John Demos


These are some photos of my work in progress during February and March 2015 at Big Fag Press. The audio tracks are from my conversation with Louise Kate Anderson, where we go into detail about my philosophies of making art, about art supplies and money, about disability, and other things like DVDs and socks.


I would like to thank my good friend Louise for assisting with my application to Runway, as well as how much time she spent on the production of this work – recording my conversation and photographing my work, and also editing and collating all the files into this slideshow. I also want to thank Lucas Ihlein who worked on the sound editing.

The Big Fag Press location under the bridge at Jubilee Park is where I spend many of my waking hours, and where we recorded this, which is why you can hear trams passing along in the final piece. This ‘viaduct’ archway workshop is generously made available to the Big Fag by the City of Sydney’s Accommodation Grants Program.


John Demos works broadly with ceramics, installation, print media, mixed media construction and experimental forms of drawing and painting.   Demos works on surfaces such...

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