Editorial: Outside

The loneliness of the long distance artist.

He’s going the distance!
He’s going for speed!
He’s all alone in his time of need![1]

Everyone’s a curator now.

I remember watching a film with Jeff Goldblum in it where he said that Albert Einstein wore the same outfit everyday so he didn’t have to think about what to wear, as it was a waste of time.

I wish I were fitter, I wish I was thinner and better looking. I only wear the same clothes because they are comfortable. My cupboard is full of clothes about 1 size to small and I tell myself I will lose weight. And then I eat well and to reward myself I go to Messina and have some gelato but it’s so good and has nuts and fruit in it so is vaguely healthy. Even chocolate is made from a nut.

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Inside Issue #27

The Outsider Mirage

Josie Cavallaro Kristina Tito

This essay explores the conceptual trap of Outsider Art, and documents the emergence of agencies that support the practices of artists marginalised by artistic and social agendas. Tito and Cavallaro reexamine the life and work of Henry Darger, and compare his experiences to those of contemporary artists John Demos (AUS), Kevin Meagher (AUS) and Judith Scott (USA).


Ian Milliss

A discussion of the cultural consequences of restructuring the art world as a neoliberal business activity.

Dear L

Danielle Freakley

This was not originally an art project, these were real letters, sent between two parties. One party said “I love you” sincerely the other said “I could never grow to love you” sincerely. Since these opposite love feelings were revealed, their courtship ended and these letters started. They wrote to each other for years, here are a few of their letters.

Outer body / Outer mind

Katie Milton

Something is brewing; a mystical concoction of rituals, sorcery and science spearheaded by a group of Australian alchemists. Milton examines the influence of the Occult on the ritualised practices of 2015 Artspace artists-in-residence Hany Armanious, Nick Dorey, Mikala Dwyer and Clare Milledge.

The Ecstasy of the Useless

Jana Hawkins-Andersen

What happens with objects that sit outside categorical definition? This picture essay examines the material things that surround us by positioning them outside of their usual place within an ontological hierarchy. In an attempt to consider a new object ontology, Jana Hawkins-Andersen casts her gaze onto that which is overlooked and under examined in the material world.

Doing the Flipper

Malcolm Whittaker

A heckle at the hierarchical position of the artist over the audience.

Dig-it-all Native

Steve Harrison

Ceramicist Steve Harrison explains his philosophy of ‘living gently’ and how this defines his approach to art-making and life, all within 50km of home.

Terry Williams – Soft Sculpture

Joel Draper

A look at the experimental approaches of Australian outsider artist Terry Williams, in a review of his Arts Project show (curated by Ricky Swallow) at White Columns Gallery in New York City.

Decolonisation Frameworks: Indigenous Curatorial Practice

Lana Lopesi

An examination of the role that language plays in reinforcing colonial interpretations of Indigenous art practice. Lopesi looks at three contemporary curators – Léuli Eshraghi, Stephen Gilchrist and Kolokesa Māhina-Tuai – each of whom use language as a powerful tool for decolonialising art worlds and art work critiques.

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