Editorial: PROTOTYPE

From the beginning, Runway has been a publication devoted to experimental art practices and new forms of critique, and this first digital issue, Runway #23 [PROTOTYPE], is no exception. This year, we said goodbye to the traditional print journal and took a chance building a prototype of our own. The lack of paper has meant we can traverse the unknown: exploring new possibilities of form as we offer artists and writers more experiential and non-linear ways of sharing their work with the world.

The artworks and ideas presented in Runway #23 are not about predictable Utopian imaginings or propositions for the future. Instead, the focus has shifted to generative models for thinking and making, responding to the world as it is now and, in some cases, ceding control of the art object to audiences, collectives and communities. There has been a noticeable move towards open source, process-based approaches without pre-determined outcomes. The works themselves are propositions for the here and now.

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Inside Issue #23

Reincarnated McMansion

Mathieu Gallois

The Reincarnated McMansion project proposes to audit, dismantle and rebuild a single McMansion dwelling. An unsustainable large home will be reincarnated onsite into 2-3 best practice, zero emission smaller green homes using the existing McMansion building materials and introduced sustainable products.

Spatio-Types: Future Models

Tamsin Green

This article examines the institutionalisation of the ARI model and proposes a number of ways of re-thinking artist focused spaces.

Mixed Messages: An Evolving Dialogue on Imaginary Science

Lauren Carroll Harris

An experimental interview about the role of art in generating alternative modes of knowledge about the presently unknown and the potentially unknowable, and a prototype for a format of art criticism that can express the kinds of open-ended conversations that are essential to contemporary practice.

Review: ARI Models

Alison Lasek

A glance at historical and contemporary prototypes for alternative artist-run spaces in Melbourne.

Interrupts aren’t hidden: Experiential Prototyping with Miss Despoina

Nancy Mauro-Flude

An examination of experimental prototyping as a radical form of active engagement with emergent art forms that looks concurrently at technology and the signs it produces, as discussed at the durational event Networked Art Forms and Tactical Magick Faerie Circuits.

Current Projects Sells Out

Amy-Clare McCarthy

At Sydney Contemporary, Brisbane based artist run initiative Current Projects put the artist run initiative up for sale, Amy-Clare McCarthy discusses their sale proposition.

Autarky/Autonomy or ‘Are you sure that’s normal?’

Sumugan Sivanesan Tessa Zettel

In August 2013 Tessa and Sumugan spent a week in residence at Valentina Karga’s Summer School for Applied Autonomy in Berlin where they learnt the real meaning of self-sufficiency.

Profile: Masato Takasaka

Scott Wark

This twinned article examines the potential for a prototypical mode of arts writing by recombining Masato Takasaka’s reflections on his practice into a new piece of writing and accompanying it with an exegetical text.

Forever Now

Willoh S. Weiland

What should contemporary art say to infinity? Discuss. A look at the lineage of art in space and its implications for the Forever Now project.

A Beautiful Laboratory

Eleanor Zeichner

How can experimental arts festivals support a culture of creative risk-taking while ensuring their own sustainability.

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DARK MOFO 2017 Conversations Travel Bursary

**PROPOSALS DUE MONDAY 5 JUNE** Runway is looking for a NSW based arts professional to attend Dark Mofo 2017 (8-21 June – coverage dates negotiable). We want you to be our eyes and ears in Hobart, and so we are offering offering a travel bursary in return for your response and review of exhibitions and events at this key Tasmanian


**Proposals for content due 8 June 2017**   In 1975 conceptual artist Bas Jan Ader set out to cross the North Atlantic ocean in a boat far too small for the crossing. In Search of the Miraculous was to be the first part of a triptych of works but somewhere on the ocean, he disappeared.


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