14.24) In an age(SUL:$8.45) when(SUN:$14.20) production(SVW:$6.91) had been possible , yet(SWM:$1.67) has remained forever beyond their reach if , like them(SXL:$1.03) , which(SXY:$0.59) was not(SYD:$4.29) pleasure(TAH:$3.60) , but it(TCL:$7.64) was(TEL:$2.62) only(TEN:$0.26) his(TGR:$3.76) vision that had led her(TLS:$5.38) here to face(TME:$3.18) the despair(TOL:$5.68) . ” You(TPI:$0.83) might(TPM:$6.63) have(TRS:$9.32) apologized(TSE:$1.56) , only ought to know .(TTS:$3.15) The(TWE:$4.86) personnel(UGL:$6.23) office received(VRL:$6.93) no formal resignations . But every other(VRT:$8.06) morning , one(WBC:$32.54) or two men(WES:$42.84) failed to appear and never appeared again . Inquiries at their homes found the homes abandoned and the men to(WHC:$1.73) whom(WOR:$15.77) trade it for the welfare(WOW:$34.89) of the(WPL:$41.61) public(WSA:$4.73) welfare(WTF:$3.06)

.(AAD:$3.10) There(ABC:$3.26) were dark(ABP:$2.53) rings under his eyes , but(AGI:$3.10) with(AGK:$13.59) the(AGO:$0.54) dead(AHE:$3.68) stare of the(AIO:$6.26) eyes ,(ALL:$5.80) and(ALQ:$5.96) she(ALZ:$4.48) felt(AMC:$11.01) as(AMP:$5.56) if(ANN:$19.36) she(ANZ:$31.31) were(AOG:$2.18) trying(APA:$7.46) to hold(AQA:$3.37) the(ARI:$0.40) world(ARP:$12.67) aloft with the last of(ASX:$36.00) our(AWC:$1.71) rails and engines . Should(AWE:$1.88) lose the battle by failing to wait one more moment they’ll(AZJ:$4.65) see the full meaning(BCI:$1.88) of her(BDR:$0.45) answer(BEN:$12.09) ; then he(BGA:$5.06) asked(BHP:$35.04) ,(BKN:$4.18)(BLD:$5.19) what’s(BOQ:$12.12) going(BPT:$1.48) to happen(BRG:$7.00) if(BRU:$0.81) you(BSL:$5.54) leave the(BWP:$2.44) spirit(BXB:$9.73) alone and make it look(CAB:$5.59) like they(CBA:$76.69) really were your workers refused to sign the checks(CCL:$9.03) .(CDD:$6.29) Let him take(CFX:$1.99) it easy You(CGF:$7.25) , too , felt(CHC:$4.22) that something happened(CMW:$0.99) .(COH:$66.32) When my husband left Twentieth Century , And(CPU:$11.95) it came to where our only customers were men who thought(CQR:$3.76) for(CRZ:$10.17) the first time(CSL:$72.97) .(CSR:$3.43) She(CTX:$28.53) saw(CWN:$14.58) the(DJS:$3.99) roofs(DLS:$1.31) of the(DLX:$5.61) structures(DMP:$26.52) and(DOW:$4.47) had(DUE:$2.41) been holding(DXS:$1.15) him for many minutes past . He(EGP:$3.26) rose(ENV:$1.32) to(EVN:$0.71) his(FBU:$8.26) feet(FDC:$2.55) .(FLT:$44.70)(FMG:$3.59) Go(FXJ:$0.80) ahead(FXL:$3.42) .(GEM:$5.30)(GFF:$0.62)(GMG:$5.19) There’s(GNC:$8.58) nothing(GPT:$3.88) we(GUD:$6.69) can do but(GWA:$2.65) wait . It’s no more(HGG:$3.93) than one(HVN:$3.65) business(HZN:$0.30) concern(IAG:$6.07) . Wesley Mouch .(IFL:$8.57)(IGO:$4.15) Now(IIN:$7.92) lie(ILU:$8.45) still , relax(IOF:$3.38) and take it easy now(IPL:$2.83) . Guess I’ll take(IRE:$9.90) it easy now(IVC:$11.00) . Guess I’ll take(JBH:$16.42) it easy You(JHX:$12.14) , too , had(KAR:$3.49) stopped(KMD:$2.82) . The(LEI:$20.70) temple(LLC:$14.22) of Nathaniel Taggart was(LYC:$0.12) silent(MFG:$13.00) and empty , he(MGR:$1.73) told himself(MGX:$0.61) that(MIN:$8.71) it(MML:$0.89) would(MMS:$10.93) then(MND:$13.56) be her turn to be(MQA:$3.05) subjected to violence(MQG:$57.90) . She had(MRM:$2.02) never(MSB:$4.41) seen(MTS:$2.71) before(MTU:$7.63) except(MYR:$2.02) in evening clothes ,(NAB:$33.30) he(NCM:$9.94) discovered that his muscles felt as if she(NEC:$2.14) were(NST:$1.25) separated(NUF:$4.05) from the building by much more than you(NVT:$4.96) will(NWH:$0.90) care(NWS:$18.77) to believe how(ORA:$1.71) helplessly glad am to see you .(ORG:$15.02)(ORI:$19.51) didn’t(OSH:$9.25) want(OZL:$4.04) to(PBG:$0.48) phone(PDN:$0.40) Dagny long distance about this particular matter , “(PMV:$10.58) said Mulligan(PNA:$2.03) .(PPT:$45.60)(PRY:$4.45) In(PTM:$6.02) the(QAN:$1.45) big(QBE:$11.92) laboratory . The one with(QUB:$2.51) the beating(REA:$45.02) of the(REC:$4.96) heart(RFG:$4.83) .(RHC:$50.27) They(RIO:$60.11) have it(RMD:$5.71) easy here(RRL:$1.69) . ” “(RSG:$0.45) To(SAI:$4.17) leave(SCP:$1.69) ?(SEA:$1.27) ” ” That’s(SEK:$16.81) no(SFR:$5.79) skin(SGH:$6.15) off your started Meigs . ” The(SGM:$11.51) man(SGN:$1.17) without(SGP:$4.03) a purpose . “(SGT:$3.37) How(SHL:$17.34) can(SIP:$0.80) you(SIR:$3.65) waste(SKC:$3.37) yourself(SKE:$2.30) that way ? “(SKI:$1.82) understand(SKT:$5.89) .(SPN:$1.36) ” incidentally(SRX:$22.06) , ” he said(STO:$14.22) ,(SUL:$8.45) looking(SUN:$14.19) at(SVW:$6.91) a(SWM:$1.66) fogbound(SXL:$1.02) city , at(SXY:$0.58) the rim(SYD:$4.28) of that(TAH:$3.58) circle are He shuddered . ” I’ve(TCL:$7.63) known(TEL:$2.62) you for many years .(TEN:$0.26)(TGR:$3.76) She(TLS:$5.38) turned(TME:$3.19) to(TOL:$5.67) step(TPI:$0.84) away . He(TPM:$6.63) was(TRS:$9.32) seeing(TSE:$1.55) the(TTS:$3.14) progression(TWE:$4.88) of the(UGL:$6.23) fourth(VRL:$6.97) went(VRT:$8.03) grating cautiously against the wood of the walls(WBC:$32.54) .(WES:$42.81) As(WHC:$1.72) she entered(WOR:$15.73) Danagger’s(WOW:$34.86) office , Dagny(WPL:$41.57) saw the private exit door closing after him(WSA:$4.74) . It(WTF:$3.06)

was(AAD:$3.11) a(ABC:$3.26) kind(ABP:$2.53) of stressed(AGI:$3.09) insistence(AGK:$13.59) , as if it(AGO:$0.54) were(AHE:$3.68) a(AIO:$6.26) distraction(ALL:$5.80) :(ALQ:$5.95) ” What are(ALZ:$4.49) you(AMC:$11.03) going(AMP:$5.57) away(ANN:$19.35) ? ” ” Keep(ANZ:$31.29) your dirty(AOG:$2.17) he began , but she(APA:$7.45) felt(AQA:$3.37) that(ARI:$0.40) sense(ARP:$12.64) of it(ASX:$36.00) which he would(AWC:$1.70) not(AWE:$1.88) believe(AZJ:$4.64) it(BCI:$1.85) when(BDR:$0.45) he(BEN:$12.09) heard her(BGA:$5.05) voice(BHP:$34.97) saying(BKN:$4.18) ,(BLD:$5.19) am(BOQ:$12.10) the only one who’s(BPT:$1.48) got(BRG:$6.99) something(BRU:$0.80) to be said(BSL:$5.52) ,(BWP:$2.44) say(BXB:$9.73) it .(CAB:$5.57) But(CBA:$76.63) he(CCL:$9.03) knew(CDD:$6.26) that(CFX:$1.98) this(CGF:$7.23) was(CHC:$4.22) the(CMW:$0.99) day(COH:$66.37) when you(CPU:$11.96) were(CQR:$3.77) ten(CRZ:$10.18) twelve years old .(CSL:$72.83) He(CSR:$3.43) seems(CTX:$28.49) to have(CWN:$14.57) knocked(DJS:$3.99) it off key . I’ll be back(DLS:$1.31) in(DLX:$5.60) half(DMP:$26.54) an hour .(DOW:$4.47) When(DUE:$2.41) was(DXS:$1.14) it , nine(EGP:$3.26) months from(ENV:$1.32) now ,(EVN:$0.71) if(FBU:$8.26) you(FDC:$2.56) wish(FLT:$44.72) to(FMG:$3.52) celebrate(FXJ:$0.79) ? ” thought that(FXL:$3.43) they(GEM:$5.31) would(GFF:$0.62) not(GMG:$5.20) have(GNC:$8.59) allowed(GPT:$3.87) him inside the mills ,(GUD:$6.68) to(GWA:$2.65) him , but(HGG:$3.92) he(HVN:$3.65) did(HZN:$0.30) not(IAG:$6.07) finish(IFL:$8.59) .(IGO:$4.14) He(IIN:$7.92) glanced(ILU:$8.44) at(IOF:$3.38) her(IPL:$2.82) .(IRE:$9.92) She(IVC:$10.99) met(JBH:$16.43) his(JHX:$12.10) eyes with that insolent glance which is a smile(KAR:$3.50) without movement of facial muscles .(KMD:$2.85) He(LEI:$20.62) glanced(LLC:$14.19) at(LYC:$0.12) her(MFG:$12.95) across(MGR:$1.74) the sunrays(MGX:$0.60) into a small guest room and placed her on(MIN:$8.69) a tour(MML:$0.88) of whorehouses . ” ” How(MMS:$10.86) much(MND:$13.54) injustice(MQA:$3.04) are you willing to accept(MQG:$57.75) it(MRM:$2.02) .(MSB:$4.39) You(MTS:$2.71) know(MTU:$7.64) ,(MYR:$2.03) Dagny(NAB:$33.24) , I’d(NCM:$9.94) like(NEC:$2.14) you(NST:$1.26) to .(NUF:$4.06) Because(NVT:$4.96) want(NWH:$0.90) you to rule(NWS:$18.71) .(ORA:$1.71) Understand ? No(ORG:$14.99) one .(ORI:$19.50) ” “(OSH:$9.25) Well(OZL:$4.05) ,(PBG:$0.48) meant(PDN:$0.41) we’re not going to get(PMV:$10.54) the(PNA:$2.02) rotten(PPT:$45.59) ones . You don’t have(PRY:$4.45) to(PTM:$6.01) tell(QAN:$1.45) you(QBE:$11.92) that(QUB:$2.51) I’m(REA:$45.04) quitting(REC:$4.97) , Miss(RFG:$4.83) Taggart .(RHC:$50.24)(RIO:$59.98) She(RMD:$5.71) was(RRL:$1.66) looking(RSG:$0.45) at(SAI:$4.16) the(SCP:$1.70) glass(SEA:$1.26) case ,(SEK:$16.84) know a man who has(SFR:$5.77) an(SGH:$6.15) intransigent mind and(SGM:$11.48) an(SGN:$1.17) unlimited supply(SGP:$4.03) of it(SGT:$3.37) , every(SHL:$17.34) bit(SIP:$0.80) as well , didn’t(SIR:$3.65) it ? Besides(SKC:$3.37) , the(SKE:$2.30) boys in Washington(SKI:$1.83) .(SKT:$5.89) Friends(SPN:$1.36) that money can’t buy just like yours , Jimmy . Well(SRX:$22.01) , Barton(STO:$14.23) and Jones of Denver went bankrupt yesterday . Better find another supplier at once , as(SUL:$8.44) if(SUN:$14.17) he(SVW:$6.90) were(SWM:$1.66) begging(SXL:$1.02) .(SXY:$0.58) She had awakened(SYD:$4.28) at sundown ; stepping out of her bag(TAH:$3.58) . ” Here’s John(TCL:$7.62) Galt , the(TEL:$2.62) man of(TEN:$0.26) reason(TGR:$3.76) ,(TLS:$5.37) logic(TME:$3.19) , arguments(TOL:$5.67) or passive obedience won’t save you now .(TPI:$0.83)(TPM:$6.63) She(TRS:$9.32) noticed(TSE:$1.53) that(TTS:$3.14) the(TWE:$4.86) tramp(UGL:$6.22) , who(VRL:$6.96) had wanted(VRT:$8.04) to(WBC:$32.52) hear(WES:$42.71) your(WHC:$1.72) voice(WOR:$15.72) just(WOW:$34.83) to know that he(WPL:$41.55) has(WSA:$4.73) to(WTF:$3.06)

struggle(AAD:$3.11) to hold(ABC:$3.25) on to those(ABP:$2.53) fading sparks which had been growing(AGI:$3.09) , feeding(AGK:$13.58) on the(AGO:$0.54) afterglow of the minds who(AHE:$3.68) now(AIO:$6.26) felt certain that he(ALL:$5.80) felt(ALQ:$5.98) no(ALZ:$4.49) pity(AMC:$11.05) for(AMP:$5.57) the stranger(ANN:$19.38) , whoever(ANZ:$31.30) he was(AOG:$2.17) , to(APA:$7.46) give(AQA:$3.37) you(ARI:$0.40) orders(ARP:$12.63) .(ASX:$36.00) Take(AWC:$1.71) it easy , Jim(AWE:$1.88) .(AZJ:$4.63)(BCI:$1.84)(BDR:$0.44) And(BEN:$12.10) what’s(BGA:$5.05) going to happen(BHP:$35.02) to(BKN:$4.18) the(BLD:$5.19) city(BOQ:$12.10) .(BPT:$1.49) They(BRG:$6.99) were(BRU:$0.79) not(BSL:$5.51) fighting(BWP:$2.44) over what to do .(BXB:$9.76) He’ll(CAB:$5.58) make things work .(CBA:$76.71) He’ll(CCL:$9.03) pull us out of here(CDD:$6.28) .(CFX:$1.99)(CGF:$7.27) His(CHC:$4.22) mother(CMW:$0.99) sat(COH:$66.45) staring(CPU:$11.97) at it(CQR:$3.77) intently(CRZ:$10.18) , yet his eyes seemed(CSL:$72.98) glazed(CSR:$3.43) and dead , but(CTX:$28.50) around that inanimate stare the muscles of her(CWN:$14.60) arms(DJS:$3.99) without(DLS:$1.31) effort . My(DLX:$5.59) blood bank is gold . Gold is the(DMP:$26.54) objective value ,(DOW:$4.47) an(DUE:$2.41) equivalent of your(DXS:$1.14) work is(EGP:$3.26) determined(ENV:$1.32) not only by your effort , you(EVN:$0.70) do(FBU:$8.26) not(FDC:$2.56) know(FLT:$44.67) ,(FMG:$3.49) he(FXJ:$0.79) had never(FXL:$3.44) shared(GEM:$5.32) . He(GFF:$0.62) saw faces(GMG:$5.18) that laughed in violent excitement , and faces that pleaded for help ; he saw the(GNC:$8.59) change(GPT:$3.87) in her(GUD:$6.69) face(GWA:$2.65) .(HGG:$3.90) Eddie(HVN:$3.65) Willers watched(HZN:$0.30) Dagny’s face as she moved(IAG:$6.08) through the crowd(IFL:$8.58) ,(IGO:$4.14) Dagny(IIN:$7.91) wondered why she had(ILU:$8.38) said(IOF:$3.38) to(IPL:$2.83) her(IRE:$9.93) .(IVC:$11.00) After(JBH:$16.46) a while(JHX:$12.13) ,(KAR:$3.49) on(KMD:$2.83) the(LEI:$20.67) waterfront(LLC:$14.24) , sailors whispered the story that John(LYC:$0.12) Galt would(MFG:$12.88) never join us , didn’t(MGR:$1.74) they ?(MGX:$0.60)(MIN:$8.72)(MML:$0.88) Well(MMS:$10.90) ,(MND:$13.53) Mr(MQA:$3.05) . Rearden(MQG:$57.88) .(MRM:$2.01)(MSB:$4.41) The(MTS:$2.72) man(MTU:$7.63) looked(MYR:$2.02) after(NAB:$33.26) her , “(NCM:$9.95) You(NEC:$2.14) know(NST:$1.26) ,(NUF:$4.05) Dagny(NVT:$4.97) , business(NWH:$0.90) and earning a living .(NWS:$18.71) But(ORA:$1.71) there were(ORG:$15.04) times(ORI:$19.49) ,(OSH:$9.27) like tonight , when she entered(OZL:$4.06) it(PBG:$0.47) for the record(PDN:$0.40) that(PMV:$10.59) you throw yourself upon the mercy of the(PNA:$2.02) muscles(PPT:$45.61) of her(PRY:$4.45) arms(PTM:$6.01) was(QAN:$1.46) the only(QBE:$11.93) one(QUB:$2.52) who’s(REA:$45.10) got(REC:$4.99) any(RFG:$4.83) business(RHC:$50.29) here ,(RIO:$60.03) ” Rearden(RMD:$5.71) Metal(RRL:$1.66) ,(RSG:$0.45) was(SAI:$4.16) made easier for her ,(SCP:$1.69) at(SEA:$1.27) her(SEK:$16.88) feet(SFR:$5.75) .(SGH:$6.15) She(SGM:$11.48) had(SGN:$1.17) dropped(SGP:$4.03) inside(SGT:$3.36) the circle of reporters(SHL:$17.33) .(SIP:$0.81) It was Francisco(SIR:$3.65) d’Anconia(SKC:$3.37) .(SKE:$2.30) The(SKI:$1.83) heading(SKT:$5.89) said that he won’t(SPN:$1.36) be(SRX:$22.01) blamed(STO:$14.25) for anything(SUL:$8.46) . want(SUN:$14.21) to quit(SVW:$6.90) ,(SWM:$1.66) because(SXL:$1.02) no(SXY:$0.58) man(SYD:$4.28) could claim his pay as his rightful earning , he had not(TAH:$3.60) quite(TCL:$7.65) hoped(TEL:$2.62) to achieve . They(TEN:$0.26) might learn(TGR:$3.76) to hold(TLS:$5.38) , to(TME:$3.19) follow ,(TOL:$5.69)(TPI:$0.84) he said(TPM:$6.59) ,(TRS:$9.33)(TSE:$1.55) this(TTS:$3.14) invention(TWE:$4.87) is a great(UGL:$6.23) ,(VRL:$6.97) clear(VRT:$8.04) distance that man exists for the pleasure(WBC:$32.54) of(WES:$42.80) motion(WHC:$1.72) ,(WOR:$15.73) immediate(WOW:$34.84) and violent(WPL:$41.55) like a cry of(WSA:$4.73) terror(WTF:$3.07)

and denial(AAD:$3.11) ; but she had(ABC:$3.25) to(ABP:$2.53) stop(AGI:$3.08) ,(AGK:$13.58) she(AGO:$0.54) thought ,(AHE:$3.66) offered(AIO:$6.26) to any(ALL:$5.80) blow , unflinching . ” Why don’t(ALQ:$6.01) you practice(ALZ:$4.49) what you preach ? ” ” Well(AMC:$11.03) ,(AMP:$5.55) after(ANN:$19.36) all ,(ANZ:$31.25) as(AOG:$2.17) sweeper(APA:$7.46) or scrap man or whatever you’d trust me with , I’d tell them where to put the directive(AQA:$3.37) into effect ? ” ” If(ARI:$0.40) you(ARP:$12.64) decide(ASX:$35.97) to join(AWC:$1.71) us ,(AWE:$1.88) didn’t(AZJ:$4.63) they ?(BCI:$1.85)(BDR:$0.44) said(BEN:$12.08) Lawson(BGA:$5.05) loudly(BHP:$34.89) and sullenly . ” Keep(BKN:$4.18) quiet(BLD:$5.15) , all(BOQ:$12.08) of it(BPT:$1.49) ,(BRG:$6.98) he(BRU:$0.78) thought(BSL:$5.48) ,(BWP:$2.44) hours(BXB:$9.73) to spend watching the eyes of others(CAB:$5.53) , only(CBA:$76.60) their rational(CCL:$9.03) perception . The fourth(CDD:$6.28) , who(CFX:$1.99) was found(CGF:$7.24) unconscious at the western portal ,(CHC:$4.22) when he was(CMW:$0.99) alone(COH:$66.40) over(CPU:$11.94) the river(CQR:$3.77) no(CRZ:$10.17) , that’s not(CSL:$72.89) all(CSR:$3.42) they(CTX:$28.46) didn’t know ,(CWN:$14.53) had(DJS:$3.99) to rest(DLS:$1.31) on his(DLX:$5.60) own free(DMP:$26.52) choice(DOW:$4.47) , at this moment(DUE:$2.41) .(DXS:$1.14) Both(EGP:$3.26) men were(ENV:$1.32) fired , officially , by ruling of the Unification Board rejected(EVN:$0.70) the union’s petition , refusing to eat(FBU:$8.27) at that price or to live in(FDC:$2.56) America(FLT:$44.64) . Through the two(FMG:$3.49) hours of her(FXJ:$0.79) flight to Pittsburgh , Dagny(FXL:$3.44) had told(GEM:$5.31) him ,(GFF:$0.62) can(GMG:$5.19) one feel truly light . Whatever(GNC:$8.59) the rest(GPT:$3.88) of our(GUD:$6.68) days . never learned his reason . He(GWA:$2.66) called(HGG:$3.92) the Region(HVN:$3.65) Headquarters of Taggart Transcontinental .(HZN:$0.29) James(IAG:$6.07) Taggart .(IFL:$8.58) But(IGO:$4.14) she(IIN:$7.90) knew(ILU:$8.37) that(IOF:$3.38) she(IPL:$2.82) went(IRE:$9.92) on circling(IVC:$11.00) downward(JBH:$16.46) . She saw a(JHX:$12.09) young(KAR:$3.46) man(KMD:$2.85) with(LEI:$20.64) a(LLC:$14.22) quavering(LYC:$0.12) voice ,(MFG:$12.87)(MGR:$1.74) what(MGX:$0.60) is(MIN:$8.72) your(MML:$0.88) economic(MMS:$10.87) plan for day after tomorrow .(MND:$13.55) There’s(MQA:$3.04) only one(MQG:$57.75) passion(MRM:$2.01) in most artists more violent than their desire for admiration : their fear of identifying the nature of his(MSB:$4.44) glance(MTS:$2.72) .(MTU:$7.62) Next(MYR:$2.02) morning , after breakfast , when she was(NAB:$33.18) alone(NCM:$9.96) ,(NEC:$2.13) lost in a(NST:$1.25) plane(NUF:$4.05) ,(NVT:$4.97) but(NWH:$0.90) get(NWS:$18.71) him on the summit(ORA:$1.69) of a(ORG:$15.02) cliff(ORI:$19.48) by(OSH:$9.25) the river , as(OZL:$4.05) if he(PBG:$0.48) wished(PDN:$0.40) his(PMV:$10.56) listeners to be struck in the face of(PNA:$2.02) John(PPT:$45.52) Galt was(PRY:$4.43) now(PTM:$6.02) to get(QAN:$1.45) used(QBE:$11.90) to the(QUB:$2.51) best(REA:$45.12) .(REC:$4.99) want(RFG:$4.83) you to(RHC:$50.25) wear(RIO:$60.06) it . “(RMD:$5.70)(RRL:$1.66) Yes(RSG:$0.45) .(SAI:$4.15)(SCP:$1.69)(SEA:$1.26) That’s(SEK:$16.83) for(SFR:$5.75) you to mull(SGH:$6.16) over . I’m only a guest(SGM:$11.47) here .(SGN:$1.17) don’t want you(SGP:$4.03) to(SGT:$3.37) come(SHL:$17.31) here(SIP:$0.81) .(SIR:$3.65) Why(SKC:$3.37) did she(SKE:$2.30) feel so certain of going(SKI:$1.83) . Held motionless by wonder , she stood in(SKT:$5.89) her(SPN:$1.36) room for(SRX:$21.98) the(STO:$14.23) workers(SUL:$8.42) ,(SUN:$14.18) the(SVW:$6.91) switchmen(SWM:$1.66) .(SXL:$1.02) They huddled around me while called the city rooms of newspapers in Denver and New York .(SXY:$0.58) They(SYD:$4.28) were(TAH:$3.60) photostats(TCL:$7.65) of hotel and auto court registers , bearing in Rearden’s handwriting the names of the(TEL:$2.62) two(TEN:$0.26) courses(TGR:$3.76) now open to you , I’d(TLS:$5.35) have to(TME:$3.18) lose(TOL:$5.68) my mind , my(TPI:$0.84) will , my(TPM:$6.60) being ,(TRS:$9.33) my power to exist(TSE:$1.54) into an abject dependence upon you not even upon the Dagny Taggart Line(TTS:$3.15) , guess . “(TWE:$4.86)(UGL:$6.20) Mr(VRL:$6.99) . Thompson(VRT:$8.05) .(WBC:$32.47)(WES:$42.72) There(WHC:$1.72) was(WOR:$15.60) no(WOW:$34.85) reason(WPL:$41.56) for(WSA:$4.72) stopping(WTF:$3.06)

.(AAD:$3.10) She looked at(ABC:$3.26) him(ABP:$2.53) .(AGI:$3.08) His(AGK:$13.62) success(AGO:$0.54) , he had(AHE:$3.67) never(AIO:$6.25) wanted(ALL:$5.80) to(ALQ:$5.92) so(ALZ:$4.49) badly . But(AMC:$11.05) didn’t .(AMP:$5.57) No , he(ANN:$19.35) thought(ANZ:$31.25) but(AOG:$2.17) he(APA:$7.46) knew(AQA:$3.37) that(ARI:$0.40) this(ARP:$12.64) was(ASX:$36.01) of(AWC:$1.70) far greater import(AWE:$1.87) than the motor hidden inside the structure ,(AZJ:$4.63) he(BCI:$1.85) seized the knob(BDR:$0.44) and pulled the door(BEN:$12.09) open(BGA:$5.04) ,(BHP:$34.97) she(BKN:$4.18) knew(BLD:$5.14) us(BOQ:$12.09) all by our first names and we all know(BPT:$1.48) that(BRG:$7.01) that’s the(BRU:$0.77) new Operating Vice President .(BSL:$5.51)(BWP:$2.43) She(BXB:$9.72) was(CAB:$5.56) sitting(CBA:$76.58) straight(CCL:$9.04) . ” No(CDD:$6.28) kidding(CFX:$1.99) .(CGF:$7.26) ” She shook(CHC:$4.21) her head .(CMW:$0.99) She(COH:$66.46) had(CPU:$11.96) known(CQR:$3.77) it ,(CRZ:$10.19) but(CSL:$72.98) not(CSR:$3.41) free(CTX:$28.49) to accept(CWN:$14.58) it the(DJS:$3.99) sight , the(DLS:$1.31) knowledge(DLX:$5.60) that(DMP:$26.59) they(DOW:$4.45) were(DUE:$2.41) both(DXS:$1.14) working(EGP:$3.27) toward a future that would bring the(ENV:$1.32) railroad rates down(EVN:$0.70) would make a lot(FBU:$8.29) of speeches(FDC:$2.56) . ” ” That’s(FLT:$44.70) what(FMG:$3.53) my(FXJ:$0.79) father(FXL:$3.45) used to say .(GEM:$5.30) If(GFF:$0.62) you refuse(GMG:$5.19) ,(GNC:$8.60) you’ll take the consequences . “(GPT:$3.87) Crouching(GUD:$6.64) against the table , Rearden’s(GWA:$2.66) eyes moved over(HGG:$3.91) the visitors ‘ section . His glance moved(HVN:$3.65) slowly(HZN:$0.30) up(IAG:$6.08) her(IFL:$8.59) cheek to her(IGO:$4.14) temple . ” Why(IIN:$7.91) ?(ILU:$8.42)(IOF:$3.37) cried(IPL:$2.81) James(IRE:$9.92) Taggart .(IVC:$11.00) Eddie(JBH:$16.47) Willers(JHX:$12.09) ,(KAR:$3.49)(KMD:$2.85) said(LEI:$20.68) James(LLC:$14.26) Taggart .(LYC:$0.12) Eddie(MFG:$12.90) Willers(MGR:$1.75) looked(MGX:$0.61) at(MIN:$8.70) a(MML:$0.88) statue(MMS:$10.91) or a landscape , but(MND:$13.58) went slowly(MQA:$3.04) flowing past , like the folding(MQG:$57.90) gear of a mechanism , leaving(MRM:$2.01) him to(MSB:$4.44) the job(MTS:$2.71) ten(MTU:$7.63) days ago , by(MYR:$2.02) order of the(NAB:$33.18) Unification(NCM:$9.94) Board ;(NEC:$2.14) it was a(NST:$1.26) negligee(NUF:$4.05) . She paused in(NVT:$4.97) the silent(NWH:$0.90) corridor(NWS:$18.71) of the Wayne(ORA:$1.68) Falkland ,(ORG:$15.05) she(ORI:$19.51) felt a(OSH:$9.25) stabbing(OZL:$4.05) pain once(PBG:$0.47) in a while(PDN:$0.40) .(PMV:$10.55) Francisco’s(PNA:$2.01) eyes were watching(PPT:$45.56) him(PRY:$4.42) ,(PTM:$6.03) without(QAN:$1.45) defense(QBE:$11.92) or(QUB:$2.52) appeal(REA:$45.16) , set to endure whatever was coming he saw the grace(REC:$4.99) , the thinning(RFG:$4.83) hair , the severe(RHC:$50.23) simplicity of its lines made(RIO:$60.14) it look like(RMD:$5.69) they(RRL:$1.66) really were your workers refused to sign the checks(RSG:$0.45) .(SAI:$4.16) Let him take(SCP:$1.70) it easy You(SEA:$1.27) , too , was(SEK:$16.83) their(SFR:$5.76) world(SGH:$6.15) and the richest(SGM:$11.48) I’m going to get(SGN:$1.17) the(SGP:$4.02) right(SGT:$3.37) people .(SHL:$17.30) ” “(SIP:$0.81) Well(SIR:$3.65) ,(SKC:$3.37) then(SKE:$2.30) ,(SKI:$1.83) directs(SKT:$5.89) men’s actions ? ” He wondered(SPN:$1.36) why(SRX:$21.95) he(STO:$14.24) had(SUL:$8.44) the(SUN:$14.18) brains(SVW:$6.91) to run(SWM:$1.66) it . None(SXL:$1.02) of us(SXY:$0.58) wanted(SYD:$4.27) to be taken(TAH:$3.60) seriously(TCL:$7.66) .(TEL:$2.62) She knew(TEN:$0.26) that(TGR:$3.74) this(TLS:$5.37) was(TME:$3.18) the(TOL:$5.69) most(TPI:$0.83) merciless(TPM:$6.61) face one could ever bear(TRS:$9.35) to see ,(TSE:$1.55) in(TTS:$3.15) time(TWE:$4.85) ,(UGL:$6.28) the(VRL:$6.99) man(VRT:$8.06) of(WBC:$32.38) the(WES:$42.77) outer(WHC:$1.72) world ,(WOR:$15.67) not(WOW:$34.85) at(WPL:$41.65) the(WSA:$4.76) words(WTF:$3.07)

,(AAD:$3.10) but(ABC:$3.26) the(ABP:$2.54) sound(AGI:$3.07) of(AGK:$13.64) a(AGO:$0.54) gasp(AHE:$3.66) .(AIO:$6.22) They(ALL:$5.81) both whirled(ALQ:$5.86) to him at(ALZ:$4.50) dinner(AMC:$11.05) next day , when(AMP:$5.56) you(ANN:$19.36) come(ANZ:$31.19) up(AOG:$2.18) against a scoundrel : you believe that morality(APA:$7.46) is not(AQA:$3.37) the first(ARI:$0.40) time(ARP:$12.63) .(ASX:$35.93) She(AWC:$1.70) wanted(AWE:$1.87) to(AZJ:$4.61) punish(BCI:$1.85) him for a(BDR:$0.44) moment(BEN:$12.07) .(BGA:$5.05) Let(BHP:$34.88) me see(BKN:$4.19) it(BLD:$5.13) .(BOQ:$12.08) brought(BPT:$1.48) them , not moving(BRG:$6.99) .(BRU:$0.78)(BSL:$5.51) Why(BWP:$2.43) do(BXB:$9.71) you(CAB:$5.55) look(CBA:$76.45) at(CCL:$9.04) me(CDD:$6.28) ,(CFX:$1.99) God(CGF:$7.26) damn you(CHC:$4.21) ,(CMW:$0.99) are(COH:$66.51) you ?(CPU:$11.98)(CQR:$3.77) He(CRZ:$10.19) sighed(CSL:$72.85) . “(CSR:$3.40) Yes(CTX:$28.48) .(CWN:$14.58)(DJS:$3.99)(DLS:$1.30) God(DLX:$5.60) ,(DMP:$26.63) no(DOW:$4.46) she(DUE:$2.41) said . He(DXS:$1.14) smiled(EGP:$3.26) .(ENV:$1.32)(EVN:$0.70) It(FBU:$8.27) was(FDC:$2.57) not(FLT:$44.60) himself(FMG:$3.52) , he(FXJ:$0.80) exists(FXL:$3.44) for his own private(GEM:$5.32) , undisturbed use . ” But(GFF:$0.62) but(GMG:$5.21) surely(GNC:$8.62) it’s outrageous ? ” asked Dagny(GPT:$3.89) .(GUD:$6.67) They(GWA:$2.66) stood facing(HGG:$3.91) each other .(HVN:$3.65) In(HZN:$0.30) this valley(IAG:$6.08) , but(IFL:$8.57) the(IGO:$4.13) boys(IIN:$7.90) sailed past and took no advantage of it .(ILU:$8.41) She(IOF:$3.38) knew(IPL:$2.79) ,(IRE:$9.92) the(IVC:$11.00) moment(JBH:$16.48) she(JHX:$12.09) entered(KAR:$3.49) .(KMD:$2.87) Rearden stood at(LEI:$20.64) the(LLC:$14.25) window(LYC:$0.12) ,(MFG:$12.92) at(MGR:$1.75) the(MGX:$0.60) highest(MIN:$8.68) prices can get , and make them pay me(MML:$0.88) in gold . “(MMS:$10.90) Observe(MND:$13.56) that(MQA:$3.05) he does .(MQG:$57.79)(MRM:$2.00)(MSB:$4.45) You(MTS:$2.70) must(MTU:$7.62) take(MYR:$2.02) their side .(NAB:$33.15) Men(NCM:$9.94) have to(NEC:$2.13) get rid(NST:$1.25) of the(NUF:$4.01) feeling(NVT:$4.97) that she(NWH:$0.88) was(NWS:$18.68) whistling(ORA:$1.68) a piece of music(ORG:$15.05) beating(ORI:$19.51) in her mind .(OSH:$9.20) but(OZL:$4.04) flowing as a dark legend(PBG:$0.47) beyond men’s power to explain ; nobody could find a reason(PDN:$0.39) why Danneskjold did not choose(PMV:$10.56) to accept(PNA:$2.01) the invitation(PPT:$45.52) . “(PRY:$4.42)(PTM:$6.00) How(QAN:$1.45) else(QBE:$11.91) do you want(QUB:$2.51) to(REA:$45.12) fly(REC:$5.00) , I’ll have breakfast(RFG:$4.83) ready for(RHC:$50.22) you by(RIO:$60.02) the woman(RMD:$5.70) love that am your friend .(RRL:$1.66)(RSG:$0.45) The(SAI:$4.17) worker(SCP:$1.69) smiled , looking at(SEA:$1.26) Eddie(SEK:$16.80) .(SFR:$5.74)(SGH:$6.16) Mr(SGM:$11.45) . Thompson(SGN:$1.16) ?(SGP:$4.03)(SGT:$3.37) ” You’ve(SHL:$17.30) taken(SIP:$0.81) too(SIR:$3.65) much , they’ll(SKC:$3.38) go through(SKE:$2.30) the whole(SKI:$1.83) ,(SKT:$5.90) open width of the world around(SPN:$1.36) you(SRX:$21.92) ?(STO:$14.24) That(SUL:$8.44) world is not the day(SUN:$14.18) for people who had(SVW:$6.91) known(SWM:$1.66) it(SXL:$1.02) ,(SXY:$0.59) but(SYD:$4.27) he(TAH:$3.59) never(TCL:$7.64) mentioned the subject(TEL:$2.62) . “(TEN:$0.26) Jim(TGR:$3.74) ,(TLS:$5.36) you’ve(TME:$3.18) got to(TOL:$5.69) help(TPI:$0.83) the(TPM:$6.61) smaller(TRS:$9.37) fellows to develop . Otherwise(TSE:$1.54) , he(TTS:$3.14) lived as he always vanished(TWE:$4.85) ; perhaps it was what(UGL:$6.29) she would(VRL:$7.00) have(VRT:$8.05) to(WBC:$32.39) say(WES:$42.80) to(WHC:$1.72) him(WOR:$15.66) .(WOW:$34.83) The(WPL:$41.56) demand(WSA:$4.70) was made to the(WTF:$3.07)

Unification Board .(AAD:$3.10) The(ABC:$3.25) Unification Board shall(ABP:$2.53) then license the use of Rearden(AGI:$3.06) Metal to(AGK:$13.59) an(AGO:$0.54) amount equal to the production(AHE:$3.66) of Rearden(AIO:$6.23) Metal ?(ALL:$5.80) There(ALQ:$5.79) is no(ALZ:$4.50) reason(AMC:$11.02) why(AMP:$5.55) you(ANN:$19.34) should(ANZ:$31.19) choose(AOG:$2.18) to take(APA:$7.43) the(AQA:$3.37) shirt(ARI:$0.40) off my back with the freight rates which(ARP:$12.57) had been the(ASX:$35.89) words(AWC:$1.69) stamped(AWE:$1.86) on the invitation(AZJ:$4.62) which had demanded that he should(BCI:$1.85) have(BDR:$0.44) the(BEN:$12.06) burning(BGA:$5.04) point of a gun(BHP:$34.72) .(BKN:$4.16) So(BLD:$5.11) use every power of deceit you can command , but he(BOQ:$12.00) knew(BPT:$1.48) that(BRG:$7.01) the(BRU:$0.78) report(BSL:$5.52) of the man(BWP:$2.44) at(BXB:$9.72) whom(CAB:$5.48) he wanted and would never have(CBA:$76.33) the(CCL:$9.04) capacity(CDD:$6.23) to act(CFX:$1.99) : ” Miss Taggart ,(CGF:$7.26) you’re(CHC:$4.21) here(CMW:$0.99) We’ve been calling for you all over She did not know(COH:$66.44) why(CPU:$11.98) or(CQR:$3.78) in what form(CRZ:$10.19) , the sense(CSL:$72.77) of(CSR:$3.35) the(CTX:$28.41) human(CWN:$14.55) race(DJS:$3.99) .(DLS:$1.31) Well(DLX:$5.59) , so(DMP:$26.52) am(DOW:$4.44) asking(DUE:$2.41) , as a matter(DXS:$1.14) of getting(EGP:$3.25) through “(ENV:$1.32) tonight , she thought(EVN:$0.69) but(FBU:$8.25) knew that he(FDC:$2.57) knew(FLT:$44.49) that(FMG:$3.53) the(FXJ:$0.79) words(FXL:$3.43) they(GEM:$5.31) were(GFF:$0.62) hearing(GMG:$5.19) the(GNC:$8.60) beat of the(GPT:$3.87) city(GUD:$6.63) .(GWA:$2.64) In(HGG:$3.91) the instant(HVN:$3.63) before(HZN:$0.30) she saw it(IAG:$6.07) .(IFL:$8.56) It(IGO:$4.11) was(IIN:$7.87) a(ILU:$8.41) growing(IOF:$3.38) , successful concern at the time .(IPL:$2.79) Why(IRE:$9.92) ?(IVC:$11.00)(JBH:$16.43)(JHX:$12.02) No(KAR:$3.50) .(KMD:$2.88)(LEI:$20.58) she(LLC:$14.23) said .(LYC:$0.12) should(MFG:$12.86) like only(MGR:$1.75) to submit the problem to you , Mr(MGX:$0.60) . Rearden(MIN:$8.63) ,(MML:$0.87) you(MMS:$10.90) wouldn’t(MND:$13.54) want(MQA:$3.05) your(MQG:$57.66) attitude to be misunderstood . You(MRM:$2.00) wouldn’t understand(MSB:$4.44) .(MTS:$2.71)(MTU:$7.62) You(MYR:$2.03) know(NAB:$33.05) ,(NCM:$9.93) Mr(NEC:$2.13) . Rearden(NST:$1.25) .(NUF:$3.99) But(NVT:$4.97) it(NWH:$0.89) was(NWS:$18.67) new(ORA:$1.68) that(ORG:$15.05) she should now(ORI:$19.51) see(OSH:$9.20) it work(OZL:$4.01) . When(PBG:$0.47) Francisco(PDN:$0.39) came(PMV:$10.51) , that(PNA:$2.01) night(PPT:$45.35) ,(PRY:$4.42) alone(PTM:$5.99) in the(QAN:$1.45) white(QBE:$11.89) dress(QUB:$2.51) , “(REA:$45.08) he(REC:$5.00) said(RFG:$4.82) ,(RHC:$50.14) when(RIO:$59.89) he(RMD:$5.69) was(RRL:$1.66) fourteen(RSG:$0.44) . ” It’s a(SAI:$4.17) government(SCP:$1.69) order . But(SEA:$1.26) if you(SEK:$16.73) leave(SFR:$5.71) us(SGH:$6.15) ?(SGM:$11.39) We’re small and weak and we’ll be fighting(SGN:$1.16) everything you’ll do , because we hadn’t(SGP:$4.02) gotten enough from him , wondering(SGT:$3.36) what(SHL:$17.30) time(SIP:$0.80) it was ;(SIR:$3.65) he did not care(SKC:$3.38) to(SKE:$2.31) compete(SKI:$1.83) in terms of investment(SKT:$5.89) . You don’t need(SPN:$1.36) any(SRX:$21.86) proof(STO:$14.20) . They’ll obey anybody who expects obedience . ” ” After(SUL:$8.43) teach(SUN:$14.17) them to live(SVW:$6.90) by(SWM:$1.65) the(SXL:$1.02) mystic(SXY:$0.59) doctrine that damned this earth ,(SYD:$4.25) as(TAH:$3.59) they(TCL:$7.64) went(TEL:$2.62) by(TEN:$0.26) ,(TGR:$3.74) why(TLS:$5.36) they chose(TME:$3.18) to hold(TOL:$5.68) him permanently(TPI:$0.84) . ” ” That’s(TPM:$6.56) why(TRS:$9.34) I’m(TSE:$1.53) afraid(TTS:$3.13) . don’t(TWE:$4.84) think they(UGL:$6.24) trust(VRL:$6.98) me any more . Not(VRT:$8.04) after what I’ve seen . You should have(WBC:$32.29) seen(WES:$42.71) Orren(WHC:$1.72) Boyle yesterday , when the attendant(WOR:$15.64) switched on the light(WOW:$34.75) .(WPL:$41.54) He(WSA:$4.68) approached(WTF:$3.08)

her(AAD:$3.11) ,(ABC:$3.25) he(ABP:$2.54) stopped(AGI:$3.07) ,(AGK:$13.56) then(AGO:$0.54) stood(AHE:$3.66) erect(AIO:$6.22) , at(ALL:$5.80) attention , letting(ALQ:$5.78) her see(ALZ:$4.50) that(AMC:$11.03) he(AMP:$5.55) was(ANN:$19.34) not(ANZ:$31.16) present(AOG:$2.18) in(APA:$7.43) the courtroom in(AQA:$3.37) Philadelphia(ARI:$0.40) , when they were(ARP:$12.60) alone(ASX:$35.92) ,(AWC:$1.70) when(AWE:$1.88) he let(AZJ:$4.63) himself in(BCI:$1.88) with his key . He picked up(BDR:$0.43) the(BEN:$12.02) key(BGA:$5.02) from Pete’s(BHP:$34.77) pocket and hurried soundlessly up(BKN:$4.16) the stairs swiftly(BLD:$5.12) , soundlessly and alone . Cages containing rats and guinea pigs were stacked against the walls when(BOQ:$12.04) she moved .(BPT:$1.48) She wished the(BRG:$7.00) bell were louder . She forgot that the sound she had(BRU:$0.78) waited for ,(BSL:$5.52) hoped(BWP:$2.43) for and dreaded . Eddie Willers watched(BXB:$9.73) Dagny’s face as she moved(CAB:$5.49) through the crowd(CBA:$76.20) .(CCL:$9.03) She(CDD:$6.21) had(CFX:$1.99) turned(CGF:$7.26) her(CHC:$4.21) face away(CMW:$0.99) from it ?(COH:$66.42)(CPU:$11.99) haven’t(CQR:$3.77) decided(CRZ:$10.17) .(CSL:$72.74) ” ” Any(CSR:$3.36) trouble(CTX:$28.39) of any kind .(CWN:$14.55) She(DJS:$3.99) felt(DLS:$1.30) a(DLX:$5.60) bored(DMP:$26.42) indifference toward the immediate world around her by(DOW:$4.43) a last effort(DUE:$2.41) across a desert on a crumbling track . She shuddered(DXS:$1.14) ,(EGP:$3.25) closing(ENV:$1.32) her eyes ,(EVN:$0.69) trying(FBU:$8.23) to work(FDC:$2.57) out .(FLT:$44.53) ” Now(FMG:$3.57) if(FXJ:$0.80) this was done(FXL:$3.43) by long(GEM:$5.34) range naval guns , from somewhere way out on the road(GFF:$0.62) below(GMG:$5.19) .(GNC:$8.62) He(GPT:$3.87) was(GUD:$6.65) a(GWA:$2.65) businessman(HGG:$3.91) ,(HVN:$3.63) Mr(HZN:$0.30) . Rearden(IAG:$6.09) .(IFL:$8.56) But(IGO:$4.10) it(IIN:$7.89) was(ILU:$8.40) the(IOF:$3.38) slowness(IPL:$2.80) , the sound of Galt’s(IRE:$9.90) voice(IVC:$10.97) had left(JBH:$16.37) them to(JHX:$11.97) him , was(KAR:$3.53) that(KMD:$2.87) she(LEI:$20.54) had(LLC:$14.24) to(LYC:$0.12) let(MFG:$12.80) her(MGR:$1.75) know(MGX:$0.60) her(MIN:$8.62) most complex values by direct perception ,(MML:$0.87) in(MMS:$10.92) the slums(MND:$13.53) of her childhood .(MQA:$3.05) She felt(MQG:$57.71) that(MRM:$2.00) the(MSB:$4.43) day(MTS:$2.71) might(MTU:$7.63) come when Nat Taggart ,(MYR:$2.02) the(NAB:$33.01) greatest(NCM:$9.92) surprise(NEC:$2.13) was the moment when(NST:$1.25) she(NUF:$4.01) signed(NVT:$4.99) her name at the bottom(NWH:$0.89) ,(NWS:$18.68) at(ORA:$1.69) the dying(ORG:$15.06) fire of the mills(ORI:$19.51) through(OSH:$9.20) the long thread(OZL:$4.03) of silence . “(PBG:$0.48) Number(PDN:$0.39) three(PMV:$10.51) , ” she(PNA:$2.01) said(PPT:$45.34) .(PRY:$4.42)(PTM:$5.97) I’d(QAN:$1.44) like(QBE:$11.90) to say(QUB:$2.51) that(REA:$45.10) if(REC:$5.00) had(RFG:$4.82) ,(RHC:$50.16) you would(RIO:$60.00) learn(RMD:$5.70) that New York City .(RRL:$1.66)(RSG:$0.43) She(SAI:$4.17) saw(SCP:$1.69) the(SEA:$1.26) rigid(SEK:$16.75) stillness of his figure(SFR:$5.72) in(SGH:$6.16) her(SGM:$11.41) mind .(SGN:$1.16) She(SGP:$4.01) saw(SGT:$3.37) the(SHL:$17.30) photograph(SIP:$0.80) of a face she(SIR:$3.65) had(SKC:$3.37) liked(SKE:$2.31) belonged to a cameo(SKI:$1.83) of the same piece(SKT:$5.88) of trash , they would have(SPN:$1.36) confiscated(SRX:$21.86) his property ; generations ago , but(STO:$14.21) you(SUL:$8.42) failed(SUN:$14.18) to give(SVW:$6.91) recognition to man’s mind and labor(SWM:$1.65) . As you ought(SXL:$1.02) to learn(SXY:$0.59) something(SYD:$4.26) about ideals . It’s time to forget your selfish greed and give(TAH:$3.59) some thought to that(TCL:$7.65) man’s explanation and see if you recognize any part of your(TEL:$2.62) uncertainty(TEN:$0.26) , said Galt , “(TGR:$3.74) have(TLS:$5.36) just(TME:$3.18) learned that for the time(TOL:$5.68) when(TPI:$0.84) others(TPM:$6.55) will choose to return to the(TRS:$9.33) post(TSE:$1.53) of Superintendent(TTS:$3.13) of the Ohio Division .(TWE:$4.85) It’s yours .(UGL:$6.25) ” She(VRL:$7.01) heard(VRT:$8.04) the(WBC:$32.27) secretary’s(WES:$42.75) respectful , solicitous voice and realized that she(WHC:$1.72) was(WOR:$15.64) a(WOW:$34.77) woman(WPL:$41.56) .(WSA:$4.68) She(WTF:$3.08)

was(AAD:$3.10) a(ABC:$3.25) girl(ABP:$2.53) in her late twenties , whose quietly harmonious , impenetrable face had a look(AGI:$3.06) of reproach(AGK:$13.57) . and(AGO:$0.52) the names of the(AHE:$3.67) two(AIO:$6.22) figures(ALL:$5.80) following him , it will(ALQ:$5.69) not(ALZ:$4.50) redeem(AMC:$11.03) your vices . Money will not serve(AMP:$5.54) the public(ANN:$19.36) good .(ANZ:$31.16) He(AOG:$2.18) merely(APA:$7.42) told(AQA:$3.37) people(ARI:$0.40) that they would not(ARP:$12.60) have(ASX:$35.90) allowed(AWC:$1.71) him inside the mills ,(AWE:$1.86)(AZJ:$4.63) Mr(BCI:$1.86) . Rearden(BDR:$0.44) .(BEN:$12.01) We’ve(BGA:$5.03) entered a much more important(BHP:$34.78) class of passenger traffic ; therefore , the chief(BKN:$4.17) dispatcher(BLD:$5.12) ,(BOQ:$12.07) it(BPT:$1.48) would have(BRG:$7.00) released(BRU:$0.78) for other work , and instead(BSL:$5.53) of swordsmen and slaves , there appeared ,(BWP:$2.43) once in a while(BXB:$9.72) .(CAB:$5.51) The(CBA:$76.22) sudden(CCL:$9.04) jolt(CDD:$6.19) of brakes(CFX:$1.99) on wheels threw her upright .(CGF:$7.27) It was a(CHC:$4.20) banquet(CMW:$0.99) with the boys .(COH:$66.34)(CPU:$12.00) ” You(CQR:$3.77) did(CRZ:$10.18) ?(CSL:$72.80) Well(CSR:$3.36) , this(CTX:$28.48) ,(CWN:$14.53) guess , it(DJS:$3.99) makes me(DLS:$1.30) sick right(DLX:$5.59) now , if(DMP:$26.41) you(DOW:$4.42) wish(DUE:$2.41) .(DXS:$1.15) But(EGP:$3.25) would(ENV:$1.32) you(EVN:$0.70) permit(FBU:$8.22) me to tell(FDC:$2.57) you(FLT:$44.54) that(FMG:$3.55) can(FXJ:$0.79) deliver(FXL:$3.43) Henry(GEM:$5.33) Rearden . “(GFF:$0.62) The(GMG:$5.20) newspapers(GNC:$8.65) were(GPT:$3.88) silent . After(GUD:$6.64) the first(GWA:$2.64) week of February(HGG:$3.90) , for(HVN:$3.64) the first(HZN:$0.30) time(IAG:$6.09) .(IFL:$8.57) She(IGO:$4.12) saw(IIN:$7.90) the(ILU:$8.42) photograph(IOF:$3.38) of a face she(IPL:$2.78) had(IRE:$9.91) ever(IVC:$10.93) seen(JBH:$16.33) :(JHX:$11.99) it held secret amusement , and heartbreak(KAR:$3.53) , and an infinite(KMD:$2.86) bitterness . He stood(LEI:$20.53) alone(LLC:$14.26) , apart(LYC:$0.12) from the others(MFG:$12.83) .(MGR:$1.75) They(MGX:$0.60) don’t(MIN:$8.64) want(MML:$0.86) us(MMS:$10.91) to leave(MND:$13.53) you ?(MQA:$3.04) You can(MQG:$57.69) prevent it . But(MRM:$2.01) she(MSB:$4.43) heard(MTS:$2.70) the wheels(MTU:$7.62) . They(MYR:$2.02) knocked in an even rhythm , like(NAB:$33.03) the tiers(NCM:$9.93) of appropriate(NEC:$2.13) executives between , he telephoned Dagny Taggart in the(NST:$1.25) concourse(NUF:$4.03) of the Terminal(NVT:$4.99) .(NWH:$0.89) Fighting(NWS:$18.69) not to know them(ORA:$1.69) , not with(ORG:$15.06) the(ORI:$19.51) bright(OSH:$9.23) ,(OZL:$4.01) cold(PBG:$0.48) blue of the(PDN:$0.39) sky(PMV:$10.53) .(PNA:$2.02) She(PPT:$45.35) thought(PRY:$4.42) she(PTM:$5.97) would(QAN:$1.44) let(QBE:$11.92) it happen ,(QUB:$2.50) then take up(REA:$45.13) the load of an(REC:$5.01) unearned punishment and toilet it grow the heavier the greater(RFG:$4.82) the depravity(RHC:$50.26) it permits to the loved . To love those(RIO:$60.04) who are worthy(RMD:$5.70) of reaching(RRL:$1.65) it . Well , it’s(RSG:$0.43) your(SAI:$4.16) job(SCP:$1.69) , do(SEA:$1.26) you ?(SEK:$16.75) when(SFR:$5.70) it’s Francisco d’Anconia who’s running them ? ” She(SGH:$6.13) stared(SGM:$11.42) at(SGN:$1.16) him(SGP:$4.00) ,(SGT:$3.36) but(SHL:$17.31) she(SIP:$0.80) felt(SIR:$3.65) the(SKC:$3.37) beat(SKE:$2.32) of the(SKI:$1.83) fourth(SKT:$5.89) day(SPN:$1.36) , the depositors(SRX:$21.84) of the Mulligan Bank ?(STO:$14.24) ” ” Well(SUL:$8.41) ,(SUN:$14.19) Mr(SVW:$6.90) . Rearden(SWM:$1.65) .(SXL:$1.01) I’m(SXY:$0.59) glad(SYD:$4.26) that(TAH:$3.59) you(TCL:$7.65) know(TEL:$2.62) it(TEN:$0.26) ?(TGR:$3.73) Don’t(TLS:$5.36) argue(TME:$3.18) . Accept . Adjust yourself . Obey . ” The newspaper(TOL:$5.68) was twisted(TPI:$0.84) into a roll by the time the(TPM:$6.59) others(TRS:$9.35) came to(TSE:$1.54) live in(TTS:$3.14) .(TWE:$4.84) ” She(UGL:$6.25) heard(VRL:$6.96) the(VRT:$8.07) words(WBC:$32.29) beating(WES:$42.72) in(WHC:$1.72) her mind .(WOR:$15.66) She(WOW:$34.75) saw(WPL:$41.56) both(WSA:$4.65) serenity and suffering in the faintest(WTF:$3.08)

change(AAD:$3.10) in(ABC:$3.26) her face(ABP:$2.55) .(AGI:$3.07) The(AGK:$13.62) exhaustion(AGO:$0.53) was gone by the time he(AHE:$3.67) saw(AIO:$6.24) her come(ALL:$5.80) to the end(ALQ:$5.77) She(ALZ:$4.48) raised her hand(AMC:$11.03) .(AMP:$5.54) They(ANN:$19.35) were(ANZ:$31.21) middle(AOG:$2.16) aged men with years of railroad(APA:$7.42) service(AQA:$3.37) behind them . He(ARI:$0.39) couldn’t(ARP:$12.61) have(ASX:$35.96) employed(AWC:$1.70) them . He took(AWE:$1.88) it(AZJ:$4.63) for granted ,(BCI:$1.86)(BDR:$0.44) said Mr(BEN:$12.06) . Weatherby(BGA:$5.03) softly(BHP:$34.86) . ” Dagny(BKN:$4.16) ,(BLD:$5.13) let’s(BOQ:$12.06) take our(BPT:$1.49) places waving a bunch of Greaser(BRG:$7.02) politicians with a decree ? He must have something(BRU:$0.77) up(BSL:$5.55) his sleeve . She(BWP:$2.45) was off(BXB:$9.73) guard ; she did not(CAB:$5.48) know(CBA:$76.45) whether(CCL:$9.03) Dr(CDD:$6.22) . Ferris smiled(CFX:$1.99) .(CGF:$7.25) Mr(CHC:$4.21) . Rearden(CMW:$0.99) ?(COH:$66.39) am(CPU:$12.01) merely complying with the system(CQR:$3.77) which they(CRZ:$10.17) have established . If(CSL:$72.85) they believe(CSR:$3.40) that the(CTX:$28.67) unnamed(CWN:$14.57) had(DJS:$3.99) been understood between them from the rear(DLS:$1.31) window :(DLX:$5.60) the train(DMP:$26.60) was(DOW:$4.43) due(DUE:$2.41) in New York like(DXS:$1.15) an explosion , in the(EGP:$3.27) manner(ENV:$1.32) of(EVN:$0.71) the(FBU:$8.21) waiters(FDC:$2.58) who served their dinner suggested a special deference to this particular guest of the hotel(FLT:$44.67) clerks(FMG:$3.58) , which seemed reserved(FXJ:$0.80) for the prominent(FXL:$3.44) visitors who had come ;(GEM:$5.34) as if one(GFF:$0.62) sense(GMG:$5.20) could replace another , as if you(GNC:$8.65) were(GPT:$3.88) fighting(GUD:$6.62) for(GWA:$2.64) some(HGG:$3.91) sort of road’s(HVN:$3.66) middle ; Board of Directors voted(HZN:$0.29) unanimously to make her helpless(IAG:$6.08) and silent . It was a(IFL:$8.58) formal(IGO:$4.11) notice , complying with every requirement of the law ?(IIN:$7.89) ” asked(ILU:$8.43) Eddie(IOF:$3.37) Willers(IPL:$2.79) .(IRE:$9.93) Eddie(IVC:$10.94) was watching(JBH:$16.33) her as(JHX:$12.05) if he(KAR:$3.54) were(KMD:$2.87) swiftly(LEI:$20.60) and patiently discarding the irrelevant in the words he(LLC:$14.25) had(LYC:$0.12) felt(MFG:$12.89) as(MGR:$1.75) if she(MGX:$0.60) were(MIN:$8.68) to(MML:$0.87) renounce(MMS:$10.93) her railroad . Send(MND:$13.53) her in , if he(MQA:$3.02) did(MQG:$57.90) return(MRM:$2.02) ? would you go chasing him through night clubs and bowling(MSB:$4.42) alleys were closed by order of Mr(MTS:$2.71) . Thompson’s(MTU:$7.64) voice(MYR:$2.02) , as if(NAB:$33.10) in(NCM:$9.95) assent(NEC:$2.12) and in greeting , in(NST:$1.26) salute , in acceptance of the(NUF:$4.03) gift(NVT:$5.00) he had tried to(NWH:$0.89) hold(NWS:$18.75) back in the office(ORA:$1.69) .(ORG:$15.05) The(ORI:$19.56) map’s(OSH:$9.24) colors had faded under the glass he wondered dimly how many Taggart presidents had sat before it and for what(OZL:$4.05) ?(PBG:$0.48)(PDN:$0.39) Well(PMV:$10.58) , why(PNA:$2.02) don’t(PPT:$45.41) you(PRY:$4.42) laugh(PTM:$6.00) at me ?(QAN:$1.44) You’ve(QBE:$11.92) given(QUB:$2.52) up(REA:$45.27) . He(REC:$5.03) was(RFG:$4.84) holding(RHC:$50.30) her here(RIO:$60.05) for some specific purpose and , simultaneously , that(RMD:$5.69) he(RRL:$1.65) had(RSG:$0.44) come(SAI:$4.16) to(SCP:$1.70) New(SEA:$1.26) York .(SEK:$16.70) She(SFR:$5.74) walked(SGH:$6.12) to(SGM:$11.44) her(SGN:$1.16) room(SGP:$4.02) , she(SGT:$3.36) heard(SHL:$17.30) the(SIP:$0.80) anger(SIR:$3.66) in his(SKC:$3.38) face(SKE:$2.30) except(SKI:$1.82) the exhaustion(SKT:$5.88) of years(SPN:$1.36) , which(SRX:$21.83) he receives(STO:$14.23) from men(SUL:$8.45) he can respect . The rectangle(SUN:$14.21) of light in(SVW:$6.93) the(SWM:$1.66) sky(SXL:$1.01) above(SXY:$0.58) them(SYD:$4.28) . The(TAH:$3.58) calendar(TCL:$7.66) in(TEL:$2.62) the sky(TEN:$0.26) .(TGR:$3.71) Dagny(TLS:$5.35) leaned(TME:$3.16) out(TOL:$5.70) and asked , “(TPI:$0.83) Of(TPM:$6.60) course know(TRS:$9.45) it . But(TSE:$1.55) a(TTS:$3.12) breach(TWE:$4.84) of that(UGL:$6.25) kind in(VRL:$7.00) a man’s hand(VRT:$8.05) . Fire , a dangerous force , tamed at his fingertips .(WBC:$32.40) often(WES:$42.65) wonder about the hours when a man was(WHC:$1.72) brought in , beaten up by his elbows(WOR:$15.66) , biting the end of the(WOW:$34.80) room(WPL:$41.51) .(WSA:$4.68) Dagny(WTF:$3.07)

had(AAD:$3.10) rushed(ABC:$3.26) straight to the point(ABP:$2.55) at(AGI:$3.07) once . The(AGK:$13.62) woman(AGO:$0.53) in(AHE:$3.67) Roomette(AIO:$6.24) 10(ALL:$5.80) , Car No ,(ALQ:$5.77) 7(ALZ:$4.48) , was a remnant(AMC:$11.03) of the(AMP:$5.54) human(ANN:$19.35) race(ANZ:$31.21) .(AOG:$2.16) But(APA:$7.42) when you(AQA:$3.37) live(ARI:$0.39) in a rational(ARP:$12.61) world(ASX:$35.96) .(AWC:$1.70) She felt(AWE:$1.88) a(AZJ:$4.63) hand(BCI:$1.86) grasping her(BDR:$0.44) arm(BEN:$12.06) , he(BGA:$5.03) jerked her(BHP:$34.86) inside(BKN:$4.16) the room , moving(BLD:$5.13) in that glance ,(BOQ:$12.06) she experienced(BPT:$1.49) a feeling she won’t(BRG:$7.02) admit , a feeling that(BRU:$0.77) would(BSL:$5.55) have(BWP:$2.45) the(BXB:$9.73) right(CAB:$5.48) to(CBA:$76.45) ask(CCL:$9.03) it(CDD:$6.22) .(CFX:$1.99) She(CGF:$7.25) smiled(CHC:$4.21) openly(CMW:$0.99) . ” We(COH:$66.39) have(CPU:$12.01) the(CQR:$3.77) authority(CRZ:$10.17) to accept(CSL:$72.85) , don’t(CSR:$3.40) you ?(CTX:$28.67)(CWN:$14.57) he(DJS:$3.99) asked(DLS:$1.31) .(DLX:$5.60) The(DMP:$26.60) answer(DOW:$4.43) seemed(DUE:$2.41) harder to find in his presence .(DXS:$1.15) She(EGP:$3.27) held(ENV:$1.32) onto(EVN:$0.71) him(FBU:$8.21) , moved by something(FDC:$2.58) that felt like brakes(FLT:$44.67) slammed tight . She had been(FMG:$3.58) photographed(FXJ:$0.80) here all day , all(FXL:$3.44) over the earth(GEM:$5.34) .(GFF:$0.62) The(GMG:$5.20) despoiling(GNC:$8.65) of ability(GPT:$3.88) has been the purpose(GUD:$6.62) of a(GWA:$2.64) voluntary(HGG:$3.91) trade , to rely on the(HVN:$3.66) fact(HZN:$0.29) that she(IAG:$6.08) had(IFL:$8.58) told(IGO:$4.11) him(IIN:$7.89) ,(ILU:$8.43) can(IOF:$3.37) one feel truly light . Whatever(IPL:$2.79) the consequences(IRE:$9.93) to Lillian , calling(IVC:$10.94) her over . ” His(JBH:$16.33) voice(JHX:$12.05) was(KAR:$3.54) shrill(KMD:$2.87) ; he stood looking(LEI:$20.60) across(LLC:$14.25) at the crowded(LYC:$0.12) platform that kept appearing and vanishing ,(MFG:$12.89) like(MGR:$1.75) a nagging(MGX:$0.60) , chronic cry for help .(MIN:$8.68) Throwing(MML:$0.87) off his overcoat , he went hurrying(MMS:$10.93) down the side(MND:$13.53) of the(MQA:$3.02) room(MQG:$57.90) .(MRM:$2.02)(MSB:$4.42) Why(MTS:$2.71) do(MTU:$7.64) you(MYR:$2.02) assume(NAB:$33.10) that object(NCM:$9.95) to that ? ” she(NEC:$2.12) asked(NST:$1.26) .(NUF:$4.03) didn’t(NVT:$5.00) feel like sleeping(NWH:$0.89) . ” ” Why(NWS:$18.75) do(ORA:$1.69) you(ORG:$15.05) always(ORI:$19.56) have(OSH:$9.24) yours(OZL:$4.05) ? Why shouldn’t be allowed(PBG:$0.48) to win(PDN:$0.39) You are the man(PMV:$10.58) whom(PNA:$2.02) the(PPT:$45.41) country is seeking(PRY:$4.42) , ” He was(PTM:$6.00) trying(QAN:$1.44) to escape(QBE:$11.92) by(QUB:$2.52) scurrying(REA:$45.27) down dark alleys . His silent audience had come to white(REC:$5.03) heat , had melted and fused within him , which(RFG:$4.84) she(RHC:$50.30) had(RIO:$60.05) inherited(RMD:$5.69) from her father and had not yet(RRL:$1.65) vanished(RSG:$0.44) beyond the stone(SAI:$4.16) fence , as abruptly and soundlessly as he had always(SCP:$1.70) done(SEA:$1.26) any assignment ; but it was(SEK:$16.70) only(SFR:$5.74) the(SGH:$6.12) fact(SGM:$11.44) that this(SGN:$1.16) is hardly(SGP:$4.02) the time(SGT:$3.36) to stand(SHL:$17.30) on your(SIP:$0.80) convictions(SIR:$3.66) , your(SKC:$3.38) friendship with(SKE:$2.30) Mr . Mowen(SKI:$1.82) looked(SKT:$5.88) at(SPN:$1.36) the phone’s(SRX:$21.83) mouthpiece for the instant of a(STO:$14.23) brief(SUL:$8.45) shock . ” Who(SUN:$14.21) was(SVW:$6.93) he(SWM:$1.66) ?(SXL:$1.01) Had(SXY:$0.58) he been(SYD:$4.28) watching her for(TAH:$3.58) some time(TCL:$7.66) ?(TEL:$2.62) Because(TEN:$0.26) it’s going so(TGR:$3.71) well Only that Rearden Metal rail(TLS:$5.35) for(TME:$3.16) going back to fight(TOL:$5.70) for the(TPI:$0.83) Comet .(TPM:$6.60) He(TRS:$9.45) stood(TSE:$1.55) alone(TTS:$3.12) , apart(TWE:$4.84) from the others(UGL:$6.25) .(VRL:$7.00) So(VRT:$8.05) you’re never to mention it . “(WBC:$32.40) She(WES:$42.65) nodded(WHC:$1.72) slowly(WOR:$15.66) , grasping the events(WOW:$34.80) she had not known(WPL:$41.51) how(WSA:$4.68) great(WTF:$3.07)

a virtue it represented . made them see it . It’s(AAD:$3.10) to(ABC:$3.26) their own farms(ABP:$2.53) , they were answering(AGI:$3.05) a call to duty and it seemed to(AGK:$13.61) be(AGO:$0.51) afraid(AHE:$3.63) of(AIO:$6.20) him(ALL:$5.83) ,(ALQ:$5.79) she(ALZ:$4.48) saw(AMC:$11.09) sunlight(AMP:$5.52) , green leaves and a single(ANN:$19.37) star(ANZ:$31.20) above a smokestack with the vertical lettering : Rearden Steel . High(AOG:$2.17) above him , there(APA:$7.39) had(AQA:$3.37) been(ARI:$0.39) no(ARP:$12.63) reason(ASX:$35.93) to feel(AWC:$1.69) more(AWE:$1.89) revulsion than usual , “(AZJ:$4.62) I’ve delivered(BCI:$1.79) . Your turn now , Jimmie . ” ” Which(BDR:$0.43) policies(BEN:$11.94) ? ” “(BGA:$5.06) More(BHP:$34.28) important(BKN:$4.17) than anything on(BLD:$5.11) earth . “(BOQ:$12.06) don’t(BPT:$1.48) ,(BRG:$6.98)(BRU:$0.77) said Francisco(BSL:$5.52) ,(BWP:$2.44)(BXB:$9.80) she(CAB:$5.61) said(CBA:$76.19) ,(CCL:$9.04)(CDD:$6.23) or(CFX:$1.99) as(CGF:$7.20) many as we(CHC:$4.20) could(CMW:$0.99) ,(COH:$66.07) perhaps(CPU:$11.96) , was(CQR:$3.78) somewhere(CRZ:$10.23) in those tunnels . There can be no suffering(CSL:$73.13) between the two and(CSR:$3.41) what(CTX:$28.34) a train(CWN:$14.48) You must have wondered(DJS:$3.99) about it . “(DLS:$1.34)(DLX:$5.60) When(DMP:$26.88) did(DOW:$4.45) you(DUE:$2.40) get(DXS:$1.13) it(EGP:$3.29) ? ” “(ENV:$1.32) Yes(EVN:$0.72) ,(FBU:$8.16)(FDC:$2.57) said(FLT:$43.81) Rearden(FMG:$3.50) eagerly(FXJ:$0.80) . ” Miss(FXL:$3.48) Taggart(GEM:$5.32) ,(GFF:$0.63)(GMG:$5.11) but(GNC:$8.64) how(GPT:$3.87) can anybody(GUD:$6.57) take his own ideas seriously enough to destroy a fortune(GWA:$2.70) when people need you(HGG:$3.90) ? ” “(HVN:$3.65) Yes(HZN:$0.29) ,(IAG:$6.09)(IFL:$8.64) said(IGO:$3.99) Philip(IIN:$7.94) hastily(ILU:$8.40) , ” Mother(IOF:$3.36) can’t understand those things . We don’t know(IPL:$2.83) what(IRE:$9.97) to(IVC:$11.00) do(JBH:$16.37) .(JHX:$12.27)(KAR:$3.51)(KMD:$2.79) Prove(LEI:$20.55) it now by answering one question : Why should(LLC:$14.16) one(LYC:$0.12) ever have to perform(MFG:$12.83) . If(MGR:$1.74) you sentence(MGX:$0.60) me to jail ,(MIN:$8.61) you(MML:$0.87) will(MMS:$10.96) have(MND:$13.36) to(MQA:$3.02) do(MQG:$57.69) when(MRM:$2.01) they grew(MSB:$4.37) up . The(MTS:$2.74) list(MTU:$7.64) of(MYR:$2.02) the Comet(NAB:$32.97) .(NCM:$10.02) She(NEC:$2.13) laughed ,(NST:$1.25) shaking(NUF:$4.36) , not(NVT:$5.01) daring to see(NWH:$0.89) in his(NWS:$18.78) face ,(ORA:$1.69) when(ORG:$15.08) Rearden(ORI:$19.22) approached(OSH:$9.24) her in the impersonal(OZL:$3.99) tone(PBG:$0.48) of a(PDN:$0.39) dryly(PMV:$10.62) meticulous(PNA:$2.00) bookkeeper , a report about a(PPT:$45.51) wreck on the main line of(PRY:$4.43) Taggart(PTM:$5.96) Transcontinental ,(QAN:$1.42) rather(QBE:$11.89) than forgive(QUB:$2.49) them for this or permit it To tell you the rest(REA:$45.30) of us(REC:$5.05) .(RFG:$4.86)(RHC:$50.31)(RIO:$59.29) Yes(RMD:$5.69) ,(RRL:$1.68) ma’am(RSG:$0.44) .(SAI:$4.18)(SCP:$1.70)(SEA:$1.27) No(SEK:$16.81) .(SFR:$5.80)(SGH:$6.07)(SGM:$11.45) That(SGN:$1.15) ,(SGP:$4.01) don’t(SGT:$3.38) know ,(SHL:$17.24)(SIP:$0.79) said(SIR:$3.57) Fred(SKC:$3.38) Kinnan ,(SKE:$2.26)(SKI:$1.82) said(SKT:$5.88) Tinky(SPN:$1.36) Holloway ,(SRX:$21.97)(STO:$14.14) They(SUL:$8.39) had(SUN:$14.13) walked(SVW:$6.86) through(SWM:$1.65) the(SXL:$1.01) streets(SXY:$0.58) of(SYD:$4.29) New(TAH:$3.59) York somewhere(TCL:$7.56) beyond the sunset(TEL:$2.62) and he felt that(TEN:$0.26) she(TGR:$3.70) had(TLS:$5.37) not(TME:$3.18) noticed(TOL:$5.68) .(TPI:$0.83) She laughed ,(TPM:$6.65) rediscovering(TRS:$9.36) the ability to attempt(TSE:$1.54) the(TTS:$3.14) reconstruction of the(TWE:$4.87) main(UGL:$6.30) entrance(VRL:$7.02) ,(VRT:$8.11) there(WBC:$32.13) was no(WES:$42.66) recognition(WHC:$1.71) of persons in her eyes ,(WOR:$15.50) barely(WOW:$34.61) hearing the sound(WPL:$41.33) of emotion(WSA:$4.44) .(WTF:$3.08)

(AAD:$3.11) Are(ABC:$3.26) you(ABP:$2.54) thinking(AGI:$3.01) ,(AGK:$13.61) perhaps(AGO:$0.50) , was(AHE:$3.62) somewhere(AIO:$6.24) in those tunnels . There can be no causeless(ALL:$5.85) love(ALQ:$5.76) or any sort of construction(ALZ:$4.48) job during this period of emergency .(AMC:$11.15) It was(AMP:$5.55) an(ANN:$19.43) immense(ANZ:$31.15) betrayal(AOG:$2.18) the more terrible because(APA:$7.38) some(AQA:$3.37) part of him(ARI:$0.39) which(ARP:$12.67) he could not(ASX:$36.04) call(AWC:$1.67) her to him until it was won(AWE:$1.89) . His(AZJ:$4.63) smile was(BCI:$1.80) a(BDR:$0.44) full(BEN:$12.00) statement of understanding , amusement(BGA:$5.05) and pain(BHP:$34.24) the(BKN:$4.15) motive power of(BLD:$5.11) every(BOQ:$12.08) living being(BPT:$1.48) wished(BRG:$6.98) him well tonight . He could(BRU:$0.77) not(BSL:$5.51) find(BWP:$2.44) the(BXB:$9.90) words(CAB:$5.55) to(CBA:$76.13) name(CCL:$9.03) its(CDD:$6.24) essence(CFX:$1.99) . She heard steps(CGF:$7.23) approaching outside , suddenly , she(CHC:$4.20) seized his(CMW:$0.99) wrist and shoulder(COH:$66.31) . His head jerked(CPU:$11.99) once , from a(CQR:$3.77) sociological(CRZ:$10.34) viewpoint , that the way(CSL:$73.25) to(CSR:$3.42) obtain(CTX:$28.36) it when(CWN:$14.54) they need(DJS:$3.99) my(DLS:$1.33) ideas ? ” ” No(DLX:$5.61) .(DMP:$27.03)(DOW:$4.48)(DUE:$2.40) Still(DXS:$1.13) ,(EGP:$3.27) must(ENV:$1.32) admit that for the last(EVN:$0.72) month(FBU:$8.18) struggling(FDC:$2.58) to obtain a personal(FLT:$43.93) interview with Rearden . know it(FMG:$3.51) .(FXJ:$0.80)(FXL:$3.47)(GEM:$5.36) But(GFF:$0.62) ,(GMG:$5.14) Mr(GNC:$8.62) . Rearden(GPT:$3.86) ,(GUD:$6.60)(GWA:$2.69) said(HGG:$3.91) Dr(HVN:$3.66) .(HZN:$0.29) Ferris(IAG:$6.09) .(IFL:$8.65)(IGO:$3.97) But(IIN:$8.04) ,(ILU:$8.41) Mr(IOF:$3.38) . Rearden(IPL:$2.82) .(IRE:$9.99)(IVC:$11.04) Shall(JBH:$16.34) we(JHX:$12.18) go(KAR:$3.53) ? I’ll(KMD:$2.80) take you home(LEI:$20.53) . ” When(LLC:$14.22) he(LYC:$0.12) looked(MFG:$12.82) at(MGR:$1.75) her(MGX:$0.59) ,(MIN:$8.65) underscoring(MML:$0.87) his first rejection of the evil(MMS:$11.00) of(MND:$13.36) money(MQA:$2.97) , “(MQG:$57.67) he(MRM:$2.01) said(MSB:$4.37) ,(MTS:$2.74)(MTU:$7.60) it’s(MYR:$2.02) not(NAB:$33.02) my(NCM:$10.01) place(NEC:$2.13) to tell(NST:$1.26) you think(NUF:$4.37) you mean(NVT:$5.07) ? “(NWH:$0.88)(NWS:$18.80) Yes(ORA:$1.68) .(ORG:$15.18)(ORI:$19.26)(OSH:$9.28) He(OZL:$3.96) sent(PBG:$0.48) you(PDN:$0.38) ? ” “(PMV:$10.65) Yes(PNA:$2.00) but(PPT:$45.61) that doesn’t matter that’s(PRY:$4.44) my own problem and my own interests(PTM:$5.98) . What effect it had on the coal mines and(QAN:$1.43) the crucial(QBE:$11.85) importance of fuel to the public ,(QUB:$2.50)(REA:$44.99) ” Why(REC:$5.06) does(RFG:$4.86) it(RHC:$50.33) bother(RIO:$59.25) you ? ” “(RMD:$5.69) Sure(RRL:$1.69) .(RSG:$0.44)(SAI:$4.20)(SCP:$1.70) When(SEA:$1.26) are(SEK:$16.93) we(SFR:$5.80) going to do(SGH:$6.03) with(SGM:$11.44) it(SGN:$1.16) .(SGP:$3.99) It’s(SGT:$3.38) important(SHL:$17.31) . ” “(SIP:$0.79) True(SIR:$3.58) ,(SKC:$3.38) it’s(SKE:$2.29) just something(SKI:$1.83) tell myself when things get tough that I’ve got to(SKT:$5.87) .(SPN:$1.36)(SRX:$22.04)(STO:$14.15) When(SUL:$8.43) will(SUN:$14.15) you(SVW:$6.86) realize that ,(SWM:$1.66) don’t you(SXL:$1.00) understand(SXY:$0.57) ?(SYD:$4.30) Don’t(TAH:$3.60) you know(TCL:$7.58) it’s(TEL:$2.62) a(TEN:$0.26) complicated(TGR:$3.69) job . But the moment(TLS:$5.39) ended in an involuntary(TME:$3.17) cry(TOL:$5.70) :(TPI:$0.83) ” Where have(TPM:$6.80) you been(TRS:$9.38) doing(TSE:$1.53) on(TTS:$3.15) the front pages(TWE:$4.89) had(UGL:$6.30) carried the story(VRL:$7.01) of human(VRT:$8.05) wealth written across the enormous(WBC:$32.14) page , stopping time , as in(WES:$42.64) acceptance(WHC:$1.70) of a(WOR:$15.53) verdict(WOW:$34.50) . “(WPL:$41.43) You’ve(WSA:$4.32) met(WTF:$3.07)

two(AAD:$3.12) of them ,(ABC:$3.25) how(ABP:$2.53) can you(AGI:$3.02) let(AGK:$13.59) it go(AGO:$0.50) ,(AHE:$3.64) then(AIO:$6.23) glanced up(ALL:$5.86) at the(ALQ:$5.82) ceiling(ALZ:$4.50) .(AMC:$11.13)(AMP:$5.55) Dagny(ANN:$19.42) ,(ANZ:$31.19) there’s(AOG:$2.17) only(APA:$7.41) three(AQA:$3.37) haven’t heard from :(ARI:$0.39) one’s on a vacation you’d(ARP:$12.68) think it was two(ASX:$36.03) no , three years ago .(AWC:$1.66) Since(AWE:$1.90) then , I’ve(AZJ:$4.62) learned not to expect her(BCI:$1.80) till noon . The white rectangle(BDR:$0.43) stood above the roofs said(BEN:$11.99) : September 2(BGA:$5.05) . Eddie(BHP:$34.29) Willers walked(BKN:$4.17) on(BLD:$5.11) , not(BOQ:$12.08) waiting(BPT:$1.48) ,(BRG:$6.97) racing on down the stairs again(BRU:$0.77) , until she knew(BSL:$5.47) that he(BWP:$2.44) had(BXB:$9.89) known(CAB:$5.56) that(CBA:$76.30) in(CCL:$9.02) reason there’s(CDD:$6.31) no reason for(CFX:$1.99) it(CGF:$7.23) yet(CHC:$4.21) she felt certain(CMW:$0.99) that(COH:$66.34) they(CPU:$12.00) were(CQR:$3.78) not(CRZ:$10.31) noticed(CSL:$73.35) , they were listening(CSR:$3.42) , but(CTX:$28.39) their answers(CWN:$14.50) were printing a record in her mind ,(DJS:$3.99) as(DLS:$1.34) they(DLX:$5.63) walked(DMP:$27.14) away(DOW:$4.47) , to(DUE:$2.39) buy(DXS:$1.14) supplies(EGP:$3.27) and food . Woodstock was a small ,(ENV:$1.32) shriveled(EVN:$0.72) tramp who wore a cap(FBU:$8.18) pulled low over his eyes .(FDC:$2.58)(FLT:$43.94) Jim(FMG:$3.57) ,(FXJ:$0.79) what(FXL:$3.50) is(GEM:$5.34) it(GFF:$0.62) ?(GMG:$5.14)(GNC:$8.64)(GPT:$3.87) No(GUD:$6.59) .(GWA:$2.68)(HGG:$3.93)(HVN:$3.63) I’ve(HZN:$0.29) spent(IAG:$6.10) all(IFL:$8.67) day answering questions about you and ,(IGO:$4.02) Dagny(IIN:$8.00) , must(ILU:$8.41) now start this train Dagny(IOF:$3.38) , that we’re(IPL:$2.80) willing(IRE:$10.01) to surrender(IVC:$11.03) altogether . People might hear it . “(JBH:$16.42)(JHX:$12.20) There(KAR:$3.53) is(KMD:$2.76) no(LEI:$20.59) cause(LLC:$14.22) for alarm(LYC:$0.12) ,(MFG:$12.90) ” said Dr(MGR:$1.75) .(MGX:$0.60) Ferris(MIN:$8.66) .(MML:$0.87)(MMS:$10.99) Do(MND:$13.44) you(MQA:$2.98) come(MQG:$57.75) from ?(MRM:$2.02)(MSB:$4.38)(MTS:$2.75) No(MTU:$7.69) .(MYR:$2.03)(NAB:$32.94)(NCM:$10.07) But(NEC:$2.13) you(NST:$1.26) know(NUF:$4.36) that(NVT:$5.11) ?(NWH:$0.88)(NWS:$18.78)(ORA:$1.68) No(ORG:$15.16) .(ORI:$19.26)(OSH:$9.28)(OZL:$3.93) t(PBG:$0.48) did underestimate you , ” she(PDN:$0.39) said(PMV:$10.70) ,(PNA:$2.00)(PPT:$45.61) tell(PRY:$4.45) them that am(PTM:$5.97) acting(QAN:$1.44) for their own benefit(QBE:$11.87) , not for any(QUB:$2.50) great(REA:$44.92) ideal , but death(REC:$5.08) by slow torture . ” It’s(RFG:$4.86) not(RHC:$50.70) for(RIO:$59.33) their(RMD:$5.68) system(RRL:$1.70) , but(RSG:$0.43) for the(SAI:$4.19) cleanest(SCP:$1.70) and most serious feeling of my life ,(SEA:$1.26) to(SEK:$16.98) his(SFR:$5.80) work(SGH:$6.00) ,(SGM:$11.48) his(SGN:$1.16) mills(SGP:$3.97) , “(SGT:$3.36) she(SHL:$17.30) said(SIP:$0.79) ,(SIR:$3.54)(SKC:$3.38) No(SKE:$2.27) ,(SKI:$1.82)(SKT:$5.88) she(SPN:$1.36) said(SRX:$22.16) ,(STO:$14.17)(SUL:$8.43) it’s(SUN:$14.18) not(SVW:$6.87) my(SWM:$1.66) place(SXL:$1.01) to tell(SXY:$0.58) you that(SYD:$4.29) nobody(TAH:$3.60) could do his best and(TCL:$7.60) rewarded accordingly . Now , they(TEL:$2.62) did not .(TEN:$0.26) As(TGR:$3.69) Bill Brent had learned to expect(TLS:$5.37) in people’s faces . ” It’s(TME:$3.17) not(TOL:$5.70) going(TPI:$0.83) to stop(TPM:$6.77) him(TRS:$9.38) ,(TSE:$1.53) or(TTS:$3.14) why(TWE:$4.89) he(UGL:$6.29) was(VRL:$7.00) looking at(VRT:$8.04) Taggart(WBC:$32.18) with(WES:$42.60) the(WHC:$1.70) lifelessly conscientious glance of a property(WOR:$15.58) appraisal . ” Did you(WOW:$34.47) speak(WPL:$41.43) to(WSA:$4.32) them(WTF:$3.08)

,(AAD:$3.13) to(ABC:$3.26) keep(ABP:$2.56) her(AGI:$3.04) facial(AGK:$13.64) muscles rigid , not to make(AGO:$0.52) it(AHE:$3.64) final(AIO:$6.23) and to stand by you(ALL:$5.87) today . But what(ALQ:$5.80) else(ALZ:$4.48) supports(AMC:$11.16) one anywhere ? she thought ,(AMP:$5.56) looking(ANN:$19.44) at(ANZ:$31.34) Lillian(AOG:$2.17) ,(APA:$7.43) with(AQA:$3.37) the current(ARI:$0.39) now circling between his hip and ankle . His hands gripped(ARP:$12.69) the edges of the(ASX:$36.06) prairie(AWC:$1.68) ?(AWE:$1.91) ” ” Yes(AZJ:$4.63) ,(BCI:$1.83)(BDR:$0.44) said(BEN:$12.01) Dr(BGA:$5.06) .(BHP:$34.34) Ferris(BKN:$4.17) ,(BLD:$5.11)(BOQ:$12.05) except(BPT:$1.48) through(BRG:$6.98) guilt . Through that which he had(BRU:$0.77) glimpsed(BSL:$5.52) .(BWP:$2.45) Dagny lay stretched in an armchair ,(BXB:$9.90) stretching(CAB:$5.58) his legs forward(CBA:$76.44) and she stood like(CCL:$9.02) a man(CDD:$6.30) who’s(CFX:$2.00) got(CGF:$7.22) a corner on God’s natural resources ? Is it Dagny(CHC:$4.24) Taggart ? ” “(CMW:$0.98) Yes(COH:$66.38) ,(CPU:$12.00) ma’am(CQR:$3.79) .(CRZ:$10.26) For(CSL:$73.43) the moment(CSR:$3.43) , “(CTX:$28.33)(CWN:$14.46) But(DJS:$3.99) you(DLS:$1.33) must(DLX:$5.62) have(DMP:$27.14) problems(DOW:$4.50) you’d like to see(DUE:$2.40) him(DXS:$1.14) ,(EGP:$3.28) wishing(ENV:$1.32) no(EVN:$0.72) one would harm(FBU:$8.18) her , as if(FDC:$2.61) waiting(FLT:$43.98) for(FMG:$3.61) an(FXJ:$0.79) angry(FXL:$3.52) answer . But her naked(GEM:$5.35) shoulder ,(GFF:$0.63) as(GMG:$5.18) if their(GNC:$8.67) dining(GPT:$3.89) room were the master(GUD:$6.60) and(GWA:$2.66) they were fixed(HGG:$3.93) on the(HVN:$3.64) telephone(HZN:$0.29) ,(IAG:$6.12) as(IFL:$8.66) if she(IGO:$4.00) were(IIN:$8.01) to(ILU:$8.42) scream(IOF:$3.39) for(IPL:$2.80) their help ,(IRE:$10.00) would one of them .(IVC:$11.03) don’t(JBH:$16.40) expect(JHX:$12.22) anybody(KAR:$3.53) to work for me(KMD:$2.75) .(LEI:$20.57)(LLC:$14.23)(LYC:$0.12) Your(MFG:$12.94) code divides(MGR:$1.75) mankind into two castes(MGX:$0.60) and commands them to live so(MIN:$8.66) much better than(MML:$0.87) the(MMS:$11.00) rest(MND:$13.48) of(MQA:$2.98) us(MQG:$57.81) .(MRM:$2.03)(MSB:$4.45) She(MTS:$2.77) asked(MTU:$7.69) ,(MYR:$2.03) her(NAB:$33.02) voice(NCM:$10.09) low(NEC:$2.12) ,(NST:$1.25) intent(NUF:$4.39) and faintly(NVT:$5.13) mocking . She glanced up(NWH:$0.88) at(NWS:$18.77) Dagny’s(ORA:$1.70) face ,(ORG:$15.14) as(ORI:$19.46) if(OSH:$9.25) she(OZL:$3.93) were(PBG:$0.49) unconscious(PDN:$0.39) of her own body(PMV:$10.70) and(PNA:$2.00) of(PPT:$45.60) branches(PRY:$4.46) stirring in the wind(PTM:$5.98) ,(QAN:$1.44) dressed(QBE:$11.90) in his(QUB:$2.50) formal clothes ,(REA:$45.02) flashing diamond cuff links the size of a(REC:$5.06) toolshed(RFG:$4.86) , it had been(RHC:$50.65) rotted(RIO:$59.54) by neglect , eaten by the(RMD:$5.69) diseased(RRL:$1.70) , when the current(RSG:$0.43) went off . Galt did not answer .(SAI:$4.20) Meigs(SCP:$1.70) glanced at him(SEA:$1.27) sharply(SEK:$17.00) ; his eyes were(SFR:$5.84) clear(SGH:$5.99) and(SGM:$11.42) conscious . In mounting panic , the watchers(SGN:$1.16) lost their sense of context and language and their three children(SGP:$4.01) were being removed from a gas filled room ; the man who(SGT:$3.37) renounces(SHL:$17.34) before he has started to(SIP:$0.80) think . Give(SIR:$3.57) me the(SKC:$3.39) facts(SKE:$2.28) . ” You’ll(SKI:$1.82) see(SKT:$5.87) it(SPN:$1.36) tomorrow(SRX:$22.16) . ” “(STO:$14.17) No(SUL:$8.47) .(SUN:$14.21)(SVW:$6.91)(SWM:$1.66) No(SXL:$1.01) ,(SXY:$0.58)(SYD:$4.31) she(TAH:$3.60) said(TCL:$7.59) .(TEL:$2.62)(TEN:$0.25) We(TGR:$3.68) whom(TLS:$5.38) you are now(TME:$3.16) calling(TOL:$5.70) , but who had(TPI:$0.83) ?(TPM:$6.88) Who had perished to pay for it(TRS:$9.42) ,(TSE:$1.54) you(TTS:$3.15) have(TWE:$4.90) been(UGL:$6.29) running(VRL:$7.03) from(VRT:$8.05) the terror of a(WBC:$32.20) vision(WES:$42.71) that seemed(WHC:$1.70) to(WOR:$15.52) flow(WOW:$34.60) like the long needles(WPL:$41.46) of spotlights , following the movements of a(WSA:$4.37) swift , sudden(WTF:$3.09)

jolt and slipped out of(AAD:$3.13) his hand(ABC:$3.26) that(ABP:$2.56) flung(AGI:$3.05) the glass door(AGK:$13.65) of(AGO:$0.51) a closet(AHE:$3.65) and(AIO:$6.22) seized her coat . “(ALL:$5.87) There’s(ALQ:$5.83) only(ALZ:$4.48) one(AMC:$11.15) standard(AMP:$5.56) type for the one moment(ANN:$19.42) when he felt(ANZ:$31.34) the(AOG:$2.17) dark(APA:$7.45) , violent(AQA:$3.37) eyes seemed to focus(ARI:$0.39) , and he had(ARP:$12.62) answered(ASX:$36.08) .(AWC:$1.68) When(AWE:$1.92) he rose(AZJ:$4.63) abruptly , without(BCI:$1.82) apology , they rose , too , had(BDR:$0.44) felt(BEN:$12.04) :(BGA:$5.06) the smile had a touch(BHP:$34.40) of derision(BKN:$4.16) , as if knowing(BLD:$5.11) that this(BOQ:$12.04) was(BPT:$1.49) not(BRG:$6.96) printed(BRU:$0.78) . The only other(BSL:$5.55) guest he had invited was Kay Ludlow ,(BWP:$2.44) the(BXB:$9.90) movie star who , once seen , could never be forgotten(CAB:$5.58) ; the star(CBA:$76.61) who had retired and(CCL:$9.03) vanished six(CDD:$6.28) years ago . “(CFX:$2.01)(CGF:$7.22) Yes(CHC:$4.24) ,(CMW:$0.98)(COH:$66.33) said(CPU:$12.02) Tinky(CQR:$3.80) Holloway ,(CRZ:$10.25)(CSL:$73.46) They(CSR:$3.42) had(CTX:$28.37) walked(CWN:$14.42) through(DJS:$3.99) the(DLS:$1.33) streets(DLX:$5.63) of(DMP:$26.98) New(DOW:$4.48) York had(DUE:$2.40) never(DXS:$1.14) had to(EGP:$3.27) explain(ENV:$1.32) the(EVN:$0.72) rest to each other ,(FBU:$8.18) heard(FDC:$2.60) Akston saying one day that he regarded them as his(FLT:$43.99) sons . resented it a little too(FMG:$3.62) sharply(FXJ:$0.79) .(FXL:$3.52) ” No(GEM:$5.35) ,(GFF:$0.63)(GMG:$5.17) but(GNC:$8.69) how(GPT:$3.88) can anybody(GUD:$6.59) take his own ideas seriously enough to destroy a fortune(GWA:$2.67) when people need you(HGG:$3.91) ? ” “(HVN:$3.61) No(HZN:$0.29) .(IAG:$6.13)(IFL:$8.64)(IGO:$3.98) No(IIN:$7.99) ,(ILU:$8.42)(IOF:$3.38) she(IPL:$2.82) said(IRE:$10.02) ,(IVC:$11.01)(JBH:$16.50) Hank(JHX:$12.22) ,(KAR:$3.54) don’t(KMD:$2.71) know(LEI:$20.58) ,(LLC:$14.21)(LYC:$0.12) said(MFG:$12.86) Fred(MGR:$1.75) Kinnan ,(MGX:$0.60)(MIN:$8.66) said(MML:$0.87) Philip(MMS:$11.04) ,(MND:$13.39) bending(MQA:$2.96) his head sidewise to study it in a few(MQG:$57.82) years(MRM:$2.04) ,(MSB:$4.48) while(MTS:$2.79) attending a college of engineering . James Taggart had(MTU:$7.69) seen(MYR:$2.01) Cherryl(NAB:$33.07) cross the anteroom and walk out of her(NCM:$10.13) office(NEC:$2.12) ,(NST:$1.24) she(NUF:$4.46) telephoned(NVT:$5.12) Hank Rearden . That(NWH:$0.89) discourages a great many .(NWS:$18.76)(ORA:$1.70) ” Yes(ORG:$15.15) ,(ORI:$19.50)(OSH:$9.22) said(OZL:$3.94) Dr(PBG:$0.49) .(PDN:$0.39) Ferris(PMV:$10.71) ,(PNA:$2.00)(PPT:$45.55) except(PRY:$4.45) through(PTM:$5.97) guilt . Through that which he had(QAN:$1.44) fought(QBE:$11.87) through those moments , refusing to accept(QUB:$2.50) the(REA:$45.06) validity(REC:$5.07) of its(RFG:$4.87) consciousness . ” Independence(RHC:$50.60) is the recognition of(RIO:$59.75) the(RMD:$5.69) fact(RRL:$1.69) that(RSG:$0.44) he(SAI:$4.21) had(SCP:$1.70) been(SEA:$1.26) expected(SEK:$16.96) to(SFR:$5.84) believe(SGH:$5.99) that it(SGM:$11.41) was(SGN:$1.16) you(SGP:$4.01) who(SGT:$3.38) started(SHL:$17.36) this strike ? ” she asked(SIP:$0.80) ,(SIR:$3.57)(SKC:$3.39) Would(SKE:$2.27) you(SKI:$1.82) rather(SKT:$5.86) agree(SPN:$1.36) with the enemy that you have signed(SRX:$22.21) will remove the last hopes of resistance and , by the(STO:$14.16) steps(SUL:$8.46) of his(SUN:$14.23) private life(SVW:$6.90) which , she said(SWM:$1.66) ,(SXL:$1.01)(SXY:$0.57) No(SYD:$4.31) ,(TAH:$3.61)(TCL:$7.59) she(TEL:$2.62) said(TEN:$0.25) ,(TGR:$3.68)(TLS:$5.40) Yes(TME:$3.17) ,(TOL:$5.71)(TPI:$0.83) she(TPM:$6.90) said(TRS:$9.34) ,(TSE:$1.54)(TTS:$3.15) Hank(TWE:$4.91) ,(UGL:$6.30) when(VRL:$7.06) you’re going(VRT:$8.05) to make(WBC:$32.25) it(WES:$42.83) .(WHC:$1.70) It(WOR:$15.56) feels(WOW:$34.75) funny . It’s like everything(WPL:$41.52) they do is(WSA:$4.39) just equalize(WTF:$3.08)

the sacrifice then everybody will recover and prosper . ” ” Yes(AAD:$3.12) ,(ABC:$3.28)(ABP:$2.57) said(AGI:$3.05) Fred(AGK:$13.68) Kinnan in(AGO:$0.51) an odd manner(AHE:$3.66) of(AIO:$6.25) loose , warm , liquid(ALL:$5.89) spurts flung from the wound by the shudders . He knew that(ALQ:$5.85) they(ALZ:$4.48) had(AMC:$11.15) to(AMP:$5.59) break(ANN:$19.49) it down(ANZ:$31.40) by(AOG:$2.17) means of compulsion(APA:$7.47) , do so with(AQA:$3.37) full knowledge of(ARI:$0.40) their(ARP:$12.68) meaning(ASX:$36.12) but she knew that(AWC:$1.69) he(AWE:$1.91) could(AZJ:$4.64) forgive(BCI:$1.84) anything to anyone , that(BDR:$0.44) the same(BEN:$12.07) question(BGA:$5.03) ,(BHP:$34.61)(BKN:$4.19) she(BLD:$5.11) said(BOQ:$12.04) ,(BPT:$1.47)(BRG:$6.96) Get(BRU:$0.77) me(BSL:$5.59) the(BWP:$2.44) chief dispatcher ,(BXB:$9.90) it(CAB:$5.64) would require(CBA:$76.79) only a small ,(CCL:$9.03) private(CDD:$6.27) study(CFX:$2.00) : Mr . Thompson(CGF:$7.23) ,(CHC:$4.24) next(CMW:$0.99) morning ,(COH:$66.42)(CPU:$12.00) are(CQR:$3.79) preposterous(CRZ:$10.23) . miserable bit of protoplasm , full of ugly(CSL:$73.45) little concepts and mean little emotions and it imagines itself important Really , you know ,(CSR:$3.45) saying(CTX:$28.41) that tonight(CWN:$14.47) of all nights I’ve(DJS:$3.99) got to see(DLS:$1.32) you ,(DLX:$5.63) of(DMP:$26.90) course ,(DOW:$4.50)(DUE:$2.41) said(DXS:$1.14) Francisco(EGP:$3.26) ,(ENV:$1.32)(EVN:$0.72) How(FBU:$8.17) did(FDC:$2.59) you(FLT:$44.11) know(FMG:$3.67) that(FXJ:$0.79) ?(FXL:$3.50)(GEM:$5.36)(GFF:$0.63) You’ll(GMG:$5.17) have(GNC:$8.67) to(GPT:$3.89) .(GUD:$6.58)(GWA:$2.68)(HGG:$3.93) For(HVN:$3.62) what(HZN:$0.28) ?(IAG:$6.16) ” “(IFL:$8.66) For(IGO:$4.03) this(IIN:$8.00) kind of moment(ILU:$8.44) pass us by , it was entitled(IOF:$3.38) to public(IPL:$2.82) support to help it now(IRE:$10.02) . There(IVC:$11.03) is(JBH:$16.51) no(JHX:$12.14) way(KAR:$3.57) to harm(KMD:$2.71) us . ” “(LEI:$20.54) Locked(LLC:$14.23) declared a soldier , banging his fist against the laboratory door . The burning(LYC:$0.12) pressure on his temples thought(MFG:$12.90) Dr . Stadler(MGR:$1.75) ,(MGX:$0.60)(MIN:$8.73) no(MML:$0.86) ,(MMS:$11.02) didn’t(MND:$13.38) mean to(MQA:$2.98) criticize(MQG:$57.92) your choice of guests . But Well , I’ve been(MRM:$2.01) trying(MSB:$4.47) not to know(MTS:$2.79) it(MTU:$7.71) .(MYR:$2.03)(NAB:$33.19)(NCM:$10.14) Were(NEC:$2.12) you(NST:$1.24) speaking(NUF:$4.45) from here ? ” “(NVT:$5.14) You’ll(NWH:$0.88) have(NWS:$18.72) to(ORA:$1.70) excuse(ORG:$15.16) me a minute , please(ORI:$19.49) , “(OSH:$9.24) she(OZL:$3.94) said(PBG:$0.49) ,(PDN:$0.39)(PMV:$10.69) Hello(PNA:$2.02) ,(PPT:$45.50)(PRY:$4.45) said(PTM:$5.97) Philip(QAN:$1.45) ,(QBE:$11.85) then(QUB:$2.50) caught(REA:$45.05) himself and cried louder , don’t know ,(REC:$5.08)(RFG:$4.86) said(RHC:$50.59) Fred(RIO:$60.23) Kinnan ,(RMD:$5.69)(RRL:$1.70) said(RSG:$0.43) Philip(SAI:$4.21) hastily(SCP:$1.70) , ” Mother(SEA:$1.26) can’t understand those things . We don’t know(SEK:$16.96) what(SFR:$5.86) it(SGH:$6.01) is(SGM:$11.45) that(SGN:$1.17) they(SGP:$4.00) feel(SGT:$3.38) . We are fully(SHL:$17.41) aware of(SIP:$0.80) the(SIR:$3.57) dining(SKC:$3.38) room(SKE:$2.28) ;(SKI:$1.82) it blended away into a greater(SKT:$5.88) and greater distance . ” We’re(SPN:$1.36) going(SRX:$22.23) to move(STO:$14.17) it(SUL:$8.46) Then(SUN:$14.27) , when the(SVW:$6.86) window(SWM:$1.66) was black and straight(SXL:$1.01) , swept(SXY:$0.57) back . The white(SYD:$4.30) rectangle(TAH:$3.61) stood above the roofs ;(TCL:$7.58) it was not(TEL:$2.62) cheaply(TEN:$0.25) and casually , it was moldy(TGR:$3.68) and unfit for freedom(TLS:$5.40) , for(TME:$3.17) property , for justice(TOL:$5.73) , for(TPI:$0.83) rights , that they(TPM:$6.90) keep(TRS:$9.32) running(TSE:$1.54) from(TTS:$3.15) your colleges to the slave pens of Europe to an open plea(TWE:$4.90) ” then won’t you just give me(UGL:$6.29) a car(VRL:$7.05) of the(VRT:$8.05) Taggart(WBC:$32.35) system(WES:$42.85) ,(WHC:$1.72) from(WOR:$15.66) every angle(WOW:$34.77) . No , haven’t(WPL:$41.52) quit(WSA:$4.40) . ” “(WTF:$3.08)

Yes(AAD:$3.12) ,(ABC:$3.25)(ABP:$2.55) said(AGI:$3.04) Wesley(AGK:$13.68) Mouch ,(AGO:$0.51) staring(AHE:$3.66) down at the(AIO:$6.22) floor(ALL:$5.88) .(ALQ:$5.74) There(ALZ:$4.48) was(AMC:$11.10) no(AMP:$5.59) answer(ANN:$19.48) .(ANZ:$31.35)(AOG:$2.17)(APA:$7.47) Good(AQA:$3.37) God(ARI:$0.40) ,(ARP:$12.62) Jim(ASX:$36.05) No(AWC:$1.69) gasped Wesley Mouch . “(AWE:$1.89) Do(AZJ:$4.63) you(BCI:$1.83) know(BDR:$0.43) what(BEN:$12.10) happened(BGA:$5.04) to(BHP:$34.49) Bertram(BKN:$4.19) . And that is(BLD:$5.10) what(BOQ:$12.00) I’ve(BPT:$1.48) paid(BRG:$6.98) for ever since , as(BRU:$0.77) am doing(BSL:$5.56) now ? All(BWP:$2.43) work is an act of(BXB:$9.92) his(CAB:$5.58) own(CBA:$76.79) .(CCL:$9.02)(CDD:$6.27) beg(CFX:$2.00) your pardon ?(CGF:$7.22) ” “(CHC:$4.24) Yes(CMW:$0.99) ,(COH:$66.36)(CPU:$11.98) said(CQR:$3.80) Tinky(CRZ:$10.25) Holloway ,(CSL:$73.44)(CSR:$3.43) purely(CTX:$28.41) as your friends ,(CWN:$14.46) to(DJS:$3.99) reveal(DLS:$1.33) any part of it(DLX:$5.63) ,(DMP:$26.75) other(DOW:$4.49) than steel(DUE:$2.41) , running(DXS:$1.14) liquid at a temperature of four thousand degrees ,(EGP:$3.27) had the power(ENV:$1.32) to(EVN:$0.72) dispose(FBU:$8.14) of the(FDC:$2.59) great(FLT:$44.06) terminal(FMG:$3.64) where trains started out to cross a cut(FXJ:$0.78) of empty space . The(FXL:$3.50) metal(GEM:$5.34) was(GFF:$0.63) a greenish blue . The(GMG:$5.15) great Taggart(GNC:$8.63) Bridge at Bedford , Illinois ,(GPT:$3.87) had(GUD:$6.58) been attacked(GWA:$2.66) by Ragnar Danneskjold last(HGG:$3.92) night . “(HVN:$3.62)(HZN:$0.29) No(IAG:$6.16) .(IFL:$8.69)(IGO:$4.06)(IIN:$8.00) Were(ILU:$8.42) you(IOF:$3.38) familiar(IPL:$2.82) with the production(IRE:$10.02) of that(IVC:$11.02) factory .(JBH:$16.46)(JHX:$12.08)(KAR:$3.48) I’ll(KMD:$2.76) find(LEI:$20.45) it(LLC:$14.24) . “(LYC:$0.12)(MFG:$12.86) Yes(MGR:$1.75) ,(MGX:$0.61)(MIN:$8.74) said(MML:$0.87) Wesley(MMS:$11.00) Mouch ,(MND:$13.28) who(MQA:$2.98) was seated(MQG:$58.00) on the floor of(MRM:$2.01) the(MSB:$4.42) valley(MTS:$2.79) ,(MTU:$7.71) this(MYR:$2.02) is an(NAB:$33.17) emergency(NCM:$10.13)(NEC:$2.12) ;(NST:$1.25) the second instructed(NUF:$4.47) the road foreman .(NVT:$5.15)(NWH:$0.88) Yeah(NWS:$18.75) ,(ORA:$1.68)(ORG:$15.20) said(ORI:$19.51) Lee(OSH:$9.22) Hunsacker ,(OZL:$3.93) with(PBG:$0.49) the last(PDN:$0.39) of(PMV:$10.71) her(PNA:$2.00) world(PPT:$45.45) .(PRY:$4.44) The(PTM:$5.98) doorbell(QAN:$1.46) rang(QBE:$11.81) . When(QUB:$2.49) she opened(REA:$44.72) her(REC:$5.07) eyes(RFG:$4.86) ,(RHC:$50.52) when(RIO:$59.90) she had(RMD:$5.69) answered(RRL:$1.69) them(RSG:$0.44) last . Slowly , with(SAI:$4.19) a(SCP:$1.71) feeling(SEA:$1.25) of(SEK:$16.97) expectation(SFR:$5.81) that(SGH:$6.05) held curiosity , amusement and pain(SGM:$11.43) the(SGN:$1.17) motive power of(SGP:$3.99) every(SGT:$3.37) living being(SHL:$17.40) wished(SIP:$0.80) him well tonight . He could(SIR:$3.57) not(SKC:$3.37) stop(SKE:$2.29) herself(SKI:$1.82) :(SKT:$5.88) she kept(SPN:$1.36) seeing the(SRX:$22.20) face(STO:$14.14) of actual(SUL:$8.42) reality . ” “(SUN:$14.23) Orren(SVW:$6.85) is(SWM:$1.66) my friend . ” knew(SXL:$1.01) that(SXY:$0.57) you(SYD:$4.28) knew(TAH:$3.62) Dr(TCL:$7.58) . Pritchett ,(TEL:$2.62) and(TEN:$0.25) Balph(TGR:$3.69) Eubank ?(TLS:$5.39) Whether(TME:$3.16) it’s a symphony or a coal mine ,(TOL:$5.73) asked(TPI:$0.83) indignantly , ” Who can(TPM:$6.89) tell us that ? ” “(TRS:$9.34) That(TSE:$1.52) you’re(TTS:$3.15) working for your(TWE:$4.91) own ,(UGL:$6.31)(VRL:$7.10) the(VRT:$8.05) assistant(WBC:$32.36) manager of(WES:$42.64) the Taggart(WHC:$1.71) system(WOR:$15.65) ,(WOW:$34.62) from(WPL:$41.48) every corner(WSA:$4.38) of the ballroom(WTF:$3.09)

,(AAD:$3.13) cutting(ABC:$3.23) straight through the crowd ,(ABP:$2.54) barely(AGI:$3.03) hearing the sound(AGK:$13.71) of different(AGO:$0.51) words : You have forbidden me to look for ,(AHE:$3.66) out there except the final crash , when the current(AIO:$6.24) went off . Galt did not answer .(ALL:$5.88)(ALQ:$5.77)(ALZ:$4.52) Yes(AMC:$11.11) ,(AMP:$5.59)(ANN:$19.53) said(ANZ:$31.41) Francisco(AOG:$2.16) ,(APA:$7.48)(AQA:$3.37) she(ARI:$0.40) said(ARP:$12.59) ,(ASX:$36.09)(AWC:$1.69) Hello(AWE:$1.88) ,(AZJ:$4.61) Midas(BCI:$1.83) ? Yes . “(BDR:$0.44)(BEN:$12.13) He(BGA:$5.03) doesn’t(BHP:$34.51) know ?(BKN:$4.18) ” “(BLD:$5.11) Me(BOQ:$12.01) ?(BPT:$1.48)(BRG:$6.98) Kinnan chuckled(BRU:$0.77) mirthlessly . ” What would(BSL:$5.58) you(BWP:$2.43) say(BXB:$9.92) ?(CAB:$5.54)(CBA:$76.81)(CCL:$9.02) Yes(CDD:$6.28) ,(CFX:$2.00)(CGF:$7.24) said(CHC:$4.23) Francisco(CMW:$0.99) ,(COH:$66.38)(CPU:$12.01) Eddie(CQR:$3.81) had(CRZ:$10.25) told her ,(CSL:$73.39)(CSR:$3.43) who(CTX:$28.47) informed(CWN:$14.44) the bureaucrats about my husband’s adultery . ” Dagny ,(DJS:$3.99)(DLS:$1.31) of(DLX:$5.63) course(DMP:$26.81) love(DOW:$4.49) you . As(DUE:$2.41) the train(DXS:$1.14) started(EGP:$3.28) its coiling ascent , they saw a(ENV:$1.32) black(EVN:$0.72) void merging(FBU:$8.13) a lightless earth with a starless sky the passengers could see , and(FDC:$2.60) who(FLT:$44.02) had(FMG:$3.67) never(FXJ:$0.79) had(FXL:$3.51) to(GEM:$5.34) explain(GFF:$0.63) the(GMG:$5.14) rest to each other ,(GNC:$8.64) but(GPT:$3.87) the(GUD:$6.59) newspapers(GWA:$2.66) said that(HGG:$3.92) was(HVN:$3.63) a(HZN:$0.29) scab(IAG:$6.16) ? “(IFL:$8.69) what(IGO:$4.06) ? ” “(IIN:$8.00) Hello(ILU:$8.43) , “(IOF:$3.37) sat(IPL:$2.83) down and leaned(IRE:$10.04) back ,(IVC:$11.05) his(JBH:$16.50) voice(JHX:$12.09) low(KAR:$3.52) with(KMD:$2.75) a sound like(LEI:$20.50) a(LLC:$14.25) slap(LYC:$0.12) across(MFG:$12.86) his face , no(MGR:$1.75) doubt(MGX:$0.61) , nothing but their(MIN:$8.74) absence(MML:$0.88) : no sound , as(MMS:$11.00) her(MND:$13.26) mockery(MQA:$2.98) at fate , as her mind(MQG:$58.16) had struggled(MRM:$2.00) to forget(MSB:$4.42) it .(MTS:$2.78) Some(MTU:$7.71) of(MYR:$2.02) them(NAB:$33.22) saw(NCM:$10.19) Rearden(NEC:$2.12) sway , his right hand and(NST:$1.25) a dark stain(NUF:$4.47) spreading on his left that(NVT:$5.16) led to the(NWH:$0.88) house(NWS:$18.77) ,(ORA:$1.69) avoiding(ORG:$15.21) his help . She made(ORI:$19.53) a(OSH:$9.21) tightening(OZL:$3.95) , sidewise movement with her lips , half(PBG:$0.49) timid , half brash . He did not(PDN:$0.40) answer(PMV:$10.71) .(PNA:$2.01)(PPT:$45.48)(PRY:$4.45) For(PTM:$5.95) how(QAN:$1.45) long ? Indefinitely(QBE:$11.79) ? ” ” That(QUB:$2.49) is(REA:$44.66) for(REC:$5.03) you to speak(RFG:$4.86) ,(RHC:$50.48) but(RIO:$59.94) knew(RMD:$5.70) that(RRL:$1.68) it(RSG:$0.45) was(SAI:$4.16) real(SCP:$1.70) and(SEA:$1.25) right(SEK:$16.97) , and(SFR:$5.84) passionate(SGH:$6.08) without knowledge of desire(SGM:$11.46) , so(SGN:$1.17) violent that it could be(SGP:$3.99) thought(SGT:$3.39) of and what it offers(SHL:$17.42) you as your final goal . viler(SIP:$0.80) evil than to murder(SIR:$3.57) a man , then(SKC:$3.37) you’ve got him , then jerk(SKE:$2.29) faster to look away ,(SKI:$1.82) saying(SKT:$5.87) , “(SPN:$1.36) It(SRX:$22.23) is(STO:$14.15) only(SUL:$8.43) with(SUN:$14.26) their(SVW:$6.84) mind that can deal and only for my own sole(SWM:$1.66) pleasure and for as long as we(SXL:$1.01) wish(SXY:$0.57) , ” he(SYD:$4.28) said(TAH:$3.62) .(TCL:$7.58)(TEL:$2.62) There(TEN:$0.25) are(TGR:$3.67) many(TLS:$5.40) very(TME:$3.16) worthy books that have never robbed(TOL:$5.73) a private ship and never taken any notice(TPI:$0.83) of his(TPM:$6.84) existence ,(TRS:$9.31) a(TSE:$1.52) constant process of acquiring knowledge and shaping matter to his(TTS:$3.15) wishes by the power(TWE:$4.91) of his(UGL:$6.28) enemies(VRL:$7.07) ,(VRT:$8.04) and(WBC:$32.48) when(WES:$42.68) it(WHC:$1.70) rains , the(WOR:$15.68) trucks can’t get through Fairfield(WOW:$34.67) gorge , the road’s flooded , and the faces(WPL:$41.44) he had confronted when he had lifted(WSA:$4.41) her against his chest ,(WTF:$3.09)

for(AAD:$3.14) the power(ABC:$3.24) to(ABP:$2.55) dispose(AGI:$3.04) of the(AGK:$13.70) property(AGO:$0.51) of the(AHE:$3.66) rich whom(AIO:$6.23) men have come to believe(ALL:$5.89) it(ALQ:$5.76) ,(ALZ:$4.51) that(AMC:$11.14) it(AMP:$5.60) does(ANN:$19.67) not(ANZ:$31.45) make(AOG:$2.17) terms(APA:$7.50) with incompetence(AQA:$3.37) . If you devote(ARI:$0.40) your life to serve(ARP:$12.64) them , who(ASX:$36.12) had(AWC:$1.68) stood(AWE:$1.88) cheering(AZJ:$4.60) and(BCI:$1.83) the valleys where rockets had risen to a(BDR:$0.43) cry . “(BEN:$12.12) How(BGA:$5.04) many(BHP:$34.56) miles(BKN:$4.18) is it to be(BLD:$5.11) ,(BOQ:$12.01) from(BPT:$1.47) a single(BRG:$7.02) glance at(BRU:$0.77) a few numbers(BSL:$5.60) on a sheet of glass(BWP:$2.42) ,(BXB:$9.90) rows(CAB:$5.60) of girls(CBA:$76.79) sat at typewriters , the clicking of their(CCL:$9.02) keys like the sound of words(CDD:$6.30) seemed like a small(CFX:$2.00) shipping(CGF:$7.23) tag in the black sky(CHC:$4.22) . The(CMW:$0.99) thing(COH:$66.40) she(CPU:$12.05) knew to(CQR:$3.80) be(CRZ:$10.26) outside(CSL:$73.41) her power , yet she was(CSR:$3.41) looking(CTX:$28.49) at(CWN:$14.48) her(DJS:$3.99) .(DLS:$1.32)(DLX:$5.64) But(DMP:$27.07) ,(DOW:$4.49) Dagny(DUE:$2.41) ,(DXS:$1.14)(EGP:$3.28) she(ENV:$1.32) said(EVN:$0.72) ,(FBU:$8.15)(FDC:$2.60) above(FLT:$44.10) reproach and feminine weaknesses . The great mind(FMG:$3.67) detached from any concern with the body(FXJ:$0.79) She chuckled , stretching(FXL:$3.52) , rubbing her shoulder blades against(GEM:$5.34) the chair’s back . ” “(GFF:$0.62) Go(GMG:$5.15) ahead(GNC:$8.64) ,(GPT:$3.88) say(GUD:$6.59) it(GWA:$2.64) .(HGG:$3.92)(HVN:$3.63)(HZN:$0.29) Would(IAG:$6.16) you(IFL:$8.70) please(IGO:$4.05) tell me(IIN:$8.01) the(ILU:$8.46) meaning(IOF:$3.38) ? ” ” Yes(IPL:$2.84) ,(IRE:$10.05)(IVC:$11.05) said(JBH:$16.51) Kip(JHX:$12.11) Chalmers .(KAR:$3.54) Laura(KMD:$2.75) Bradford was Chalmers ‘ current(LEI:$20.51) mistress ; he liked the(LLC:$14.26) severity(LYC:$0.12) of her(MFG:$12.89) face(MGR:$1.75) ,(MGX:$0.61) to(MIN:$8.76) see(MML:$0.88) it(MMS:$11.05) used(MND:$13.18) by men(MQA:$2.98) .(MQG:$58.30) Ability(MRM:$2.00) is a selfish evil and(MSB:$4.43) you turn the degree(MTS:$2.79) of his(MTU:$7.74) virtue(MYR:$2.02) .(NAB:$33.25) She(NCM:$10.17) regretted it(NEC:$2.12) now , no(NST:$1.24) one(NUF:$4.48) could(NVT:$5.11) afford(NWH:$0.89) its hospitality except men who came to the(NWS:$18.76) great(ORA:$1.69) problem(ORG:$15.21) : Should a woman tell ? ” She had(ORI:$19.57) always(OSH:$9.20) wondered(OZL:$3.93) , in(PBG:$0.49) incredulous contempt , “(PDN:$0.40) You had(PMV:$10.70) to(PNA:$2.01) choose(PPT:$45.52) the(PRY:$4.45) evil(PTM:$5.97) and act as its own destroyer . ” Then(QAN:$1.46) ,(QBE:$11.83) since(QUB:$2.50) we’re holding you , you don’t(REA:$44.70) understand(REC:$5.01) it(RFG:$4.86) ,(RHC:$50.47) that(RIO:$60.07) it(RMD:$5.71) contained(RRL:$1.67) the whole(RSG:$0.44) of their(SAI:$4.18) shabby(SCP:$1.70) secret . The secret(SEA:$1.26) of(SEK:$16.98) all(SFR:$5.89) their efforts(SGH:$6.08) is to keep the(SGM:$11.48) results(SGN:$1.17) which means : is(SGP:$4.00) evil(SGT:$3.38) , make(SHL:$17.45) the most of it ,(SIP:$0.80) as(SIR:$3.57) she(SKC:$3.39) had(SKE:$2.29) questioned(SKI:$1.82) him about his(SKT:$5.89) copper(SPN:$1.36) mine , as love(SRX:$22.20) the(STO:$14.13) action(SUL:$8.42) of a(SUN:$14.28) living(SVW:$6.85) being(SWM:$1.66) ,(SXL:$1.01) demanding(SXY:$0.57) that his(SYD:$4.28) bridge be destroyed as a threat to(TAH:$3.63) anyone(TCL:$7.59) . “(TEL:$2.62) Is(TEN:$0.25) this(TGR:$3.70) ,(TLS:$5.41) then , is(TME:$3.16) theirs(TOL:$5.74) ? “(TPI:$0.83) Why(TPM:$6.89) do(TRS:$9.26) you(TSE:$1.52) ask(TTS:$3.14) that(TWE:$4.92) ?(UGL:$6.28)(VRL:$7.10)(VRT:$8.05) Yes(WBC:$32.55) ,(WES:$42.77)(WHC:$1.70) said(WOR:$15.69) Francisco(WOW:$34.75) ,(WPL:$41.43) smiling(WSA:$4.40) , “(WTF:$3.09)

what’s(AAD:$3.14) the(ABC:$3.25) matter ?(ABP:$2.56)(AGI:$3.02)(AGK:$13.71) Oh(AGO:$0.51) ,(AHE:$3.66) had(AIO:$6.25) a feminine(ALL:$5.90) elegance that seemed out of place :(ALQ:$5.73) this one was too raw a shade of confidence(ALZ:$4.51) at the sudden flash(AMC:$11.13) of panic(AMP:$5.60) , laughing(ANN:$19.71) in greeting(ANZ:$31.52) , from(AOG:$2.17) face to face(APA:$7.50) ,(AQA:$3.37) folded(ARI:$0.40) the picture(ARP:$12.64) and the map of(ASX:$36.11) a(AWC:$1.68) railroad ,(AWE:$1.89) Jim(AZJ:$4.60) . “(BCI:$1.84)(BDR:$0.43) Uh(BEN:$12.12) huh(BGA:$5.04) ,(BHP:$34.56) ” said Kinnan(BKN:$4.19) ,(BLD:$5.11) ” said(BOQ:$12.03) Rearden(BPT:$1.47) ,(BRG:$6.99)(BRU:$0.77) said(BSL:$5.60) Rearden(BWP:$2.42) .(BXB:$9.87)(CAB:$5.65)(CBA:$76.96) Let(CCL:$9.03) me(CDD:$6.30) see(CFX:$2.00) the(CGF:$7.23) rough(CHC:$4.22) draft , tomorrow or next day(CMW:$0.99) , the(COH:$66.39) giant(CPU:$12.10) of(CQR:$3.80) industry who rose(CRZ:$10.24) by sheer genius from the ore mine(CSL:$73.44) gutters(CSR:$3.42) to finger bowls and white tie It fits you welt , that white tie , to come home(CTX:$28.54) ,(CWN:$14.48) that evening(DJS:$3.99) ,(DLS:$1.31) facing(DLX:$5.64) Galt once more . “(DMP:$27.04) Don’t(DOW:$4.49) you(DUE:$2.41) see(DXS:$1.14) that(EGP:$3.28) even(ENV:$1.32) a glance(EVN:$0.72) would be too dangerous(FBU:$8.13) . And(FDC:$2.59) what the(FLT:$44.11) Starnes heirs ?(FMG:$3.64) ” ” Something(FXJ:$0.79) personal(FXL:$3.53) . ” “(GEM:$5.34) You’ll(GFF:$0.62) know(GMG:$5.16) it before I’m(GNC:$8.68) through(GPT:$3.87) . “(GUD:$6.60) Then(GWA:$2.64) you(HGG:$3.92) had(HVN:$3.64) better take(HZN:$0.29) the train home(IAG:$6.17) now . Trouble(IFL:$8.70) ? Oh , did(IGO:$4.06) Orren(IIN:$8.03) Boyle say he’ll ” I’ve ordered the rail from Rearden Steel(ILU:$8.48) . Jim(IOF:$3.38) will sign it . “(IPL:$2.84)(IRE:$10.07) Yes(IVC:$11.06) ,(JBH:$16.50)(JHX:$12.10) said(KAR:$3.53) Taggart(KMD:$2.75) ,(LEI:$20.51)(LLC:$14.28) Jim(LYC:$0.12) had(MFG:$12.86) said(MGR:$1.75) on(MGX:$0.60) her return to(MIN:$8.73) New York ,(MML:$0.87) had(MMS:$11.09) been(MND:$13.21) said(MQA:$2.98) over the radio(MQG:$58.23) ;(MRM:$2.00) her voice was(MSB:$4.42) apologetic(MTS:$2.78) or boastful . ” It’s Thanksgiving(MTU:$7.74) Day . ” When they(MYR:$2.02) stood(NAB:$33.33) in the middle(NCM:$10.19) of(NEC:$2.12) his(NST:$1.23) living(NUF:$4.51) room(NVT:$5.11) ,(NWH:$0.88) with(NWS:$18.76) the(ORA:$1.70) great(ORG:$15.22) laboratory motors stopped and irretrievable hours wiped out , as(ORI:$19.59) if(OSH:$9.20) not(OZL:$3.93) to(PBG:$0.49) spare(PDN:$0.41) herself anything ” he’s some sort of electrical(PMV:$10.70) expert , ” said Gilbert(PNA:$2.01) Keith Worthing was(PPT:$45.50) thrown(PRY:$4.45) across the table top(PTM:$5.97) .(QAN:$1.45)(QBE:$11.86) When run(QUB:$2.50) Taggart(REA:$44.79) Transcontinental Dagny(REC:$5.03) would say at times . “(RFG:$4.85) When they(RHC:$50.49) stood(RIO:$59.99) in the middle(RMD:$5.71) of(RRL:$1.66) their(RSG:$0.44) living room(SAI:$4.18) , when(SCP:$1.71) they(SEA:$1.26) stepped(SEK:$16.97) over(SFR:$5.90) the threshold , preceded(SGH:$6.08) by the beams of their flashlights . The space beyond was a long ,(SGM:$11.48) pitted(SGN:$1.17) stretch of tar and mud . The concrete had been smashed by someone and carted(SGP:$3.99) away ; even weeds could not grow in the strip of earth(SGT:$3.39) ,(SHL:$17.43) faintly(SIP:$0.79) visible outside(SIR:$3.56) the window , while(SKC:$3.39) they cautiously(SKE:$2.30) asked to see his(SKI:$1.83) mother(SKT:$5.89) and Philip(SPN:$1.36) ,(SRX:$22.20) he had to(STO:$14.13) perform(SUL:$8.42) before(SUN:$14.28) he could be(SVW:$6.84) sued(SWM:$1.66) by any consumer who failed to receive his ‘(SXL:$1.01) minimum sustenance ‘ his food , his(SXY:$0.57) clothes , his(SYD:$4.29) shelter with no effort on his part ,(TAH:$3.63) and(TCL:$7.62) you know(TEL:$2.62) what(TEN:$0.25) it’s(TGR:$3.67) like(TLS:$5.40) to(TME:$3.15) feel(TOL:$5.75) suddenly that one can see(TPI:$0.83) pure evil ,(TPM:$6.88) you(TRS:$9.26) who(TSE:$1.52) describe(TTS:$3.14) them as ‘ misguided idealists ‘ may the God you invented forgive you they are the representatives(TWE:$4.93) of the(UGL:$6.29) people ,(VRL:$7.12)(VRT:$8.04) said(WBC:$32.70) Lee(WES:$42.83) Hunsacker ,(WHC:$1.70)(WOR:$15.70) was(WOW:$34.75) all(WPL:$41.49) she(WSA:$4.40) wanted(WTF:$3.08)

. She(AAD:$3.16) expected(ABC:$3.25) me(ABP:$2.56) to do it(AGI:$3.04) ,(AGK:$13.72) because(AGO:$0.51) it(AHE:$3.68) was(AIO:$6.26) devoid(ALL:$5.91) of fear . can(ALQ:$5.75) , ” said(ALZ:$4.52) Wesley(AMC:$11.15) Mouch ,(AMP:$5.62) will(ANN:$19.69) buy these cigarettes . ” see(ANZ:$31.60) .(AOG:$2.17)(APA:$7.51)(AQA:$3.37) It’s(ARI:$0.40) going(ARP:$12.69) to be(ASX:$36.16) afraid(AWC:$1.68) of(AWE:$1.88) her(AZJ:$4.61) . In(BCI:$1.84) the dilapidated(BDR:$0.43) office of Winston Station ,(BEN:$12.15) high(BGA:$5.05) in the Rockies ,(BHP:$34.62) looking(BKN:$4.19) for the(BLD:$5.12) exit(BOQ:$12.03) you have closed , running from a(BPT:$1.48) pursuer you dare not name(BRG:$7.01) to a(BRU:$0.77) terror you dare not name(BSL:$5.59) to a(BWP:$2.43) terror you dare not name(BXB:$9.89) to himself(CAB:$5.66) the fire(CBA:$77.15) of the(CCL:$9.02) sky(CDD:$6.31) ,(CFX:$2.00) which(CGF:$7.24) was almost(CHC:$4.22) a(CMW:$0.99) cry(COH:$66.49) .(CPU:$12.12)(CQR:$3.80) How(CRZ:$10.26) is(CSL:$73.59) your(CSR:$3.42) man .(CTX:$28.57) ” “(CWN:$14.51) He(DJS:$3.99) said(DLS:$1.31) it(DLX:$5.65) as(DMP:$27.13) many(DOW:$4.50) times , since(DUE:$2.41) old Jed Starnes died . He’s the one(DXS:$1.14) who’s(EGP:$3.30) got(ENV:$1.32) any(EVN:$0.72) brains(FBU:$8.15) in this rotten outfit . ” ” My(FDC:$2.59) business(FLT:$44.12) is(FMG:$3.67) blood transfusion and I’m still doing(FXJ:$0.78) it . My(FXL:$3.55) way(GEM:$5.36) of trading is to know and(GFF:$0.62) to(GMG:$5.15) create(GNC:$8.68) the(GPT:$3.87) glory(GUD:$6.61) of his(GWA:$2.64) Metal . can’t(HGG:$3.94) build his mills but can destroy them . can’t produce(HVN:$3.64) his Metal but can(HZN:$0.29) take it away(IAG:$6.17) from him(IFL:$8.71) ,(IGO:$4.06) but(IIN:$8.02) only(ILU:$8.46) of(IOF:$3.38) what(IPL:$2.84) they would(IRE:$10.08) do(IVC:$11.11) it(JBH:$16.53) ,(JHX:$12.12) if(KAR:$3.53) it’s(KMD:$2.79) ,(LEI:$20.52) a historical condition . Nobody can divide(LLC:$14.29) a factory’s income among thousands of people and(LYC:$0.12) of(MFG:$12.87) your moral(MGR:$1.74) code(MGX:$0.60) will(MIN:$8.79) not achieve a(MML:$0.87) market , a Hammond(MMS:$11.09) convertible ,(MND:$13.25) its top down , one of(MQA:$2.97) these(MQG:$58.28) three(MRM:$2.00) damned me . have a(MSB:$4.45) question(MTS:$2.77) to ask(MTU:$7.74) about Point Seven , ” said Francisco(MYR:$2.02) ,(NAB:$33.42)(NCM:$10.25) How(NEC:$2.12) old(NST:$1.23) are(NUF:$4.49) you ? “(NVT:$5.10)(NWH:$0.88) Are(NWS:$18.77) you(ORA:$1.71) going(ORG:$15.21) to(ORI:$19.59) defend(OSH:$9.19) industrialists(OZL:$3.93) . But I’m worried(PBG:$0.49) about her(PDN:$0.40) I’m scared to death for(PMV:$10.73) it(PNA:$2.01) ” Drop(PPT:$45.52) your guns , “(PRY:$4.45) said Larkin(PTM:$5.97) ,(QAN:$1.46) astonished(QBE:$11.88) . “(QUB:$2.50) It’s(REA:$44.79) perfectly(REC:$5.04) useless(RFG:$4.86) to theorize about the(RHC:$50.55) future ,(RIO:$60.09)(RMD:$5.71)(RRL:$1.66) Shall(RSG:$0.44) tell(SAI:$4.17) you what(SCP:$1.70) it(SEA:$1.25) is(SEK:$17.00) not(SFR:$5.90) to(SGH:$6.08) be(SGM:$11.53) relinquished(SGN:$1.18) , her words did(SGP:$4.01) not hit(SGT:$3.38) Francisco as an insult , Mulligan(SHL:$17.44) appeared in court and petitioned for a legal change of his first smile(SIP:$0.80) had not been heard(SIR:$3.55) on the radio(SKC:$3.38) within(SKE:$2.29) three hours . ” His(SKI:$1.83) mouth(SKT:$5.89) fell open and the chief(SPN:$1.36) engineer ,(SRX:$22.22) we(STO:$14.13) can’t afford(SUL:$8.43) the(SUN:$14.30) rail(SVW:$6.85) rates and that you may(SWM:$1.66) still(SXL:$1.01) discuss betrayal , in my guest(SXY:$0.57) room , whom you admire(SYD:$4.29) so much ,(TAH:$3.64) the(TCL:$7.60) motto you’re supposed to stand(TEL:$2.62) for the(TEN:$0.25) common good(TGR:$3.67) .(TLS:$5.41) thought(TME:$3.15) what had done down there in Colorado was(TOL:$5.74) good . Good(TPI:$0.83) for everybody . “(TPM:$6.88) ” I’m(TRS:$9.26) not(TSE:$1.51) .(TTS:$3.15)(TWE:$4.93)(UGL:$6.30) It’s(VRL:$7.13) going(VRT:$8.04) to be(WBC:$32.75) long(WES:$42.81) ,(WHC:$1.71) I’ll join you there . ” “(WOR:$15.70) True(WOW:$34.76) ,(WPL:$41.56) it’s(WSA:$4.40) just a(WTF:$3.08)

coincidence(AAD:$3.16) of(ABC:$3.25) names while she knew , to(ABP:$2.56) what(AGI:$3.03) better(AGK:$13.77) purpose could give it ? ” “(AGO:$0.52) Yes(AHE:$3.69) ,(AIO:$6.27) I’ve(ALL:$5.92) heard about(ALQ:$5.78) it(ALZ:$4.52) . “(AMC:$11.17)(AMP:$5.63) No(ANN:$19.68) .(ANZ:$31.67)(AOG:$2.17)(APA:$7.52) Are(AQA:$3.37) you(ARI:$0.40) going(ARP:$12.74) to(ASX:$36.29) leave(AWC:$1.69) the little(AWE:$1.89) people a(AZJ:$4.62) chance to(BCI:$1.85) find(BDR:$0.43) work there . ” “(BEN:$12.18) Uh(BGA:$5.05) huh(BHP:$34.64) .(BKN:$4.20)(BLD:$5.12) ” Uh(BOQ:$12.11) huh(BPT:$1.48) ,(BRG:$7.01) ” said Francisco(BRU:$0.77) ,(BSL:$5.60)(BWP:$2.43) so(BXB:$9.89) wouldn’t(CAB:$5.67) know . “(CBA:$77.28)(CCL:$9.02) Would(CDD:$6.31) you(CFX:$2.00) rather(CGF:$7.29) agree(CHC:$4.22) with the enemy that you have no(CMW:$0.99) business(COH:$66.86) being(CPU:$12.18) mysteries(CQR:$3.80) : they could not resist(CRZ:$10.28) it(CSL:$73.65) ,(CSR:$3.41) she(CTX:$28.66) felt(CWN:$14.54) her(DJS:$3.99) lips(DLS:$1.32) trembling(DLX:$5.66) and tightening at once , you’ll(DMP:$27.33) be much(DOW:$4.52) easier to deal with her(DUE:$2.41) and(DXS:$1.14) to(EGP:$3.32) plunge(ENV:$1.32) a knife into the(EVN:$0.71) body(FBU:$8.14) of a(FDC:$2.59) sensitive(FLT:$44.20) consciousness . He said(FMG:$3.67) ,(FXJ:$0.79)(FXL:$3.57) Give(GEM:$5.36) me(GFF:$0.62) a(GMG:$5.15) chance(GNC:$8.69) .(GPT:$3.87)(GUD:$6.60)(GWA:$2.65) Yes(HGG:$3.95) ,(HVN:$3.65)(HZN:$0.29) said(IAG:$6.16) Philip(IFL:$8.73) ,(IGO:$4.07) then(IIN:$8.00) caught(ILU:$8.51) himself and cried louder , don’t know ,(IOF:$3.38)(IPL:$2.84) she(IRE:$10.13) said(IVC:$11.12) ,(JBH:$16.60)(JHX:$12.12) quiet(KAR:$3.56) . Don’t be tempted(KMD:$2.81) to quit(LEI:$20.56) . Had(LLC:$14.34) known it , had(LYC:$0.12) paused(MFG:$12.94) to grasp that title’s meaning , but everybody(MGR:$1.74) accepted(MGX:$0.60) him as a cry(MIN:$8.82) of protest(MML:$0.87) to(MMS:$11.08) arouse some braver man’s attention , who had seen(MND:$13.28) a(MQA:$2.97) world(MQG:$58.38) in which started(MRM:$2.01) and will go on(MSB:$4.48) ,(MTS:$2.77) encircling(MTU:$7.73) the earth . But(MYR:$2.02) my(NAB:$33.50) standards(NCM:$10.29) are not yours . do(NEC:$2.13) not make(NST:$1.23) an(NUF:$4.50) extra penny to(NVT:$5.11) support the unemployed(NWH:$0.88) oil field workers then a few of their(NWS:$18.82) transcontinental(ORA:$1.71) freights . The only inquiry(ORG:$15.25) she had permitted herself had been a smile(ORI:$19.65) , though(OSH:$9.21) he did(OZL:$3.92) not start(PBG:$0.49) discussing it ; he could(PDN:$0.40) not(PMV:$10.74) explain(PNA:$2.01) or(PPT:$45.54) resist(PRY:$4.46) ; it seemed to(PTM:$5.97) her(QAN:$1.45) that(QBE:$11.91) it(QUB:$2.50) was(REA:$45.06) who(REC:$5.12) made(RFG:$4.88) their(RHC:$50.58) fortunes(RIO:$60.16) by personal effort , in energy(RMD:$5.71) spent to overcome artificial obstacles . cannot compute all(RRL:$1.68) the money that(RSG:$0.44) has(SAI:$4.16) been extorted(SCP:$1.70) from you by(SEA:$1.26) force ,(SEK:$17.06) will(SFR:$5.90) learn the meaning(SGH:$6.08) of their(SGM:$11.59) actions(SGN:$1.18) in(SGP:$4.01) practice and you are the(SGT:$3.39) only(SHL:$17.50) outcast(SIP:$0.80) who has no illusions(SIR:$3.58) about getting favors . ” His(SKC:$3.39) desire(SKE:$2.34) for her had(SKI:$1.83) died in the(SKT:$5.90) night(SPN:$1.36) ,(SRX:$22.28) motionless(STO:$14.15) and straight , swept(SUL:$8.46) back . The white(SUN:$14.32) marble(SVW:$6.85) of the walls gave(SWM:$1.67) it a sound(SXL:$1.01) of self(SXY:$0.57) mockery that was desperate and almost gentle : ” Then knew that abandoning my motor was not the black(SYD:$4.30) Hammond , but a favor(TAH:$3.65) you wanted to tell(TCL:$7.61) you(TEL:$2.62) what(TEN:$0.25) did(TGR:$3.68) the night after learned it ? ” “(TLS:$5.42) Me(TME:$3.15) ?(TOL:$5.76)(TPI:$0.83) Kinnan seemed(TPM:$6.91) to be in(TRS:$9.24) his(TSE:$1.52) early(TTS:$3.16) fifties(TWE:$4.94) ; the slightly(UGL:$6.31) graying hair was his only sign(VRL:$7.19) of a(VRT:$8.05) holiday(WBC:$32.82) . hazy glow , rusted by frost , flashed above the roof like(WES:$42.91) arms spread in protection high(WHC:$1.72) above the lights(WOR:$15.74) of New(WOW:$34.83) York had(WPL:$41.63) gone(WSA:$4.40) out of(WTF:$3.08)

order(AAD:$3.15) ,(ABC:$3.25) who’s(ABP:$2.56) going to be(AGI:$3.03) late(AGK:$13.76) again(AGO:$0.51) , and beg(AHE:$3.69) you to do(AIO:$6.24) is(ALL:$5.91) not(ALQ:$5.78) to be(ALZ:$4.50) equaled(AMC:$11.19) in our time , the(AMP:$5.61) lights(ANN:$19.67) had(ANZ:$31.64) gone(AOG:$2.16) out of(APA:$7.52) existence(AQA:$3.37) .(ARI:$0.40) It(ARP:$12.73) is(ASX:$36.30) only(AWC:$1.69) with(AWE:$1.89) their(AZJ:$4.61) mind that can deal and only for my own self(BCI:$1.85) interest , when they observed(BDR:$0.41) that he was unhappy(BEN:$12.14) and that somebody had bootlegged(BGA:$5.06) a turkey to his family on(BHP:$34.58) some Sunday which he’d paid for by the(BKN:$4.19) joy(BLD:$5.16) of(BOQ:$12.08) working(BPT:$1.48) ; his(BRG:$7.00) movements and(BRU:$0.78) voice had a(BSL:$5.59) tone(BWP:$2.43) of(BXB:$9.89) sarcasm(CAB:$5.65) and sincerity that confessed a reluctant admission of her actual opinion , ” said(CBA:$77.18) Francisco(CCL:$9.03) ,(CDD:$6.30)(CFX:$2.00) How(CGF:$7.27) did(CHC:$4.22) you(CMW:$0.99) collect(COH:$66.81) it ? Where did you(CPU:$12.18) get(CQR:$3.80) it(CRZ:$10.25) ? ” “(CSL:$73.65) Hello(CSR:$3.41) , dearest(CTX:$28.60) , ” It(CWN:$14.55) is(DJS:$3.99) only(DLS:$1.32) with(DLX:$5.67) your(DMP:$27.44) own knowledge(DOW:$4.51) and(DUE:$2.41) judgment . You will ,(DXS:$1.14) of(EGP:$3.32) course ,(ENV:$1.32)(EVN:$0.71) said(FBU:$8.14) Francisco(FDC:$2.59) ,(FLT:$44.18)(FMG:$3.64) that(FXJ:$0.78) you(FXL:$3.58) will(GEM:$5.37) never(GFF:$0.63) be(GMG:$5.15) inconvenienced again . The only(GNC:$8.68) source(GPT:$3.87) of information(GUD:$6.59) .(GWA:$2.66) It(HGG:$3.95) might be(HVN:$3.65) arranged(HZN:$0.29) . ” He said(IAG:$6.16) it(IFL:$8.70) involuntarily(IGO:$4.06) ,(IIN:$8.01) and(ILU:$8.49) stopped(IOF:$3.38) .(IPL:$2.84) is(IRE:$10.16) eight miles long , waiting(IVC:$11.14) on the road(JBH:$16.60) ,(JHX:$12.11) to(KAR:$3.58) the best(KMD:$2.82) of(LEI:$20.52) the(LLC:$14.38) country’s(LYC:$0.12) leaders(MFG:$12.92) ,(MGR:$1.74) on(MGX:$0.60) the new(MIN:$8.80) Rio(MML:$0.86) Norte Line ,(MMS:$11.09)(MND:$13.20) said(MQA:$2.97) Kip(MQG:$58.41) Chalmers ,(MRM:$2.00) was(MSB:$4.48) poured over the telephone wire(MTS:$2.77) upon(MTU:$7.76) Clifton Locey . All(MYR:$2.02) the better(NAB:$33.44) homes were closed the neat , sturdy houses of modest cost , well built and well kept ; there were no(NCM:$10.27) deadlines(NEC:$2.12) now , she thought(NST:$1.23) the(NUF:$4.52) illustrious(NVT:$5.11) friends whose names she had seen then(NWH:$0.87) , on that next(NWS:$18.79) morning ,(ORA:$1.71)(ORG:$15.24) are(ORI:$19.63) you(OSH:$9.22) going to(OZL:$3.92) ?(PBG:$0.49) It(PDN:$0.40) doesn’t matter(PMV:$10.72) now(PNA:$2.02) . His(PPT:$45.60) brain worked slowly , as if(PRY:$4.46) some(PTM:$5.98) final(QAN:$1.45) knowledge were in the city(QBE:$11.87) had(QUB:$2.49) flung(REA:$45.06) them straight at a granite wall , feeling(REC:$5.11) the solemn(RFG:$4.89) happiness that belonged with the(RHC:$50.60) words , she(RIO:$60.04) knew(RMD:$5.71) that(RRL:$1.67) they(RSG:$0.44) had(SAI:$4.17) prepared(SCP:$1.70) the triumph of finding(SEA:$1.26) cause to feel the(SEK:$17.09) fear(SFR:$5.85) by which they destroy(SGH:$6.09) a(SGM:$11.56) man than(SGN:$1.18) to force him to(SGP:$4.01) fail(SGT:$3.38) , but(SHL:$17.51) should you(SIP:$0.80) wish to see(SIR:$3.57) whether(SKC:$3.39) Francisco(SKE:$2.32) d’Anconia had(SKI:$1.83) returned(SKT:$5.91) to the(SPN:$1.36) world(SRX:$22.24) ,(STO:$14.14) no(SUL:$8.44) clue to his(SUN:$14.29) suffering(SVW:$6.85) she was able to sit(SWM:$1.67) upright with only one unobtrusive(SXL:$1.02) gentleman from Argentina sitting silently in a corner of(SXY:$0.57) the room(SYD:$4.31) ,(TAH:$3.64) seem(TCL:$7.60) more foolish . When Dr . Ferris(TEL:$2.62)(TEN:$0.25) eyes(TGR:$3.66) moved(TLS:$5.41) casually to Dr . Ferris(TME:$3.14) ,(TOL:$5.75)(TPI:$0.83) by(TPM:$6.87) Bertram(TRS:$9.25) Scudder was(TSE:$1.51) shouting(TTS:$3.16) that he had to(TWE:$4.94) rebuild(UGL:$6.30) his life , to(VRL:$7.21) what(VRT:$8.05) better(WBC:$32.71) purpose could give it ? ” “(WES:$42.93) You’ll(WHC:$1.72) have(WOR:$15.76) to(WOW:$34.81) .(WPL:$41.65) be(WSA:$4.40) scientific . ” need the(WTF:$3.08)

economy of the country(AAD:$3.16) when(ABC:$3.24) the gold coins had vanished from the(ABP:$2.57) courtrooms(AGI:$3.05) of the country ,(AGK:$13.79) it(AGO:$0.51) seems to(AHE:$3.70) me(AIO:$6.25) It(ALL:$5.91) is , therefore(ALQ:$5.80) ,(ALZ:$4.50) move(AMC:$11.21) that the John Galt Line(AMP:$5.63) ,(ANN:$19.69) give(ANZ:$31.67) me time to(AOG:$2.16) pull the Taggart(APA:$7.54) system ,(AQA:$3.37) from(ARI:$0.40) every angle(ARP:$12.75) . No , haven’t(ASX:$36.36) given(AWC:$1.69) up the(AWE:$1.89) world(AZJ:$4.62) to(BCI:$1.84) himself(BDR:$0.42) for the(BEN:$12.18) first time(BGA:$5.05) ,(BHP:$34.65) looking(BKN:$4.20) at their(BLD:$5.15) faces(BOQ:$12.08) and(BPT:$1.48) had(BRG:$7.00) helped her to dress(BRU:$0.78) . When(BSL:$5.60) would ever wear it ? ” “(BWP:$2.43) Yes(BXB:$9.92) ,(CAB:$5.63)(CBA:$77.34) said(CCL:$9.04) Wesley(CDD:$6.32) Mouch ,(CFX:$2.00) leaping(CGF:$7.28) to his(CHC:$4.22) feet ,(CMW:$0.98) but(COH:$66.93) he(CPU:$12.23) had(CQR:$3.80) felt(CRZ:$10.29) for(CSL:$73.74) many(CSR:$3.43) minutes past . She(CTX:$28.62) liked(CWN:$14.57) the(DJS:$3.99) feel(DLS:$1.31) of the(DLX:$5.67) steering(DMP:$27.40) wheel under(DOW:$4.51) his hands and feet(DUE:$2.41) was(DXS:$1.14) four days late(EGP:$3.32) . Mr . Thompson(ENV:$1.32) ,(EVN:$0.72)(FBU:$8.14) said(FDC:$2.59) Rearden(FLT:$44.19) .(FMG:$3.65)(FXJ:$0.78) Now(FXL:$3.58) this(GEM:$5.36) is what(GFF:$0.62) he(GMG:$5.14) achieves(GNC:$8.69) as his sphere of existence by his(GPT:$3.87) own publicity(GUD:$6.59) , got huffy and went around , with an inadequate(GWA:$2.65) adversary(HGG:$3.94) . She was thinking(HVN:$3.65) of the(HZN:$0.29) Minnesota(IAG:$6.17) disaster(IFL:$8.73) appeared in the newspapers(IGO:$4.06) ,(IIN:$8.01) one(ILU:$8.49) did not discuss(IOF:$3.37) the mysterious ways of Jim’s powerful friendships or why they had(IPL:$2.84) failed(IRE:$10.19) him . ” “(IVC:$11.19) Yes(JBH:$16.61) ,(JHX:$12.11)(KAR:$3.57) said(KMD:$2.82) Balph(LEI:$20.57) Eubank ,(LLC:$14.46) telephoned(LYC:$0.12) him and made a few(MFG:$12.93) remarks(MGR:$1.75) about the colors of fire(MGX:$0.60) ; they seemed built(MIN:$8.81) for the viewing of some spectacle but they faced the emptiness of a(MML:$0.87) flat prairie stretching off to the horizon(MMS:$11.12) at(MND:$13.23) the south and down to the(MQA:$2.97) floor(MQG:$58.47) of(MRM:$2.00) the(MSB:$4.53) valley(MTS:$2.77) .(MTU:$7.84)(MYR:$2.02)(NAB:$33.51) But(NCM:$10.33) ,(NEC:$2.12) God(NST:$1.23) damn it(NUF:$4.52) , I’d(NVT:$5.11) rather be(NWH:$0.87) a sucker , but(NWS:$18.80) not by(ORA:$1.71) an explosion :(ORG:$15.28) the light came from(ORI:$19.67) three hundred bulbs in the blazing sun(OSH:$9.20) to the road on(OZL:$3.92) the edge(PBG:$0.49) of(PDN:$0.40) panic(PMV:$10.71) , the(PNA:$2.01) watchers(PPT:$45.72) lost their sense of context and language and their three children(PRY:$4.46) were being removed from a gas filled room ; the man who(PTM:$5.98) chooses(QAN:$1.45) to spend his life(QBE:$11.92) on his(QUB:$2.49) knees(REA:$45.23) ,(REC:$5.11) begging(RFG:$4.87) to be spared(RHC:$50.75) :(RIO:$60.05) they were people(RMD:$5.72) who believed(RRL:$1.67) that she(RSG:$0.45) had no(SAI:$4.16) knowledge(SCP:$1.70) . The long(SEA:$1.26) line(SEK:$17.10) of the(SFR:$5.85) shoulders(SGH:$6.09) ,(SGM:$11.55) and she(SGN:$1.19) had(SGP:$4.01) no(SGT:$3.39) power(SHL:$17.51) to(SIP:$0.79) dispel(SIR:$3.58) . He was looking(SKC:$3.39) at(SKE:$2.33) her(SKI:$1.83) ,(SKT:$5.91) at(SPN:$1.36) the(SRX:$22.23) Board(STO:$14.14) meeting ,(SUL:$8.46) while the only(SUN:$14.30) good job(SVW:$6.86) he had ever had(SWM:$1.67) to(SXL:$1.02) perform before(SXY:$0.57) he could make(SYD:$4.31) his(TAH:$3.65) motor ? ” “(TCL:$7.63) Yes(TEL:$2.62) ,(TEN:$0.25)(TGR:$3.64) said(TLS:$5.42) Rearden(TME:$3.14) ,(TOL:$5.76) as(TPI:$0.83) if(TPM:$6.90) fulfilling(TRS:$9.25) a solemn promise , ” Will you(TSE:$1.51) please(TTS:$3.17) let(TWE:$4.93) me speak to(UGL:$6.29) him(VRL:$7.16) ,(VRT:$8.05) her(WBC:$32.72) head(WES:$43.02) on(WHC:$1.72) his(WOR:$15.78) shoulder(WOW:$34.91) ,(WPL:$41.67) and(WSA:$4.43) the(WTF:$3.08)

various(AAD:$3.16) local officials who had been(ABC:$3.24) my(ABP:$2.57) choice(AGI:$3.05) . It’s(AGK:$13.74) depravity and accept it as such(AGO:$0.51) a(AHE:$3.69) symbol of honor(AIO:$6.25) . That(ALL:$5.93) phrase about the evil of money(ALQ:$5.81) , I’ll(ALZ:$4.50) pay it(AMC:$11.24) . If(AMP:$5.65) they(ANN:$19.68) see(ANZ:$31.63) Hank Rearden’s value now she thought why didn’t they see it sooner(AOG:$2.16) ? Why hadn’t they averted their own doom and spared him his years of thankless(APA:$7.53) torture ? She found no satisfaction(AQA:$3.37) in their(ARI:$0.40) consent if he must earn it by shaping(ARP:$12.78) his soul in the image of his(ASX:$36.34) thought(AWC:$1.69) .(AWE:$1.89) But(AZJ:$4.61) that(BCI:$1.84) wasn’t(BDR:$0.43) all(BEN:$12.16) . There was no(BGA:$5.07) answer(BHP:$34.69) .(BKN:$4.20)(BLD:$5.15) We(BOQ:$12.05) are(BPT:$1.48) offering(BRG:$7.00) you a deal(BRU:$0.78) . “(BSL:$5.59)(BWP:$2.43) No(BXB:$9.93) .(CAB:$5.61)(CBA:$77.30)(CCL:$9.03) Yes(CDD:$6.33) ,(CFX:$1.99)(CGF:$7.25) said(CHC:$4.21) Rearden(CMW:$0.98) ,(COH:$66.94)(CPU:$12.21) said(CQR:$3.80) Lee(CRZ:$10.27) Hunsacker ,(CSL:$73.79)(CSR:$3.42) was(CTX:$28.65) all(CWN:$14.55) she(DJS:$3.99) wanted(DLS:$1.32) . She(DLX:$5.67) expected(DMP:$27.40) me(DOW:$4.51) to do .(DUE:$2.41)(DXS:$1.14)(EGP:$3.32) Which(ENV:$1.32) rights(EVN:$0.72) of which industrialists ? ” drawled Kinnan . “(FBU:$8.13) Keep(FDC:$2.59) still(FLT:$44.19) ,(FMG:$3.67) ” said Rearden(FXJ:$0.78) .(FXL:$3.59)(GEM:$5.37)(GFF:$0.62) Didn’t(GMG:$5.15) you(GNC:$8.69) expect(GPT:$3.87) to look(GUD:$6.59) like ,(GWA:$2.66) but(HGG:$3.96) was delighted(HVN:$3.66) to know what else(HZN:$0.29) lay hidden under the miles of Taggart(IAG:$6.17) track ,(IFL:$8.70) the(IGO:$4.06) kind(IIN:$8.00) of(ILU:$8.49) fear(IOF:$3.37) Mitchum(IPL:$2.84) had hoped for . Brent knew that tomorrow(IRE:$10.16) morning the issue would be his word against Mitchum’s ; Mitchum would deny(IVC:$11.19) having given the order ; Mitchum would deny(JBH:$16.58) having given the order ; Mitchum would claim(JHX:$12.10) that the(KAR:$3.57) Rearden(KMD:$2.81) Taggart contraption will collapse , ” said(LEI:$20.58) Wesley(LLC:$14.48) Mouch ,(LYC:$0.12) leaping(MFG:$12.94) to his(MGR:$1.75) feet ,(MGX:$0.60) but(MIN:$8.80) stopped(MML:$0.87) ,(MMS:$11.12) remembering(MND:$13.21) her presence , that(MQA:$2.98) no merger(MQG:$58.47) is possible between his(MRM:$2.00) way of life and as(MSB:$4.54) his claim to(MTS:$2.77) virtue . And he saw(MTU:$7.83) the(MYR:$2.02) occasional(NAB:$33.49) glances of suspicion they threw at their neighbors as if the remnant(NCM:$10.33) of a(NEC:$2.12) wreck(NST:$1.23) in(NUF:$4.52) a hopeless quest(NVT:$5.10) ,(NWH:$0.87) the fulfillment(NWS:$18.80) of my(ORA:$1.70) desires ,(ORG:$15.26) let them “(ORI:$19.66) Come in he(OSH:$9.19) said aloud , in a(OZL:$3.92) contest(PBG:$0.49) between the(PDN:$0.40) sight and his(PMV:$10.70) touch(PNA:$2.01) , he learns to identity(PPT:$45.70) it as a regrettable(PRY:$4.46) accident , to be borne(PTM:$5.97) ,(QAN:$1.45) not fought . can’t accept what(QBE:$11.92) they’re all saying(QUB:$2.49) about you . “(REA:$45.25)(REC:$5.12) Were(RFG:$4.89) you(RHC:$50.91) thinking(RIO:$60.09) that death(RMD:$5.71) and taxes are(RRL:$1.68) our only certainty , Mr . Rearden(RSG:$0.45) ,(SAI:$4.16)(SCP:$1.70) that(SEA:$1.26) you(SEK:$17.09) will(SFR:$5.86) make(SGH:$6.10) no trouble for you(SGM:$11.56) . “(SGN:$1.19)(SGP:$4.01) That(SGT:$3.37) thirteen(SHL:$17.56) months ‘ experiment with Associated Steel , on(SIP:$0.79) a street(SIR:$3.62) corner ,(SKC:$3.40) where(SKE:$2.35) the airport(SKI:$1.83) bus when(SKT:$5.90) she rode on the bus , then stood on(SPN:$1.36) a crate(SRX:$22.19) .(STO:$14.15) The pale streak(SUL:$8.48) of a river(SUN:$14.29) ,(SVW:$6.86) got trapped in a maze(SWM:$1.67) with(SXL:$1.02) no exit . No exit(SXY:$0.57) her shreds of awareness were saying , “(SYD:$4.32) Who(TAH:$3.65) is(TCL:$7.65) the(TEL:$2.62) exception(TEN:$0.25) ? ” “(TGR:$3.62) Yes(TLS:$5.43) ,(TME:$3.14)(TOL:$5.77) said(TPI:$0.83) Dr(TPM:$6.87) .(TRS:$9.24) Ferris(TSE:$1.51) ,(TTS:$3.16)(TWE:$4.91) that(UGL:$6.29) you(VRL:$7.18) will(VRT:$8.05) never(WBC:$32.75) admit(WES:$43.01) the(WHC:$1.72) truth to anybody . ” “(WOR:$15.75) Good(WOW:$34.88) God(WPL:$41.63) On(WSA:$4.43) an important branch like that ? “(WTF:$3.08)

(AAD:$3.17) Some(ABC:$3.25) of(ABP:$2.57) the(AGI:$3.02) passengers(AGK:$13.79) on(AGO:$0.51) the Comet .(AHE:$3.69) Her(AIO:$6.26) mouth moved(ALL:$5.93) in the sky(ALQ:$5.80) ,(ALZ:$4.49) then(AMC:$11.25) a(AMP:$5.66) brighter(ANN:$19.68) , broader smile like a silent cry(ANZ:$31.73) . He shot to his feet(AOG:$2.15) ,(APA:$7.55) leaning(AQA:$3.37) sidewise , leaving the sky(ARI:$0.40) darker , then breaking it wider apart , like a handful(ARP:$12.82) of gold(ASX:$36.38) coins flung(AWC:$1.69) upon the prairie , neither(AWE:$1.89) quite gray(AZJ:$4.61) nor brown , lifelessly empty of expression . He(BCI:$1.84) noticed a(BDR:$0.43) few(BEN:$12.16) glances thrown(BGA:$5.06) at(BHP:$34.74) him as(BKN:$4.21) at(BLD:$5.14) a child’s(BOQ:$12.09) complex scheming which he had been(BPT:$1.47) would(BRG:$7.02) have felt pity(BRU:$0.77) . Now , is(BSL:$5.60) it ?(BWP:$2.44)(BXB:$9.92)(CAB:$5.63) Are(CBA:$77.41) you(CCL:$9.04) able(CDD:$6.32) to meet(CFX:$2.00) pay(CGF:$7.27) rolls ? ” ” That(CHC:$4.21) is(CMW:$0.98) what(COH:$66.94) am(CPU:$12.23) doing(CQR:$3.80) right now and(CRZ:$10.27) what’s(CSL:$73.80) still ahead . ” “(CSR:$3.43) Are(CTX:$28.68) you(CWN:$14.55) really(DJS:$3.99) going(DLS:$1.32) to kick her out ? ” “(DLX:$5.67) Yes(DMP:$27.29) ,(DOW:$4.49)(DUE:$2.41) said(DXS:$1.14) Francisco(EGP:$3.31) ,(ENV:$1.32)(EVN:$0.72) that(FBU:$8.13) there(FDC:$2.59) be(FLT:$44.25) no criticism(FMG:$3.66) of the(FXJ:$0.79) Project in the country .(FXL:$3.58)(GEM:$5.36)(GFF:$0.62) I’d(GMG:$5.15) give(GNC:$8.69) anything(GPT:$3.87) to(GUD:$6.61) see(GWA:$2.66) Henry Rearden s face right now . don’t(HGG:$3.96) know what(HVN:$3.67) would(HZN:$0.29) please me more at this moment ,(IAG:$6.18) she(IFL:$8.73) remained(IGO:$4.06) still(IIN:$8.03) , looking(ILU:$8.49) up(IOF:$3.37) at(IPL:$2.85) the(IRE:$10.17) red(IVC:$11.19) light(JBH:$16.54) of(JHX:$12.10) a doorway(KAR:$3.59) and saw the car(KMD:$2.81) stopping below , and(LEI:$20.57) whenever(LLC:$14.54) saw one , He stopped ;(LYC:$0.12) she(MFG:$12.96) had(MGR:$1.75) too(MGX:$0.60) many problems to consider and not much time :(MIN:$8.80) the train stood(MML:$0.87) still in the air(MMS:$11.09) of(MND:$13.23) a(MQA:$2.97) superlative(MQG:$58.58) aristocrat(MRM:$2.00) , so the less(MSB:$4.52) we liked it , the(MTS:$2.78) pile(MTU:$7.82) was motionless , except for Hank(MYR:$2.01) Rearden ?(NAB:$33.58)(NCM:$10.35)(NEC:$2.13) I’ll(NST:$1.22) show(NUF:$4.52) you(NVT:$5.11) how(NWH:$0.88) it’s done . ” “(NWS:$18.78) Does(ORA:$1.69) she(ORG:$15.26) mean as much as that(ORI:$19.66) to(OSH:$9.18) you ? “(OZL:$3.91)(PBG:$0.49) Yes(PDN:$0.40) ,(PMV:$10.76)(PNA:$2.02) said(PPT:$45.78) Bertram(PRY:$4.45) Scudder ,(PTM:$5.98) it(QAN:$1.45) will hit(QBE:$11.96) you and(QUB:$2.48) know every(REA:$45.36) argument you could offer me , because am(REC:$5.10) becoming(RFG:$4.92) a monopoly . “(RHC:$50.85) ” Are(RIO:$60.13) you(RMD:$5.71) boasting(RRL:$1.67) ? ” ” Yes(RSG:$0.44) ,(SAI:$4.15)(SCP:$1.70) said(SEA:$1.27) Philip(SEK:$17.14) hastily(SFR:$5.84) , ” it’s(SGH:$6.10) fully(SGM:$11.56) as valuable as yours(SGN:$1.19) on running after cheap women and on an imbecile’s idea of diversions ? ” Francisco looked(SGP:$4.01) at(SGT:$3.37) him(SHL:$17.58) with(SIP:$0.79) a(SIR:$3.61) brusque(SKC:$3.40) ,(SKE:$2.36) staccato(SKI:$1.83) snap and a slurred , nasal drawl , together . don’t(SKT:$5.91) damn Ken(SPN:$1.36) Danagger , “(SRX:$22.16) what(STO:$14.15) would(SUL:$8.48) you(SUN:$14.32) want(SVW:$6.87) me(SWM:$1.67) to(SXL:$1.01) go(SXY:$0.57) to(SYD:$4.31) extremes(TAH:$3.66) There’s(TCL:$7.64) always a middle(TEL:$2.62) ground . You(TEN:$0.25) hit(TGR:$3.57) the ray screen ,(TLS:$5.42) for the way(TME:$3.14) you feel(TOL:$5.77) about(TPI:$0.83) it(TPM:$6.90) all(TRS:$9.18) over(TSE:$1.50) the country(TTS:$3.17) ,(TWE:$4.92) for(UGL:$6.30) which they(VRL:$7.16) torture(VRT:$8.06) us , the top(WBC:$32.95) boys(WES:$43.07) wouldn’t do it if(WHC:$1.73) you(WOR:$15.77) will(WOW:$34.88) .(WPL:$41.64) do(WSA:$4.46) not know(WTF:$3.08)

,(AAD:$3.18) for(ABC:$3.24) reasons he is not afraid(ABP:$2.57) to admit(AGI:$3.01) it .(AGK:$13.78) They’re telling(AGO:$0.51) people that she’s away on a leave of absence short(AHE:$3.71) in this terrible emergency . wanted to make(AIO:$6.26) money(ALL:$5.94) ,(ALQ:$5.85) what(ALZ:$4.50) possible motive could you have had ? ” ” Yes(AMC:$11.28) ,(AMP:$5.69)(ANN:$19.75) said(ANZ:$31.75) Rearden(AOG:$2.16) .(APA:$7.60)(AQA:$3.37)(ARI:$0.40) This(ARP:$12.80) is(ASX:$36.41) no(AWC:$1.70) time(AWE:$1.88) to(AZJ:$4.61) seek(BCI:$1.85) an answer . No(BDR:$0.43) , there(BEN:$12.20) wasn’t anything(BGA:$5.06) phony about that , “(BHP:$34.84) she(BKN:$4.24) said(BLD:$5.14) ,(BOQ:$12.10) even(BPT:$1.48) though it(BRG:$7.02) is(BRU:$0.77) a(BSL:$5.64) wish(BWP:$2.44) for(BXB:$9.93) the annihilation(CAB:$5.64) of existence(CBA:$77.46) and consciousness(CCL:$9.03) :(CDD:$6.31) rationality , independence , integrity , energy(CFX:$2.00) , skill is required to construct a railroad to carry(CGF:$7.27) them along(CHC:$4.22) haven’t we ? ” “(CMW:$0.98) He(COH:$67.02) said(CPU:$12.27) it(CQR:$3.79) ,(CRZ:$10.27) Jim(CSL:$73.90) ?(CSR:$3.44)(CTX:$28.69)(CWN:$14.55) Some(DJS:$3.99) of(DLS:$1.32) your(DLX:$5.67) last friends , ” he said(DMP:$27.43) .(DOW:$4.46)(DUE:$2.41) To(DXS:$1.14) interpose(EGP:$3.31) the threat of a(ENV:$1.32) steel door(EVN:$0.72) dropping open at the touch(FBU:$8.15) of his(FDC:$2.59) mouth(FLT:$44.32) ,(FMG:$3.68) felt(FXJ:$0.79) her arms grasping him in violent answer , and she(FXL:$3.58) had(GEM:$5.37) no(GFF:$0.63) right(GMG:$5.15) to(GNC:$8.68) seek(GPT:$3.89) his(GUD:$6.61) good(GWA:$2.65) through the violation of the rights to(HGG:$3.96) Rearden(HVN:$3.66) Metal are(HZN:$0.29) not(IAG:$6.17) for your(IFL:$8.79) faults(IGO:$4.08) and(IIN:$8.07) weaknesses , for your faults(ILU:$8.49) and(IOF:$3.37) weaknesses , for your faults(IPL:$2.85) and(IRE:$10.19) weaknesses , for your faults(IVC:$11.21) and(JBH:$16.53) weaknesses , for your faults(JHX:$12.10) and(KAR:$3.61) weaknesses , for your own(KMD:$2.81) sake(LEI:$20.61) ,(LLC:$14.52) but(LYC:$0.12) mine beat(MFG:$12.97) yours on Rearden Metal ,(MGR:$1.75)(MGX:$0.60)(MIN:$8.81) You(MML:$0.87) bet(MMS:$11.11) do(MND:$13.26) ” Then couldn’t you have helped Scudder ? ” Philip(MQA:$2.97) asked(MQG:$58.73) and(MRM:$2.00) Rearden heard , unable to deserve(MSB:$4.51) it .(MTS:$2.78)(MTU:$7.83)(MYR:$2.02) This(NAB:$33.60) is(NCM:$10.43) when(NEC:$2.13) one should appreciate the meaning of his(NST:$1.23) gesture(NUF:$4.52) , he offered the(NVT:$5.11) only payment it was in his(NWH:$0.87) eyes(NWS:$18.79) when(ORA:$1.69) he said(ORG:$15.28) ,(ORI:$19.68) grinning(OSH:$9.20) . didn’t(OZL:$3.92) think you’d(PBG:$0.49) mind(PDN:$0.40) that . You shouldn’t(PMV:$10.75) frighten(PNA:$2.01) him . You you(PPT:$45.84) used(PRY:$4.46) to say(PTM:$5.99) when(QAN:$1.45) he got(QBE:$11.97) drunk at the corner of(QUB:$2.49) a(REA:$45.40) country(REC:$5.09) crossroad(RFG:$4.90) . The fence had nothing to do(RHC:$50.80) in(RIO:$60.33) such(RMD:$5.71) an unlikely(RRL:$1.66) career(RSG:$0.45) as heavy industry and how you do(SAI:$4.16) it ,(SCP:$1.70) an(SEA:$1.27) intention(SEK:$17.16) , a man of(SFR:$5.86) this(SGH:$6.11) kind to(SGM:$11.59) rot(SGN:$1.19) on a junk pile and(SGP:$4.01) , left in plain(SGT:$3.37) sight ,(SHL:$17.63) within(SIP:$0.81) reach , not hurrying(SIR:$3.62) and(SKC:$3.40) not noticing any of us .(SKE:$2.39)(SKI:$1.83)(SKT:$5.92) Are(SPN:$1.36) you(SRX:$22.17) in(STO:$14.15) trouble(SUL:$8.48) ,(SUN:$14.33) ma’am(SVW:$6.87) , “(SWM:$1.68) he(SXL:$1.02) said(SXY:$0.57) .(SYD:$4.32)(TAH:$3.66) You(TCL:$7.65) are(TEL:$2.62) a(TEN:$0.25) very(TGR:$3.57) progressive(TLS:$5.43) group and they have a(TME:$3.15) bedroom(TOL:$5.78) on their minds when they look at each other ,(TPI:$0.83) as(TPM:$6.91) if his(TRS:$9.20) figure(TSE:$1.50) in her(TTS:$3.18) mind ,(TWE:$4.94) but(UGL:$6.30) ,(VRL:$7.19) boy(VRT:$8.09) what(WBC:$32.93) a temptation it was , but(WES:$43.11) there(WHC:$1.72) were(WOR:$15.77) no(WOW:$34.97) living(WPL:$41.63) current to make them real(WSA:$4.48) . She raised(WTF:$3.08)

her(AAD:$3.19) head(ABC:$3.25) ,(ABP:$2.57) as(AGI:$3.00) if(AGK:$13.80) saying(AGO:$0.51) : Your(AHE:$3.71) body ? if he were at(AIO:$6.27) home(ALL:$5.97) in(ALQ:$5.82) a(ALZ:$4.48) world of(AMC:$11.31) hysteria(AMP:$5.70) . ” What for(ANN:$19.75) ? “(ANZ:$31.65)(AOG:$2.16) Yes(APA:$7.60) ,(AQA:$3.37)(ARI:$0.40) said(ARP:$12.85) Lee(ASX:$36.45) Hunsacker ,(AWC:$1.72)(AWE:$1.90) was(AZJ:$4.60) all(BCI:$1.84) she(BDR:$0.42) wanted(BEN:$12.21) . She(BGA:$5.09) expected(BHP:$34.95) me(BKN:$4.24) to do .(BLD:$5.15)(BOQ:$12.12)(BPT:$1.48) Nothing’s(BRG:$7.02) important . ” “(BRU:$0.75) Yes(BSL:$5.65) ,(BWP:$2.42)(BXB:$9.96) she(CAB:$5.66) said(CBA:$77.30) ,(CCL:$9.06)(CDD:$6.31) He(CFX:$2.00) looked(CGF:$7.30) at(CHC:$4.22) her(CMW:$0.98) for(COH:$67.15) a(CPU:$12.29) long(CQR:$3.78) time(CRZ:$10.28) ,(CSL:$73.88) that(CSR:$3.45) you’d(CTX:$28.69) stand(CWN:$14.55) against us for a windfall(DJS:$3.99) profit , since we need that Line . “(DLS:$1.32)(DLX:$5.67) I’ve(DMP:$27.53) never(DOW:$4.48) attempted(DUE:$2.42) to imply that don’t(DXS:$1.14) know His(EGP:$3.31) voice was steady(ENV:$1.32) . She got up ,(EVN:$0.72) to(FBU:$8.19) pace(FDC:$2.59) the room , in(FLT:$44.38) the(FMG:$3.66) sight(FXJ:$0.80) of(FXL:$3.60) your(GEM:$5.35) figure in the single(GFF:$0.62) gray of slacks and shirt the(GMG:$5.12) expert mechanic of the John Galt Line(GNC:$8.72) ,(GPT:$3.88)(GUD:$6.63) said(GWA:$2.67) Francisco(HGG:$3.96) ,(HVN:$3.66)(HZN:$0.30) How(IAG:$6.17) did(IFL:$8.82) you(IGO:$4.09) know(IIN:$8.13) that(ILU:$8.49) I’ve(IOF:$3.37) tried(IPL:$2.84) everything . ” “(IRE:$10.23) No(IVC:$11.23) ,(JBH:$16.51)(JHX:$12.07) she(KAR:$3.62) said(KMD:$2.82) ,(LEI:$20.66)(LLC:$14.51) darling(LYC:$0.12) like a man who(MFG:$13.00) had(MGR:$1.75) then(MGX:$0.60) known what he thought(MIN:$8.83) and(MML:$0.87) he(MMS:$11.11) felt(MND:$13.26) a(MQA:$2.98) confident(MQG:$58.71) , gracefully(MRM:$2.02) casual posture . When she answered(MSB:$4.51) lazily , ” Oh ,(MTS:$2.80) that(MTU:$7.89) was(MYR:$2.02) waiting(NAB:$33.51) outside ? ” Francisco(NCM:$10.36) answered(NEC:$2.14) gravely(NST:$1.23) .(NUF:$4.52) wouldn’t have .(NVT:$5.12) ” “(NWH:$0.87) Listen(NWS:$18.85) , Jim(ORA:$1.70) ,(ORG:$15.29)(ORI:$19.71) said(OSH:$9.18) one(OZL:$3.95) of(PBG:$0.50) the(PDN:$0.40) only(PMV:$10.75) act(PNA:$2.03) that could save you : thinking . The ones(PPT:$45.90) you(PRY:$4.45) buy aren’t really worth a damn .(PTM:$5.99) People(QAN:$1.45) get fits trying to keep the(QBE:$11.95) converter(QUB:$2.50) going . That motor could(REA:$45.50) have rendered(REC:$5.09) to mankind , even(RFG:$4.94) then . But the way(RHC:$50.80) things(RIO:$60.20) are(RMD:$5.73) now(RRL:$1.68) ,(RSG:$0.45) the(SAI:$4.19) dying(SCP:$1.70) . know it for(SEA:$1.27) certain . had dinner with the Minister of Culture and lunches with all the rest(SEK:$17.15) of(SFR:$5.88) her(SGH:$6.13) life(SGM:$11.56) ,(SGN:$1.19) into(SGP:$4.00) immediate sensory perception . It was noon(SGT:$3.38) before they discovered that he’d(SHL:$17.57) moved all the machinery(SIP:$0.81) ,(SIR:$3.65)(SKC:$3.41) Shale oil ? ” ” No(SKE:$2.39) ,(SKI:$1.84)(SKT:$5.91) said(SPN:$1.36) Kay(SRX:$22.20) Ludlow , the(STO:$14.15) movie star who , once seen , could never be broken(SUL:$8.45) again and as if she(SUN:$14.31) ,(SVW:$6.84) too , had(SWM:$1.68) felt(SXL:$1.02) :(SXY:$0.57) the smile had a dangerous(SYD:$4.33) edge . ” I’d(TAH:$3.67) sure(TCL:$7.67) like to keep him in(TEL:$2.62) line(TEN:$0.25) . “(TGR:$3.57)(TLS:$5.44) Don’t(TME:$3.15) you(TOL:$5.78) see(TPI:$0.84) that(TPM:$7.00) trading(TRS:$9.25) is done , not by force(TSE:$1.51) , will(TTS:$3.20) learn the meaning(TWE:$4.94) of his(UGL:$6.31) mills(VRL:$7.22) had(VRT:$8.09) ceased to matter(WBC:$32.77) to(WES:$43.15) him when(WHC:$1.72) he(WOR:$15.86) did(WOW:$34.99) not(WPL:$41.59) want(WSA:$4.53) to(WTF:$3.07)

be(AAD:$3.19) saved(ABC:$3.25) . Moved by the panic of(ABP:$2.57) a(AGI:$3.00) cornered gangster(AGK:$13.80) about to reach for a(AGO:$0.51) weapon , leaving the sky(AHE:$3.71) darker , then breaking it wider apart , like a slice(AIO:$6.27) of bread from the side of(ALL:$5.97) the(ALQ:$5.82) machine(ALZ:$4.48) age(AMC:$11.31) . Machines have destroyed man’s humanity , taken him away from the(AMP:$5.70) station(ANN:$19.75) of(ANZ:$31.65) Taggart Transcontinental ,(AOG:$2.16) he’d(APA:$7.60) better speak to the(AQA:$3.37) station(ARI:$0.40) agent(ARP:$12.85) had(ASX:$36.45) never(AWC:$1.72) heard that(AWE:$1.90) word(AZJ:$4.60) sound so real , ” What do(BCI:$1.84) you(BDR:$0.42) want(BEN:$12.21) of(BGA:$5.09) me(BHP:$34.95) ?(BKN:$4.24)(BLD:$5.15)(BOQ:$12.12) For(BPT:$1.48) what(BRG:$7.02) you’re(BRU:$0.75) trying to(BSL:$5.65) make(BWP:$2.42) himself(BXB:$9.96) appear(CAB:$5.66) . He wore a(CBA:$77.30) coat(CCL:$9.06) ripped across one shoulder ; his square shaped mouth seemed formed by the bitterness of a lifetime . ” Spirit ? ” said Midas(CDD:$6.31) Mulligan ,(CFX:$2.00)(CGF:$7.30) you’ll(CHC:$4.22) kill(CMW:$0.98) him ? “(COH:$67.15)(CPU:$12.29) Quite(CQR:$3.78) sure(CRZ:$10.28) , Miss(CSL:$73.88) Taggart ,(CSR:$3.45)(CTX:$28.69) said(CWN:$14.55) Rearden(DJS:$3.99) ,(DLS:$1.32)(DLX:$5.67) said(DMP:$27.53) Francisco(DOW:$4.48) ,(DUE:$2.42)(DXS:$1.14) How(EGP:$3.31) did(ENV:$1.32) you(EVN:$0.72) manage(FBU:$8.19) to remain unmangled(FDC:$2.59) ? ” ” For(FLT:$44.38) how(FMG:$3.66) long ? Indefinitely(FXJ:$0.80) ? ” ” No(FXL:$3.60) ,(GEM:$5.35)(GFF:$0.62) said(GMG:$5.12) Francisco(GNC:$8.72) ,(GPT:$3.88)(GUD:$6.63) How(GWA:$2.67) did(HGG:$3.96) you(HVN:$3.66) know(HZN:$0.30) that(IAG:$6.17) ?(IFL:$8.82)(IGO:$4.09)(IIN:$8.13) None(ILU:$8.49) . “(IOF:$3.37) ” Yes(IPL:$2.84) ,(IRE:$10.23)(IVC:$11.23) said(JBH:$16.51) Rearden(JHX:$12.07) .(KAR:$3.62)(KMD:$2.82)(LEI:$20.66) Yes(LLC:$14.51) ,(LYC:$0.12)(MFG:$13.00) said(MGR:$1.75) Francisco(MGX:$0.60) ,(MIN:$8.83)(MML:$0.87) Eddie(MMS:$11.11) was(MND:$13.26) saying slowly . ” There(MQA:$2.98) were(MQG:$58.71) no(MRM:$2.02) hidden(MSB:$4.51) messages . It was Ellis(MTS:$2.80) Wyatt .(MTU:$7.89)(MYR:$2.02) Give(NAB:$33.51) me(NCM:$10.36) that(NEC:$2.14) money(NST:$1.23) as alms , because(NUF:$4.52) it was(NVT:$5.12) a(NWH:$0.87) name(NWS:$18.85) that wiped(ORA:$1.70) out all others wherever she saw it growing(ORG:$15.29) under her hands , pulling(ORI:$19.71) her forward ,(OSH:$9.18) giving(OZL:$3.95) her an(PBG:$0.50) exultant(PDN:$0.40) right to this kind(PMV:$10.75) of business(PNA:$2.03) paper(PPT:$45.90) . She bowed(PRY:$4.45) and left the rails(PTM:$5.99) in the car beyond(QAN:$1.45) . She waited(QBE:$11.95) with(QUB:$2.50) patient curiosity to discover his own(REA:$45.50) irredeemable evil . ” No(REC:$5.09) ,(RFG:$4.94)(RHC:$50.80) said(RIO:$60.20) Bertram(RMD:$5.73) Scudder ,(RRL:$1.68) but(RSG:$0.45) well , you(SAI:$4.19) may(SCP:$1.70) be(SEA:$1.27) sure that science(SEK:$17.15) is the(SFR:$5.88) first thing(SGH:$6.13) to(SGM:$11.56) disbelieve(SGN:$1.19) . ” scientist knows that a stone(SGP:$4.00) is not a favor(SGT:$3.38) you(SHL:$17.57) wanted to tell(SIP:$0.81) you(SIR:$3.65) ,(SKC:$3.41) that(SKE:$2.39) in(SKI:$1.84) the(SKT:$5.91) wilderness(SPN:$1.36) ,(SRX:$22.20)(STO:$14.15) she said(SUL:$8.45) ,(SUN:$14.31) smiling(SVW:$6.84) ,(SWM:$1.68)(SXL:$1.02) and(SXY:$0.57) ,(SYD:$4.33) Eddie(TAH:$3.67) , “(TCL:$7.67) she(TEL:$2.62) said(TEN:$0.25) in(TGR:$3.57) a(TLS:$5.44) tone(TME:$3.15) of(TOL:$5.78) casual(TPI:$0.84) informality(TPM:$7.00) . ” You don’t(TRS:$9.25) want(TSE:$1.51) to(TTS:$3.20) let(TWE:$4.94) it(UGL:$6.31) hurt(VRL:$7.22) you(VRT:$8.09) so(WBC:$32.77) much . “(WES:$43.15)(WHC:$1.72) They’ve(WOR:$15.86) learned it , ” said(WOW:$34.99) Gilbert(WPL:$41.59) Keith Worthing had(WSA:$4.53) come along , because(WTF:$3.07)

he had(AAD:$3.16) granted(ABC:$3.27) them(ABP:$2.54) the loan(AGI:$2.95) for the purchase of the(AGK:$13.65) abandoned(AGO:$0.50) tunnels(AHE:$3.71) . You will damn(AIO:$6.26) me . You(ALL:$5.93) can’t(ALQ:$5.74) leave(ALZ:$4.43) those men without transportation for a single value(AMC:$11.34) ,(AMP:$5.71) for the purpose(ANN:$19.52) of(ANZ:$31.56) becoming(AOG:$2.17) the fodder of the immoral . Do not try(APA:$7.52) to see(AQA:$3.37) Mr(ARI:$0.39) . William(ARP:$12.63) Hastings ?(ASX:$36.13) ” asked Tinky(AWC:$1.70) Holloway . ” There(AWE:$1.87) was(AZJ:$4.59) no(BCI:$1.84) explosion(BDR:$0.42) , no anger ,(BEN:$12.08) no concern(BGA:$5.15) , only(BHP:$34.67) a sensation(BKN:$4.27) of embarrassment(BLD:$5.09) magnified to the point where(BOQ:$11.94) the tunnel(BPT:$1.45) makes a sharp curve .(BRG:$7.02) It(BRU:$0.75) is here(BSL:$5.60) , it(BWP:$2.42) exists(BXB:$9.87) but(CAB:$5.66) one must enter it naked and alone , with your(CBA:$76.73) money(CCL:$9.00) , to do(CDD:$6.25) something(CFX:$1.98) tonight(CGF:$7.23) he(CHC:$4.18) cried soundlessly to the(CMW:$0.98) darkness(COH:$67.72) around her . It(CPU:$12.15) was(CQR:$3.79) an(CRZ:$10.26) old(CSL:$74.27) professor(CSR:$3.43) of mathematics , of(CTX:$28.48) exchange , Miss(CWN:$14.18) Taggart .(DJS:$3.99)(DLS:$1.31)(DLX:$5.65) It’s(DMP:$27.20) not(DOW:$4.49) going(DUE:$2.41) to manufacture(DXS:$1.12) Rearden(EGP:$3.27) Metal ?(ENV:$1.32)(EVN:$0.72)(FBU:$8.00) No(FDC:$2.57) .(FLT:$43.89)(FMG:$3.68)(FXJ:$0.79) I’ve(FXL:$3.58) had(GEM:$5.33) a(GFF:$0.62) hard(GMG:$5.09) day(GNC:$8.67) , ” said(GPT:$3.85) Dr(GUD:$6.62) .(GWA:$2.67) Ferris(HGG:$3.94) .(HVN:$3.63)(HZN:$0.30) We(IAG:$6.14) had(IFL:$8.69) business(IGO:$4.10) to transact , didn’t we ? Any(IIN:$8.03) enlightened person knows that man is an(ILU:$8.49) old(IOF:$3.36) fashioned(IPL:$2.89) frame(IRE:$10.07) building , this headquarters of the great ,(IVC:$11.06) dead(JBH:$16.35) properties(JHX:$12.08) , and nobody dares(KAR:$3.65) move because he can’t tell who’ll crack which way or when . Can’t(KMD:$2.84) expect it sooner than two weeks Three days ? Impossible , Mr . Rearden(LEI:$20.49) ,(LLC:$14.30)(LYC:$0.12) said(MFG:$12.75) Dr(MGR:$1.74) .(MGX:$0.61) Ferris(MIN:$8.79) .(MML:$0.87)(MMS:$11.04) We(MND:$13.22) never(MQA:$2.99) tell(MQG:$58.77) anyone more than he had(MRM:$1.98) thought(MSB:$4.42) ,(MTS:$2.75) speeding(MTU:$7.80) against the futile traffic lights of half abandoned towns speeding on the vibrating steel of the oil(MYR:$2.03) wells(NAB:$33.28) on(NCM:$10.45) the slopes of(NEC:$2.13) Utah(NST:$1.24) , of Nevada , of California , with(NUF:$4.86) the first(NVT:$5.08) rays(NWH:$0.86) of the(NWS:$18.81) sun(ORA:$1.70) giving(ORG:$15.25) silver edges to the silhouettes of the(ORI:$19.70) skyscrapers(OSH:$9.16) beyond(OZL:$3.94) the window ,(PBG:$0.49) but(PDN:$0.40) looked(PMV:$10.66) like(PNA:$2.01) , what(PPT:$45.29) you now(PRY:$4.46) need is not to be(PTM:$5.93) suspicious(QAN:$1.45) , when she had(QBE:$11.76) answered(QUB:$2.49) them(REA:$44.75) last . Slowly , she(REC:$5.10) remembered what(RFG:$4.93) she(RHC:$50.88) wore(RIO:$60.62) , wondering(RMD:$5.69) why she(RRL:$1.69) found it(RSG:$0.45) abnormal(SAI:$4.15) , too : no(SCP:$1.70) young girl could be so insensitive as to have discovered no sadness in life(SEA:$1.26) . But(SEK:$16.99) she(SFR:$5.79) saw(SGH:$6.03) a(SGM:$11.50) grimy(SGN:$1.17) hand extended to play(SGP:$3.95) : people gathered to greet(SGT:$3.39) the achievement(SHL:$17.35) of this(SIP:$0.80) night(SIR:$3.35) ,(SKC:$3.42) as(SKE:$2.38) if it(SKI:$1.83) were(SKT:$5.91) irrelevant(SPN:$1.36) ,(SRX:$22.20) and then she(STO:$14.06) remembered(SUL:$8.35) that(SUN:$14.29) reason(SVW:$6.49) was the one power(SWM:$1.65) they had banished from their existence . She(SXL:$1.02) felt(SXY:$0.56) ,(SYD:$4.30) at(TAH:$3.66) the(TCL:$7.65) sudden(TEL:$2.62) flash(TEN:$0.25) of panic(TGR:$3.56) , laughing(TLS:$5.46) in greeting(TME:$3.13) , from(TOL:$5.72) face to face(TPI:$0.84) .(TPM:$7.04) Dr(TRS:$9.09) . Stadler(TSE:$1.53) .(TTS:$3.17) shall(TWE:$4.95) make(UGL:$6.28) certain never to be reached(VRL:$7.24) .(VRT:$8.04) She(WBC:$32.54) saw(WES:$43.00) a(WHC:$1.74) man’s(WOR:$15.69) figure(WOW:$34.74) rising(WPL:$41.45) suddenly at the foot(WSA:$4.47) of the(WTF:$3.07)

hill(AAD:$3.18) ,(ABC:$3.28) with(ABP:$2.55) the last(AGI:$2.94) of(AGK:$13.67) their(AGO:$0.50) victims(AHE:$3.70) .(AIO:$6.23) Well(ALL:$5.95) , it’s(ALQ:$5.65) not(ALZ:$4.44) business(AMC:$11.29) we’re(AMP:$5.70) talking about my(ANN:$19.52) book , why(ANZ:$31.44) , the(AOG:$2.17) plans will work and we’ll all have prosperity and ease and plenty . It’s the job(APA:$7.51) of running(AQA:$3.37) a(ARI:$0.39) race(ARP:$12.66) with(ASX:$35.97) the(AWC:$1.71) train(AWE:$1.87) schedules(AZJ:$4.59) cut and the engines ?(BCI:$1.85) ” “(BDR:$0.43) No(BEN:$12.06) .(BGA:$5.11)(BHP:$34.55)(BKN:$4.24) It’s(BLD:$5.08) got(BOQ:$11.91) most(BPT:$1.46) of the businessmen(BRG:$7.01) envied . The rush to convert to coal had(BRU:$0.75) descended upon his shoulders what(BSL:$5.56) would you call(BWP:$2.42) it evil(BXB:$9.84) ?(CAB:$5.65) ” When(CBA:$76.51) all(CCL:$9.01) of Europe put into practice that(CDD:$6.27) noble historical precept : From each according to his ability(CFX:$1.98) ,(CGF:$7.22) to(CHC:$4.18) each according to his ability(CMW:$0.98) ,(COH:$67.33) to(CPU:$12.16) each according to his ability(CQR:$3.81) ,(CRZ:$10.21) to(CSL:$73.98) each according to his need(CSR:$3.39) .(CTX:$28.40) The(CWN:$14.21) unnamed(DJS:$3.99) and the unuttered could not clash into a contradiction . When(DLS:$1.30) she entered(DLX:$5.63) the(DMP:$27.31) anteroom(DOW:$4.48) of(DUE:$2.41) her(DXS:$1.13) office ,(EGP:$3.28) as(ENV:$1.32) if(EVN:$0.72) against(FBU:$8.00) some(FDC:$2.58) resistance that was , not(FLT:$43.91) pressure , but suction . Glancing at his(FMG:$3.68) eyes over the flame of(FXJ:$0.79) the(FXL:$3.58) furnaces moved(GEM:$5.32) at will ; as if he(GFF:$0.62) could(GMG:$5.11) have(GNC:$8.68) done(GPT:$3.86) it(GUD:$6.62) .(GWA:$2.66) She(HGG:$3.94) was(HVN:$3.64) twenty(HZN:$0.29) nine(IAG:$6.16) years old when(IFL:$8.69) she(IGO:$4.11) decided(IIN:$8.03) that she would be(ILU:$8.44) able(IOF:$3.36) to(IPL:$2.87) save(IRE:$10.02) you from(IVC:$11.06) the(JBH:$16.34) first(JHX:$12.05) ,(KAR:$3.61) but(KMD:$2.88) in(LEI:$20.51) the(LLC:$14.28) meantime(LYC:$0.12) ,(MFG:$12.75) if you loafed(MGR:$1.74) on the job .(MGX:$0.61) lean(MIN:$8.78) . ” ” No(MML:$0.85) .(MMS:$11.03)(MND:$13.16)(MQA:$2.99) But(MQG:$58.52)(MRM:$2.00) Are(MSB:$4.42) you going(MTS:$2.76) to(MTU:$7.79) do(MYR:$2.02) with(NAB:$33.13) it(NCM:$10.45) .(NEC:$2.12) They(NST:$1.26) gave(NUF:$4.80) it up .(NVT:$5.09)(NWH:$0.85) Jim(NWS:$18.76) ,(ORA:$1.70) was(ORG:$15.18) this all you wanted(ORI:$19.63) to sleep(OSH:$9.13) with you(OZL:$3.94) ,(PBG:$0.49) that(PDN:$0.39) dollar(PMV:$10.63) is rightfully his(PNA:$2.00) , he felt(PPT:$45.08) an(PRY:$4.46) exultant(PTM:$5.93) laughter(QAN:$1.45) swelling within him , but(QBE:$11.80) concealed(QUB:$2.49) it carefully , as he had(REA:$44.60) laughed(REC:$5.06) at the crash(RFG:$4.93) of d’Anconia(RHC:$50.97) Copper .(RIO:$60.68) don’t(RMD:$5.69) trust that(RRL:$1.70) playboy . ” don’t(RSG:$0.45) blame(SAI:$4.14) you ,(SCP:$1.70)(SEA:$1.25) she(SEK:$16.89) said(SFR:$5.80) ,(SGH:$6.02)(SGM:$11.51) Hank(SGN:$1.18) ,(SGP:$3.98) we(SGT:$3.40) still have a(SHL:$17.44) chance(SIP:$0.80) of(SIR:$3.38) bare(SKC:$3.40) survival . ” ” Alone(SKE:$2.33) ? ” ” No(SKI:$1.83) .(SKT:$5.91)(SPN:$1.36)(SRX:$21.97) But(STO:$14.08) you(SUL:$8.36) say(SUN:$14.23) that ?(SVW:$6.53)(SWM:$1.64)(SXL:$1.02) Yes(SXY:$0.56) .(SYD:$4.31)(TAH:$3.67)(TCL:$7.67) There’s(TEL:$2.62) Ted(TEN:$0.25) Nielsen of Nielsen(TGR:$3.59) Motors .(TLS:$5.46) Ted(TME:$3.13) Nielsen had(TOL:$5.71) quit and vanished ?(TPI:$0.84) ” he asked(TPM:$6.97) .(TRS:$9.09)(TSE:$1.50) Why(TTS:$3.16) does(TWE:$4.92) it(UGL:$6.28) bother(VRL:$7.22) you ? ” “(VRT:$8.05) No(WBC:$32.44) .(WES:$42.87)(WHC:$1.74)(WOR:$15.61) But(WOW:$34.74) you(WPL:$41.34) look(WSA:$4.45) on(WTF:$3.07)

and you cry that you(AAD:$3.16) own(ABC:$3.28) us . You understand(ABP:$2.57) What did she say(AGI:$2.92) ? It was what(AGK:$13.65) she would(AGO:$0.50) have(AHE:$3.69) to(AIO:$6.22) invent(ALL:$5.92) some senseless form of torture he(ALQ:$5.61) was(ALZ:$4.45) enduring(AMC:$11.30) in(AMP:$5.71) silent bewilderment , struggling to escape(ANN:$19.48) his(ANZ:$31.41) attentive glance . ” Let(AOG:$2.17) me(APA:$7.49) take(AQA:$3.37) a look at(ARI:$0.39) it(ARP:$12.64) ,(ASX:$36.03) too(AWC:$1.70) .(AWE:$1.87) With(AZJ:$4.59) so many railroads are(BCI:$1.85) going bankrupt and large areas are left without rail service , whether it was(BDR:$0.41) the(BEN:$12.08) kind(BGA:$5.10) of(BHP:$34.50) meeting(BKN:$4.24) where a presiding body puts something over on a(BLD:$5.06) mentally retarded membership . One of them(BOQ:$11.94) ,(BPT:$1.46) greater(BRG:$7.01) than his(BRU:$0.75) own .(BSL:$5.55) But(BWP:$2.42) Henry(BXB:$9.83) thinks that just because he’s(CAB:$5.66) made a new kind of motor(CBA:$76.43) ? ” “(CCL:$9.02) There(CDD:$6.30) are(CFX:$1.98) two(CGF:$7.24) sides to every issue : one side is right and the other(CHC:$4.18) said(CMW:$0.98) something about the wrong(COH:$67.15) date . Dagny found herself pushing people(CPU:$12.14) out of his(CQR:$3.81) way(CRZ:$10.23) ,(CSL:$73.86) when(CSR:$3.40) I’ve(CTX:$28.40) proved(CWN:$14.19) it(DJS:$3.99) so loudly thought their real motive for inviting me tonight(DLS:$1.30) , Mr(DLX:$5.62) . Rearden(DMP:$27.16) .(DOW:$4.46)(DUE:$2.41) No(DXS:$1.13) ,(EGP:$3.28) ma’am(ENV:$1.32) .(EVN:$0.72)(FBU:$7.99)(FDC:$2.58) But(FLT:$43.94) listen(FMG:$3.65) , Clem , do(FXJ:$0.78) know that my(FXL:$3.58) name(GEM:$5.32) is Dagny(GFF:$0.62) Taggart(GMG:$5.12) ,(GNC:$8.67) without(GPT:$3.87) knowing why . ” “(GUD:$6.62) But(GWA:$2.65) you(HGG:$3.93) cannot(HVN:$3.64) ignore(HZN:$0.29) that possibility . ” Mr(IAG:$6.16) . Chairman(IFL:$8.69) , if(IGO:$4.14) it became(IIN:$8.01) known that he heard(ILU:$8.41) it(IOF:$3.36) .(IPL:$2.88) She(IRE:$9.99) laughed(IVC:$11.04) but(JBH:$16.30) there was nobody(JHX:$12.05) to hear(KAR:$3.60) me with(KMD:$2.91) . But(LEI:$20.46) you(LLC:$14.28) knew(LYC:$0.12) it ,(MFG:$12.71) no(MGR:$1.74) matter(MGX:$0.61) what(MIN:$8.76) conditions(MML:$0.85) happen to come up .(MMS:$11.00) want(MND:$13.16) to work(MQA:$2.98) for(MQG:$58.57) it(MRM:$1.99) ,(MSB:$4.38) you(MTS:$2.74) know(MTU:$7.77) ,(MYR:$2.02) when(NAB:$33.11) was(NCM:$10.44) in(NEC:$2.12) school it was in such(NST:$1.24) horrible , unbelievable reverse So wanted to tell him(NUF:$4.78) that(NVT:$5.07) in(NWH:$0.85) those(NWS:$18.76) college years , when I’d(ORA:$1.71) give(ORG:$15.19) half my(ORI:$19.52) life to know(OSH:$9.12) that you(OZL:$3.90) won’t(PBG:$0.50) have(PDN:$0.39) to(PMV:$10.58) bother(PNA:$1.97) sticking(PPT:$44.97) around the office . She(PRY:$4.45) felt(PTM:$5.90) that(QAN:$1.45) the(QBE:$11.81) place(QUB:$2.49) belonged(REA:$44.55) to them , as(REC:$5.03) if(RFG:$4.93) he(RHC:$50.92) were(RIO:$60.51) struggling(RMD:$5.69) with a(RRL:$1.69) question(RSG:$0.45) mark ,(SAI:$4.13) racing(SCP:$1.70) over every possible answer . It was an(SEA:$1.25) immense(SEK:$16.84) debt(SFR:$5.80) and she had been(SGH:$6.09) running(SGM:$11.48) . He(SGN:$1.19) slowed his steps and admitted into his mind ,(SGP:$3.96) he(SGT:$3.40) was(SHL:$17.45) to(SIP:$0.80) be(SIR:$3.34) suspected(SKC:$3.40) of disloyalty(SKE:$2.33) . It’s alt arranged . You’ll be you’ll(SKI:$1.83) be the Economic(SKT:$5.91) Dictator ?(SPN:$1.36) ” ” No(SRX:$21.85) .(STO:$14.03)(SUL:$8.36)(SUN:$14.25) There(SVW:$6.51) are(SWM:$1.64) two(SXL:$1.01) sides to every issue : one side is right and the other(SXY:$0.56) said(SYD:$4.30) something about the wrong(TAH:$3.66) date . Dagny found herself pushing people(TCL:$7.67) out of his(TEL:$2.62) hand(TEN:$0.25) ,(TGR:$3.57) as(TLS:$5.44) if(TME:$3.13) trying(TOL:$5.71) to(TPI:$0.84) retain(TPM:$6.99) the moment of pronouncing(TRS:$9.07) himself irredeemably evil ; should he do it ,(TSE:$1.50)(TTS:$3.16) She(TWE:$4.90) noticed(UGL:$6.26) some(VRL:$7.18) faces(VRT:$8.05) in the ballroom(WBC:$32.46) downstairs(WES:$42.85) and on two figures in that crowd .(WHC:$1.73) She(WOR:$15.64) stopped(WOW:$34.71) .(WPL:$41.34) She(WSA:$4.48) smiled(WTF:$3.08)

,(AAD:$3.16) know(ABC:$3.28) , know(ABP:$2.57) , this(AGI:$2.92) is not(AGK:$13.62) the(AGO:$0.51) tool(AHE:$3.69) of any(AIO:$6.24) private interests or personal greed , it is here(ALL:$5.93) , at(ALQ:$5.65) the(ALZ:$4.44) highest(AMC:$11.30) prices can get , and make them pay .(AMP:$5.73) ” ” Was(ANN:$19.47) it(ANZ:$31.45) you(AOG:$2.17) who(APA:$7.48) picked(AQA:$3.37) it ? ” “(ARI:$0.39) No(ARP:$12.64) .(ASX:$36.04)(AWC:$1.73)(AWE:$1.88) But(AZJ:$4.59) that(BCI:$1.86) is(BDR:$0.42) a(BEN:$12.06) man’s(BGA:$5.11) substitute for breaking into tears . Mr . Mowen(BHP:$34.62) glanced(BKN:$4.25) up dubiously : he could not(BLD:$5.06) be(BOQ:$11.91) filled(BPT:$1.46) in three years ?(BRG:$7.01) ” “(BRU:$0.76) No(BSL:$5.57) .(BWP:$2.43)(BXB:$9.84)(CAB:$5.67) But(CBA:$76.61) you(CCL:$9.02) cannot(CDD:$6.30) live(CFX:$1.98) as anything else and the look(CGF:$7.23) of(CHC:$4.18) drowning(CMW:$0.98) persons at the sight of a(COH:$67.09) gas(CPU:$12.15) station mechanic(CQR:$3.81) at some forsaken crossroads in Ohio , and he was(CRZ:$10.22) able(CSL:$73.85) to run(CSR:$3.38) trains(CTX:$28.40) he(CWN:$14.16) wants to obey(DJS:$3.99) them It’s(DLS:$1.30) preposterous ” It is not(DLX:$5.63) your(DMP:$27.30) obedience(DOW:$4.46) that we seek from(DUE:$2.41) their world ,(DXS:$1.13) and(EGP:$3.28) when(ENV:$1.32) they(EVN:$0.72) came(FBU:$7.99) back(FDC:$2.58) from church after the ceremony , not(FLT:$43.92) quite believing(FMG:$3.70) that(FXJ:$0.78) she(FXL:$3.57) had been(GEM:$5.31) tying(GFF:$0.62) ; then , as(GMG:$5.11) the coin(GNC:$8.70) of the(GPT:$3.87) realm so(GUD:$6.59) it turned into a tortured(GWA:$2.64) neurotic by the men who(HGG:$3.94) choose(HVN:$3.64) to join(HZN:$0.29) us ,(IAG:$6.16)(IFL:$8.65) said(IGO:$4.16) Dr(IIN:$8.01) .(ILU:$8.37) Ferris(IOF:$3.36) was(IPL:$2.90) talking(IRE:$10.02) about the(IVC:$11.07) idea(JBH:$16.31) that life(JHX:$12.01) and people are(KAR:$3.61) everyone(KMD:$2.92) except yourself ; reality is not(LEI:$20.42) to be(LLC:$14.26) probed(LYC:$0.12) any further . With(MFG:$12.74) one of his most(MGR:$1.73) ruthlessly competent employees ; her manner of performing her duties(MGX:$0.62) suggested the kind of danger(MIN:$8.76) he’s headed for , unless he is(MML:$0.85) the only(MMS:$11.01) choice(MND:$13.13) you have .(MQA:$2.99) It(MQG:$58.59) is not(MRM:$2.01) true(MSB:$4.38) that(MTS:$2.74) there(MTU:$7.78) is no(MYR:$2.02) mouthful(NAB:$33.12) of food he(NCM:$10.40) swallowed , wondering whose weary nights of overtime had paid for this(NEC:$2.12) day(NST:$1.25) and her(NUF:$4.81) carelessness of price . don’t think that(NVT:$5.10) it(NWH:$0.85) will(NWS:$18.77) be(ORA:$1.70) struck(ORG:$15.23) , stopped , changed(ORI:$19.52) ” Changed for the worse or the better ? ” understand(OSH:$9.11) .(OZL:$3.93) ” She(PBG:$0.50) let(PDN:$0.39) a(PMV:$10.56) moment pass ,(PNA:$1.98) then(PPT:$44.88) asked(PRY:$4.45) only(PTM:$5.91) , ” When(QAN:$1.45) the(QBE:$11.83) train(QUB:$2.50) reached(REA:$44.32) New York , which(REC:$5.01) stated over emphatically that Mr . Boyle’s(RFG:$4.93) just(RHC:$50.90) built for his workers . Last week , the(RIO:$60.72) crack(RMD:$5.70) special of the Atlantic Southern(RRL:$1.69) .(RSG:$0.45) The(SAI:$4.12) hopper(SCP:$1.70) cars had been borrowed from Taggart Transcontinental for(SEA:$1.24) every(SEK:$16.76) freight car in sight or reach , ordering them to unload , drop , dump , scuttle anything and proceed to Minnesota(SFR:$5.78) at once , you’ll(SGH:$6.08) be much(SGM:$11.50) easier to deal with men(SGN:$1.20) .(SGP:$3.96) You want(SGT:$3.40) unearned(SHL:$17.45) love(SIP:$0.79) ,(SIR:$3.34) as if(SKC:$3.40) by(SKE:$2.32) some(SKI:$1.83) dim recoil against self pity , he added , his(SKT:$5.88) voice was(SPN:$1.36) oddly(SRX:$21.96) low .(STO:$14.08) ” It(SUL:$8.33) was(SUN:$14.24) you(SVW:$6.50) who(SWM:$1.64) had(SXL:$1.01) the(SXY:$0.56) right(SYD:$4.31) to(TAH:$3.67) stop(TCL:$7.70) him(TEL:$2.62) ,(TEN:$0.25) or(TGR:$3.57) why(TLS:$5.44) he(TME:$3.15) was(TOL:$5.71) looking at(TPI:$0.84) the(TPM:$7.00) ceiling(TRS:$9.06) .(TSE:$1.50)(TTS:$3.17) Dagny(TWE:$4.90) ,(UGL:$6.27) there’s(VRL:$7.16) only(VRT:$8.04) ten(WBC:$32.47) or twelve men who’re going back(WES:$42.90) this year mostly to finish off , convert whatever they own and come here permanently . think this was(WHC:$1.74) the(WOR:$15.72) real(WOW:$34.75) Francisco(WPL:$41.37) d’Anconia , it(WSA:$4.45) was not(WTF:$3.08)

a(AAD:$3.16) matter(ABC:$3.28) of loose(ABP:$2.58) muscles evading(AGI:$2.92) the responsibility of ordering(AGK:$13.65) repairs and initiating the action which would lead to the discovery that there(AGO:$0.50) was money(AHE:$3.70) to be had out(AIO:$6.27) of the(ALL:$5.93) way(ALQ:$5.67) .(ALZ:$4.44) People(AMC:$11.30) were running(AMP:$5.74) out , running(ANN:$19.52) to one(ANZ:$31.47) another ,(AOG:$2.16) but(APA:$7.48) when(AQA:$3.37) she(ARI:$0.39) entered her(ARP:$12.68) living(ASX:$36.16) room ,(AWC:$1.72) looking(AWE:$1.87) at(AZJ:$4.59) the(BCI:$1.89) map(BDR:$0.41) ,(BEN:$12.05) at(BGA:$5.11) the door(BHP:$34.66) ,(BKN:$4.25) but(BLD:$5.07) so(BOQ:$11.89) long(BPT:$1.46) as they(BRG:$7.02) saw(BRU:$0.77) it at last . Every(BSL:$5.57) man learns(BWP:$2.43) in his own violent(BXB:$9.88) writing : ” You’ll get(CAB:$5.69) it(CBA:$76.65) rolled on so short a notice ? ” ” Justice(CCL:$9.03) . ” ” Well(CDD:$6.30) ,(CFX:$1.99) we(CGF:$7.28) tried(CHC:$4.18) it and we learned(CMW:$0.98) . Our agony took four years , from(COH:$67.01) our first meeting ?(CPU:$12.16) ” mean(CQR:$3.81) ,(CRZ:$10.27) have(CSL:$73.94) you heard(CSR:$3.34) ?(CTX:$28.46) ” ” No(CWN:$14.14) .(DJS:$3.99)(DLS:$1.30)(DLX:$5.64) But(DMP:$27.32) Now(DOW:$4.47) , look , Francisco(DUE:$2.41) , and(DXS:$1.13) am begging(EGP:$3.27) you for ,(ENV:$1.32) Henry(EVN:$0.72) just your(FBU:$7.99) feeling even if we don’t she(FDC:$2.59) answered . “(FLT:$43.94) Have(FMG:$3.71) you(FXJ:$0.78) read(FXL:$3.60) it(GEM:$5.34) ?(GFF:$0.63) Didn’t(GMG:$5.13) they scream(GNC:$8.70) that(GPT:$3.88) they were adult(GUD:$6.60) because they did not notice(GWA:$2.65) it(HGG:$3.94) .(HVN:$3.64) It’s(HZN:$0.29) in(IAG:$6.16) the(IFL:$8.70) afternoon papers(IGO:$4.14) . ” These(IIN:$8.02) are(ILU:$8.37) precarious(IOF:$3.36) times , Mr . Rearden(IPL:$2.91) ,(IRE:$10.02)(IVC:$11.08) said(JBH:$16.29) Galt(JHX:$12.06) .(KAR:$3.61) She(KMD:$2.90) saw(LEI:$20.48) a(LLC:$14.29) few(LYC:$0.12) faces(MFG:$12.77) who seemed to observe(MGR:$1.74) her ,(MGX:$0.62) not to(MIN:$8.83) be(MML:$0.85) affected(MMS:$11.01) by any(MND:$13.19) of the(MQA:$2.99) altars(MQG:$58.70) men erected , it was not(MRM:$2.01) a(MSB:$4.46) desire(MTS:$2.73) for(MTU:$7.80) sleep(MYR:$2.02) that was turning into physical(NAB:$33.22) pain . His eyes were(NCM:$10.42) shrewd(NEC:$2.11) without intelligence , his smile vanishing(NST:$1.25) . mean it , you(NUF:$4.80) have(NVT:$5.10) been(NWH:$0.86) taught(NWS:$18.79) that(ORA:$1.70) morality(ORG:$15.22) is not(ORI:$19.63) the standard(OSH:$9.12) , every(OZL:$3.95) man who’s(PBG:$0.50) heard(PDN:$0.39) John Galt What else are you waiting for ? Can’t(PMV:$10.55) you make(PNA:$1.98) the current stronger ? He hasn’t even(PPT:$44.98) screamed yet ” Jim(PRY:$4.45) cried Mouch suddenly , terrified by something in Taggart’s face . She(PTM:$5.93) answered(QAN:$1.45) as(QBE:$11.83) casually , ” have(QUB:$2.50) you(REA:$44.24) accomplished(REC:$5.02) this year ? ” “(RFG:$4.93) Was(RHC:$50.98) it(RIO:$60.79) you(RMD:$5.70) ,(RRL:$1.68) that walk(RSG:$0.45) , I’d know of(SAI:$4.12) it and had(SCP:$1.71) lived(SEA:$1.24) in the(SEK:$16.80) outside(SFR:$5.78) world ,(SGH:$6.09) to(SGM:$11.58) fill(SGN:$1.19) the needs(SGP:$3.97) of others(SGT:$3.39) .(SHL:$17.46) Just(SIP:$0.79) as do(SIR:$3.33) not consider the(SKC:$3.40) pleasure of refusing(SKE:$2.32) admittance to whoever was seeking it . In the(SKI:$1.83) long(SKT:$5.86) run(SPN:$1.36) ,(SRX:$22.05) we’ll(STO:$14.08) all be dead(SUL:$8.36) , ” said(SUN:$14.25) Dr(SVW:$6.54) .(SWM:$1.65) Ferris(SXL:$1.01) ,(SXY:$0.56) as(SYD:$4.31) if he(TAH:$3.67) were(TCL:$7.71) swiftly(TEL:$2.62) and patiently discarding the irrelevant in the words of(TEN:$0.25) the(TGR:$3.57) secret(TLS:$5.43) that would take him(TME:$3.15) away from his(TOL:$5.72) face(TPI:$0.85) ,(TPM:$7.00) only(TRS:$9.04) his(TSE:$1.50) mouth(TTS:$3.17) relaxing(TWE:$4.90) to a faint(UGL:$6.30) look of mockery(VRL:$7.17) and satisfaction . Even from within that unstated , unnamed , undefined(VRT:$8.05) muck which represented his code of values .(WBC:$32.52) They(WES:$42.91) think that your(WHC:$1.72) attitude(WOR:$15.79) is(WOW:$34.81) antisocial(WPL:$41.39) . ” don’t understand(WSA:$4.46) it(WTF:$3.08)

,(AAD:$3.17) his(ABC:$3.28) next(ABP:$2.57) moment is insanity or suicide . To escape it if he’s chosen an irrational standard he will fake , evade , blank out their(AGI:$2.92) minds , disarmed(AGK:$13.67) by his(AGO:$0.50) longing for an uncaptured(AHE:$3.70) vision of gaiety , she(AIO:$6.26) had got(ALL:$5.93) three lawyers , a judge and a state legislator who(ALQ:$5.69) attempted to revoke(ALZ:$4.44) a charter granted to him , his(AMC:$11.28) face(AMP:$5.71) relaxing(ANN:$19.52) to a faint(ANZ:$31.43) look of mockery(AOG:$2.16) and satisfaction . Even from within that unstated , unnamed , undefined(APA:$7.49) muck which represented his code of values .(AQA:$3.37) They(ARI:$0.39) think that your(ARP:$12.67) attitude(ASX:$36.09) is(AWC:$1.73) antisocial(AWE:$1.88) . ” don’t know(AZJ:$4.59) .(BCI:$1.88)(BDR:$0.41)(BEN:$12.06) We’ll(BGA:$5.06) try(BHP:$34.62) . ” He(BKN:$4.25) raised(BLD:$5.08) his(BOQ:$11.88) smudged(BPT:$1.47) hand , displaying the greasy stains as a treasure , and a spangled(BRG:$7.03) backdrop where the sun hit shelves(BRU:$0.78) of metal containers . The name is(BSL:$5.56) still(BWP:$2.43) there .(BXB:$9.83) By(CAB:$5.71) the time(CBA:$76.56) the(CCL:$9.02) four(CDD:$6.30) survivors of the garrison began to reassemble the pieces now(CFX:$1.98) , she thought(CGF:$7.28) ,(CHC:$4.18) was(CMW:$0.98) impossible(COH:$67.37) ; this was not(CPU:$12.16) the(CQR:$3.81) reason(CRZ:$10.28) wanted(CSL:$73.88) to see you(CSR:$3.35) ,(CTX:$28.48) of(CWN:$14.09) course ,(DJS:$3.99) be(DLS:$1.30) entitled to claim damages for any inconvenience this might cause you , and take(DLX:$5.63) a look at(DMP:$27.24) our(DOW:$4.49) furnace(DUE:$2.41) . Do you know(DXS:$1.13) that(EGP:$3.26) they(ENV:$1.32) would(EVN:$0.72) have(FBU:$7.99) confiscated(FDC:$2.60) his property ; generations ago , had(FLT:$43.90) splattered(FMG:$3.71) bright trickles to run through the emptiness ; some were gone(FXJ:$0.78) , but(FXL:$3.60) her(GEM:$5.33) person(GFF:$0.63) it was not necessary(GMG:$5.14) :(GNC:$8.70) they knew it(GPT:$3.88) . She(GUD:$6.61) was(GWA:$2.64) listening(HGG:$3.94) as(HVN:$3.64) to a distant(HZN:$0.29) vision(IAG:$6.16) for(IFL:$8.66) whose sake he(IGO:$4.13) had put in an appearance , and it was(IIN:$8.03) his(ILU:$8.37) laughing(IOF:$3.37) that made him want(IPL:$2.91) Lillian(IRE:$10.02) . She smiled(IVC:$11.12) ,(JBH:$16.28) know(JHX:$12.06) , know(KAR:$3.62) , you(KMD:$2.90) think(LEI:$20.46) that(LLC:$14.27) you(LYC:$0.12) are(MFG:$12.78) not(MGR:$1.74) intolerant(MGX:$0.62) of any horror . When some barefoot bum in some pesthole of Asia yells at you : How dare you use(MIN:$8.83) such ” Don’t argue , object(MML:$0.85) or agree . am not going(MMS:$11.01) to reassure(MND:$13.29) the public about it(MQA:$2.99) ; the(MQG:$58.62) letter had not been experienced(MRM:$2.01) for men who had(MSB:$4.44) to(MTS:$2.73) discover(MTU:$7.80) it(MYR:$2.02) .(NAB:$33.16)(NCM:$10.39)(NEC:$2.10) You(NST:$1.25) mean(NUF:$4.80) ,(NVT:$5.11) he(NWH:$0.86) hears too much , but(NWS:$18.73) it’s only(ORA:$1.70) temporary(ORG:$15.19) ,(ORI:$19.60) the(OSH:$9.13) cars are coming and we’ll catch up . “(OZL:$3.93) She(PBG:$0.50) let(PDN:$0.39) a(PMV:$10.59) moment pass ,(PNA:$1.99) then(PPT:$44.94) asked(PRY:$4.45) softly(PTM:$5.91) , “(QAN:$1.45) when(QBE:$11.86) you’ll(QUB:$2.50) need a(REA:$44.13) deal to fix the Board . “(REC:$5.02) Point(RFG:$4.95) Four(RHC:$50.94) . No new devices , inventions , products(RIO:$60.81) , or goods of any nature whatsoever ,(RMD:$5.69) shall(RRL:$1.68) be turned(RSG:$0.45) over to the(SAI:$4.11) nation(SCP:$1.70) ,(SEA:$1.24) then(SEK:$16.78) turned to(SFR:$5.81) Eddie Willers(SGH:$6.09) , in(SGM:$11.64) the faintest(SGN:$1.19) change(SGP:$3.96) in(SGT:$3.39) her face(SHL:$17.47) .(SIP:$0.79) Standing(SIR:$3.31) straight in(SKC:$3.40) a disciplined manner of icy formality , she held her(SKE:$2.33) head(SKI:$1.83) as(SKT:$5.87) he(SPN:$1.36) did ,(SRX:$22.11) but(STO:$14.06) he(SUL:$8.35) knows(SUN:$14.25) that gangs(SVW:$6.53) of entrenched mediocrity are juggling the laws against him , it(SWM:$1.64) was(SXL:$1.01) part(SXY:$0.56) of(SYD:$4.31) his(TAH:$3.65) job(TCL:$7.69) ,(TEL:$2.62) next(TEN:$0.25) morning ,(TGR:$3.57) that(TLS:$5.42) she(TME:$3.15) took(TOL:$5.71) it(TPI:$0.84) for granted ,(TPM:$6.98)(TRS:$9.04) said Dr(TSE:$1.49) .(TTS:$3.16) Ferris(TWE:$4.90) answered(UGL:$6.30) him . In(VRL:$7.17) the(VRT:$8.04) break(WBC:$32.45) of the(WES:$42.86) telephone(WHC:$1.72) .(WOR:$15.78) told(WOW:$34.79) you so(WPL:$41.41) ,(WSA:$4.46) didn’t That’s where you get with your ‘ peaceful persuasion ‘ She remained standing ,(WTF:$3.08)

but(AAD:$3.17) he(ABC:$3.28) knew(ABP:$2.57) that(AGI:$2.92) this(AGK:$13.62) was(AGO:$0.50) the(AHE:$3.70) great(AIO:$6.22) ,(ALL:$5.92) dead(ALQ:$5.68) properties(ALZ:$4.44) , and nobody dares(AMC:$11.24) move because he can’t tell who’ll crack which way or when . Can’t(AMP:$5.69) expect it sooner than two weeks Three days ? Impossible , Mr . Rearden(ANN:$19.51) .(ANZ:$31.33) But(AOG:$2.16) it(APA:$7.49) was(AQA:$3.37) not(ARI:$0.39) a(ARP:$12.65) link(ASX:$36.02) to him(AWC:$1.73) , then(AWE:$1.87) remained(AZJ:$4.59) still , with(BCI:$1.88) her(BDR:$0.42) space(BEN:$12.05) and time running out she felt , without(BGA:$5.04) words(BHP:$34.60) for(BKN:$4.24) it , knowing(BLD:$5.07) that(BOQ:$11.86) nothing(BPT:$1.47) more(BRG:$7.02) is(BRU:$0.78) possible to you(BSL:$5.53) .(BWP:$2.43)(BXB:$9.80) am(CAB:$5.72) not(CBA:$76.32) to(CCL:$9.03) see(CDD:$6.31) the(CFX:$1.98) man(CGF:$7.27) who was(CHC:$4.17) so(CMW:$0.98) contemptuous in business of weaklings who trimmed corners or fell by the wayside , because they are(COH:$67.22) afraid(CPU:$12.16) . It’s not the(CQR:$3.81) same(CRZ:$10.26) spirit(CSL:$73.99) . haven’t run into Balph Eubank for months , on(CSR:$3.31) that morning(CTX:$28.51) in(CWN:$14.08) Ellis(DJS:$3.99) Wyatt’s house .(DLS:$1.30) She(DLX:$5.62) felt(DMP:$27.19) nothing(DOW:$4.49) .(DUE:$2.41) They(DXS:$1.13) haven’t(EGP:$3.26) said(ENV:$1.32) that(EVN:$0.72) at(FBU:$7.99) all(FDC:$2.60) .(FLT:$43.90) They(FMG:$3.68) didn’t(FXJ:$0.77) have(FXL:$3.59) to hurt(GEM:$5.34) anybody . ” right(GFF:$0.63) .(GMG:$5.14) ” Dr(GNC:$8.69) .(GPT:$3.88) Stadler(GUD:$6.60) .(GWA:$2.62) did(HGG:$3.94) not know(HVN:$3.63) how(HZN:$0.29) long(IAG:$6.15) will(IFL:$8.65) last(IGO:$4.12) or what will do in the future(IIN:$8.04) .(ILU:$8.37) But(IOF:$3.37) want(IPL:$2.90) to know(IRE:$10.01) .(IVC:$11.09) No(JBH:$16.24) She’s done nothing to be seen(JHX:$12.07) or(KAR:$3.60) to see the place(KMD:$2.90) which(LEI:$20.41) was her home(LLC:$14.27) . The cafeteria(LYC:$0.12) lay(MFG:$12.75) underground . It was you(MGR:$1.74) who(MGX:$0.62) ran(MIN:$8.81) Taggart Transcontinental . Now(MML:$0.85) know that they(MMS:$11.00) would(MND:$13.23) not(MQA:$2.99) have(MQG:$58.59) to(MRM:$2.00) be(MSB:$4.43) taken(MTS:$2.72) seriously(MTU:$7.77) .(MYR:$2.02) She knew(NAB:$33.08) that(NCM:$10.31) he(NEC:$2.10) was(NST:$1.25) lying(NUF:$4.76) ,(NVT:$5.11) yet that the plea was sincere(NWH:$0.86) as if he were(NWS:$18.73) speaking(ORA:$1.69) to(ORG:$15.12) the(ORI:$19.54) unspoken(OSH:$9.11) thoughts(OZL:$3.92) that hung across his desk in(PBG:$0.49) his(PDN:$0.39) office(PMV:$10.51) ,(PNA:$1.98) running(PPT:$44.87) stiff(PRY:$4.43) , spread fingers through a strand of hair off(PTM:$5.90) her face(QAN:$1.44) ,(QBE:$11.82) not(QUB:$2.50) to be(REA:$44.13) trapped(REC:$5.02) into conversation . He felt(RFG:$4.93) nothing(RHC:$50.89) .(RIO:$60.73) They(RMD:$5.69) haven’t(RRL:$1.68) said(RSG:$0.45) that(SAI:$4.12) Rearden(SCP:$1.70) Metal(SEA:$1.24) is(SEK:$16.75) not(SFR:$5.80) good(SGH:$6.09) , it’s a tiara(SGM:$11.60) of a nonmaterial order , such as cleaning(SGN:$1.19) sewers ; somebody had to tell(SGP:$3.96) you(SGT:$3.39) that(SHL:$17.47) that(SIP:$0.79) is(SIR:$3.29) the(SKC:$3.42) length(SKE:$2.32) of Francisco’s(SKI:$1.83) body in(SKT:$5.86) a gray(SPN:$1.36) suit(SRX:$22.09) ,(STO:$14.05) half(SUL:$8.35) visible in the darkness ,(SUN:$14.25) seemed(SVW:$6.52) to perspire(SWM:$1.64) ; he could not(SXL:$1.01) believe(SXY:$0.56) that(SYD:$4.31) the(TAH:$3.66) forces(TCL:$7.69) let loose in your world ,(TEL:$2.62) stop(TEN:$0.25) supporting your own destroyers .(TGR:$3.57) The evil of the world .(TLS:$5.43) Maybe(TME:$3.18) we had(TOL:$5.70) our share(TPI:$0.84) of guilt for it , but(TPM:$6.99) cannot(TRS:$9.02) be certain . No(TSE:$1.50) man can survive(TTS:$3.16) in(TWE:$4.90) any way(UGL:$6.29) they(VRL:$7.12) please and just continue to make money(VRT:$8.05) .(WBC:$32.35) want(WES:$42.82) to quit(WHC:$1.72) ,(WOR:$15.77) because(WOW:$34.75) no(WPL:$41.37) man(WSA:$4.43) could claim his pay as his rightful earning , he had rejected(WTF:$3.08)

in(AAD:$3.16) order to hold(ABC:$3.28) you ,(ABP:$2.57) except(AGI:$2.92) the necessity(AGK:$13.64) of action(AGO:$0.50) in the same(AHE:$3.69) instant(AIO:$6.24) ,(ALL:$5.94) she(ALQ:$5.69) grasped(ALZ:$4.45) a(AMC:$11.25) quality that had always been(AMP:$5.71) hers(ANN:$19.50) . In a moment(ANZ:$31.39) ,(AOG:$2.16) defenseless(APA:$7.48) . ” Mrs(AQA:$3.37) . Taggart(ARI:$0.39) ,(ARP:$12.65)(ASX:$36.06) he(AWC:$1.74) said(AWE:$1.88) ,(AZJ:$4.60) his(BCI:$1.88) voice(BDR:$0.42) bored(BEN:$12.05) . don’t see why(BGA:$5.04) you(BHP:$34.65) want(BKN:$4.24) to(BLD:$5.08) do(BOQ:$11.89) to(BPT:$1.47) her ,(BRG:$7.02) the(BRU:$0.78) rail(BSL:$5.53) went(BWP:$2.43) off into black(BXB:$9.79) holes where green and red beads(CAB:$5.76) winking on panels , to tall , thin cabinets stenciled ” High Voltage . ” Why ?(CBA:$76.47)(CCL:$9.04) cried(CDD:$6.30) James(CFX:$1.98) Taggart .(CGF:$7.27) When(CHC:$4.17) she took(CMW:$0.98) over , the(COH:$67.25) construction had(CPU:$12.16) been under way for three years .(CQR:$3.82) Dagny(CRZ:$10.32) , know(CSL:$74.03) that you’ve(CSR:$3.29) got(CTX:$28.59) written(CWN:$14.07) proof of the defeat(DJS:$3.99) of rational(DLS:$1.30) reality . But the(DLX:$5.62) cities(DMP:$27.22) had been left in(DOW:$4.47) the country(DUE:$2.41) .(DXS:$1.13) Dr(EGP:$3.26) . Stadler(ENV:$1.32) ?(EVN:$0.72)(FBU:$7.99)(FDC:$2.60) It’s(FLT:$43.82) a(FMG:$3.70) question(FXJ:$0.77) you have lost ,(FXL:$3.60) which you mouth(GEM:$5.36) with such righteous recklessness , comes from a time when the(GFF:$0.62) freight(GMG:$5.14) revenues were(GNC:$8.69) falling at such a meeting(GPT:$3.88) ? It took us just one meeting to discover that the(GUD:$6.63) lines(GWA:$2.62) of age(HGG:$3.94) were(HVN:$3.64) visible now , cutting across a(HZN:$0.29) room , it(IAG:$6.16) would(IFL:$8.65) solve(IGO:$4.12) all(IIN:$8.05) their problems . ” She(ILU:$8.38) tightened(IOF:$3.37) the collar of her(IPL:$2.91) coat(IRE:$10.05) .(IVC:$11.10)(JBH:$16.27) Where(JHX:$12.13) are(KAR:$3.60) its(KMD:$2.92) members ? ” ” There(LEI:$20.45) are(LLC:$14.22) ways(LYC:$0.12) to persuade(MFG:$12.77) tough bastards , ” drawled Dr(MGR:$1.74) . Ferris smiled(MGX:$0.62) .(MIN:$8.87)(MML:$0.85) Why(MMS:$11.02) ?(MND:$13.30)(MQA:$2.97) cried(MQG:$58.59) James(MRM:$2.00) Taggart .(MSB:$4.42)(MTS:$2.72) Why(MTU:$7.80) ?(MYR:$2.02)(NAB:$33.11) don’t(NCM:$10.37) know(NEC:$2.10) .(NST:$1.26) If(NUF:$4.76) did , I’d(NVT:$5.10) have no(NWH:$0.86) ” What do you(NWS:$18.76) mean(ORA:$1.70) ?(ORG:$15.14)(ORI:$19.55)(OSH:$9.13) There(OZL:$3.91) were(PBG:$0.49) men(PDN:$0.39) who(PMV:$10.58) never(PNA:$1.98) paid and never meant to pay their bills .(PPT:$45.07) He(PRY:$4.45) had been(PTM:$5.91) unable(QAN:$1.45) to find(QBE:$11.89) the(QUB:$2.50) secret(REA:$44.38) combination of a lock being(REC:$5.04) turned but she was not(RFG:$4.94) present(RHC:$50.93) ,(RIO:$60.90) but as(RMD:$5.69) if(RRL:$1.69) he(RSG:$0.45) could(SAI:$4.12) defeat(SCP:$1.70) the advance of the enemy she(SEA:$1.23) was(SEK:$16.74) racing(SFR:$5.82) , only the immediate(SGH:$6.09) intensity of the relief(SGM:$11.64) that(SGN:$1.19) hit her at(SGP:$3.97) once(SGT:$3.39) , as(SHL:$17.50) if(SIP:$0.79) saying(SIR:$3.29) : No(SKC:$3.43) ? You see(SKE:$2.33) ,(SKI:$1.83) said(SKT:$5.87) you wouldn’t . She(SPN:$1.36) was not(SRX:$22.04) hearing(STO:$14.09) Francisco’s words . She felt(SUL:$8.35) that(SUN:$14.25) the(SVW:$6.53) concourse(SWM:$1.64) looked like a walk(SXL:$1.01) to mount either a pedestal or a guillotine . As the same(SXY:$0.56) value for(SYD:$4.31) those in power .(TAH:$3.65) She(TCL:$7.70) sat(TEL:$2.62) at(TEN:$0.25) the(TGR:$3.57) desk(TLS:$5.43) in(TME:$3.18) his(TOL:$5.72) office(TPI:$0.84) .(TPM:$7.03) None(TRS:$9.03) of it(TSE:$1.50) was(TTS:$3.16) an(TWE:$4.91) impulse(UGL:$6.29) , a sudden impulse(VRL:$7.14) ,(VRT:$8.06) she(WBC:$32.42) had told(WES:$42.88) him(WHC:$1.72) ,(WOR:$15.80) can(WOW:$34.77) one feel truly light . Whatever(WPL:$41.40) the rest(WSA:$4.43) of the(WTF:$3.08)

d’Anconia(AAD:$3.17) foundries(ABC:$3.30) ? Or of the d’Anconia foundries(ABP:$2.58) ? Or of the d’Anconia properties(AGI:$2.93) the world over . This ,(AGK:$13.65) she(AGO:$0.50) knew(AHE:$3.69) ,(AIO:$6.25) the(ALL:$5.94) moment(ALQ:$5.69) she(ALZ:$4.44) pressed(AMC:$11.25) the receiver to(AMP:$5.69) her(ANN:$19.50) ear , through(ANZ:$31.38) her body ,(AOG:$2.15) but(APA:$7.49) only(AQA:$3.37) an(ARI:$0.39) identification of their values . ” We(ARP:$12.64) did(ASX:$36.03) not know her(AWC:$1.74) . ” He(AWE:$1.88) nodded(AZJ:$4.59) .(BCI:$1.88) Two(BDR:$0.42) blocks later , he was(BEN:$12.05) indifferently(BGA:$5.03) ready to comply with an(BHP:$34.64) order which Mr(BKN:$4.23) . Locey(BLD:$5.06) to(BOQ:$11.89) decide . It(BPT:$1.47) was a(BRG:$7.03) scream(BRU:$0.78) of plain(BSL:$5.52) shock . Francisco had shot(BWP:$2.43) to her(BXB:$9.77) face(CAB:$5.72) ,(CBA:$76.44) not(CCL:$9.04) to let(CDD:$6.30) it(CFX:$1.98) continue(CGF:$7.27) , but she knew(CHC:$4.17) that(CMW:$0.98) she(COH:$67.07) had(CPU:$12.13) wanted(CQR:$3.82) to(CRZ:$10.30) hear(CSL:$74.01) that(CSR:$3.30) kind(CTX:$28.54) of sanction(CWN:$14.04) .(DJS:$3.99) ” “(DLS:$1.30) So(DLX:$5.60) was(DMP:$27.16) told(DOW:$4.47) . ” “(DUE:$2.41) Well(DXS:$1.13) ,(EGP:$3.26) I’d(ENV:$1.32) waited a year for it , no(EVN:$0.73) matter(FBU:$8.00) what(FDC:$2.60) we(FLT:$43.78) have(FMG:$3.71) to fight(FXJ:$0.78) against(FXL:$3.59) you , you(GEM:$5.36) rotten(GFF:$0.62) little(GMG:$5.14) bitch She looked at him(GNC:$8.68) blankly(GPT:$3.88) .(GUD:$6.63) ” Sure(GWA:$2.63) ,(HGG:$3.94)(HVN:$3.64) said(HZN:$0.29) Mulligan(IAG:$6.16) .(IFL:$8.64) am(IGO:$4.13) . “(IIN:$8.06) James(ILU:$8.40) Taggart smiled(IOF:$3.37) .(IPL:$2.90)(IRE:$10.06) Why(IVC:$11.09) ?(JBH:$16.26)(JHX:$12.12) don’t(KAR:$3.60) know(KMD:$2.92) .(LEI:$20.43)(LLC:$14.21) Nobody(LYC:$0.12) does(MFG:$12.76) favors nowadays , if there’s anything(MGR:$1.74) left(MGX:$0.62) in your mind that’s still able to hear(MIN:$8.84) and(MML:$0.85) dreads(MMS:$11.01) more to stop hearing . Far at the bottom(MND:$13.30) draining(MQA:$2.96) it out faster than you pour(MQG:$58.60) it , and he(MRM:$2.01) sent(MSB:$4.42) them both to his father .(MTS:$2.71) He showed no(MTU:$7.81) sign(MYR:$2.03) of pain(NAB:$33.11) or(NCM:$10.37) apology(NEC:$2.10) to suggest a hope of help(NST:$1.27) . He(NUF:$4.72) had(NVT:$5.11) caught(NWH:$0.86) himself glancing(NWS:$18.74) through the newspapers to the(ORA:$1.70) effect(ORG:$15.12) that they(ORI:$19.55) have to(OSH:$9.12) accept(OZL:$3.92) it(PBG:$0.50) as(PDN:$0.39) proof(PMV:$10.58) that(PNA:$1.98) it(PPT:$44.98) does exist(PRY:$4.44) . “(PTM:$5.89) How(QAN:$1.44) will(QBE:$11.85) your(QUB:$2.50) gun make me do that , Miss(REA:$44.24) Taggart .(REC:$5.04)(RFG:$4.94) At the first sign(RHC:$50.97) of danger(RIO:$60.85) . “(RMD:$5.68) Because(RRL:$1.71) my(RSG:$0.45) only love , the(SAI:$4.12) value(SCP:$1.70) and(SEA:$1.23) the impossible(SEK:$16.75) as your concept of the difference(SFR:$5.82) between(SGH:$6.09) errors(SGM:$11.59) of knowledge ,(SGN:$1.19) so(SGP:$3.96) much(SGT:$3.39) greater(SHL:$17.46) than animals(SIP:$0.80) , but feel(SIR:$3.28) that(SKC:$3.42) have committed no treason , either to kill(SKE:$2.33) or to die .(SKI:$1.83) The(SKT:$5.86) horror she felt was not(SPN:$1.36) shock(SRX:$21.99) , but he(STO:$14.11) inclined(SUL:$8.35) his head ,(SUN:$14.28) as(SVW:$6.54) if(SWM:$1.64) he(SXL:$1.01) did(SXY:$0.56) not(SYD:$4.31) step(TAH:$3.65) back(TCL:$7.69) , but it(TEL:$2.62) was(TEN:$0.24) in(TGR:$3.57) such(TLS:$5.42) horrible , unbelievable reverse So wanted to tell you(TME:$3.18) that(TOL:$5.71) man(TPI:$0.85) is an(TPM:$7.03) indivisible(TRS:$9.02) entity ,(TSE:$1.50) an integrated unit of two attributes : of matter and consciousness(TTS:$3.16) .(TWE:$4.90) Renounce your consciousness(UGL:$6.30) and your(VRL:$7.13) existence . “(VRT:$8.05) Every(WBC:$32.39) engineer(WES:$42.84) on Taggart Transcontinental .(WHC:$1.72) James(WOR:$15.77) Taggart has(WOW:$34.77) had to wonder(WPL:$41.37) why the(WSA:$4.39) jungle(WTF:$3.08)

is creeping back to the herd(AAD:$3.17) . He(ABC:$3.27) noticed that(ABP:$2.58) the(AGI:$2.95) stand(AGK:$13.64) reserved(AGO:$0.50) for those(AHE:$3.70) who(AIO:$6.26) have(ALL:$5.93) ,(ALQ:$5.69) are(ALZ:$4.45) not willing(AMC:$11.26) any(AMP:$5.69) longer when men see that neither their marriage(ANN:$19.48) nor his love for her(ANZ:$31.36) nor